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Show HN: Slicknode, Open-Source GraphQL Framework and Headless CMS (github.com/slicknode)
8 points by ivome 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hi Hackernews, I have been working on this for quite some time and I’m excited to share this with the open-source community: Slicknode, a GraphQL based backend builder and Headless CMS for web developers that automates the repetitive work, but can also be customized where needed.

I often found myself limited by CMS software. If you want to add anything custom like business logic or 3rd party APIs, you have to have enormous amounts of knowledge about the CMS architecture to make even a simple change. Adding business logic is oftentimes difficult or impossible. If you want to combine this with 3rd party APIs, you either have to do it in the frontend by hand or build a custom backend, with all the integration effort that comes with that.

You can build a custom backend, but that’s a lot of work and gets complex, especially if you need content management with modular page builders, localization, version history, publishing workflows etc.

With Slicknode, you get composable building blocks based around the GraphQL specification that you can mix and match and extend where needed to make them work with your own custom requirements. A lot of the functionality like CRUD logic, Admin UI and API generation can be derived from the data model, and for the rest you can add basically anything with simple JS functions (custom resolvers, mutations, web hooks, etc). I found this to be extremely fun, flexible and fast to build digital solutions. Now I’m sharing this with everyone and would love to hear your thoughts! Ivo

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