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Show HN: Blindnet – a simple tool to limit data exposure in your apps (blindnet.io)
8 points by tiord 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Hi HN Community,

We just published a beta version of our service which allows you to integrate data protection protocols in order to limit the exposure. Whether you need to securely collect and store sensitive user data or simply allow exchange through your app, blindnet gives you an ability to limit data access only to end-users, allowing you to record meta-data.

We focused on developer experience and simplicity. It takes only a dozen or so lines of code to integrate blindnet. All you need to do is register a user with the service in order to allow them to exchange data security with and/or through your app. You can read more in our latest blog how to use blindnet to secure healthcare data online and provide total privacy between patients and doctors: https://medium.com/blindnet/data-minimization-101-b9d8d96fd2...

We are currently in public beta and offer the service for free. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts at hello@blindnet.io. We are eager to hear what you are building with it!

For more technical details feel free to have a look our documentation and quick-start guide here: https://docs.blindnet.io/quickstart.html

You can also just use the dashboard directly, where we created a wizard that will give you code snippets to insert in your app and try blindnet out.

We would love to hear what you think about it. Your feedback improves the product further.

I see you have PhP and Node.JS SDKs. Any chance you'll be adding support for some other languages like Java or Go?

Absolutely, we plan to support several additional languages. Java is currently under development and coming soon, so stay tuned!

Much needed. Great work.

Great work!

Looks cool

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