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Sketch Machine (sketchmachine.net)
227 points by bpierre 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments

This was created by Casey Reas, who also is one of the original creators of the programming language & IDE called Processing (https://processing.org/).

I'm not sure how well known Processing is within the HN community, but in the media arts and education space, Processing is pretty famous.

I met Casey at a festival once and he was a remarkably kind and interested person. I think his playful approach to technology shines through in projects like the sketch machine.

> I'm not sure how well known Processing is within the HN community, but in the media arts and education space, Processing is pretty famous.

Probably relatively well known due to its usage in some Arduino projects.

The Arduino IDE was originally based on the Processing IDE, so that's the main connection there.

I rarely, if ever, see a Processing/Arduino project. I do a lot with Arduinos, including interactive art, but maybe I'm hanging with the wrong crowd.

That's a great tool for some frame-to-frame animation training, it's so very friction-less! Here's my little "I dont care"-doodle :D https://media.giphy.com/media/fRECiVW4vyGMBkv6X6/giphy.gif

I bet this influenced the idea behind Looom. Fun app if you have an iPad. https://iorama.studio/

Agreed, and I second the Looom recommendation.

I just figured out you can draw on it while it is animating the frames - that is really fun! (And perhaps the point, but only just figured it out!)


This is much cooler at 64 pixel resolution; it had a sort of shadebob thing going for it.

Gosh, I feel slow.

Everyone is commenting how neat this is and all I got is some dots that follow my line? Then I tried to clear all frames and now it just draws a fat blobby line that doesn't move anymore?

Perhaps you were drawing with the "Select All" checkbox checked. I got stuck with no animation until I clicked "Clear Frames" with "Select All" checked and then unchecked it before drawing again. It's kind of a clunky UI, but the animation is fun

I was learning to use Krita the other day, and was surprised that while you can draw frame by frame, there's no way to draw as the clock advances (and then have the drawing converted to individual frames). Could be useful to map natural movement of a single joint over time, or turn line drawing into a video.

But this is an even better idea, drawing in a finite piece of space AND time, for its own sake. Thanks for the discovery!

My kid is going to love this. It isn’t often you find something like this that immediately makes you dig in and play. Thanks for sharing!

it's needs a drum machine attachment

Needs more cowbell.

That was fun! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah.... that was a surprising amount of joy to play around with for quite a while!

Love it. Fun, great interface, love the Gif export. Ace :-)

A fun program for the sake of fun, so nice to see!

Ingenious, simple idea executed really well.

Awesome, so much fun! My wife's curious about animation but busy, I'll send this to her.

Uh oh, I'm going to be wasting a lot of time with this...

I love Casey.

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