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Better yet, another commenter [1] found that you can clobber the number of section header entries, as long as the size of a section header entry is 0. So, now the smallest size is two bytes shorter: 112 bytes for a full "Hello, world!", with an 8-byte "alignment" field to spare!

I'll need to update this article. The only annoying part will be scribbling over the hexdump output again.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28849023

I wonder if there are some nice tools for "scribbling over hexdump" somewhere, and also rendering pretty output based on that. It tends to be really helpful both when synthesizing/assembling some binary formats, as well as debugging/decoding/disassembling existing ones (and then ideally also writing blogposts based on that). I saw some "annotation" tool like this in one disassembler I tried once, but it wasn't super great, and didn't allow for easy tweaking & moving of annotation groups after doing some changes in the output. I'm pretty sure this is something that's done very often by reverse-engineering people, so I'd assume tools like this should already be popular, just I don't know how to find them? I know there's also some Lua API with support for disassembling many protocols in WireShark, but I don't suppose it's easy to prototype & quickly iterate new formats in it (?)

For some really beautiful hand-made annotated binary format hexdump, see e.g.: https://github.com/corkami/pics/blob/master/binary/DalvikEXe...

If someone knows of tools fitting more or less what I described above, I'd be super grateful for some recommendations!!

chuckles did that daily in 1986-87 on 68020 asm

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