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Show HN: The app will send you essential English words every day, free (ipushyouenglish.com)
6 points by phongttjqkat 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

The tricky thing, I've found, is putting context to the words. Otherwise it feels like receiving a random word for no particular reason, and that makes it hard to remember or learn to use properly.

It's fine for cognates, like a French speaker receiving English words that are nearly 1:1 the same.

But if you're a Korean speaker or something, you might have a lot more distance to cover to actually parse the word/meaning and start using it correctly.

Thanks for your comment, that's true. So you learn the words through notifications, forget it, and learn it again another day util those words belong to you and you move to the next level.

> This app will send you new words (with translation)

With definition, not translation.

Come on, I expect better from a vocabulary web site.

If you open the notification you will see the translate

sorry, there is no such app on my Google Play(Andriod), whether there is another place to download the app, such as github?

It shows up for me. Perhaps the developer has a region restriction?

No, I have set the app to be avail worldwide, may be Play Store issue

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