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DataCamp | On-site & Remote (within 2h of CET timezone) | Senior/Staff engineering roles | Full-time + equity | https://www.datacamp.com/jobs

DataCamp is looking for multiple Full Stack software engineers proficient with Typescript & React, Ruby on Rails is a big plus.

Tech: NodeJS/Typescript, Express/Koa/Next/Nest, React, Apollo, VueJS, Microfrontend Architecture, Microservices Architecture, Ruby on Rails, VueJS, Terraform, AWS (EC2, S3, SNS/SQS, Athena), CI/CD, CircleCI, DataDog, Sentry, Docker/Kubernetes


Full Stack Software Engineer - Commercial (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/3271616)

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (TypeScript/Ruby) - Enterprise (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/3085562)

Senior Mobile Engineer (React Native) (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2982175)

Senior Software Engineer (JS/TypeScript) - Learn (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/1402346)

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (TypeScript/Python) - Workspace (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2582866)

Senior Growth Engineer - Workspace (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/3361225)

Engineering Manager (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2356366)

Infrastructure Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2540920)


Check https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/ for even more open positions!

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