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Show HN: Time to Get Paid (ttgpapp.com)
28 points by giza182 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Interesting. Have seen a lot of these kinds of apps. Contact syncing. Payroll syncing. E-commerce / web stores.

Time and attendance would be a new one.

Tho, many of these apps already have integrations to Xero (et al) to do exactly this, turn time entries into invoices. So what value prop are you providing on top of that?

There are usually workflows & edge cases to optimise for. And some of these integrations don’t get the love they need to thrive.

Reach out if you want to get certified with Xero and get listed in the Xero App Store. Can help. (First).(last name)@xero.com

Good luck.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I'm not aware of the apps on the Xero store that do this, I would appreciate any links to these. In addition to importing time entries, TTGP also does automated/scheduled invoices and document storage.

The main reason I started work on this was because the apps that I use did not have integrations that allowed me to do this. There's Zapier and automate.io integrations but they are trigger based. e.g create a new invoice when a new time entry is added - which is different from what TTGP does. There are also apps that do both the timesheet and invoicing and makes it trivial to import timesheets into your invoices, Harvest for example does this. But then that means you have to use the Harvest accounting software - I was not a fan of it and I believe a lot people would rather keep their existing tools vs move for this one feature.

Awesome. I was pleased to see toggl on the list. If I'm ever contract again I'll be sure to give it a go.

Convert your timesheets to invoices and get paid.

Is there a FAQ section in which I can check out? The website doesn't seem to provide further information.

Hi Jay, There is no dedicated FAQ section. If you have any questions, please send them to ttgp(at)gmail.com or send request access on the site. I will be following up with everybody that has done so.

Any chance this will integrate with Timing.app ?

A chance, yes - though not in the immediate term. When people request access we ask what app they use and we use that to prioritise what integrations to build next. So far no one has "voted" for Timing so its likely that other integrations will be built first.

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