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Show HN: Simple and free Docker build as a service (svennex.com)
5 points by ohgodmarvin 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

To provide this service for free can get quite costly I assume https://aws.amazon.com/ecr/pricing/ applies (e.g. $0.10/gb stored in public repos)

Yes, for now the usage is quite low. I will have to reevaluate if usage picks up. I am also considering letting users link their own registries(DockerHub, ECR et).

What does this buy a user over running local docker and pushing to docker hub?

As of now, these are the advantages.

1. Offload the work to another service.

2. Automatic retry in case of failed builds.

3. Get rid of Dockerhub's rate limit on pulls by using ECR(though ECR will also have a nominal charge if you are beyond the free tier and you can push to ECR yourself).

Beyond that, I am not really sure. I mostly just built it as a weekend project to see if anyone else would have use cases for it.

Could you use Cloudflare’s R2 storage service to store and serve images?

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