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How to Train Your Snail (2015) (snailed.co.uk)
52 points by jermaustin1 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

OT, but I'm reminded of the Mitchell and Webb sketch which describes one of the social experiences that snails find completely mortifying: seeing a snail that you recognise at the other end of a long corridor, and coming towards you, and then being stuck for, say, 30 (!) minutes, in that awkward bit where you don't know whether to acknowledge their presence now and then make or break eye contact, or pretend that you haven't recognised them until they are much closer.

Also, given that this was from 2015, and even accepting that this is not a fast event, it's a shame that the results aren't in yet.

don't miss "how to paint a snail", either: https://www.snailed.co.uk/how-to-paint-a-snail/

"Well I was into horse racing til i got kicked, and now I'm doing this. Get slimed sometimes but the groupies are more interesting."

For a warm-down, the Unwhorl app would be a good way for your snail to unwind: https://www.unwhorl.com/

This is the most bizarre use case for a tablet I have ever seen! Its absolutely lovely though.

I wonder how you keep the snail slime from getting into spaces like around the home button?

This is the premise for a pretty funny Spongebob Squarepants episode (The Great Snail Race).

There's apparently yearly championships for snail racing: http://www.snailracing.net/

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