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Hello HN!

This is Atanas (twitter.com/kozarev_atanas) working with

- Dr. Chris Williamson https://williamsonchris.com/ and

- Prof. Mark Ryan https://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mdr/ Centre for Security and Privacy at University of Birmingham

on PAD.

We have released the beta of our API for PAD. PAD is a system which allows you to provide secure access to confidential information shared between two or more parties - you can share the ability to access a secret without automatically exposing the secret itself.

At the core of PAD is accountable decryption, which offers an alternative to transacting in complete openness or complete privacy. Anytime you need to encrypt and share a piece of information where the rules of who, when, and/or how that information should be decrypted and accessed cannot be simply codified, PAD can help to improve privacy and oversight of the information.

To try PAD, please complete the short sign-up form [1]. We will provision you for the API as soon as we can, but we are a small team and this is a manual process so please bear with us if there’s a short delay.

See our developer documentation [2], and our launch blog post [3] for more information. In particular, some use cases for PAD are described here [4].

Feel free to comment here and, Chris and I would be happy to answer questions.

You can follow our progress on Twitter [5], and if you want to get more involved, we have also created a Discord server [6].

Today we published a whitepaper [7] describing PAD incl.

- The protocol in detail: e.g. how we secure, request, and recover a secret - Risk analysis and security against collusion - The PAD system: accountability ledgers, trustees, validators, encryptors and decryptors. - Applications, future functionalities, and collaboration

Best wishes,

Atanas, Team member at PAD

Chris, Privacy Researcher at PAD

[1] Sign-up form - https://e4ufd97gowu.typeform.com/to/lJPnKDSr

[2] Developer Documentation - https://docs.pad.tech/

[3] Launch blog post - www.pad.tech/we-are-releasing-an-api-for-pad/

[4] Use cases - https://www.pad.tech/#use-cases

[5] Twitter twitter.com/padtech_team

[6] Discord discord.gg/qBRVf4Sxxw

[7] Whitepaper www.pad.tech/pad-whitepaper/

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