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Show HN: HTML Planet for Kids – A HTML and CSS Course for Children
20 points by mattront 8 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hi HN,

We are Matjaz (that’s me) and Benjamin - a father & son team - from HTML Planet for Kids (https://htmlplanetforkids.com), an online space where children learn and create with HTML & CSS.

I’m the author of Pinegrow Web Editor (launched on HN seven years ago) and Ben is a 11 year old boy full of creativity and ingenuity.

In early 2020 our family embarking on a journey around the world. Thanks to the Covid pandemic we immediately got stuck at our first destination. With time saved on not traveling around, Ben and I finished our Maths lessons early and had some extra time to do a project together.

We did research on existing HTML & CSS courses and discovered that all teach HTML & CSS exclusively through coding, and after the course is done, they offer no follow-up to engage kids in using their newly acquired skills.

We decided to take a month off and create a HTML & CSS course for children, based on the simplified online version of our web editor software.

That was more than a year ago :) The quick one month project turned into a year of work on creating the course structure, designing and recording the adventures, improving the website editor, testing…

But, every evening, we showed up for work and step by step, got HTML Planet for Kids ready for release.

It has 60+ interactive lessons and projects that teach children enough HTML & CSS to be able to create simple websites.

Our visual editor lets children jump straight into using HTML & CSS, without having to memorize the code syntax and property names. Along the way, they get naturally familiar with coding and can start using the built-in code editor.

Completing the lessons is just the beginning. Kids then use their skills to create projects (websites, experiments, toys) with HTML Planet. We plan to run monthly challenges and showcases to keep children engaged.

If you are a parent, caretaker or teacher - or just feel like going on a space adventure, visit HTML Planet for Kids and take it for a spin. No registration is needed to do the first ten adventures.

Looking forward to your feedback! Ben & Matjaz


Superb! Just looking something like this to start my newphew's coding journey.

Here is the clickable link: https://htmlplanetforkids.com

Good work.

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