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Upward Farms | Brooklyn, NY | Full Time | Computer Vision R&D Engineer

Upward Farms designs and operates complete ecosystems of plants and fish in vertical farms, supplying these organic products to local grocers. We are currently expanding and have recently opened a new cutting-edge, fully automated facility in Brooklyn. More and larger farms are in the works. Our mission is to heal the broken food system and reconnect eaters with flavorful and nutritious local food.

We are seeking a Computer Vision R&D Engineer to lead the prototyping and development of computer vision systems at Upward Farms. In this role, you will manage the vision, roadmap, and execution of Upward Farms' high throughput plant phenomics systems, spanning crop scouting, trait characterization, and quality control. Your focus areas will include the detection of disease, stress, and pests at scale; the quantification of phenotypes and forecasted yield; and the development of go/no-go checkpoints throughout the production process. To accomplish this, you will develop vision system prototypes and set the high level strategy for plant phenomics.

The ultimate responsibilities and contributions in this role will be shaped around the individual we hire and their background. To apply and for more info see:


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