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Ask HN: Faking a Developer Interview
5 points by zdgeier 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
I received an email below about pretending to be another developer which sounded interesting.

"Our team members live in the U.S, but originally from Europe. All of us are talented and experienced developers. But they don’t have a native English speaking level. So we have a big bottleneck during the interview with the clients for their projects.. We need someone to talk natively in English instead of our members. I want you to help me.

Your Role: So your role is to do the call with clients by using our team member's name, their skills, and experiences. This is not a representative position. You should "pretend" like him during the interview only.

You will have 3~5 interviews with different clients every day and normally each interview will take 30~60 minutes. Of course, we will send all information for you to refer to before the call. You can refer to it before and during the call. You will need to record the interview, we will compensate for your service based on interview hours.

We are already working with some collaborators in the same position, but we need 1 person more. Please feel free to message me if you are interested in this role."

Has anyone had experience with fake interviewees/new hires? I wonder how widespread this problem is.

My insight might be useless as I’m still a college student, and don’t know the first thing about this industry, but this sounds like a red flag that I’d be running from rather than toward.

Ah yeah should have made this more clear. I'm definitely not interested in doing it, just the idea of faking interviews and if it's actually happening and working widely in the industry.

It's happening but it is not all that widespread. In my experience consulting in the USA, it tends to happen in situation where the client doesn't have the budget to hire a domestic team but doesn't have a real requirement the team be domestic. I liken it to someone who buys grey-market property. They don't ask too many questions and they don't want to know.

It doesn't happen too often because there isn't a lot of profit in this. Better to just hire a domestic sales person or PM or customer relations person and be open about it.

Why would a company that does not care set up the phone interview -- I'd think they can just use take-home assignment or a LeetCode or something.

This sounds like a person buying a grey-market property and asking for a (likely faked) certificate of authenticity.

I'd be surprised if doing this wasn't considered illegal in some states. At the very least, the interviewing company might be able to sue you or the original candidate for fraud.

Laws or not, this also sounds completely unethical. If English is a requirement for the role, faking that you know English, or other critical skills for that role, is just wrong.

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