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Show HN: Organizedly – End-to-end encrypted notes and todo's (organized.ly)
17 points by gabriel0r 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Do you have reoccurring todos (or is that done by reoccurring calendar events)?

I am currently paying $0 for ToDoist, but I'd be willing to pay $10USD/mo for ToDoist + analytics (needs iOS and web). I want to know how "good" I am at completing my tasks each day and which reoccurring tasks are often delayed or rescheduled.

I don't care about calendar integrations or notes. The encryption is neat, but I don't trust it and I don't capture any hyper-sensitive content in my todos/calendar/notes anyways.

Recommend you take a look at TickTick for tasks. I've tried em all but this one has nailed it - includes https://support.ticktick.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011086372-... which might be of interest given your q

Thanks for the comments. We do have plans for recurring tasks in the near future.

What kind of analytics do you find valuable for todo tracking? Many apps measure the number of completed tasks, which I find counterproductive.

Sorry about the long winded examples but...

Existing tools lack the ability to self-reflect:

1/ In 2019, I created a daily task called "do taxes". The plan was I'd spend a few minutes on taxes each day and have them completed over a few weeks. But everyday, this task would sit, undone for weeks at a time. After a few weeks of it just sitting there (or at least very slow progress), I realized this task was bad. It was too vague. When I sat down to do my "todos", this task had unclear expectations for completion or even what the true task was next.

I quickly wrote out all of the tasks I needed to do for my taxes (collect 1099s from {bank}, input receipts into a spreadsheet, find a CPA, etc.) and scheduled those throughout the upcoming weeks. Each day, I was able to do a "taxes" task, but having it broken up helped me stop ignoring the task.

2/ One of my daily tasks is "go to the gym". I have no idea how often I actually go to the gym. I have no idea if I go to the gym too little or too much. I don't know if I need to re-prioritize my day if I am not going enough or if I hit my goal of 5-days per week regularly and I can shift my focus to other priorities.

An analytics tool (I think) would help me spot gaps in my reoccurring tasks.

Thanks for the detailed description, love it.

Getting insights on how many times a task was rescheduled, completed on time, or skipped, could indeed be valuable. Something that we will keep in mind when developing the recurring tasks feature.

Hi Hackers!

I launched the MVP of Organized.ly in Hacker News in January and got a ton of great feedback. Now the product has evolved a lot.

Key features since the last launch:

We now support end-to-end encryption, where we do not store your backup password. When enabled, all your notes and tasks and encrypted on device level.

Note-taking is block based. This allows you to type content with low-friction. For example, you can create a block for a meeting. Type the tag #meetings anywhere in that block. Then, you can list all blocks with that tag, regardless of the parent note.

We've also improved the task management with multi-level subtasks, Kanban boards, calendar integrations to Google and Microsoft, among other improvements. Our goal is to allow you to create tasks with low friction and organize them easily, for example by dragging-and-dropping to your calendar.

Thank you for sharing your project. It looks great, and is inspiring to see.

I wanted to let you know about a minor typo (I think) on this page:


Something about the following sentence (near the top) seems off to me, perhaps a verb tense mismatch?

>Organizedly allows you to quickly capture information and always finding it easily.

thanks for noticing that! Indeed, a typo. Will fix :)

Looks slick! How does this compare to Roam Research or the 1000 other note-taking tools?

Thanks! We do have a couple of similarities to Roam (backlinks, unlinked reference, graph view) but also quite a few things that make us unique.

First, our task management is completely different. Type tasks inside notes and they are available in your kanban/todo-list. You can also drag-and-drop tasks directly to your calendar.

Also, the way we work with blocks is (almost) unique where you can create saved searches to find blocks based on their content.

In short: simplicity, end-to-end encryption, and good design is what separates us from most tools.

Nice thing to include end-to-end encryption. I am interested to know what users say about it? Is it a key reason in their decision to choose your solution?

It was something that came up in many user interviews. After launching it though, there has been lower interest towards it than expected.

Really like the "blocks" idea. That's clever, sets this apart from Yet Another Notes App...

thanks for the comment. We introduced blocks this summer and we've been happy with that decision. It gives a lot of flexibility for future features too.

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