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The CodeRibbon code editor plugin (utk-se.github.io)
76 points by azhenley 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

The title should mention “for Atom”.

Plugins for code-editors isn't my thing, is there a reason that you chose Atom instead of VSCode or Sublime?

(this looks like a cool idea, by the way)

My guess is that VSCode tightly controls the editor views for performance reasons and probably doesn't expose an API that allows you to do this.

You can do arbitrary things in webviews, but they're kinda slow and you might have to completely reimplement the editor for this to work

VSCode's general approach to limiting the visual customization options available to extensions (which is very rational since it allows significant ongoing flexibility to optimize performance) is part of the problem, but it's even worse since VSCode has only in the past 1.5 months begun work on a read-only API to even read the set of open tabs, see https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/15178 and its 93 (!) comments - development of a read-write API is still ongoing in https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/133532 . At the moment, it's impossible to even write a reliable extension that saves and restores open tabs and their locations to a given state!

I know the original (Patchworks) author - He made this as an intern and working on his PhD, and VS Code wasn't a thing at the time he. It is now being worked on by HIS students, and they have some VS Code work being done, but I don't think it is in a usable state yet.

I use Atom as my daily driver on a 2012-era Mac mini. It works just fine for me, but I do wonder how much life there is left in it, especially since development changed pace after Microsoft acquired GitHub. Seeing plugins for Atom almost makes me nostalgic, and there’s a bit more life to be squeezed out before the sunset.

I’d be curious to hear what other people are using for their IDE on lower end hardware. As I say, Atom works fine and I personally appreciate the open source nature of it, but I’m very open to alternatives.

I'd moved to VSCode because even on higher end hardware I could feel a substantial improvement compared to Atom. If you don't like the MS integrations, there's VSCodium.

I actually use code-server which is VSCode in the browser and hosted on your own server. It works on my ancient 2011 Dell latitude running ChromiumOS.

How does the filesystem/storage part of that work?

I use VSCodium daily and was considering self-hosting one of the web options.

File system is local to the server, so you DEFINITELY want to run it with lower permissions I have a separate user that has no access to anything outside of its ~ directory.

But it is great - it has access to ~, it has a built in terminal ctrl/cmd+` so I can actually operate completely from my VSCode in full screen. I was trying to hack my ChromiumOS to only launch that application and I would have a dedicated programing laptop that does NOTHING ELSE, which I've always thought would be cool.

Interesting. So the workflow here becomes that the server is the workstation with peoples homes etc.

It will be interesting to figure out how to adjust my workflow. I deploy things in Kubernetes at home so I'd need to mount a remote filesystem which would become my user home.

A Chromium book which loads straight into an IDE (only) would be a nice productivity tool!


Thank you - that looks interesting!

Would love something similar for VSCode

Looks like it's being worked on, but has a big (NOT YET WORKING) disclaimer:


I would love this for ST.

`ctrl e` in intellij + getting rid of the editor tabs is a reasonable way of dealing with this.

This is a great idea. It should be implemented in Sublime text. Not as a plug-in but as a something rendered by the main app, for performance.

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