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Show HN: Spreadsheet Timeline (my weekend project) (spreadsheettimeline.com)
22 points by daltonlp 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

That's a wonderful tool. Great and thanks for sharing!

I often make these same timelines in excel manually and paste them into a powerpoint.

I am curious to know the tech stack you used -- or if you have a github for scourcecode.

Thanks for the kind words!

I am working on a writeup with some development details.

Here is the stack:

  • Alpinejs as a framework

  • Chrono for date parsing (try typing "next Tuesday" into the date input)

  • Dayjs for date formatting and operations.

  • flatpickr for the date picker

  • xslx-populate for export.  There are a LOT of JS->excel utilities out there.

  • Tailwind for styling.

  • No back-end, no database.  All static files.
The code is in a private git repo.

Don't let that stop you from looking at it with view-source. It's literally two files :)

Looks very nice, but US date format will limit use for many. Needs an option for DD/MM, (or ISO-8601).

You're absolutely right!

An option for ISO-8601 is now available.

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