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Ashley Gjovik requested paid leave after requesting a severance package
2 points by n0000d3js 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
After seeing Ashley's viral tweet yesterday claiming she was suspended and fired in retaliation, I read through her entire Twitter feed and found she is misrepresenting what occurred and libeling Apple.

I am not an Apple employee, nor an Apple fanboy.

I stand strongly with Frances Haugen, Ifeoma Ozoma, Timnit Gebru, Cher Scarlett, and other whistleblowers against the evil corporate tech giants.

Whatever may have actually happened to Ashley is destroyed entirely by her lies. I believe she is only trying to jumpstart her law career and make money.

Ashley posted a screenshot of this email from July 27, 2021, to prove that she did not request paid leave. In it, it shows she asks for a paid exit through the remainder of her law education, at which time she planned to leave Apple (Dec 31, 2022), or alternatively, to be placed in a temporary role within the company, without having to actually apply for the role. In return, they suggested she apply for Medical Leave, which would continue to pay her full salary while mitigating the toxic work environment (physically and emotionally, by her own account).


She declined Medical Leave and asked instead for Paid Administrative Leave and they accommodated that request, as she is quoted in this article, "I asked them to mitigate the hostile work environment while they investigate, and they initially offered me EAP therapy and medical leave. I told them that made no sense, and said they should talk to my leadership and set up oversight and boundaries. I added that if there was no other option they could give me paid administrative leave." (https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22610112/apple-female-engineering-manager-leave-sexism-work-environment)

After she went on leave, and immediately claimed it was forced on her, she tweeted the correspondence from HR expressing that if she did not want to be on leave, she was free to return at any time.


For her claim of being fired in retaliation, this article discusses an unreleased product.


The video in the article is her, which she further cross-posted to her Twitter account, and from reading about the application, could only have come from her.

I feel sorry for her, given the harassment she may have endured over the prior 6 years, but I don't understand why she felt the need to lie about what has happened in the past few months, as it completely destroys her credibility, and likely puts her in a situation where Apple can sue her for defamation (I'm not a lawyer, but this seems obvious).

- Not a troll, just works on nodejs

I think you missed the point on why she didn't want to take medical leave - "As mentioned, I refuse to quit or to take medical leave as a response to the hostility; this is on Apple ER to resolve, not for me to hide from." [From an email that you linked to]

That is very reasonable, I would do the same as it takes Apple off the hook for the charges against them since they could then just say "Ashley was suffering from X, Y or Z and needed time off". I would do the same.

You very confidently state that she is lying. I can't tell what she is lying about, care to lay it out?

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