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Show HN: Redact.photo – Webapp to censor information in images (redact.photo)
17 points by rikschennink 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I wanted to build a more secure image redaction tool but not resort to black (which is I suspect the best way to redact)

So instead of blurring, this tool first scales down the image, then scrambles pixels randomly, and then blurs. This should (disclaimer: not a scientist) make it impossible to revert information back to its original state.

It should also prevent uncensored characters giving away the blurred shape of censored characters as those will be randomly scrambled.

Additionally the resolution of the blurred version of the image will be lowered when large parts of the image are redacted.

I thought I'd post it here on HN because I'm genuinely interested in if my assumptions are correct.

This is really a great tool. It works like a charm...

But: How do I know you are not scanning my uploaded photos? I have to trust you more than those I want to redact the photo for. Right?

PS: Just checked your twitter profile. You are living my dream life :) So I guess you are trustworthy. But it does not show on the landing page yet.


That's a good point. In theory you could check network tab to see that I'm not sending any data over the line.

Suggestions on how I could create that trust are more then welcome :)

I think showing yourself as a real person would help. But then again: maybe it’s just me and no one else cares :-)

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