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I just left this comment directly on the article:

I don't think you can really say you've exhaused this until you can run DOOM rendered with checkboxes. You might need to get into checkbox dithering with multiple checkboxes to give you a few different fill levels, and use really small checkboxes, so you get both the resolution and can actually see what you're shooting at.

I know: I'm a bastard.

Who does this? I mean... who has the talent, time, and inclination? Is this what happens when startups IPO and nerds retire and have too much free time?


If you are interested in how to hack the task manager, Dave Plummer did a video on it yesterday[1]. Turns out you can fake cores on the task manager to get the resolution you need, so you don't need a Dual Socket Epyc CPU.


Thanks! Pretty interesting watch.

It's doom not wow

Running Doom to hackers is the equivalent of Turing completeness proof to theoretical computer scientists.

It's so widespread, Masahiro Sakurai (Nintendo/SORA) even made mention of it in the latest Smash Bros. presentation.


"I heard it can run on any computer. Is that right?"

Given it is interactive, he should instead make a virtual touch screen that is connected to the actual hardware that runs a WebAssembly implementation of DOOM in a modern web browser.

Andrew Healey just took a pass at this and did a great write-up about it here:


It looks decent but dithering would be nice so I created an issue for it here: https://github.com/bryanbraun/checkboxland/issues/20

I think something like this (1-bit-color, might be extremely hard to have Doom not look like mush) might also benefit from a local contrast filter (like the clarity slider in Photoshop). That filter would increase the visibility of line pairs that may have otherwise been rendered as the same color. Maybe you could then not need as much dithering or multiple checkboxes.

I wonder if radio boxes would be better pixels for DOOM.

Good idea, but do we have to destroy our browsers?

It's the only way to save them.

And chew bubble game and kick ass. And my browser's local storage is all out of gum ;-)

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