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[dupe] Instagram has largely replaced TikTok in India and erased working-class creators (restofworld.org)
21 points by akbarnama 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

The article is BS. Working-class creators are on MXTakatak and Moj instead of Instagram, and that's where their audience is. Those apps are doing very well.

You don't need an international messiah app to save the working class of India. They can figure things out for themselves.

The article mentions Moj. It does not present it as a very popular alternative, though, if that’s why you still mentioned it.

TikTok's recommendation system is said to be creepily good. This allows content creators to find an audience. While the local clones can mimic the look and feel of the app, I doubt their recommendation system is anywhere as good.

But local clones usually have local content only, which can be a big advantage...

Recommendation engines already take location into account. I doubt the advantage is particularly strong. Of course this is just speculation, I don't have any actual data.

Wtf is a working class creator? Have we reached peek societal dependence on social media and accompanying bullshit?

On that point, the label “creator” of the process of thinking of and shooting 5 to 10 second entertainment videos that are 90% crap, 9% bullshit, and 1% actual effort, is devaluing the whole process.

Worth a read!

To be fair most of the "content" on either of these platforms can be actually labelled as "content". If anything, it probably helped those young people get some real life skills rather than wasting their life in a digital social bubble.

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