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A bubble usually involves over-optimistic speculation. Are you suggesting that there is an irrational exuberance in iPhone apps? I think there is a bit of a land grab, but people are making real take-it-to-the-bank cash, not just hitting nebulous "soft" performance marks. For of an app Boom than a bubble, imho.

it's no good saying 'people' - the problem is which ones. Plenty of people were driving aorund in nice cars during the last bubble, having 'taken to the bank' investors' cash; but the whole setup was totally unsustainable and the people putting in money weren't getting it out. Is it so different this time around?

The source of the money that I am referring to is iPhone users buying apps, not VC money.

Are there any estimates on how much total has gone into iphone apps? We know what the market's worth (approximately).

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