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Your comments about the build system do bring up a good point. Perhaps leiningen or cake should be adopted as a default build tool and integrated into the main code base and website.

I admit that the complaints about the lack of examples in the documentation does confuse me a bit. The documentation sites for C and C++ don't seem to include examples either. For me, tutorials and books were always the go to places for examples. I will agree whole heartedly that some of the 3rd party libraries like ring/compojure need some serious documentation improvement, in particular since the architecture of these libraries is fairly complicated.

Could someone link examples of good documentation they like from other languages to help clarify?

C and C++? Dude, there's a whole generation of programmers -- paid, successful, professional, prolific programmers -- who have never even looked at C or C++. Or, if they did, it was for a couple of classes and haven't touched it since.

Making C/C++ documentation the standard for documentation is like making a Chevy Nova the standard for features in modern automobiles.

I personally really like the Python documentation at


Another example of documentation that has served me well is the numpy+scipy+matplotlib combo:



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