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Does anyone know any existing open source that aims for the reverse of this? i.e. works as a midi data receiver (app or plugin) and maps to hardware/physical outputs?

I've built my own for a midi-cv controller for modular synth, and it was way more work than I anticipated. I'm curious if other complete and flexible solutions exist?

Sending MIDI is easier than receiving it, but with UsbMidiKlik and some wiring and soldering you can build a MIDI interface based on an Arduino Uno.


I've built a small-medium sized project around this library and React on the front end:


You can send and receive MIDI messages with this library both from the browser and within a Node context.

Along the lines of the React/browser lifecycle, I would be careful with listening to MIDI inputs.

You have to add guards for when an input no longer exists and be careful when creating listeners. React Hooks help with this but it's easy to create footguns if you're reading and sending MIDI data.

Have a look at http://wiki.midibox.org/, I see example projects having midi inputs as well as outputs.

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