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Ask HN: Those who've built large projects on React, was it worth it?
4 points by ent101 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Totally not. You have to be careful about the use case. A company I worked for went crazy on i, and redux and rxjs, redux-form, etc for a mostly CRUD app and it was a total mess. A team of 6 devs couldn't keep up with the complexity of what one or two devs could build decades ago with django or rails.

Nowadays I think that unless you have a team that only wants to work with JavaScript and nothing else, or you need an offline first application or something truly "single page" such as Google maps, it makes no sense. Adding a form validation library should be a red flag you're going out of the intended use case.

If what you meant by your question is if, once decided to use a frontend framework such as react, is it worth vs Vue, Svelte, vanilla, etc.... Then my answer is that it is better to use one of theses vs not using them, just because of the ecosystem, the docs and the libraries you will find. I think Vue is a LOT better than react, but that's just my preference due to it being less verbose, having official solutions for router, state, etc and the amazing reactivity system it has.

Yes, we did a classic JS version first (this was 2014) and it got unbearable from both development and user perspective. We switched to React in 2015 and never looked back once.

I moved to next.js which is build on react and it’s worth every penny.

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