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uff, it's controversial territory... scala is certainly closer to f# than clojure. that could be good - easier to learn - or bad - you learn less (i would strongly encourage learning one lisp, and working through "on lisp" to grok macros, if you haven't done so yet). my problem with scala is that i found it too complicated. i was really frustrated and disappointed with it, and that was exacerbated by my hope that it was the future (i thought it would be haskell for java programmers - and it is, in a way, but it achieves it through brute force rather than elegance, imho). but that was just me, and some time ago (when the language was changing more rapidly) - it may be better now, or for others...

What made Scala too complicated? The type system, or something else?

it comes from the need to support java (which is of course also the language's great strength). see for example http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3689407/disadvantages-of-... or http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/51245/what-ki... - answers there discuss the tension between types and java (especially the long first answer in the second link).

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