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Ask HN: Anyone working on something in the Senior-Care market?
29 points by mw63214 on Aug 13, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments
I'm working with a few people in the Charlotte, NC area on a radio show for seniors and would like to feature a few companies that are bringing new ideas and products to the senior-care market. Was curious to see if anyone in the HN community was working on something related to seniors or their caregivers.

We just released the first-ever comprehensive search engine for people seeking long term care services. PatientsHaveChoices.com aggregates data about each provider from multiple sources, and transforms it into meaningful information. It allows end-users to shop and compare providers, ultimately making an educated choice. Let me know how I can help.

Hi, I'm a designer very interested in the senior care market. I did my thesis project on assistive eating devices (http://averyseriousdesigner.com/3d_bowl.html), and did research at 2 bay area elder care facilities. Since then, I've gotten connected to a Stanford prof who's connected to the elder care space, who teaches a class about assistive device design. I've also done work with Golden Leaf Care, a Bay Area web startup trying to create a better online experience for families seeking care for their relatives. I'm also in touch with Omhu (http://omhu.com/), a new New York based company dedicated to making and marketing really well-designed products for the elderly. Hit me up, I'd love to connect you with any/all of my network!

I work at http://www.call-em-all.com. We have many senior care facilities that use us for automated notifications regarding health, medication, etc. We also work with many healthcare staffing companies which staff for in-home caregivers.

Sounds interesting, I would really be interested in following up with you about this. I'm very interested in improving quality of life while at the same time reducing costs and overall inefficiencies. My email is radio4theages.tech@gmail.com.

I'll have our biz dev guy follow up with you. He'll know more about how the senior industry uses us exactly as well as having more input of additional potential uses within that industry.

Sounds great, thanks so much!

I... uh... wouldn't call it exactly that, but I'm extending http://www.deadmansswitch.net to include checking-up features (phone, sms, etc).

Hah, interesting concept. At first glance, I thought it prob. wouldn't be the best thing to feature this on a show that targets people who see friends pass on a weekly, if not daily, basis. However, after thinking about it more, it would be interesting to see how they (seniors) think about the concept and if it differs from our(younger folks) point of view. Our show will be a live call-in show, so it could make for an interesting segment. What's your email?

We've had people ask about using it to check up on their elderly relatives regularly, e.g. have the software email them if they haven't responded for a day or so, so it's not strictly about passing.

The features I'm adding are phone integration, which would call someone and email if they didn't pick up after X times, or something to that effect.

My email is in my profile, it's stavros@stochastictechnologies.com.

My mother does residential care in Texas. Her perspective will be different than most other people you will speak with. Let me know if you'd like to talk to her.

My friend Laura runs Grandcare, I can get you her contact info if you like. http://www.grandcare.com/

That would be great. Thanks so much. my email is radio4theages.tech@gmail.com

Thumbtack is a marketplace for services of all kinds such as home improvement, event services, instruction, etc. We have a number of senior services as well -- in home care, personal assistants, drivers, etc.

You can view our senior services here: http://www.thumbtack.com/browse/family/seniors/

You can email me at jonathan@thumbtack.com if you have any questions.

I know an entrepreneur in Ohio who runs a very large (multi-million) nursing home software company. Email me at loganfrederick@gmail.com for details!

your inbox just increased by 1.

I'm the CTO at ALMSA Health - we have a SaaS EHR used nationally in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing communities. Do you plan to stream your station online? Would love to look at linking to it - get in touch if you'd like some perspective on the development of EHR platforms tailored toward the long-term care industry - fils@almsahealth.com

We will indeed be streaming live (thanks to our local CBS affiliates' already set-up streaming servers). I've sent you an email, and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

A good friend of mine started http://www.seniorcarehomes.com/. His love & passion for helping seniors is amazing. I think it would be very beneficial to feature him/his company on your radio show. You can reach him at Erwin(at)seniorcarehomes.com. Tell him Jonas sent you.

The website is exceedingly poor--sorting by distance doesn't work, bits of template text are not even filled in and it's obvious the information is generic. The website is the opposite of "love and passion for helping seniors".

Hello. I run http://www.lifeensured.com feel free to email me michael.aiello@lifeensured.com.

Best, Mike

Hello mw63214, could you add your email address in your profile?

www.emota.net --- super cool stuff (a buddy is working there)

cool, I'll def. give them a shout. Thanks!

im working on a product in the senior care market

check your email

I am, as well.

You have mail.

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