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Please, if it wouldn't be much work, change the mechanism for coloring down voted comments to be via the stylesheet instead of via font tags with color attributes?

Also, there is an oddity in the way comments are organized. They go like this:

   font tag that sets the comment color
     "first paragraph text NOT in a p tag"
     p tag
        "second paragraph text"
     p tag
        "third paragraph text"
     p tag
       font tag that sets the comment color
         "final paragraph text"
(Not using actual tags to avoid any quoting problems, and closing tags omitted). This leads to amusing results--for instance if you use a user stylesheet to try to set comment colors, by coloring all the paragraphs under the comment span, it only actually colors the middle paragraphs. The first and last paragraph of each comment are not affected.

If there is no specific reason for this odd layout, fixing it would make the site a little more friendly for those who want to tweak it with user stylesheets. (I'm tweaking the font size, to make it easier to read on my aging eyes).

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