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Show HN: RosettaBoy – the same Gameboy emulator in Rust, Python, and C++ (github.com/shish)
24 points by Shish2k 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

This is surprising to me that the rust implementation manages to be about twice faster than the C++ implementation while requiring roughly half the code.

It would be interesting to also measure peak RAM requirement.

Thank you for starting this work, for this kind of benchmarks is so much more interesting than the usual microbenchmarks. I hope others will rush in to offer implementations in other languages as well as optimisations for the existing implementations. I know I would if I had time.

Interesting idea.

These two goals are meaningful to me in the comparisons:

Consistency across langauges

Idiomatic use of language features

A non-trivial application like this is a great way to see how languages differ.

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