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Fourier Audio | Founding Full-Stack Engineer | Full-Time | Remote / London | https://fourieraudio.com/jobs

Fourier Audio is revolutionising the way audiences experience audio by reinventing the tools used by designers to shape sound for live productions.

We’re an early-stage UK pro-audio startup, looking for a seriously excellent full-stack lead engineer driven by a desire to build seriously excellent pro-audio products. We want someone with an eye for detail, who relishes the challenge of a wide remit with scope to innovate. We believe in freedom & responsibility; working with excellent people and letting them be excellent.

You’ll join as employee #3 in a focused and driven team intent on changing the (live audio) world.

Our stack is Rust, Typescript (Electron+React) & ChucK; I can answer any questions (email in profile, include HN in subject).

Full details and to apply: https://fourieraudio.com/founding-engineer/

Chuck! That's a blast from the past.

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