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> DNS seems to be a massive point of failure everywhere

Emphasis on the "seems". DNS gets blamed a lot because it's the very first step in the process of connecting. When everything is down, you will see DNS errors.

And since you can't get past the DNS step, you never see the other errors that you would get if you could try later steps. If you knew the web server's IP address to try to make a TCP connection to it, you'd get connection timed out errors. But you don't see those errors because you didn't get to the point where you got an IP address to connect to.

It's like if you go to a friend's house but their electricity is out. You ring the doorbell and nothing happens. Your first thought is that the doorbell is messed up. And you're not wrong: it is, but so is everything else. If you could ring it and get their attention to let you inside in their house, you'd see that their lights don't turn on, their TV doesn't turn on, their refrigerator isn't running, etc. But those things are hidden to you because you're stuck on the front porch.

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