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Congress mandate the spending, that’s their job. The executive is then legally required to implement the spending Congress mandates in its budgets. That’s it’s job. the executive is not allowed to not spend what Congress tells it to spend.

But Congress at the same time wants to have a silly law that tries to prohibit the executive from doing what it’s required to do in our system of government.

So in that case minting a coin actually seems to be what is required of the executive. It’s the only legal route out. This is all a farce.

You can certainly construct a reasonable argument that (a) the executive is required to do everything possible/legal before failing to fulfill the budget, and (b) Congress has been aware of the coin loophole for years and has declined to close it, so (c) the executive is basically-required to try the coin before defaulting.

It's silly, but mostly as a representation of how the underlying situation is ridiculous.

That's certainly how I interpret things. Either that or the debt ceiling is simply unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment section 4. If Congress makes contradictory laws that the President cannot obey without violating the Constitution, the Constitution takes precedence.

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