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Okay | Android / iOS / fullstack developers | Skien, Norway | Preferably onsite | Full Time | https://okaythis.com/careers

Okay does Strong Customer Authentication and transaction security for mobile devices. We're looking for people with a strong interest in computer security, who would like to work on securing payments on Android and iOS. Experience programming in Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift and Objective C is welcome. We're looking for both back-end (Java) and front-end (Android/iOS) developers. On-site in beautiful Norway is preferred, but we can discuss working from abroad if that is a problem.

You would be working with a team from all over the world, mostly located in a really nice small town a couple of hours by train south of Oslo, Norway. If you're looking for a change in lifestyle, with decent benefits and salary this might be the job for you. Norway is a place where vacations and reasonable work weeks are not just encouraged, but legally required.

Please note that we're not looking to outsource development. You can see a list of our open positions at https://okaythis.com/careers. I'm the CTO of Okay if you have questions.

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