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Hyper – Sell Memberships to Discord and Telegram (yetanotherstartup.com)
80 points by melvinmt on Oct 4, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

Seems like Patreon is their most successful comparable model. Patreon offers tiers of 7.9%, 10.9%, and 14.9%, while Hyper offers 5% pay-as-you-go, or a flat $299 monthly.

So if you're, let's say, a Twitch streamer with 5,000 subs but 20,000 Discord members, I could see a strong use case for Hyper, because there's such minimal friction for both customers (Patreon rewards are often disconnected from other community channels like Discord) and sellers (subscriptions can be configured to change roles, allowing access to permissions, channels, etc).

Hyper: $300mo flat / 2000 users @ $5mo = 3% Patreon (lowest tier): 2000 users @ $5mo * .079 = $790

Hyper: $300mo flat / 5000 users @ $5mo = 1.2% Patreon (lowest tier): 5000 users @ $5mo * .079 = $1975

Looks viable to me!

Patreon and Twitch already handle Discord roles though.

I didn’t know that! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check that out.

Is there any real business going over discord & telegram? I've only seen scammer, illegal porn and conspiracy believers sell through those channels. Legit Influencers are usually using patreon, onlyfans or similar platforms.

Sure there’s loads of ICO groups, NFT groups, cook groups for shoe/ps5 drops, meme stock option traders, etc. Oh wait you already covered “scammer”.

Haha that's so true, the NFT ecosystems roots are with discord. It's great for communicating with your core audience

I'm in a fan community on discord, paying via a YouTube subscription (urgh). I wouldn't call it "real business" in the sense that it's probably less than minimum wage for the host, but it's something I'm legitimately happy to pay for. It's a much better community hangout than patreon or onlyfans.

It seems like it; I have stumbled upon traders that are willing to help each other. Some traders sell membership for the members to receive "trade signals." They won't bother making a business model like this if you can monetize on discord.

A lot of legit Patreons use Discord as a perk, so it exists. But it's small potatoes.

It depends on your niche. I'm a part of some optionally-paid Discord servers where I've never encountered a bot DM. But these aren't in niches where botting is rampant, like crypto and gaming.

I Patreon a podcast that has a private Discord for subscribers, and it is a great community. It seems like folks who like this particular podcast have a lot of things in common, and the paywall prevents toxic behavior.

I also know a professional* dungeon master who uses Discord to keep customers organized. I'm sure he could accomplish this coordination with e-mail and a spreadsheet, but Discord seems to cultivate community as a side-benefit.

*No, this isn't his fulltime job, but it seems to justify the amount of time/brainpower spent on Game Design/RP Writing efforts. And, yet again, charging folks a bit of money for membership puts them on their best behavior.

Gamemakerstoolkit is a good one. I hate to pay, to be in a Discord server.

some mechanical keyboard companies run discord servers to offer order / tech support and various loyalty programs.

I think this is great, I just really hope you will be okay when Discord builds this internally.

Discord has some really useful but non-search-indexable info in it. Putting communities behind a paywall would make it way tougher to openly access info.

Probably make some good money though...

Wouldn't tiered matrix spaces be a good solution for this problem?

I really like this idea, but as someone that isn't that involved in Discord. I would love to see a top hits list of current communities using Hyper.

Plus one

5% per transaction or $299/mo don't seem like equal options to me.

What am I missing ?

We’re in an awkward spot with our pricing right now for sure - we only had the 5% option for the longest time but introduced the flat rate recently for a number of reasons. In the next few weeks we’ll be fully switching over to a freemium model with Shopify-like tiers.

Needless to say if you’re making $6k+ per month it’s worth paying for Scale, but many users also pay for the advanced features even at $1-2k of MRR.


Could you reword this comment please? I have no idea what you are trying to express.

The person you are replying to is referring to a terminal client, also named Hyper[0].

0. https://hyper.is/

I assume this is a play on hyperlink. Hyper the terminal is not the only software named that.

This is awful. If drm-ed pay to access sites weren't bad enough. Now we have a way to late stage capital our way into setting literal invite links.

Care to elaborate? Are you also against the notion of paying to enter a concert or sporting event? If no, could you expand on what you believe the difference between these two things to be?

ad-surveillance supported free websites is ok, but paid membership access is late stage capitalism?

Paywalls are great at stopping spammers. And membership for groups is hardly an internet only thing.

Haven't tried Hyper, but the nft gated discords I use are much nicer places to hang out and chat and make things together. In the past year ive gone from using discord maybe once a month to it being my main internet social-space. Even better is that most of the memberships feed back into the group accounts.

I'm curious why you have such a strong reaction against this though, I much prefer it to adverts.

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