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Amyris | Senior Software Engineer | Emeryville, Ca | Remote Ok | Full Time | http://www.amyris.com We are searching for a talented, curious, and self-motivated engineer to join our software engineering team in building the most advanced production-scale synthetic biology platform on the planet. R&D at Amyris is a highly multidisciplinary effort, where we need brilliant contributions from every area of the life sciences and engineering disciplines in order to take projects from concept to market.

Our tech stack is (primarily): Python, React, Postgres

Amyris is established but still growing rapidly, very successful, has a mature software development process, competitive pay, and great benefits. It's a fantastic place to work.

Senior Software Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/6088109c-5a17-4e95-a6fd-2277ee6...

Software Engineer (remote) https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/19140318-2ebd-45d6-bae7-9367840...

Senior Datascientist https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/adae7bed-5df6-4866-9e42-964e56e...

plenty more in R&D, digital, marketing, etc https://amyris.com/careers-north-america

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