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Replace Router with PF Sense (davidilie.com)
2 points by mattr47 59 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Pretty interesting article, especially for a 15 year old.

I ran across his site while perusing /r/selfhosted and saw his custom dashboard he made. https://github.com/DavidIlie/personal-dashboard


I am the person you are talking about!

Glad to see you like it, thanks for posting here!

Hi David, Just a heads up: in Safari under iOS and macOS there is a brief flash of content followed by "Client Error Occurred Want to go home?"


That sounds weird. Just tested it on my iOS device now and the page loads just fine. What phone are you using? (it's most likely failing to connect to my server)

Here it is in Safari 15.0 under macOS 10.15.7 on a 13" MacBook Air and Safari 14.1 under iOS 14.8 on an iPhone 6s: https://imgur.com/a/FnATlMK

Yeah, just saw that once I visited the blog page. From what I can tell it's Apple's fault not parsing the date correctly on my blog posts. If you use any other browser such as chrome, it should work. Thanks for pointing this out!

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