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PostHog | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full Time | https://posthog.com

We're an open source platform for product analytics that took off after a launch HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22376732). Our mission is to increase the number of successful products in the world. We've raised nearly $30M since that post under 2 years ago, and have around 15K developers in our community.

There are two key roles open at the moment:

* A developer who likes to speak to customers. We are getting swamped dealing with inbound demand and are growing revenue by 50% month over month. I need our very first customer success manager - to help get customers what they need, and to ensure they're deployed and configured. This isn't a support ticket role, it's about making sure our customers, who are usually very technical, are successful, including (inbound) sales. We could see this fitting an ex-founder really well, but we're open. Our vision for customer success is a strong focus on tooling, documentation and automation, not on building a huge team. Above everything, you need to be proactive, smart, able to help solve technical problems, empathetic and someone that enjoys building relationships.

* A developer who loves writing - especially tutorial type content, and could own this for us. We've got lots of docs that detail what the product does, but we want to focus on explaining how to build a more successful product, and how PostHog can help achieve those. You might be writing about how to use our SDKs one day, or how to improve activation rates another. Bonus points for a data engineering background.

What it's like:

* Fast and direct! * Focus is on written and asynchronous communication. * Autonomous. You choose your quest. Small team structure to enable this. * Transparent - almost all our work is open source, public handbook, public compensation, internally shared board meetings and investment updates before they happen.

Learn more about working here at https://posthog.com/careers

Email me and links to any relevant online profile personally - james@posthog.com, and cc in careers@posthog.com.

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