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SKULabs | Senior React Engineer | Full-time | Remote | $140k-$200k | Bonus Pool % | https://skulabs.com

SKULabs helps rapidly growing ecommerce brands maintain delivery expectations, ensure accurate delivery, and spend less time on warehouse / inventory operations.

We're well-reviewed, profitable, and rapidly growing. Our stack is React, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis.

We're looking for additional frontend engineers to join our core team and drive new objectives react-first applications to help our existing customer base and expand into new markets. Our existing team has react and vue experience but we're looking for those who take pride in designing easy-to-use enterprise react applications.

Please withhold applying at this time if you do not have prior experience building and maintaining enterprise-type-complexity applications.

Senior Front-end Engineer | https://jobs.lever.co/skulabs/9b09ebdc-bf4f-48d6-b772-5d3fb2...

Senior Front-end Engineer II | https://jobs.lever.co/skulabs/4987d176-716a-443b-9763-78e296...


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