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Makelog | Product Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Founding Product Designer | Remote | Full-time | https://www.makelog.com

Hi, I’m JJ, founder and CEO at Makelog. We're helping product teams automate their release communications process to empower their users and internal customer-facing teams.

Why Makelog: If a feature ships and nobody knows about it, did it really ship? We're set on helping companies truly unlock the value of their product updates by making it easy to auto-compile, curate, and distribute the right update for the right user at the right time.

Team: We're a small team of three that share a passion for the product and a desire to make it so much easier for companies to share what they ship. We're backed by a tier 1 firm (soon to be announced!), as well as the founders of Segment, Pilot, Honeycomb, and Radar

Stack: React, Next.js, MySQL, Go, AWS

You can read more about our open roles here: https://jobs.wrkhq.com/makelog

If you're interested, please apply directly, or email JJ@makelog.io with an intro about yourself and a link to your resume or Linkedin profile.

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