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Generally Intelligent | Machine Learning Research Engineer | REMOTE or San Francisco | Full-time | https://generallyintelligent.ai

We’re an AI research company directly building human-like general machine intelligence. We have significant funding that will last a decade from investors including YC, researchers from OpenAI, and a number of high profile individuals.

Work with our researchers on cutting-edge deep learning research — running experiments, implementing architectures from papers, experiment tracking tools, model debugging methods, automated hyperparameter optimizers, developer tooling & visualization, etc.

Learning & growth is a core part of our culture, and we will invest in yours. For example, the whole engineering team worked through Pieter Abbeel’s CS294 last year, and some of us also completed CS287 and CS285.

No prior machine learning experience required. For more example projects and benefits, see the full job description: https://generally-intelligent.breezy.hr/

To apply:

Email: jobs@generallyintelligent.ai

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