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Myxt | SF/Remote | Looking for Software Engineers | https://myxt.com We’re a very small team attempting to make a big music service. Myxt is building an application and suite for managing music files, workflow, listening, reviewing, payment, sharing, and annotation for digital creators and their collaborators and close-knit fans.

We’re a small founding team (2 people) with a working product and we release updates several times a week. Product development is communal and everyone in the company leads projects, tests releases, and engages with users and partners.

Previously, among our team we started Google Reader and helped build the early success of companies like Stripe and Twitter.

We're backed by Accel Ventures in SF. We’re looking for people who love working on complex technical solutions for creative makers. We’ve built the first version of the application but we’re still very early in its lifecycle and so we’re looking for engineers like us who like having a huge impact on product development.


Tech stack: TypeScript, React, SolidJS, GraphQL, Hasura, Flutter

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