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Materialize | Engineering, Developer Experience, Product, Marketing | NYC HQ + North America Remote + Europe Remote | https://materialize.com/careers

We're hiring at all levels of engineering positions (eng. manager, engineers from new grad to principal), technical writers, developer advocates, and more across product and marketing - for the full list, see https://materialize.com/careers

WHAT: Materialize is a streaming database for real-time applications. We are focused on bottom-up developer adoption, our core software is written in Rust, free to use and source available, our business model is a cloud product built with Python and Typescript that handles management of Materialize and lets businesses focus on building value.

WHO: We are a team of 40 experienced individuals in databases and distributed systems, and looking to add more folks with that interest and/or experience to our team. Our cofounder and chief scientist is Frank McSherry, the primary author of Timely Dataflow (http://timelydataflow.com) and Differential Dataflow (http://differentialdataflow.com), the two open source projects that power Materialize.

WHERE: Primarily based in New York City but also open to remote positions in the EU and NA.

Hi, the roles look really interesting, I'm going to send over my resume.

Quick question, I was wondering if you all are still hiring new grads? Asking for a friend. Thanks!

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