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Rosebud AI (YC S19) | Flutter Developer | REMOTE | Part-time

https://rosebud.ai/ powers a suite of apps to help creatives make content. https://tokkingheads.com/, our most popular app (2 million IOS downloads, all organic, high retention) allows any portrait/photo/face to be animated in seconds with no skill. Creators use Tokkingheads to make memes, deepfake parodies, NFTs, and most notably make their family and friends feel special with photos of past loved ones animated (1.8M views #tokkingheads hashtags on TikTok).

We are looking to use Flutter for web- and Android-platforms. The job includes:

- quickly prototyping new user experiences in Flutter;

- porting React.js and Kotlin apps to Flutter;

- getting pixel-perfect match between Flutter apps and Figma designs;

- architecting Flutter apps where connectivity and business logic are shared between platforms;

- collaborating with API engineers to guide the design of APIs which drive user-facing apps.

If this sounds interesting please reach out to dzmitry[æt]rosebudai[dot]com

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