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EDB | Principal Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time | https://enterprisedb.com

EDB builds products and solutions based on the world’s best database, Postgres. We have many of the core Postgres contributors on staff and continuously contribute back to the open source community.

We’re currently looking to fill many roles as we continue to rapidly grow.

We're looking for a Staff Software Engineer to help design and build the future of Postgres development automation in our automation team. This role will be involved in creating tools to remove friction from processes and make our development teams more efficient.

Link: https://grnh.se/e6c27b9b3us

We're also looking for a Senior Performance Engineer with extensive Postgres (or other RDBMS) experience. This role would work on designing and optimizing our BDR (Bi-Directional Replication) solution for Postgres. This is a newly opened role without a proper posting yet, so please email me directly with interest.

All openings: https://grnh.se/3ee0435d3us

You can reach out to me at doug.calobrisi[at]enterprisedb.com

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