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Encore | Go + Backend Engineers | Remote | Open-source | Full-time | https://encore.dev Encore is the cloud development platform of the future. Modern software has moved to the cloud, but developer tools haven't adapted.

We’re building the must-have dev tools of the future, to help developers create better products, faster. Help us redesign the day to day lives of developers to be more enjoyable and more productive. You get to work with open source, Go, static analysis, code generation, and building scalable distributed systems.

Our team is still small, but we have big ambitions. We know that great ideas can come from anywhere and value discussions between people with diverse experiences and backgrounds. We believe the best products are built by combining data and educated intuition. We value builder time and favor asynchronous communication over constant disruptions.

Hiring process: We respect your time. We’ll have a couple of chats to get to know each other, followed by a small work sample, and that’s it!

* Senior Backend Engineer (Go/Open Source/gRPC/Nomad/GCP)

* Developer Relations Lead (Coffee/Smiles/Humans)

Interested? Email me (Founder & CTO) at andre@encore.dev or check out https://jobs.encore.dev

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