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syllable.ai | Senior Software Engineer | Onsite / Remote Sunnyvale, CA and Seattle, WA Link: https://syllable.ai/careers/software-engineer-3C3E31C2AE/ Technologies: AI / ML NLP, SIP/RTP, Python, Data Pipelines, React / Redux, AWS, Docker

Syllable is a healthcare technology company that uses artificial intelligence to help patients while lowering cost for hospitals and medical groups. The Syllable platform consists of knowledge graphs, custom machined learned models, a proprietary chatbot framework for the web, and even telephony infrastructure for voice bots. Syllable uses an agile development process and releases new versions of it's software on a weekly basis to our customers. Syllable is growing fast in healthcare. We are hiring for positions including Senior Software Engineers (front end, back end, and full stack) and DevOps. Our engineering offices are located in Sunnyvale, CA and Bellevue, WA.

Benefits: Silicon Valley market rate compensation, stock options, premium health care benefits for employees and families and an excellent vacation plan. We encourage a culture of work-life balance.

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