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Adacore | Software Engineers | Full-time | Remote, New-York, Paris, Bristol, Toulouse, Tallin, Grenoble, Vannes...

Adacore is the maintainer of GNAT, the Ada compiler originally based on GCC (but now with many more backends: LLVM, Why3, JVM...). We also have a lot of tools revolving around the Ada ecosystem (IDEs, Coverage tools, Static Analyzers, Formal proof tooling...). We are looking for a lot of different profiles:

- GNU toolchain maintainers ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/gnu-toolchain-developer-... )

- Static analysis engineers ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/software-engineer-ed85e9... )

- Devsecops people ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/senior-software-develope..., https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/devsecops-software-engin..., https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/software-qa-engineer-ed8...)

- Cybersecurity engineers ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/senior-cybersecurity-eng... )

- Marketers ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/technical-marketing-engi... , https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/global-marketing-manager... )

- Services engineers ( https://app.hellotalent.com/vacancy/service-and-mentorship-e... )

Some of these roles involve working with Ada, some don't (we use a lot of different programming languages: Ada, C, C++, Python, Ocaml...), so it's fine to apply even if you don't know the language!

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