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Center of Complex Interventions | Backend Engineer | Remote (anywhere), full time, open source, nonprofit

Mathesar is an open source project that aims to make databases accessible to non-technical users, allowing users to store, manipulate, visualize, and collaborate with others on their data. We're currently working hard on an MVP and hope to release an alpha version by the end of the year.

Our backend stack is Postgres + Python + Django + SQLAlchemy. Our small team is spread out across the world, we work asynchronously and value independent work and good communication. We have zero standing meetings; we do most of our planning and discussion on GitHub. See: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/discussions

About the project: https://wiki.mathesar.org/

Our roadmap: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/milestones?direction=...

Full job description and application instructions are here: https://wiki.mathesar.org/en/jobs.

The interview process will consist of a couple of general interviews and working with us on an open issue on the Mathesar repository. Mention this HN post when you apply!

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