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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2021)
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Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Level 12 | Full Stack Web Developer - Python, React/Vue, SQL | REMOTE | SALARY:$95K-145K, https://www.level12.io/careers/

Level 12 is a software consulting and custom development agency. We have mid and senior level positions. Our job descriptions are written by developers for developers. No HR fluff here, we want you to know what you are really getting into:


- We have a commitment to transparency and offer a "no surprises experience" throughout the interview and hiring process. We value candor...as evidenced by the length of our job description. :)

- Our CEO prefers the title CED, Chief Executive Developer. Engineering and operational concerns don't take a back seat when potential sales come to the front door.

- You will be working remote with a team that is all working remote and has been for years. Let's make the best use of our time by not commuting.

- We practice and preach sound development practices. You are likely to learn and grow as a developer while working here.

- You are committed to automated testing of all the software you write (our apps typically have 92%+ test coverage).

- We have a no-drama office policy. We value and cultivate enjoyable working relationships among team members. No jerks allowed!

- We emphasize work/life balance and adopt policies that make sure our people don't get burnt out. For instance, our PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you actually use them.

- If you apply, we guarantee that we will give you a response, whether "yay" or "nay". No black holes here!

Salonized | Software Engineer | ONSITE, VISA | Amsterdam, Netherlands | https://jobs.salonized.com

Salonized is the Benelux' leading software provider for Salons to manage their appointments, customers, checkouts and online presence. Delighting our users is our prime directive. And looking for a challenge? Scheduling at scale is awesome.

We're skyrocketing in Salons and users and we've grown in the past 5 years from 5 employees to almost 40 now. We're looking to expand our development team of 8 to at least double the size by the end of next year.

Very social, slightly crazy company in a beautiful office in the heart of Amsterdam.

Relocation is possible.

Interested? We're looking for medior and senior engineers and also SRE. Check out https://jobs.salonized.com to apply.

The Dyrt | Multiple Developer Roles | Remote - Anywhere in US | Full-time | https://thedyrt.com

The Dyrt is dedicated to helping more people access camping and enjoy the outdoors. It’s the leading app for camping information in the Apple and Android App Stores. Our 40-person team is about to double as usage is exploding with 1 million pieces of UGC jumping to 4 million over the summer.

This is an opportunity for someone who loves camping and being outside to help create a product and community that people love and rely on to engage in their passion for nature.

Stack: NextJS, React, ReactNative, Ruby on Rails, GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform

Full job descriptions at https://the-dyrt.breezy.hr/. Questions? Email me directly at bscheidel at thedyrt.com.

Indigo Ag | Senior engineers, Senior PMs | Boston, MA | Full-time | REMOTE OK | https://www.indigoag.com/join-us


Want to write code to fight climate change?

That's why I joined - you can read the rest but that seems to be the main reason folks from HN want to learn more.

We're fighting climate change by building better apps for farmers and the agricultural economy. If I didn't believe this was one of the most important problems of our generation I wouldn't put so much emphasis on this.

If you want a mission you can tell your grandchildren about, we're working on it right here, right now.

Our stack is JavaScript/React and Python/Flask.

For reference, we're a Unicorn:


We work on agtech, the most underhyped sector in startups:


We've been a CNBC Disruptor in the top 20 for 3 years in a row:


I'd love to hear from you. Yeah you could apply online but I'd actually like to chat so send me a message at aconrad[at]indigoag[dot]com and I'll tell you more about the opportunities we have.

SpotHero | Toronto, CA | Kubernetes, AWS | Full-time | Senior Systems Engineer

I lead our Developer Tools team (basically ops with a focus on supporting Engineering as a whole). We run basically everything in Kubernetes on AWS. We're a team of 3 now, growing towards 6 over the next few years. Some of our major upcoming projects are:

* Multi-region deployments + DR prep (can we run our search endpoints active-active?) * Scaling engineering onboarding, support and consulting (we're treated as experts in systems and help devs understand the layers below their apps). * Extracting services from our monolith and building automation to keep them organized and up-to-date.

SpotHero (https://spothero.com/) is a rapidly growing with the mission of bringing the parking industry into the future through technology. Drivers across the nation use the SpotHero mobile app or website to reserve convenient, affordable parking on-the-go or in advance, and parking companies rely on us to help them reach new customers while optimizing their business. We connect the dots with cutting-edge technology, delivering value to both sides of this exciting, evolving marketplace.

We're hiring for a whole mess of engineering roles, here https://spothero.com/careers-engineering/

Apply here for Sr. Systems Engineer: https://spothero.com/careers/3461830 Apply here for Sr. Software Engineer: https://spothero.com/careers/3473100

Feel free to e-mail me at will(dot)newby(at)spothero(dot)com if you're interested in learning more. Thanks!

OnlineMedEd | Senior Software Engineers (multiple positions) | Austin TX | Fully Remote

OnilneMedEd is a well funded, fast growth medical education company focused on educating great doctors. We're looking for Senior, Staff, and Principal level software engineers to join our development teams. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits. We support working 100% remote, 100% in the office, or anything in between.

Our current technology stack primarily consists of PHP (Laravel) and JavaScript/TypeScript (React) with future plans to move to a more micro-service based architecture. If you're passionate about software engineering and enjoy working in a Lean environment, come join us!

Apply here: https://onlinemeded.applytojob.com/apply/knPB98gIY1/Senior-S...

Spatial Media | Full-Time | Remote | http://spatialmedia.ca/

SM is an interactive visual engagement company. We are building a virtual stakeholder engagement platform and enterprise-grade tools for public and private sectors. We are an all-remote company, and we've been intentionally building our culture this way from the start.

Work anywhere, anytime. We are results driven, not time driven.

Open roles:

  - Technical Lead or Senior Software Engineer
Technologies we use:

  - AWS EC2 / RDS / S3 / Route53
  - PHP, Laravel, Forge, Envoyer, Echo
  - NodeJs, NuxtJs, VueJs
To apply or ask questions, email Rohan at rohan@spatialmedia.ca

Job Description -


Streak | Senior Frontend Engineer | REMOTE (north america timezones) |


Streak is CRM for your inbox. Most business users have inboxes that are filled with emails to do with various processes they work on - sales, hiring, fundraising, deals & support. Streak is built right into Gmail where those workflows are already happening.

Lead a small and high performing frontend engineering team at Streak. We work on highly technical projects (like a performant spreadsheet that can render millions of cells). You’ll own projects from start to finish and learn how to ship high quality software. Our team has an outsized impact given its size - millions of dollars of profit per engineer and the ability to improve the lives of millions of Gmail users without actually working at, ahem, a large bureaucratic company.

Extensible Energy | Backend Software Engineer | Oakland, CA or Remote (US) | Full-time | https://extensibleenergy.com

Extensible Energy's software makes buildings flexible and responsive participants in the electric grid, enabling cleaner and more efficient energy generation and use. We're a startup poised for rapid growth. Join our team and help create the modern electric grid.

We are hiring a Back-End Software Engineer. Our system handles data ingestion, analytics, and continuous closed-loop control of remote hardware, along with user interfaces, reporting, and sales tools. The software engineer will help create and expand the backend software running our cutting-edge energy management software.

For more details and to apply see https://www.extensibleenergy.com/careers.

SessionLab | Senior Full-Stack (React/Rails) Engineer | Remote (US/Europe time zones) | Full Time

SessionLab is the leading platform for workshop facilitation and process design with over 90.000 professionals using our collaborative workshop planning tool. We are a self-funded and profitable business in a fast-growing market!

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Engineer to help us scale our systems and work on our exciting roadmap. If you’re

* a React expert

* with backend experience (Rails preferred)

* and have built full projects from scratch

...then this is a job for you!

We have a strong culture of remote and independent work, valuing work-life balance, and aim to build a diverse team. Join our team, currently distributed in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Croatia and Austria.

See more and apply at: https://www.sessionlab.com/jobs/full-stack

Haystack (YC W21) | Remote | Full-time | usehaystack.io

Haystack helps dev teams get incredibly good at delivering software. We do that using analytics and alerts pulled straight from Github.

Haystack is a fast growing early startup. From 0 to 1.5 years companies like Microsoft, The Economist, Cameo, Indiegogo and many more are using Haystack daily!

We are looking for:

* Full Stack Engineer: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/haystack/jobs/znulCUM-....

* Account Executive: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/haystack/jobs/40uM4uM-...

Interested? Please send me an email at kan@usehaystack.io

MedSec | Miami, FL | Remote (US) | Full time & Consulting | medsec.com

MedSec is exclusively dedicated to the unique challenge of medical device and healthcare cybersecurity. MedSec partners with medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations to help address cybersecurity in medical devices throughout all stage of the device lifecycle. With medical device manufacturers MedSec leverages its cybersecurity expertise, coupled with its intimate knowledge of the healthcare regulatory and operating environments to offer support in design, architecture, verification, penetration testing, risk assessments, regulatory filings, and execution of security best practices in the development of new medical devices as well legacy systems. With Healthcare Delivery Organizations MedSec leverages its intimate knowledge of medical devices to offer software solutions for cybersecurity and asset management of connected medical devices in hospitals. MedSec is an active participant in helping move the cybersecurity healthcare community forward, and participates in a number of standards and best practice committees involved in furthering cybersecurity for medical products.

We're hiring for Full Stack, Python and C++ developers with a passion for healthcare and helping protect patient safety through controlling cybersecurity risk. Goal driven and results oriented who is excited and skilled in building quality platforms, services, and technology solutions. Full details of each role can be found here - https://www.indeed.com/q-medsec-l-Remote-jobs.html

We are a distributed team, primarily operating on East Coast hours and are fully remote.

Please reach out if you are interested in further details in any of these roles reach out to me directly - henrybeaudin at medsec D0t com or apply directly by visiting https://www.indeed.com/q-medsec-l-Remote-jobs.html

edit:fixing broken link

Atom Finance | Multiple Roles | Remote, New York, or Miami | https://atom.finance/careers

We're building a best-in-class investment research platform for retail investors. We raised a B from Softbank's Latam fund in July, which is allowing us to aggressively expand both our domestic efforts and our integrations with foreign market partners.

We have the following open roles:

* Senior Data Visualization Engineer

* Full Stack Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer

* Backend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer (must have K8 experience-- to apply, apply for the senior backend role and note that you're interested in the SRE role)

If you want to build on the cutting edge of the retail investment revolution, please apply at https://atom.finance/careers.

FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE U.K.


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and small businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

See our stack: https://stackshare.io/freeagent/freeagent

We have built an award-winning banking and accounting app that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 110,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is amazing (70!) - customers love what we do and our team get to make a real impact.

We're a team of over 250 people. 50% of our engineering team are distributed across the UK, the rest being based at our Edinburgh HQ (obviously all remote during the pandemic). If you want to help us make small businesses AWESOME at doing their finances, take a look at our vacancies -> https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers.

* Product engineers, mid-senior - you'll be working predominantly with Ruby on Rails but you don't need to have direct experience of it - we'll get you up to speed!

* Ruby/Rails engineer / tech lead (player manager)

* AWS cloud/ops engineer (mid level or above)

* Data Scientist

* Engineering Manager

You can apply directly via the website but feel free to get in touch with me (the CTO) directly – olly [at] freeagent [dot] com – if you have any questions. Happy to chat!

(We are looking for *UK-based* full-time staff only right now)

VDX.tv (http://www.vdx.tv) | Remote Engineers & Developers | Full-time | REMOTE Established company (20+ years) looking for mature generalists to contribute remotely. You can be anywhere in the world so long as you:

● Are self-motivated and can work independently

● Have experience with many languages but can be effective in any language

● Appreciate that all mature software solutions accumulate technical debt and understand how to continually reduce debt and complexity

● Understand how to build highly reliable systems and be responsible for taking code to production

● Understand that code simplicity and readability are more important for long term maintainability

● Want to work on challenging problems and impactful work without being micromanaged

We're hiring across disciplines for engineers who work with Unix and have fluent written and spoken English:

● Backend Servers: Strong in C, Concurrency and Distributed Computing

● Backend Servers: Strong in Java

● Data Science: Strong in Math/Physics/CS + Python, Linux, SQL

● Javascript: Strong in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, CSS, JS Video Libraries, Developed frameworks

● Frontend Development: Strong in Angular / React / Vue JS and Node JS, Data intensive dashboards, frontend design and architecture patterns

● System Infrastructure: Strong in private and public cloud, infrastructure as code, scripting and programming.

Full-time only. Remote only. We start out on a full-time trial contract basis for up to 3 months and use this period as an extended work interview for both sides to assess fit for long-term employment.

Please email hn.remote.jobs@vdx.tv if this sounds like the right fit for you.

Just an FYI, it looks like your 2-year GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate expires today (Chrome sent me to the "Privacy Error" page when trying to visit your site a moment ago so I took a quick look at the certificate).

Bainbridge Health | Software and Solutions Engineers | Go, Python, VueJS, SQL | Remote (US) | Full-time | https://angel.co/l/2h5mKx

Receiving medication at a hospital is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Ensuring safe and secure medication supplies is also one of the most complex and expensive things hospitals do. There is a mountain of data, but very little of it is used effectively.

We work with leading hospital pharmacies across the United States to translate data into actionable clinical and supply chain insights. Leveraging their own administration and pharmacy preparation datasets, we guide hospitals to safer, more efficient medication use. We also provide the most comprehensive benchmarking on medication use and decision support available to assist with governance, research, and supply chain development across industry through partnerships with leading organizations.

Join a team that is focused on real world improvements that can be measured month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, in terms of better care, better outcomes, and lower prices for real people.

We are actively looking for a Software Engineer and a Solutions Engineer. The first role is primarily focused on building our internal platforms and tools, while the second is focused on supporting the full Customer Experience from pre-sales to on-going use.

We are a Python, Go, SQL (MS-SQL, Oracle on the customer side, BigQuery in-house), and Javascript (VueJS) shop. We build on Google Kubernetes Engine and similar tools.

If you have prior experience with healthcare, and especially hospital, technologies, and are looking to work with a modern tech stack and a more focused team, that's a plus. A spin-out of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, our corporate HQ is based in Philadelphia, PA, but our team is remote with folks all across the country.

Heritage Type | JavaScript, TypeScript, WASM | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | VISA | Full time

Heritage Type started as an independent type foundry and graphic supplier. Today we are creating an online tool which enables people to create artistic designs. Our clients include Netflix and Warner as well as thousands of independent designers all over the world.

We search for software engineers that have a good understanding of vector graphics, fonts and modern JavaScript. You need to be familiar with object-oriented and functional programming concepts and being able to deliver high-quality code in a timely fashion. You will work with other developers, designers and a founding team to create an amazing product that you will be proud of.

Get in touch and learn more about us here: https://www.heritagetype.com/pages/engineering

My work email is in my profile.

Numan | Software Engineers, QA Engineers | London, UK | REMOTE (EU time zones) | Full-time

Numan is changing the way men look after their health and wellness. We're building a platform that gives direct access to medical professionals, pharmaceutical products and the knowledge to make informed choices about health. Our mission is to help men across the world live healthier, happier lives with Numan as their trusted, long-term partner for all things relating to their wellbeing.

We are growing fast in order to address the technical and business challenges ahead, and we are looking for the right people to help us achieve that.

Open positions:

* Senior Python Engineers (web): https://numan.jobs.personio.de/job/424759

* Senior Ruby Engineers: https://numan.jobs.personio.de/job/327483

* Senior Frontend Engineers: https://numan.jobs.personio.de/job/360255

* Senior QA Engineers: https://numan.jobs.personio.de/job/398105

Out stack:

* Ruby, Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Redis and Memcached for our web API services.

* Node.js, Vue.js with Vuex and Nuxt.js, ES6, SCSS, Jest (and a bit of Cypress) and Webpack for our website.

* Python, Django and PostgreSQL for our Medical Platform.

* GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI for our code and CI/CD, Heroku and Cloudflare for our infrastructure.

If this sounds interesting, please apply using the links above!

Simbe Robotics, Inc. | Full Stack/Backend/Integration Engineer| South San Francisco | FULLY REMOTE OR ONSITE

Simbe Robotics gives retailers actionable insight into the state of their store environments, while improving inventory and operational challenges. Simbe is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in South San Francisco, CA and works with major worldwide retailers and brands across the US, Europe and Asia.

Looking for a full-stack engineer to assist our web development team in designing and developing an easy to use, data-driven, role-based web application & integrations that supports multiple retail stakeholders.

* NodeJS/Python

* Postgres, REST APIs

* Google Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, GCS, GCE etc. )

How to apply:

1. Get more details on: https://www.simberobotics.com/about/careers/apply?gh_jid=464...

2. Reach out to hn-whoishiring (at) simberobotics.com

Open Diffix | Software Engineer | Remote (UTC+[0-4]) | Full-time | open-diffix.org

Open Diffix is a source-available project spun off from Aircloak, a company that developed and sells a start-of-the-art data anonymization solution. Open Diffix aims to adapt the Aircloak tech as both a PostgreSQL extension and as simple, stand-alone applications.

Open Diffix is supported by the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and currently has budget through to November 2023. We expect to secure continued funding in the interim.

We are looking for a particular kind of person.

You like to work independently, you are pragmatic, and you have the confidence to take on hard problems lacking a detailed spec. You enjoy working on a variety of languages, from low-level C to functional or multi-paradigm languages. You are able to simplify or bypass over-engineered solutions. Chances are things will change down the line and changing something simple, or better yet something that was never made, is much easier than changing a monstrosity. You should not need or want anyone breathing down your neck to be productive.

Much of our system is written in C and F#, but we have parts written in TypeScript / React as well. Knowledge of functional programming is a plus and experience with web development is not going to hurt either. We do not specifically look for someone with skills in our particular stack. It is our experience that people who are smart tend to pick up the required tools very quickly.

There are countless challenging things to do in this job. They range from parsing SQL, to GUI design, to low-level C functions, to ensuring that all results produced are safe and fully anonymous, irrespective of the level of deviousness on the part of the attackers accessing the system.

Our team is small, fully remote and dispersed across Europe.

If you are interested, please write us at hello@open-diffix.org.

Immunant | [Senior] Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.immunant.com The team at Immunant is working tirelessly to make the lower levels of the modern software stack more secure. We are looking for a fellow systems programming expert to help us harden components used by hundreds of millions of users each day. If you have substantial experience with C/C++/Rust, an eye for detail, and a high degree of self-motivation, we'd love to talk.

We are located in Southern California but are also considering strong candidates who wish to work remotely in the US. More details here: https://www.immunant.com/jobs

Send questions or your application to team@immunant.com; please mention HN in subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Link11 | Senior PHP Developer| Remote (Germany) | https://www.link11.com

We make the Internet a safer place!

We love what we do and are experts at it. Link11 is the leading European IT security provider in the field of cyber resilience. We offer a broad portfolio of proven services that protect web applications and server infrastructures from malicious attacks. Our protection solutions are fast, intelligent and demonstrably secure.

We are looking for Senior PHP Developers to extend our development team. You will be responsible for the development of user-centric web interfaces using PHP and Javascript.

If you want to know more, take a look at https://www.link11.com/en/career/senior-php-developer-m-f-d/

Help Link 11 shape the digital future!

Slapdash (YC W19) - Remote - https://slapdash.com/

We have built a low-latency file system for your cloud application as well as the fastest interface in the world - the Command Bar - to interact with it. It's a new type of type of tool that makes modern computer work less tedious and more fun.

We are hiring for three engineering roles:

  * Infrastructure Engineer - build infra that turns cloud apps into a low-latency database
  * Product Engineer - build brand new ways for people to get things done with a focus on speed
  * Partner Engineer - build integrations and custom commands to make our partners successful

We have an incredible development stack, all in Typescript, that lets us move incredibly fast. A small, but incredible team of very talented engineers. And, the product we're building is also something we all love and use.

KeeperTax | Full Stack Engineer, Performance Marketing Lead, Product Manager | Full time | San Francisco, CA, Remote | https://www.keepertax.com/jobs

Keeper Tax is TurboTax for the next generation of workers. Uber drivers, Youtube creators, small business owners, freelance photographers; anyone with a side hustle or non-traditional income can automatically save an average of $1,249/year on taxes using Keeper Tax. We’re on a mission to help the 59M (and growing!) working-class Americans with 1099 income discover the tax write-offs they’ve been missing.

We are growing rapidly, just raised a $13M series A, and are scaling the team to keep up (4 —> 12 employees in the past 5 months). Come join us and build the future of taxes! To apply, please send an email to:

matt@keepertax.com (Full Stack Engineer)

paul@keepertax.com (Performance Marketing Lead)

tshelley@keepertax.com (Product Manager)

TheyDo | Lead Backend Engineer (NodeJS) | Remote (CET +/- 2) | Full-time | https://www.theydo.io

TheyDo is world’s first customer journey mapping platform to help businesses prioritise what to do next and know why. We aim to be the ‘Jira for customer experience teams’.

We’re a remote but tight-knit team (including 5 engineers) looking for an engineer who will lead how we shape our application architecture and make it ready for scale. You understand the right balance between code readability, simplicity, development speed, performance, and maintainability.

Our server is fully typed and built using NodeJS, Apollo, Redis, Postgres, ElasticSearch. Other tooling includes AWS, Storybook, Cypress, Jest, Stripe, and WorkOS.

Read more and apply here: https://jobs.theydo.io/lead-backend-engineer.

LearnToWin | Remote, SF Bay Area | Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Engineer, SRE | Full-Time | https://www.learntowin.com/

LearnToWin is an early stage, VC funded active-learning platform (https://www.learntowin.us/2021/01/29/learn-to-win-announces-...). We allow anyone to create highly engaging learning material and easily distribute it to their users and teams. Our mission is to revolutionize training at high-performance organizations. We are empowering people, teams, and organizations to build effective learning ecosystems to win. We believe that learning should be accessible for everyone, and we empower coaches, managers, and teachers of all kinds with the tools to build effective training material, quickly and easily. We work every day to give instructors the peace of mind to know their teams are prepared for gameday — wherever and whenever that big day comes.

We work with a wide variety of clients from professional sports teams to the Department of Defense. We are a small, fun and driven team who want to fundamentally transform how teams learn and execute. We are looking for engineers who have a strong background in building secure systems to help scale our platform. Experience working with NIST-compliant systems and the DoD are a plus.

Some things we can offer: Meaningful ownership of the project and impact to the business Decent salary and equity A strong culture of fun, learning, and growth

To apply please reach out to caleb@learntowin.us with your resume. To learn more about our open positions please checkout the link below:


Hyre | Full-stack engineer | Full-time | Norway | https://www.hyre.no

Can you imagine a future where nobody has to own a car? Hyre is on-demand car sharing in Norway with 1000+ publicly available vehicles and rapidly growing. At our core is our hassle-free customer experience. Everything is fully automated - Just download the app, unlock a vehicle via Bluetooth, and start driving.

Now we are doubling our engineering team with 4 new engineers in order to grow faster and seize new verticals.

Come work on software with a very real physical component and help shape the cities of the future.

Tech stack includes Django, Typescript, React, React Native, Postgres, Redis, AWS, and car connectivity via Bluetooth and in-vehicle hardware.

Read more (in Norwegian): https://www.hyre.no/karriere/utvikler/

Hi, is remote within EU possible?

CreditCards.com | Engineering | Austin / Charlotte / Remote US | Full-time | https://www.creditcards.com

CreditCards.com is looking for software engineers to join our team. You’ll work with many of our Red Ventures businesses, such as The Points Guy, Healthline, Bankrate and CNET. You'll write clean, performant, testable code in a variety of languages across our microservices, but you’ll also dive into logs and metrics and take responsibility for the way your code performs in the cloud. We offer ambitious projects, a rich teamwork environment, space to grow your career and your skills.

Current Openings:

* Senior & Mid-level Backend Engineers (Node.js, Typescript NestJS, Golang, Postgres, AWS) * Engineering Manager

Let's talk. Shoot me an email with 'Hacker News' in the subject. kyle.putnam@creditcards.com

Do you have too many tabs open from HN? Does your reading list live in your your email, messages and todo apps? Are you tired of sorting through bad content on Twitter in search of the good? Help us solve these problems at Upnext! We're building an app for readers and podcast listeners alike!n We’ve just launched and our building out our team to help us create a next generation reading listening and learning experience. Check us out at https://www.getupnext.com!

We've got open roles for:

- Software developers: our tech stack is TypeScript / Node / React / React Native

- Designers: we're creating a seamless, beautiful experience across desktop, native and web

- ML research / ML engineer: help us design build and deploy our first generation of recommendation and understanding systems

- Marketing / growth: help us get the word out!

If you'd like to chat, email in profile!

Remote policy?

ResearchHub | SF Bay Area | Remote | Full-time | Founding Engineer | https://www.researchhub.com/

An open-source, scientific forum where anyone can earn an ERC-20 token for sharing, discussing, and curating academic research. ResearchHub's mission is to build a community and set of products focused on accelerating the pace of scientific research.

We are hiring a founding engineer to lead the development of ResearchHub's web/mobile applications, help build a world-class engineering team, and contribute to the product vision as a founding team member.

Our current tech stack includes Django, React, Solidity, and Postgres.

For more information: https://researchhub.breezy.hr/p/8755ab0a64a2

If you have any questions - please reach out to hello@researchhub.com

Lokad.com | Full stack, Backend, Frontend, Compiler | REMOTE or ONSITE | Paris, France | Full-time | https://www.lokad.com

Lokad is a bootstrapped profitable software company - 50 employees and growing fast - that specializes on predictive supply chain optimization. We are based in France, but the majority of our clients are outside France.

Supply chains remain wasteful and poorly resilient to tail risks (as demonstrated by present day situation). We’re talking about roughly 15% of the worldwide economy: supply chains are vast, and double-digit improvements remain possible. We want to put supply chains on AI autopilot, and deliver above-human performance while doing so.

Technologies used: C#, F#, Typescript, .NET Core, Linux

Find out more: https://www.lokad.com/software-engineering


Socratic is hiring: Backend Engineer

About us: Socratic is building a Jira-killer.

We think even the "modern" approaches to task management are worn out. We're a seed stage startup re-thinking work from the ground up, this time built around data. By unifying task management with performance intelligence, we show teams how well they work and why, with real-time data to guide daily decisions to the best result.

Socratic is led by two seasoned founders with deep startup experience, including successful exits. With this role, you'll not only help build a product—you'll help build a company.

Link to job posting w/ contact: https://www.notion.so/socratic/Backend-Engineer-dc9d89d7540a...

Stack: node, typescript, postgres, AWS*, react

OONI | Mobile Developer | Full-time | Remote | https://ooni.org/

Are you a mobile developer interested in defending human rights on the internet? We have a job opening for you!

The OONI team (a non-profit fighting internet censorship, originally born out of the Tor Project) is looking for a dedicated mobile developer to work on OONI Probe: a free software app designed to measure internet censorship and network performance.

If you join our team, you will lead the development of the OONI Probe mobile app, supporting human rights defenders worldwide to investigate and fight internet censorship.

You will work on improving the OONI Probe mobile app and create new features to meet our global community’s needs. The Android app is currently written in Java, while the iOS app is written in Objective-C, but you are also welcome to use Kotlin or Swift.

Ideally, you would work on both the Android and iOS versions of OONI Probe. But as OONI Probe Android is run by most OONI Probe users around the world, we are primarily interested in contracting a developer with strong Android app development experience and expertise.

This is a full-time 12-month contract position, starting ASAP. The contract may be extended depending on the contractor’s performance and the availability of funds. The yearly contractor fee will range between 50,000-60,000 EUR depending on the contractor’s relevant experience and expertise.

This is a fully remote position. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the OONI team always worked remotely online. We communicate and coordinate through OONI Slack channels, we have video/voice meetings regularly, and we track our work on GitHub.

Our team members are currently based in Europe and North America, but we encourage applications from anywhere in the world.


Rakuten (Rakuten Rewards) | San Mateo, CA or San Francisco, CA | Some Remote | H-1B Transfer | Full Time | iOS Engineer, Android Engineer, React Engineer

Rakuten.com is the leading Cash Back service that has helped 12 million members in the U.S. earn over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. We're more than online shopping and have expanded into verticals such as In-Store Cash Back, travel, gift cards, and more.

The engineering team is growing to solve technical challenges across all parts of our stack. My team which is responsible for browsing and navigation is hiring iOS, Android and React engineers.

Rakuten offers competitive comp, benefits including generous PTO policy, and great work-life balance.

If you're interested please reach to me directly via LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuriydyrenko/

Can you clarify the "some remote" policy? Thank you.

Fleetio | 6 open roles on our Engineering team - see below | Full-time | 100% REMOTE - open to candidates in the USA, CANADA & MEXICO | https://www.fleetio.com/careers/engineering

Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations around the world manage a fleet of vehicles. We recently raised a $21M Series B round and are on an exciting trajectory!

Company perks: competitive pay, company stock, 401(k) + match, health, vision & dental insurance, strong remote working culture (since 2012), fitness incentive + professional development budget.

Senior Android Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/AF1E8A3387

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/D91CE777AC/

Senior Integrations Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/1050EA95BB/

Lead Software Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/0AF7E9CC37/

Staff Software Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/830CE6B6AF/

Software Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/fleetio/j/4BA1161383

Alchemy Commerce (S21) | Founding Engineer | Full Time | San Francisco/NY | https://www.workatastartup.com/companies/alchemy-commerce

Alchemy is building a visual development platform focused on online commerce.

We're hiring:

- Founding Engineer (Typescript, React, NextJS)

- Founding Engineer (React, Python)

- Founding Designer

My co-founder and I studied CS together at Berkeley, have known each other for over 10+ years, and previously sold a company together. Previously, I ran commerce engineering at Uber.

Our goal is to hire a small world-class team and create an environment that fosters personal/professional growth, while also building something insanely great

If you're interested, feel free to email me yuxin AT getalchemy DOT app or check us out at https://alchemycommerce.com/

Properly | Toronto or Remote (Canada only) | Full-time Developers | https://www.properly.ca/careers/

Properly is changing the way Canadians buy or sell a home with dramatically less friction. Currently operate in the Greater Toronto Area and will soon be expanding across Canada.

We have raised $160 million in funding from investors like Bain Capital Ventures, Intact Ventures, FJ Labs, Prudence, Golden Ventures, AlleyCorp, Silicon Valley Bank and many prominent angel investors including Mike Katchen (co-founder and CEO of Wealthsimple), Spencer Rascoff (co-founder and former CEO of Zillow), and Eric Wu (co-founder and CEO of Opendoor).

We've recently raised a Series B, in a period of high growth as we expand services across Canada.

Tech: Python, React, JavaScript, AWS

Open positions:

Senior Full Stack Developer - https://www.properly.ca/careers/5320252002/

Senior Back End Developer - https://www.properly.ca/careers/5320183002/

Intermediate Full Stack Developer - https://www.properly.ca/careers/5320233002/

Intermediate Front End Developer - https://www.properly.ca/careers/5319218002/

Intermediate Back End Developer - https://www.properly.ca/careers/5319245002/

Location: Remote or Province of Quebec Company: Mako Fintech https://makofintech.com/en What we do: Mako is a leading fintech firm, building software to bring top asset managers and their clients into the cloud. Our SaaS platform allows firms to onboard new clients, interact with their existing clients and simplify costly back-office procedures with smart automation and great user experience.

Open positions: Solutions Engineer (https://mako.breezy.hr/p/9074ea086230) and Senior Software Engineer (https://mako.breezy.hr/p/7b7010183fce)

Please follow the links above to apply!

The Register (Situation Publishing) | Client-side Developer | REMOTE / UK/CH/EEC

The Register: https://www.theregister.com/

Situation Publishing, the owner of The Register, is looking for a junior to mid-level client-side developer to join us in building one of the world’s great IT websites.

Fully remote. You'll need to be in UK, CH or the European Economic Area though.

As ElReg's readership grows and revenue streams change, there is a steady flow of work. You will ensure that the website remains performant and that journalists have the tools they need. ElReg needs your help in keeping the business profitable whilst providing great free content to readers.

More details on: https://www.theregister.com/Page/front-end-dev.html

Method Financial (YC S19) | Engineering, Sales, Leadership | Full Time | Austin, TX or Remote | https://methodfi.com

Method is a developer-first API that makes it easy for developers to embed debt repayment on their apps. Method works with over 2,000+ financial institutions enabling payments to any type of consumer debt – including credit cards, student loans, car loans, and mortgages – all through a single API.

We backed by Y Combinator, top investors including Ardent, Live Oak VP, and Leonis Capital. We're also backed by founders and leaders of Truebill, Upstart, Earnup, and Goldman Sachs.

Our open roles:

* Founding Software Engineer

* Founding Account Executive

* Developer Evangelist

* Chief of Staff

Learn more and apply here: https://careers.methodfi.com

Don't see a perfect fit but still interested? Want to chat? Email me (CEO) directly at jose+hn @ (our_domain)

Abnormal Security | Multiple Roles in Engineering & ML | REMOTE (USA or Singapore) | Full-Time | https://abnormalsecurity.com/see-open-roles/

Business email compromise (phishing, etc.) is the most common way attackers get into corporate systems. We're working on solving that issue. We've already found our product-market fit and we're now looking for people to help execute through the next phase of our growth.

There are many roles open, check the link above. For my team specifically we're looking for Python & Go engineers to work on our portal and other customer-facing products. We're also looking for people who can help us re-build our foundations to unlock the next phase of Abnormal growth.

Feel free to apply through the link above or email me at anton@[companyname].com

DialerAI | Senior Django Backend Engineer, Remote (Spain/Barcelona) | Full-time or Part-Time | within 3hours of CET | https://dialer.ai/

* +5 years of experience in Python/Django

* Some experience ReactJS or similar frameworks

* Experience troubleshooting and optimizing database performance.

* Extensive experience with modern product development practices, including software testing (e.g. TDD, unit testing, regression testing).

* Write code focused on scalability, testability and maintainability.

* Self driven; taking ownership of your work and delivering outcomes

* Able to commit 3-5 days per week (we are flexible on schedule)

Our stack: Python/Django, React/TypeScript, but we also do some Elixir & Lua

About DialerAI:

At DialerAI, we are creating a platform for Call-Center, this allows companies to create and manage their call-center entirely in cloud.


If you'd like to learn more or set up a call with me (CTO), you can e-mail me directly at info@star2billing.com

Themis | Founding Engineer | NYC (HQ) and/or Remote (Anywhere between Texas <=> Ukraine) | Full-time

Governance of fintech doesn't have to be an obstacle. New finance companies need tools which simplify governance on a daily basis to help them focus on their platform's core value.

Our goal at Themis is to streamline recording and sharing of the information necessary for a company to demonstrate their governance is solid. The companies most in need of a tool like Themis include new disruptive companies in defi, crypto, and neobanks and established players community and larger banks. Effectively we're putting governance information on rails for companies who previously had to maintain large teams of employees to meet these strict requirements.

We have seed funding and are in pilot testing with our first customers. Read about us at [https://www.askthemis.com/](https://www.askthemis.com/)

We're seeking a senior engineer to join the founding team to lead the engineering effort, provide guidance on architectural choices and deliver new functionality.

We're also seeking junior engineers who are looking for rapid growth. We strongly believe in mentoring and helping team members grow to their career goals.

Founding Engineer [https://jobs.wrkhq.com/themis/20275](https://jobs.wrkhq.com/...

Rails Engineer [https://jobs.wrkhq.com/themis/22265](https://jobs.wrkhq.com/...

Tech: React/Ruby on Rails/AWS

Both of your links here are broken btw

Orchest | 2 roles: [Backend Engineer (Python + k8s)|Developer Relations] | Full-Time | REMOTE (Europe timezones)

Orchest lets data scientists focus on what matters. It’s our mission to free data science teams from infrastructure tasks and limitations. We make the data platform team obsolete by automating the plumbing and making it easy to work in a cloud native way as a data scientist.

Today, we’re focused on drastically simplifying how data science pipelines are built by focusing on the development experience and seamless integration of the canonical open source data science stack.

We have just announced our Seed round: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/01/orchest-raises-3-5m-to-pro...

Backend Engineer: help us develop the Orchest cloud offering. You'll operate at the intersection of product and cloud infrastructure. If you're obsessed with cloud native technologies and have a knack for distributed system design you'll feel right at home.

Developer Relations: you enjoy helping others succeed with their data science projects. You're a natural communicator (written word) and are interested in educating the wider data science community about the state of the art data science stack and Orchest's position in it.

More details about our open source project can be found here: https://github.com/orchest/orchest or check out our AngelList listing https://angel.co/company/orchest/jobs

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor. We're a team of 6 but growing quickly. Interested? Reach out to me on rick@orchest.io.

Verkada | SFBA | Engineers Verkada is a C stage startup with strong product market fit. We have modernized enterprise physical security (cameras, access control, sensors) and are working on a bunch of new hardware & software products to continue expanding into enterprise building management. Our vision is to build a privacy focused building operating system of the future. We are looking for all types of engineering talent from Frontend to Backend to Firmware to Hardware. If you are excited about building modern cloud enabled hardware, and passionate about what you do reach out I'm sure we can find you a spot. Email me directly at: mike.lyons@verkada.com and I'll connect you with the right team. Careers page: https://www.verkada.com/careers/

Vermont Information Processing | UI/UX Designers | Vermont, USA | Onsite w/hybrid WFH


Figma your jam? Or perhaps InVision and Sketch? All over Adobe CC? Read on...

VIP is looking to expand our design team. We build industry leading B2B web and mobile applications for the (alcohol) beverage industry across all 3 tiers - suppliers, distributors and retailers. We're a stable, profitable and employee-owned (ESOP) company.

We're seeking a junior and mid-level designer for our Colchester, Vermont location. We're mostly remote through ~January. We offer hybrid work-from-home permanently.


Learn more: https://public.vtinfo.com/life-vip-careers/

Apply here: https://public.vtinfo.com/tech-jobs-application

I've applied to this company twice before. Both times they've cancelled before the sit-down interview / personality quiz.

Zivid | Oslo, Norway | Full-time | VISA | ONSITE | Senior Cloud Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Test Engineer | https://zivid.com

Zivid designs and sells award-winning 3D vision to the international robotics market. Think of our products as the human-like eyes for robots!

Senior Cloud Engineer:

https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=50&source=aWQ9MT... | Deadline: October 11th, 2021

Mid-level to senior engineers, preferably with 5+ years of experience in cloud architecture and implementation. Design Zivid's cloud architecture from the ground up in your way (Greenfield).

Software Engineer:

https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=51&source=aWQ9MT... | Deadline: October 11th, 2021

An all-round developer and a quick learner with strong C++ skills, and preferably Python or C#. Previous experience with parallel programming or GPGPU programming is a plus. Technologies: Cross-platform C++17 / C++20, OpenCL, Halide, Qt/QML, git, Python 3.9, CMake, Docker, Vagrant, C++/CLI, C#.

Software Test Engineer:

https://zivid.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=45&source=aWQ9MT... | Deadline: November 7th, 2021

We are looking for a programmer with solid testing skills. You will design and implement tests for complex hardware+software systems, including 3D cameras and robots.

Location: Oslo, Norway | Visa sponsorship: Yes | Remote: No | Contact: mathias.nedrebo@zivid.com

Render | Remote & San Francisco Bay Area | Full Time | render.com

At Render we are building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices.

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, GraphQL, Go, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes

Full-Stack: https://jobs.lever.co/render/4fb07b09-f9c2-4142-bb38-0420b3c...

Infrastructure: https://jobs.lever.co/render/7bd0950d-6483-4e31-8f75-7d2bafe...

Security: https://jobs.lever.co/render/67039049-c322-4c22-8c6e-d2740e5...

Dassana | all things backend/cloud/data | San Jose (CA) | Full Time | https://oss.dassana.io/

Dassana is an open source cloud security company on a mission to alert fatigue problem. The start-up is well funded and founders are serial entrepreneurs. This is a founding engineer role who will lead all architecture, design, deployment, monitoring efforts of the SaaS service we are starting to build. If you ever wanted to build a large scale SaaS service from ground up, this is the place for you. We don't care if you are a java or python or go person. We care that you find the tool which fits the problem and not the other way around.

We do things differently here, and that starts with four day work week. Your contributions will make internet a safer place. Come, join the mission.

email- gk at dassana dot io

Nevro | https://nevro.com/careers | REMOTE | Full-time

Nevro is focused on providing innovative products that improve the quality of life of patients suffering from debilitating chronic pain. Nevro has developed and commercialized the Senza spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system, an evidence-based, non-pharmacologic neuromodulation platform for the treatment of chronic pain. HF10 therapy has demonstrated the ability to reduce or eliminate opioids in ≥65% of patients across six peer-reviewed clinical studies. The Senza® System, Senza II™ System, and the Senza® Omnia™ System are the only SCS systems that deliver Nevro's proprietary HF10® therapy. Nevro is a publicly traded company with a strong product portfolio, both digital and hardware.

Senior SRE:

The opportunity:

  - Define and decide how to migrate to a container orchestration platform

  - Minimal on-call (US Business Hours 5am - 5pm PDT) with both team and offshore sharing the load.
Job Posting: https://careers-nevro.icims.com/jobs/3371/sr.-site-reliabili...

Senior Security Engineer

The opportunity:

  - Define and design our cloud security posture management  

  - Have a say in how products are designed, securely  
Job Posting: https://careers-nevro.icims.com/jobs/3370/senior-security-en...

Link to more opportunities in R&D: https://careers-nevro.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchCateg...

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange | Software Engineers | Remote | https://www.kraken.com/en-us/careers

Kraken was founded in 2011, being a pioneer exchange in the crypto market. Kraken is in rapid expansion of its engineering teams. At Kraken we have a remote global workforce, allowing our employees to have more freedom in choosing how to organize their routine and balance work and personal life.

October Highlights:

Senior Frontend Engineer - React

Senior Backend Engineer - Rust

We’re also hiring software engineers with the following skillsets: Backend (Rust/Go/Typescript/PHP), Frontend (React/Flux/Typescript/Sass/Less/NextJS) and many more.

Please apply directly on our Lever careers page at https://jobs.lever.co/kraken.

Stitch Fix | Principal Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time

We are looking for a Principal Software Engineer to help secure our platforms and lead development of security tools to protect and safeguard the organization.

In the past few years, the Security Engineering team has developed tooling to address problems like web application attacks and adoption of content security policy. Our team is looking for someone to help us lead new initiatives, build applications, and contribute at a senior level to designing secure platform architecture.

You'll likely be a good fit if your skillset overlaps with:

- AWS, Ruby, CircleCI, Terraform, DataDog -

If you're interested, please apply: https://www.stitchfix.com/careers/jobs?gh_jid=3489344&gh_jid...

Snapdocs (YC W14) | Multiple Data Science Roles | SF/DEN/REMOTE | Full-time

Hey HN. My name is Greg and I am the Head of Data at Snapdocs. Snapdocs is a late stage startup on our way to IPO, so now is an exciting time to join! We are looking for data scientists of varying experience levels to join our team. If you are interested in putting your models in production for thousands of customers, making an impact and working in a tight knit team this is the opportunity for you! Looking for those with experience with product oriented data science (meaning you've built models in conjunction with a product and engineering team that went into prod). Bonus points for CV or NLP experience (or both! most of the problems we are solving require a bit of each).If the above describes you please email me directly at greg.romrell [[@]] snapdocs.com

Eagleview | Multiple Roles | Remote

Excited about 3D software? Eagleview is an industry leader in geospatial software using aerial imagery. We provide an accurate modeling of the built world.

Come join our small, 100% remote, US based, work/life balance focused team.

We are looking for somebody with: (1) experience or strong interest in 3D modeling development and/or mapping technologies (2) with opinions on code & software technologies (using the right tool for the job) (3) comfortable informing design & best practice decisions

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with this team, and am happy to answer questions about the work.


DraftWise | Full Time | Remote (3 hours of EST overlap) | https://www.draftwise.com

We are looking for founding senior frontend engineers to join our team at DraftWise. We were YC S20, are well funded and have multiple global law firms as paying customers on multi-year deals.

We are ex-Palantir, Google, Oracle. Global law firms have decades of data but do not do anything with it. We are building the Knowledge Management platform to leverage their data and provide high quality service cheaply and efficiently. We have more demand than we can handle!

Our Stack is: FE: React, TypeScript, NextJS, BE Microservices: Java servers, Python for NLP Deployment infra: Java Data: ElasticSearch, PSQL. Cloud: AWS, On-Prem

To apply, ping me at emre@draftwise.com

Treatment Technologies & Insights (TTI) | Android Engineer | ONSITE | Los Angeles, CA. | https://tti.care

Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc. (TTI) aims to improve treatment experiences and outcomes for cancer and chronic illness patients. We develop custom software and mobile applications to help patients manage their treatment and generate insights on their personal experiences with high acuity or chronic conditions. We have aggressive plans to continually enhance our infrastructure, and due to ongoing partnerships and strategic growth, we’re seeking to grow our Engineering Team.

We are hiring Android Engineer: https://tti.care/android-engineer/

If interested send an email to careers@tti.care

CloudTrucks | Software Engineering, Data & ML Positions | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE*


CloudTrucks is building a platform that reimagines what is needed to operate a trucking business. We use technology and data to innovate in a space that affects one of America's largest essential workforces. We work on everything from logistics to fintech to business automation! We have series A funding with multiple years of runway and are looking to grow our small engineering team with a number of foundational roles:

- Senior Software Engineer (for every product team)

- Senior Software Engineer (Data Science & Machine Learning)

- Senior Mobile Engineer

- Engineering Manager

- Analytics Engineer

Our tech stack: Typescript, React, Django, Python, Postgres, Redis, GCP

* Once we are back in office.

Extensible Energy | Software Engineer (Backend)

Location: Any US Location (Candidates within a one hour timezone of US Pacific time preferred)

We create AI software that helps buildings use energy intelligently to save money.

We are hiring a Back-End Software Engineer to help create and expand the backend software running our cutting-edge energy management software. Our system handles data ingestion, analytics, and continuous closed-loop control of remote hardware, along with user interfaces, reporting, and sales tools.

Interested? Learn more about the role and how to apply here: https://www.extensibleenergy.com/jobs-backend-engineer

BITS GmbH | Munich/Germany | JAVA | Angular | IT Consultant (PM) | Fulltime | Onsite/Remote (50/50) | https://mybits.de At BITS, we support both corporations and startups in the digitisation of their business units and processes.

We are looking for fulltime

- JAVA developers

- Angular developers and

- IT Consultants (PM)

to join our teams.

If you are looking for challenges and like to push issues forward, then we would be happy to hear from you, regardless of whether you have just completed your studies or have years of experience.

More info: https://www.mybits.de/offene-stellen | about BITS: https://www.mybits.de Feel free to contact me: marc.schallehn@mybits.de

Akkio | Cambridge/Boston MA | Full-Time | Senior SWE, Full Stack, Solutions Engineer, Digital Marketing Manager, Account Executive | https://www.akkio.com/jobs

We’re looking for extremely talented team members interested in building the future of AI. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a well-funded AI startup. Offers come with substantial equity grants and our culture is built around shared wins, so success drives large career, financial, and personal growth. To be the right fit you must have a bias to GSD and be excited to work in a small, dynamic startup team. Apply via email to careers@akk.io or online at https://www.akkio.com/jobs

ViralGains | Boston or Remote | Full-Stack or Front-End | Full-time

ViralGains is a leading Creative Advertising Technology platform looking for engineers to power the next stage of explosive growth.

We are seeking a highly talented software engineer to join an amazing team building cutting edge solutions in the creative advertising technology space.

Our tech stack is Java microservices with React front-end. We also use Sagemaker and Snowflake for AI. The whole thing is running in AWS using Kubernetes, Lambda, Kinesis, Druid and more.

We have a lot of interesting problems to solve with a challenging domain.

Our idea candidate: * 4-8+ years of experience * Strategic & critical thinker * Focus on outcomes * Thrives on freedom and responsibility * Team player, low ego * Positive, energetic, enthusiastic * Great communication skills

The post is brand new so its not on our website yet.

If interested send resume to eng-careers@viralgains.com

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com/) | Engineering Manager, Software Engineer, SRE, Director of Product Design | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is code search that helps developers find code and automate large-scale changes to code. We plan to index the entire open source web, and recently expanded our universal code search platform to the cloud.

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make code accessible to everyone. We’re doing this by building the Netscape and Google for the world of code—both private code inside companies like Uber, Lyft, Cloudflare, Yelp, and Twitter—and over all open source.

Come help us build the global graph of code by compiling the world!


ML6 | Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Python, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform | Full-time | Amsterdam, Berlin, Ghent (EU)

We are a Machine Learning consulting company that builds end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. By applying the latest AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

If you are interested check out: https://ml6.eu/resource/

You will mostly work with TensorFlow and Python to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help to put these into production. As a Premier Google Cloud Service Partner, ML6 has a very strong relationship with Google, providing you options to collaborate and alpha test a lot of their latest ML tools.

We are looking for:

• Machine Learning Engineer

• Data Engineer

• Full Stack Engineer

• Software Engineer

• Customer Engineer

• Project Manager

• Sales Consultant

• HR Officer

Apply at: https://ml6.eu/join-us

IPinfo.io | Various Roles | Remote (Anywhere) | Fulltime / Contract | https://ipinfo.io & https://host.io IPinfo is a leading provider of IP address data. Our API handles over 40 billion requests a month, and we also license our data for use in many products and services you might have used.

We started as a side project back in 2013, offering a free geolocation API, and we've since bootstrapped ourselves to a profitable business with a global team of 17, and grown our data offerings to include geolocation, IP to company, carrier detection, and VPN detection. Our customers include T-Mobile, Nike, DataDog, DemandBase, Clearbit and many more.

We're looking for exceptional and ambitious people to join our team - we've got various senior roles we're looking to hire for:

- Operations lead - first operations hire, help us build and improve processes, scale and grow the company and business - apply via https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=25&source=hn

- Success / support lead - our fist fulltime success & support hire. Help improve and grow our support team, and give our customers world class support interactions - apply via https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=23&source=hn

If you like what we're doing and think you could be a great addition to our team in a different role then let us know at https://ipinfo.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=25. Also feel free to ping me directly if you have questions about any of the roles or just want to chat about IP data sets :) ben@ipinfo.io

Remind | Staff Software Engineer (Fullstack) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | REMOTE

Remind runs one of the largest free services in education (Remind Chat), one of the fastest growing school/district SaaS businesses (Remind Hub), and a revolutionary new direct-to-consumer business (Remind Tutoring). The common thread through each of our product lines is the belief that success in education is driven by relationships, and the Remind communication platform is where the next generation of education relationships live.

As a Staff Software Engineer, you'll have a major impact on our systems -- and on the lives of the almost 30 million students, parents, teachers and administrators on our platform!

Please consider applying:


We are hiring remotely within 3 hours of Pacific Time.

Velo3D | Campbell, CA | US Based | Velo3D.com | Onsite, Fulltime

Velo3D is a mature startup creating a future of manufacturing where previously impossible components are now a reality. We are working towards allowing customers to reliably print any geometry they require in a variety of metals. Doing so requires solving hard geometric, computational and visualization challenges. Our products are 3D printers as well as made-to-order parts printed in-house.

Software Engineer: (can be remote) - A more focused C++ engineering role. - Knowledge of modern C++ (11,14,17) is a bonus. - Familiarity with computational geometry concepts. - Understanding of QT, VTK, QML, or Python is a plus. - Knowledge of multithreading and image processing is a plus. - 3+ years of programming experience. - BS or above in CS/Engineering.

Senior Mechanical Engineer: - 5+ years of experience in Mechanical Systems Design and Development. - 5+ years of CAD experience (Solidworks). - 5 years’ experience designing manufacturing systems for semiconductor, machining, automation, materials processing, or other related industrial capital equipment applications (Additive Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Solar, Robotics, CNC, or Biomedical Manufacturing Equipment Design Engineering experience)

Web Front End Software Engineer: - 2+ years of experience building customer-facing web applications (from design to final product). - Ability to understand user workflows and translate product designs into interactive web experiences. - Solid understanding of fundamental web technologies such as HTTP, RESTful APIs, AJAX and JSON. - Strong proficiency in JavaScript / ES6 and Node.js, including DOM manipulation. - Experience with Unit Testing tools like Jest, Enzyme, etc. - Familiarity with modern front-end build tools such as Webpack. - Strong HTML5/CSS skills to build responsive applications with cross-browser compatibility using modern CSS techniques. - Experience writing/understanding code written in python.

Please send your resume to: gina.nguyen@velo3d.com

CoSell.io | Customer Success Lead | Austin or SF | Full-time

CoSell is a referral selling platform, which means we help sales reps get warm intros into their target accounts.

We’re seed-stage with some traction, and looking to bring on our first CSM. Ideally this person would be motivated to work as an IC for now and grow into a team lead / manager role as we grow the Customer Success team.

Our product is high touch, and there’s lots of opportunity to talk with customers and users who tend to be senior leadership in their companies, as well as investors / advisors etc., so potentially a great network-building job.

Re: location, we try to meet in office 3 days per week, and prefer candidates who can join us for that, but will also hire full-remote with an expectation to travel and work in person for about 1 out of every 6-8 weeks.

If you’re interested, email andrew[at]cosell[dot]io and tell me why.


Flux | Product Designers and Engineers | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.Flux.ai

At Flux, we’re making for hardware what Figma made for design. Our intuitive, real-time, web-based collaboration platform will take hardware design to the future. The problem is that electronics prototyping and design workflows haven’t had innovation in decades. We believe our first product will change that in a big way.

To take Flux to the next level, we are looking for a talented Product Designer and Design Engineer. We are a fully remote company, started by people from FB, Apple, and NASA. We’re well funded by Silicon Valley’s best and brightest investors to take on this huge opportunity. We have some seats on the rocket ship and would love to have you!

Product Designer - Experience designing products that have shipped to thousands of users. We look forward to seeing your awesome portfolio!


Design Engineer - Experience with prototyping and engineering. Responsible for using engineering software to refine and develop a prototype


Senior Software Engineer - Experience with React with Material-UI, Three.js with WebGL, Typescript, Netifly, Google Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, AWS S3, Algolia, PubNub


Reach out christian@flux.ai with any questions

PatientPal.com | Remote | Full-time | Sr. Software Engineer

Help build the perfect medical front desk automation. We’re a growing SaaS company, focused on adding price transparency and automation to outpatient medical practices. We offer services from collecting medical intake, appointment reminders and confirmations, appointment scheduling and rescheduling, and work in multiple specialties.

Looking for candidates who are experienced with production software and architecting systems are required. Looking for a capable engineer who can take a business requirement and help build the final product with a lot of autonomy. Experience with product management is helpful. Full-stack position.

Experience with Node.js, JavaScript, angular, rpa, serverless, lambda, dynamodb, Docker, aws, hl7, x12, fhir, production environments are all helpful.

Email resume to devs at patientpal.com

Steakwallet | Full-time | Remote | https://steakwallet.fi

Steakwallet is building the future of self custodial cryptocurrency management. We have a unique approach to our wallet where we're focusing on what we believe users care most about, yields.

We have a flagship React Native application we've been working hard on, and are about to begin building out our smart contracts and the corresponding ecosystem.

We have two roles open on the engineering side, an experienced React Native engineer and a DeFi native Solidity developer.

Checkout the link below and get in touch if it sounds interesting!


Mythia | Android Developer | Remote or San Francisco | Full Time | https://www.mythia.com/

Salary: $60k to $110k USD | Equity: 0.25% - 1%

Mythia is a rewards card for gamers. Instead of airline miles, users get free PlayStations and video games. Users can team up with friends and tackle weekly challenges for more rewards.

Our leadership team is highly technical. We have 90%+ unit test coverage, well documented APIs, a smooth CI/CD process, and 1 week sprints.

You will be fully responsible for our Android app. This is a unique opportunity to own a mission critical part of a fast growing startup.

We're funded by Y Combinator, as well as the founders of Tinder, Nerd Wallet, Scale.ai, and more.

Interested? Email us with "HackerNews" in the subject line: careers@mythia.com

Vivint | Home Automation - IoT, making cool stuff | Boston, MA | onsite

At our Boston Innovation Center, we're delivering an integrated platform, award-winning products and the industry's first artificial intelligence for the smart home. Check out our openings and join the #SmartHomeRevolution

We are looking for wicked smart product managers, designers, engineering managers, and engineers across multiple functions, but here are just a few:

-Platform/back-end software engineers (Go/Python)

-Mobile software engineers (Android and iOS) and an engineering manager

-Product mananger and mobile UX designer

Check out all of our openings here: https://www.vivint.com/company/careers/team/technology

Technologies we touch: kotlin, swift, golang, python

Please email heather.norris@vivint.com

Sounder | US Remote, NYC | Senior Product Manager | Full-time

Sounder is a podcasting platform for creators of all sizes (i.e. 0 streams to 100MM monthly). Our core technology that helps support creators get discovered and make money is our in-house, proprietary speech-to-text engine. We've built several ML models that sit atop this data to help with every step of the creator journey -- production, publishing, promotion, and monetization -- to get their content everywhere intelligently on the internet, not just podcatchers.

Please send your resume to eric@sounder.fm and take a look at https://angel.co/company/sounder-fm1/jobs/1222178-senior-pro... for more details

Pex | REMOTE (USA, CAN, EUR, and APAC), FULL-TIME | https://pex.com/careers/

Pex is on a mission to democratize digital rights for everyone. We are the team behind the Attribution Engine, a licensing infrastructure for the Internet enabling fair compensation and increased access to content. With its advanced identification technology, Attribution Engine ensures compliance and safety for platforms, gives rightsholders total control of their content, increases access and confidence for creators, helps law enforcement prevent toxic content, and provides brand safety for advertisers.

After raising a $57M round [0], we are hiring for numerous positions [1]:

  - Lead Data Analyst
  - Engineering Manager
  - DevOps Engineer
  - QA Automation Engineers
  - Sr. Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineers & Researchers
  - Go Engineers
  - Product Managers
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salaries within each region
  - equity, with a 10-year exercise window
  - 401(k) with a considerable match for all US-based employees
  - 30 days of paid time off + 9 local holidays + the day off on your birthday
  - 99% covered health benefits for US-based employees, 70% for dependents
  - generous paid parental leave
  - a fully remote work environment, supportive culture, and excellent work-life balance
To learn more, reach out to us at hire@pex.com and read about our hiring process and culture in our blog posts:

  - https://pex.com/blog/interviewing-at-pex-heres-what-you-can-expect-hiring-process/
  - https://pex.com/blog/pex-culture-focusing-on-what-really-matters/

  [0] https://pex.com/blog/pex-announces-57m-in-new-funding/
  [1] https://jobs.lever.co/pex

Unfold Bio | AgTech | San Francisco or Sacramento area | Onsite | Software Engineering roles | https://unfold.ag/

Unfold is tackling the challenges of food security and sustainable agriculture through seed genetics. Join us in creating a world in which the most fresh, most nutritious, most flavorful produce is available to every person on the planet.

* Work with a diverse team of scientists, agronomists and engineers

* Join as an early member of a well-funded startup

Open positions:

* Software engineer: https://unfold.ag/careers?gh_jid=4567541003

* Front-end software engineer: https://unfold.ag/careers?gh_jid=4579537003

Interactive Brokers | Programmer - Compliance Technology | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Remote www.interactivebrokers.com

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into the Fintech industry. We are a small technology group seeking a self-starter that enjoys the craft of coding and developing innovative solutions. The ideal candidate is someone who can communicate well with the business side and take a project from conception to a finished project. We offer mentor-ship from seasoned, senior developers. Right now the position is full remote, but when the pandemic is over, the candidate will transition into the office.

Apply online here https://boards.greenhouse.io/ibkr/jobs/4545671002

Sentenai | Multiple Roles | Remote (US) | Full-time | US citizens only Sentenai helps organizations make decisions at the speed of their data. Our data fusion platform uses autonomous data engineering to organize data from sensors, logs, machines and other operational data sources, optimizing data for use in realtime intelligence and historical analysis applications.

Sentenai's primary customers fall under the DoD umbrella; unfortunately that means we are currently unable to consider any applicants who are not US citizens or are located outside the US.

Sentenai is hiring multiple roles:

- Software Engineer - Help us evolve our data fusion platform

    - Haskell
    - Erlang
- Front End Engineer - Develop data intensive user interfaces

    - Typescript
    - Tailwind
    - Vue
    - D3
    - Flask
Contact us at jobs@sentenai.com

Quit Genius | Backend engineers, Platform engineers, Android engineers | London, UK and REMOTE (+- a couple of hours) | Full-Time | https://www.quitgenius.com/

At Quit Genius we provide innovative new techniques in addiction treatment that help our members manage their addictions via a digital platform. We have established ourselves as the leading competitor in this space and are looking to scale up to market ownership. Our randomised controlled trial for the smoking cessation program achieved a 53% quit rate. We have already made a direct impact on the addictions of over 70,000 members. We launched our alcohol program this year and we have seen very promising results (we’re still implementing our initial measurements of success). We recently raised a $64m Series B funding round. We have a global B2B2C revenue model that aligns with success and many contracts signed that will put our product in the hands of millions.

Our mission is to help 100 million people with their addictions.

We're looking to fill many roles in our engineering team. I'm in charge of the backend, I've been with the company since September 2018 when there were 7 of us, and we're now pushing 90. It's been an incredibly exciting and meaningful journey. The impact we make on each individual we successfully treat is life changing for them. Each member of the product and engineering team have had a phenomenal impact and the team is greater than the sum of its parts. There are many major challenges to tackle with our current focus on an initial opioid program bringing demanding technical problems to solve in the face of an epidemic. I have a lot of confidence in the team and the product we're building around these complex and nuanced challenges.


Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions: matt@quitgenius.com

Blackbaud | Multiple Engineering Positions | Full-time | Remote | United States

Actively recruiting for Full-stack Engineers - .NET/C#, Ruby on Rails, Java, Software Engineering Managers, Devops Software Engineers, Site Reliability Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Engineers

Blackbaud is the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good. Leading uniquely at the intersection point of technology and social good, we provide cloud software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empower and connect people to drive impact for social good.

Join the team that codes for cause!


Andium | (all Mid/Sr) iOS, Frontend, Backend, and Embedded Engineers | Full-time Remote (UTC-5:00)

Hey HN! At Andium we're tackling a big problem (climate change) with an unconventional approach (reducing the damaging impact of fossil fuel emissions today as they're phased out for renewables over the coming decades). We have a big mission, but one whose impact we hope will outlive us for generations to come.

Our team is passionate about working on hard problems, emphasizes collaboration and mentorship, and biases toward execution and delivery. Above all, we truly enjoy working together and learning from one another, a key ingredient to our success so far given the (seemingly) infinite scope of the problem we’re working on.

Send me a note at raryanpur at andium dotcom to learn more or apply - look forward to connecting!

Contorion | Senior Data Scientist | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE (currently remote) | Full time

Contorion is a fast-growing online shop for professional industrial and trade supply. We invest in innovative machine learning solutions to support various areas of our business and to build a competitive advantage.

We're growing our data science team and are searching for new colleagues to work on projects such as ad-bidding, pricing, on-site search, and our own recommendation solution.

If that sounds interesting to you here's the full job description: https://www.contorion.de/jobs/detail/243595?lang=en

In case you have any questions drop us an email to jobs@contorion.de.

Iterative.ai (Series A, US based) | REMOTE, WORLDWIDE | FULL-TIME | OPEN-SOURCE

We are building dev tools for ML engineers and Data Scientists (MLOps).

Use cases- Git for ML, CI/CD for ML, Terraform to manage ML infrastructure, experiments bookkeeping, datasets managements, etc.

We build DVC.org (8K+ stars on GH), CML.dev (2K+ stars on GH), SaaS product (think like GH for ML). Think about us as a Hashicorp (Terraform, Vault, etc) for ML and MLOps. We are looking for senior Python (backend or systems engineering) and front-end senior engineers.

Please, find job descriptions here - https://www.notion.so/iterative/Iterative-ai-is-hiring-852cb...

To apply send a direct email to ivan@dvc.org.

CommerceBear | Fullstack Web Developer | Remote | Full-time | https://angel.co/company/commercebear/jobs Bear is building the future of furniture by helping merchants sell everywhere. We exist to make it easier for enterprises, SMBs, and family owned businesses to grow and manage their ecommerce on channels like Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, and more. We are an early-stage funded startup looking to grow the development team. We build software that empowers furniture manufactures to manage all their e-commerce needs in one place. Everything from getting your products listed online, to managing returns.

Our Stack: Node, Express, Postgres, Svelte, AWS

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, Budapest ONSITE or REMOTE | Engineering, Marketing

About Rollbar:

* We're a ~70-person team (SF, Barcelona, Budapest, and remote) with a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio, Duolingo, Salesforce, and Twitch

We're currently hiring for:

- Engineers - Backend, Front-end, Full-stack, SRE

- Engineering Manager (Budapest)

- Developer Advocate

- Demand Gen Manager

Please apply via: https://rollbar.com/jobs

Zonar | Remote and Seattle-based hybrid roles | Full-time | https://zonar.link/jobs

Zonar does fleet management tools. We've got tens of thousands of tablets in trucks, busses, and construction vehicles, talking to backends with juicy scaling challenges. Current mobile roles are mostly Android devs with some iOS need. We've also got multiple Angular web dev and backend openings. Zonar backend teams mostly live in Python on GCP.

Zonar's growing out of its startup stage, seeking to give engineers the problem ownership of a startup with the security and scale of a midsize company. Openings and details at https://zonar.link/jobs. Thanks!

StartFi | Full Time | 100% REMOTE (worldwide) | Frontend Developer

StartFi is an NFT Platform to help content creators raise funds for their digital content, engaging the community to share rewards & revenues. We’re actively building a marketplace and a launchpad platform that support EVM compatible blockchain networks.

We're looking for talented frontend developers (senior and mid-level) to join us in one of the most fast-growing technologies in the world.

You are someone who is experienced in JavaScript/TypeScript with excellent knowledge in React and CSS. Experience with web3 technologies is a huge plus.

To apply please send your resume hiring[at]startfi[dot]io. Mention HN in the subject.

Adblock Plus | Software Engineer for Adblock Plus | Remote | Full Time

We are a team that serves tens of millions of people worldwide. Our vision is to provide our users with simple, intuitive tools to block distractions, protect their privacy, and put people in control of their internet experience.

Our products have been downloaded hundreds of million times and work in all major web browsers, as well as on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Our team has been fully remote since its inception, and we each work from whatever location works best for us. What unites us is a desire to give users control over their web experience.

We are looking for a Software Engineer for Adblock Plus.

Apply here: https://adblockplus.org/software-engineer-adblock-plus

Tappity (YC S20) | Graphic Designer/Illustrator | Remote | Part-Time | https://www.tappityapp.com

Want to inspire tens of thousands of kids around the world every day with beautiful 2D art you create? Tappity is looking for a contract 2D digital designer/artist to create themed illustrations for our interactive science lessons.

About us: We're building the world’s largest interactive and educational video library for kids—starting with science! With engaging lessons that cover everything from platypuses to volcanos to Mars, kids can find every science topic and discover new ones to love—all in one place.

If this sounds interesting to you or someone you know, please email us at founders [at] tappityapp.com with a link to your portfolio!

PlantingSpace | REMOTE | Full-time / flexible | https://planting.space

We are an early-stage research and development startup. Our ambitious goal is to build a system capable of understanding knowledge, to answer questions and get things done. Our work leverages cutting-edge domains such as Probabilistic Programming and Applied Category Theory.

We are looking for strong developers to work in Julia, ideally with statistics or symbolic computing background, as well as researchers in areas of optimization, category theory and probabilistic programming.

Find on our website the skill sets we are currently looking for, and apply to join us: https://planting.space/joinus

Company: Numerai (https://numer.ai)

Position: Web Developer

Location: San Francisco (Remote/On-site with WFH days)

Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund powered by thousands of competing data scientists from around the world, all working to predict the stock market. We are hiring a web developer / front-end engineer to lead the development of the website that our participants use weekly to download data, upload predictions and stake cryptocurrency. JavaScript (Vue), HTML, CSS.

Job details: https://angel.co/company/numerai/jobs/1257894-web-developer Reach out via the job posting or to me, Jonathan: jonathan [at] numer [dot] ai

Deref | Software Engineer | Remote USA | Full-Time

Looking for engineers with Cloud experience and a passion for UX/DexEx.

You'd be working on this thing: https://exo.deref.io/

We're a pre-seed funded startup on a mission to help developers build better services.

Two open engineering roles:

UI Specialist: https://circular-raclette-f11.notion.site/Lead-Frontend-Engi...

Generalist: https://circular-raclette-f11.notion.site/Dev-Tools-Engineer...

Primary tech stack is Go + TypeScript/Svelte.

Contact jobs@deref.io

Audit Sight | Senior UI Engineer | Anywhere in US | Full-time

Audit Sight is a funded, early stage startup, currently concentrated in Atlanta and Chicago, with the stated goal of bringing transparency, trust, and truth to the world’s economies and capital markets.

Founded by a pair of Big Four veterans, we're building a product that will empower auditors to be vastly more efficient, while providing a greater level of assurance around their results.

We're looking for someone to own the technical direction of our UI, currently written in React/Typescript. Additionally, you would play a key role in making design/UX decisions.

For more info see: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2714535404/

Iron Fish | https://ironfish.network/ Positions: Front End Engineer Back End Engineer Full Stack Engineer Software Engineer Engineering Manager

USA + Canada | Full-Time | Onsite (HQ/San Francisco, CA) or Remote

Iron Fish is a new cryptocurrency that takes no shortcuts on privacy and usability. Privacy isn’t just important, it’s essential to crypto’s success. Our vision is for Iron Fish to become a shielded layer for many more assets, even ones on different chains, and provide a platform for true digital cash.

Our Tech Stack: - Node - React - JavaScript - TypeScript - Rust

Nice to haves: -Experience working on Layer-1's


Send resumes to jenah@ironfish.network

Brex | Remote in USA, Canada, or Brazil | Onsite | Remote OK | https://www.brex.com

Brex is reimagining financial systems so every growing company can realize their full potential. We’re building a unified experience so that your software and services can be in one place. Our international team is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and believes your potential should only be limited by how big you can dream.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/brex

Our open positions are on our careers page.

Tech Stack: Elixir, Go, Kotlin, Python, Typescript

Maximus | Software Engineer | LA (Santa Monica) or Remote | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1579118-software-...

Maximus (maximustribe.com) is a mission-driven consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $5M from top Silicon Valley VCs such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors/operators from companies like Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, & Shopify.

Uphold | Senior Backend Engineer - Payments / Connectivity | REMOTE (US East Coast/UK/Ireland) | Full-time

Uphold - A digital money platform serving over 6 million customers in more than 150 countries. Uphold now manages more than $1.5 billion in customer assets.

TECH: Node.js, TypeScript, Postgres, Golang, AWS.

TOPICS: Blockchain / Crypto, Payments, FinTech.

- Senior Backend Engineer - Connectivity Team (Dublin, Remote) - https://uphold.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=218

- Senior Backend Engineer - Connectivity Team (NYC, Remote) - https://uphold.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=133

Use the "Apply for this job" links.

Thank you!

Mesg.ai | backend engineer | permanent full-time | ONSITE at our office in London if desired or REMOTE in Europe

Mesg.ai helps sales teams around the world research potential customers at scale and send personalised outreach messages that are relevant, well written and timely.

We're hiring our first backend engineer to work on a serverless Golang microservices stack running on AWS. This would be a great role if you're experienced in another language and looking to get into Golang - I'm very happy to train you on the role.

We're just a year old, raised some money some amazing international angels working in our space and are gearing up for our seed round in Q1 2022. Learn more at https://mesg.ai/

To apply email me at alex@mesg.ai

Senior Software Engineer | Remote, USA | Must be within the USA | Full-time | https://nvisium.com

We are looking for a Python or Javascript-skilled Sr. Software Engineer to help expand our product engineering team, which focuses on building a platform for delivering secure development training. You would be part of the team creating a brand-new way of training developers on secure coding. The ideal candidate is excited to code and solve engineering challenges while working with a 100% remote, yet close knit team.

Full job details and description can be found here: https://nvisium.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=22

Prelim (YC S17) | Software Engineer, Product Designer, Account Executive | REMOTE USA | https://prelim.com | FULL TIME

Prelim is a better way for banks to onboard businesses and consumers. Prelim is whitelabeled for the bank as the bank's website. The bank's customers apply online for bank accounts, loans, etc and are able to go from end to end, with Prelim automating many of the back office activities the bank has to do.

We're a fully remote team (US only) and are still a very small team (under 10) that will be doubling our team size within the next few months.

Our tech stack is React, Node.js, Postgres.

Please apply via https://jobs.lever.co/prelim/

Lighthouse (https://lighthouse.app) | Remote | Full-time

Welcome to the future of renting. We are Lighthouse, a modern financial platform for renters to help them build and grow wealth on the way to homeownership. We offer up to $1,200 cash back across 9,000 apartment buildings, starting in Texas. We are building out our core foundational team and have some exciting challenges ahead as we grow our product offering and expand into more fintech services.

Open positions include:

* Software Engineers - Lead / Frontend / Backend

* Marketing Lead - Brand / Content

* Other rules including CX, Sales, Design

Tech Stack: Next, Node, Postgres, AWS, and more

Learn more and apply here: https://lighthouse.app/careers

Neomind Labs | Ruby on Rails or Elixir Full Stack Developer | Remote | US | Full or Part Time | https://neomindlabs.com Neomind Labs is a fully remote team providing stewardship services for Ruby on Rails and Elixir applications. We're currently looking for people with 3+ years experience who enjoy mending as much as making. We offer medical benefits for full-time and part-time developers. Please read more and apply here: https://30hourjobs.com/jobs/319/neomind-labs-ruby-on-rails-d...

Ridecell | Fleet IoT Automation Platform | Full-time | Remote | www.ridecell.com

Ridecell Inc. is leading the way in the digital transformation of fleet businesses and operations. Our Fleet IoT (Internet of Things) Automation solutions modernize and monetize fleets by combining data insights with digital vehicle control to turn today’s manual processes into automated workflows. The result is unmatched levels of efficiency and control for shared services, motorpools, rental, and logistic fleets.

What we do is amazing. The people here are even more amazing. Join us!

We're hiring: - Engineers (iOS, Android, Backend, Frontend) - Support - Marketing

More info here: https://www.linkedin.com/careersite/ridecell

Humankind | Cloud Application Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | gethumankind.com

Hello! Are you interested in a unique opportunity to join a team in a 100% remote company, and help build the next generation of eCommerce tools with a human twist used by some of the most well known organizations in the world?

We are cloud native, serverless and built on AWS. We use various AWS services including API Gateway, Lambda, IAM, S3, DynamoDB all written in Typescript and AWS CDK to power our backend.

Our front end is Svelte - which is also serverless.

If you are interested please click here:


We provide a competitive salary, stock options, full benefits, and unlimited PTO.

Thirty Madison | Software Engineering, SRE, Security | NYC or Remote | Full Time | https://thirtymadison.com/careers/#careers

Thirty Madison is a health tech company focused on creating specialized and affordable care to manage chronic conditions. Our brands include Keeps, Cove, Evens, and Picnic! We recently raised $140 million in our Series C and have hit Unicorn Status with a valuation of over $1B.

We’re hiring: * Senior Backend * Senior Frontend * Staff Product Security Engineer * Staff SRE …more!

Tech: Node, React, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Datadog

You can work permanently remote (within the US) or join us in NYC at our HQ

Apply online or reach out to annelise.hudson@thirtymadison.com

Camino | Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time | Lead Engineer, Backend | https://camino.ai

Camino is a mission-driven company lowering the barriers of government regulations. We offer a suite of products that enable the government to be more accessible, easier to integrate with, and ultimately simpler to navigate. Whether you're trying to start a new business, build a new home, or park your car on the street, Camino builds tools to simplify traditionally complex-to-navigate policies.

We're currently hiring for:

- Lead Software Engineer, Backend

Tech Stack: Rails / Node

Please email us your resume to: careers@camino.ai Or apply at https://www.camino.ai/careers/

Seamless Capital | Quantitative Researcher/ Quantitative Developer | Cambridge, UK - Onsite/Remote | VISA | Full-time

Apply here: https://www.seamlessml.com/jobs

Seamless is a Cambridge based prop-trading firm using cutting edge machine learning techniques. We are driven, dynamic and constantly striving for excellence. Seamless trades its own funds in alternative asset classes with a strong track record of success through even the most challenging market conditions.

Our people are exceptional, ambitious and driven to succeed. We thrive in our open and meritocratic culture, where ideas and talent matter more than tenure or title.

We are also hiring full-stack engineers for SeamlessX, see the jobs page for more info.

XQ Message | Sr. Frontend React and Backend Developers | REMOTE | Full-time

XQ empowers digital privacy for all. We provide secure connected services as the foundation for smart cities. We give people and businesses clarity and control of their data. Find out more here > XQMSG.COM

SENIOR FE REACT DEVELOPER application here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/tcapequity/jobs/4091595004

BACKEND DEVELOPER application here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/tcapequity/jobs/4091663004

Conduktor Inc | Many Roles | Full-Remote | Full-Time | https://conduktor.io/jobs

Conduktor is helping companies operate their data by making their Apache Kafka journey easier. We’re an international team (mostly in Europe) looking for highly motivated, tech/data-oriented people. Today, we are a developer tool, tomorrow, we'll be something way bigger! We're looking for people around the CEST timezone:

* Experienced Scala/ZIO & Kafka developers

* Typescript & React developers

* Product Manager to lead our products

* Developer Advocate if you know your Apache Kafka stuff to help us working with our community!

* Customer Engineers to help our customers working with Conduktor & Kafka!

Take your chance: jobs@conduktor.io

Predictive Index | Sr. Database Administrator (DBA) | Boston | ONSITE / REMOTE | Full Time

Our mission is "Better work, Better world," and we take great pride in PI’s power to supercharge workplace relationships and culture to achieve the unthinkable. We’re our own best case study! You’ll be working toward a mission that inspires you, and you’ll be surrounded by fun, smart, driven people day in and day out.

Current technologies include Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Azure Cognitive Search & Redis.

Feel free to apply online (https://boards.greenhouse.io/predictiveindex/jobs/5532261002) or contact me directly jcampbell[at]predictiveindex.com

Monad, Inc. | Multiple Positions | Full-time | Remote | https://monad.security Monad makes security easier by simplifying security data, enabling teams to move quickly from data to insight to action. We've just announced a $17M Series A, and are hiring data and backend engineers, SRE/DevOps, software engineer in test, and more.

For more about us here's a video with our CEO and CTO: https://vimeo.com/586052004/0d2854eb48

See our open positions and apply here: https://monad.security/careers

Rising Team | Senior Software Engineer | Remote (USA) | Full time

Ever feel mistreated at work? Did you feel comfortable bringing it up?

Looking for a place where everyone understands, trusts, and empowers each other?

At Rising Team we not only believe this is the way to work, we build a product that does this: help teams become happy and successful, and a great place to work. We envision a world where everyone in the workforce is deeply understood, supported, and empowered to reach their goals.

Women and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

See the full role at https://risingteam.com/careers/senior-software-engineer or email me jeff(at)risingteam(dot)com.

Aeditive | Software Engineer | Hamburg, Germany | Full Time | ONSITE | https://aeditive.de We build robotic 3D printing solutions for manufacturing concrete elements.

There's a cool video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HL8diusK4

We are using Rust for most critical components and Python/TypeScript for user interfaces.


If you have any questions you can email me at daniel.basedow@aeditive.de

CitizenShipper | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | https://citizenshipper.breezy.hr/

CitizenShipper is a share-economy marketplace that connects people who want something delivered with transporters who can do the delivery. Anyone can sign up as a transporter and search for shipments (usually long distance) on our site. People transport just about anything using CitizenShipper, but pets are extremely popular.

- Our team is international

- Everyone works remotely (from home)

- We have a “minimum meetings” culture

Here are some of the the open roles:


* Product Designer

* Content Writer

* Backend Developer (Node/Typescript)

* DevOps Engineer

* Frontend Developer (React

* Fullstack Developer (TypeScript)

* QA Lead

* Senior Partnerships Manager


* Customer Success Manager - Shipping

* Senior Marketing Manager

You can send your CV directly to my email at cagri@citizenshipper.com

Saiga | multiple engineering roles | Berlin, Germany | Full Time

Saiga is a digital personal assistant service, taking up all the boring admin in your life you'd rather not do yourself. We do this through a combination of ML and humans in the loop. We are well funded, have launched, and are now growing our team.

As part of this we're looking for senior/experienced people in front-end (Flutter & Vue.js), back-end (Golang, AWS) and quality assurance.

Roles are here: https://getsaiga.notion.site/getsaiga/Careers-at-Saiga-8d6ea...

To apply, ping us at hello@saiga.co.

Fully Distributed Engineering team | 0% Attrition on team!! We are scaling across the board for Product Development, but currently looking for full-time: - Data Engineers - QA Engineers (could be entry-level with coding school experience) - Software Engineers - Engineering Leadership

If you're looking for a team that is highly collaborative and inclusive and solving big problems through software, we'd love to hear from you. We focus on capabilities and not years of experience or education so please reach out if this is something you're interested in!

Job Page: https://jobs.lever.co/himaxwell My contact: aubrey@himaxwell.com

Pylons | Salesforce Developer | REMOTE | SALARY:$90K-115K, https://pylons.cloud/hiring-functional-salesforce-consultant...

Pylons is a new brand from an established software development firm (Level 12) that will focus on the Salesforce ecosystem.

We are looking for a Salesforce developer who is familiar with Salesforce technologies such as Lightning Web Components, Apex, and REST APIs, but also performing tasks within Salesforce such as building reports and dashboards, designing process flows, and fixing data integrity problems. Most of our current work is technical in nature. As we grow, we would like to build the capacity to implement end to end solutions for our clients.

- We have a commitment to transparency and offer a "no surprises experience" throughout the interview and hiring process. We value candor...as evidenced by the length of our job description. :)

- Our CEO prefers the title CED, Chief Executive Developer. Engineering and operational concerns don't take a back seat when potential sales come to the front door.

- You will be working remote with a team that is all working remote and has been for years. Let's make the best use of our time by not commuting.

- We practice and preach sound development practices. You are likely to learn and grow as a developer while working here.

- You are committed to automated testing of all the software you write (our apps typically have 92%+ test coverage).

- We have a no-drama office policy. We value and cultivate enjoyable working relationships among team members. No jerks allowed!

- We emphasize work/life balance and adopt policies that make sure our people don't get burnt out. For instance, our PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you actually use them.

- If you apply, we guarantee that we will give you a response, whether "yay" or "nay". No black holes here!

Thesis | Engineering, design, BD, marketing | SF, ATL, NYC | Remote (CET to PT) | Full time | https://thesis.co

Thesis is a venture studio building freedom technology. We believe in open source, free speech, and civil and economic liberty.

* Work with a brilliant team of engineers and designers launching early-stage products in the cryptocurrency and decentralized tech space.

* Join a well-funded startup run by experienced operators. We recently closed a $21M Series A, and have launched 3 successful startups so far. This is an opportunity to work on established products or be part of something new.

If you want to make the leap into crypto full-time, but aren't sure you "fit", we want to talk to you.

Email me at matt at thesis.co

Swapfiets | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Fulltime | partly remote/partly onsite (hybrid model) | Backend Engineers (.NET) | Sr Site Reliability Engineer |Frontend Engineer| Web Analyst (CRO) Would you like to contribute to a more circular world ? Join our movement and take a ride with us at Swapfiets, the #1 micro mobility brand in the world!

We are the bike membership with the recognizable blue tire, active in 9 countries in +70 EU cities with around 240.000 members and 1.500 employees. Around 100 employees at our HQ in Amsterdam with a Tech team of around 30 colleagues.

Find out more at https://jobs.swapfiets.com/l/en

Aven | Burlingame, CA| FULLY REMOTE | https://aven.com | https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/Aven Aven is building a new type of credit card backed by assets (secured by the equity in your home or car), enabling us to offer lower APRs to consumers.

Positions: Backend Engineer, Front End Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Data Scientist

The team is a combination of finance (Goldman, SoFi, LendingClub) and technology (Microsoft, Facebook etc.) executives, with top tier investors -- Founders Fund, Sequoia, Khosla Ventures etc. We have raised upwards of $60 million so far.

Apply at the link above or email usman@aven.com.

InsuranceToolkits | Experienced Software Engineer | Remote (Within the U.S.) | Full Time | https://insurancetoolkits.com

We are looking to hire an experienced software engineer to join our small team. We are a a bootstrapped startup company that is growing very quickly. We have a lot of big projects coming down the pike that we need help with.

Here is the link to the full job post if you'd like to learn more: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/insurance-toolkits-ll...

Feel free to reach out to me at frankie@fextoolkit.com

Ludi Inc. | Product Manager | REMOTE (US) | Full-time

The Product Manager will work alongside our leadership team to provide product leadership for our flagship DocTime Log® suite. This role will work directly with clients, client services, and sales to ensure new features and enhancements are well defined to meet Ludi’s customer needs.

Ludi has assembled a world-class team of engineers that will support and deliver the product roadmap developed by this role.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of creating innovative products for our healthcare clients.

See full job description here: https://ludiinc.com/product-manager/

Gitcoin ( https://gitcoin.co ) | Principal Engineer, Senior Engineer, | REMOTE | FULL TIME | https://gitcoin.co/jobs | https://gitcoin.co/results

Gitcoin's mission is to "Build & Fund the open web". Gitcoin is a toolbox of blockchain-based tools that help open source repo maintainers fund, incentivize, and manage work in Open Source Software.

We are a team of 22 that is funded well by Consensys + Paradigm, and have distributed about $35mm to the Ethereum ecosystem since launch in November 2017.

Toughbyte | Full-time | REMOTE | https://www.toughbyte.com

At Toughbyte, we're building a tech recruitment platform that helps developers find their ideal job. We're bootstrapped, profitable and growing with the biggest startups in Europe such as TransferWise as our clients.

We're now looking for multiple Russian speaking Ruby developers to join our team of over forty people. No prior work experience required. For more info and to apply go to http://tbyte.co/hn

PS. even if you aren't into Ruby and don't know Russian, we may have some other positions for you, so check out our site above

Hello fellow DevOppers! (DevOps?)!

Feeling overwhelmed after the apocalypse? Is that #fullyremote #vanlife lookin' kinda sweet lately?

We’re a (very) small band of highly experienced devops people who help our clients with the most difficult of Kubernetes / cloud-native problems. This is actually devops, meaning we often develop production-grade code to solve unusual requirements. We’ve always been 100% remote (US TZs only), have great benefits, spend 1 day a week on internal projects, and if I may say so myself have an outstanding culture.

If you’re interested, please do read on! https://superorbital.io/careers/

Cortex (YC W20) | Senior Software Engineer | Full-Time | Remote (North America) | https://www.cortex.io

Cortex is on a mission to empower engineering teams, allowing them to focus on building and maintaining reliable, high-quality software.

We're a small team of 7 right now...but actively looking to grow! Come join us and help us revolutionize the Software Engineering Industry!!

Stack: Kotlin + Spring Boot, React, Postgres, GCP

More information: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/cortex/c26bd57b-97d3-41fc-accd-fbf2...

Feel free to reach me personally at aditya.bansal@getcortexapp.com

Vetspire | Software Engineer | Remote | Austin, TX | Full-Time | https://vetspire.com

Vetspire is an AI-driven medical records and practice management platform for veterinarians. We’re a startup that builds the technology suite that powers veterinary hospitals, impacting every aspect of patient care from AI assistance in the exam room to managing client communications and clinical analytics.

We're looking for a full stack engineer to join our small and technical team to continue to bring veterinarians’ dreams into fruition. Your day to day work will consist of learning and understanding veterinarians' needs and bringing them into reality from the front-end to the backend. Some examples of what your weeks may look like:

* building remote tools for pet owners to sign consent forms, pay invoices, and fill in information online so they don't have to walk into the clinics during the pandemic

* creating an emergency room clinical census to monitor patients and alert staff in real-time

* designing the interface and algorithms for intelligent immunization reminders.

You'll be working directly with the thousands of veterinarians and staff using Vetspire every day, and talking with them often to better understand their needs and iterate on solutions with them. It's an incredibly fulfilling role to be able to make such a drastic difference in the lives of vets, and ultimately, everyone's pets. It's half-part engineering, half-part problem-solving.

Our backend tech stack is a GraphQL Phoenix/Absinthe application written in Elixir, our frontend is using React with the Apollo GraphQL framework, our primary database is PostgreSQL, and it all runs on Google Cloud via Kubernetes.

Email me if interested at sam@vetspire.com (include "HN" in the subject), or view more information here: https://jobs.lever.co/vetspire/a13274ee-0037-410e-bd38-ee53d...

Shortform | REMOTE | Full-stack Engineer | Full-time / Part-time | $100-200k


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to learn? Do you have hundreds of books in your to-read list and articles saved in Pocket, but wish you could extract the main ideas faster?

The goal of Shortform is to make the world's best ideas more accessible. Right now we create the world's best book guides, with in-depth chapter-by-chapter summaries, original insights building on the book's ideas, and distillation of the book into actionables. They're like superpowered book summaries.

Eventually, we want to summarize and contextualize every meaningful idea published each day, in every form of media (books, articles, podcasts, videos). Imagine you had a magical Chrome extension that takes any page you're viewing (like a top HN article) and gives you a high-quality summary, along with summaries of alternative viewpoints. That's a vision of what we're building.


Company status: We launched 2.5 years ago. Shortform was funded by the founder (who has built multiple bootstrapped profitable companies in the past) and has taken on no outside investment. We "could be profitable" but are reinvesting in growth. Engineering team consists of 5 full-stack engineers.

Technology: Vue.js on frontend, Flask/Python on backend. (Keywords for searchers with tech flexibility: Angular, React, Django)

About the role: Ideally you're fullstack on the web, and comfortable on both front-end and back-end. Position is remote (current team is worldwide). Fulltime / parttime roles available. We're able to pay competitive market salaries (i.e. not decreased by equity).

Email jobs+engineerhn@shortform.com to get more details about the company, what we're building, and the application process. In your email, please discuss your experience for our stack, and also your favorite non-fiction book (to help us screen out spam emails).

Audigo Labs | https://www.audigolabs.com | ONSITE (San Francisco) | Full-time | iOS Developer (Swift)

Audigo Labs enables effortless content creation. A true one-stop-shop for today’s modern creator who wants to produce the best quality video and audio content - anytime, anywhere.

Audigo is currently looking to hire our second iOS developer (Swift) to accelerate the development of our production platform. The company is based out of San Francisco (Bay Area applicants are preferred).


Email careers@audigolabs.com if interested.

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer, QA Engineer | REMOTE (US based) | Full time Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members. Stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React, Lambda (Node), Postgres

We're looking for multiple senior full stack engineers. Link for details https://www.digitalonboarding.com/about-us/job-openings/seni...

Send me an email me at jonathan at digitalonboarding dot com.

Warby Parker | (Senior + Mid-level) iOS Software Engineers, (Senior + Mid-level) Data Engineers, Principal Software Engineers, and (Senior + Mid-level) Site Reliability Engineers | New York, NY | Onsite (Hybrid) | https://www.warbyparker.com/

Warby Parker was founded with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style. Since the day we launched in 2010, we’ve pioneered ideas, designed products, and developed technologies that help people see—from designer-quality prescription glasses (starting at $95) and contacts to eye exams and vision tests. Customers can meet us online, at more than 145 Warby Parker stores across the U.S. and Canada, or even in their home. Ultimately, we believe in vision for all, which is why for every pair of glasses or sunglasses we sell, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need through our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. To date, we have worked alongside our nonprofit partners to distribute more than eight million glasses to people in need—and we're only just getting started.

iOS Senior Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/0f9d149b1us

iOS Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/c370b9571us

Senior Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/fdbd15d21us

Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/82c1bd3f1us

Principal Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/d18634e31us

Senior Site Reliability Engineer: https://grnh.se/5087e2ef1us

Site Reliability Engineer: https://grnh.se/9e7b583f1us

Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX) | Ruby Developer | Remote (EUR) | Full-time

We are building Germany´s first regulated trading venue for digital assets. In order to realize this ambitious endeavor, we are looking for Ruby developers, who are willing to take on responsibility, bring in a good portion of pioneering spirit and courage to accompany us on this path.

Our tech stack: Ruby, Rails, React, React Native, Postgres, Golang, AWS, Kubernetes

Link: https://www.bsdex.de/documents/jobs/final_jd_rubydeveloper_e...

Please send your resume to jobs@bsdex.de and mention hackers news if you're interested!

Platform.sh | REMOTE | Full-Time | https://platform.sh

Platform.sh is the end-to-end PaaS that enables you to build, run, and scale websites and web apps.

We serve thousands of customers worldwide including The Financial Times, Gap, Magento Commerce, Orange, Hachette, Ikea, Stanford University, Harvard University and The British Council.

We are the #1 momentum leader in Cloud PaaS according to G2 https://www.g2.com/categories/cloud-platform-as-a-service-pa...

Recently, we bought Blackfire.io!

Here's how it works (get a free trial and go crazy):

Pick a template from https://github.com/platformsh-templates and customize it (add your assets, specify infra) as per https://docs.platform.sh/overview/structure.html

Then push to your Platform.sh repo, BOOM! magic happens and you have a working site that you can branch, test, customize, go-live. Dead simple, you don't need Kubernetes, just basic git knowledge.

Tech stack is LXC with some Python awesomeness, Ceph and Gluster. Tooling is in Python and Go. We are multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...).

What I love:

• Lots of smart people from around the world

• Work on interesting stuff

• Great work-life balance (remote only company, you work on a contract, but get 20+ days paid vacation incl. your national holidays)

• Good comp package, pick your HW (Apple or Lenovo), get reimbursed for trainings and other stuff

Join us https://platform.sh/company/careers/

Splunk | Data Visualization / Frontend Engineering Roles | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE / REMOTE | Full-time | Benefits + Equity [0]

My team at Splunk is currently looking for data visualization and UI engineers to help build tools & user interfaces to analyze and extract insights from data utilizing state of the art frontend technologies.

Read more: https://bit.ly/splunk-frontend-oct-2021

Feel free to ping me at pwied at company name .com (add HN to the subject) if you have any questions

[0] https://bit.ly/benefits-and-perks-at-splunk

Emma Wanderer (https://emmawanderer.com/) | Lead Software Engineer | Remote or HQ (Vienna, Austria) | Full Time

Emma Wanderer is a startup rethinking how we can “Work & Live Everywhere” in the future. Emma Wanderer strives to become Europe’s leading brand and service company for nature-loving people who want to work flexibly.

We're looking for a Lead Software Engineer: https://emmawanderer.com/jobs/lead-software-engineer

Apply at the link above or reach out to me directly andre.schweighofer[æt]emmawanderer[dot]com

ProcedureFlow | Full Stack .NET Developer, Frontend Developer (React) | Saint John, NB, Canada | REMOTE in Eastern Canada | Full-Time | https://procedureflow.com

ProcedureFlow is a platform for your company's procedures inspired by the way you work. We're like GitHub but for visual procedures. We have change requests, everyone can have a "draft" branch, a side-by-side diff view, etc.

ProcedureFlow has great customers that consider us vital to their business. We're growing our business and the engineering team. We have ambitious goals and need your help. We've more than doubled our revenue and staff in the last year and we recently raised $2.9 million in Series A funding.

Our technology stack includes: React, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Postgres, Redis, Node, Terraform and AWS.

We're looking for someone who has:

  • Experience building cloud-based web apps in ASP.NET MVC/C#.
  • Experience as a generalist working on both the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users.
  • Pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems.
  • The ability to stitch together many different services and processes together even if they have not worked with them before.
  • Empathy with their users and are stewards of crafting great experiences.
  • Skills for upholding best practices in engineering, security, and design.
We try to make our technical interview process very practical and fair. We want to understand your skills and get a sense of what it's like to work together. For example, we don't use LeetCode, whiteboarding, ask you to recite an algorithms, etc.

Interested? Send us your resume, GitHub profile, or anything you'd like to showcase: https://jobs.procedureflow.com/o/senior-full-stack-developer...

I'm a co-founder and the VP of Engineering. Happy to answer any questions!

Here's some extra info about us:

ProcedureFlow is not your typical flowchart tool. We took the good parts, like the visual map, and fixed all the bad things:

  • The "editing" experience is secondary. Viewing and navigating the flows is the priority.
  • We democratize your company's procedures. The flows are meant to be used and improved by everyone at your company.
  • We only have so many shapes that can be added. You don't just drag/drop a "rectangle" and make it purple. You add an "action" shape that has semantics.
  • We recommend making smaller flows and linking them together rather than one big flowchart understood by a few people.
We offer:

  • Stock options signing bonus. Topped off based on individual/company performance and each funding round.
  • Vacation: 3 weeks to start. We're very flexible with additional time off (errands, family time, appointments, etc).
  • RRSP matching up to 4%.
  • Good health coverage.
  • Good work life balance. We don’t crunch or work regular overtime – deadlines are owned by us. Rare overtime like after hours maintenance means compensated time off.
  • An opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast growing Canadian startup. You’ll be very key to our success -- helping us grow the team into a well-oiled machine. Being an early employee means you have the possibility to grow into larger roles as the company grows (engineering IC, management, specialization, etc).

Borrowell | Full Stack Developers (all levels) | Remote within Canada with offices in Toronto/Kelowna/Montreal | Full Time, Permanent, Benefits from Day 1

Borrowell pioneered free credit scores for all Canadians in 2017 and we’ve won LinkedIn's Top 15 Startups on the Rise, Fintech of the Year, Deloitte Tech Fast 50, Best Workplaces in Tech/for Women/for Mental Wellness, Most Impactful Companies in Canada, and more. We’re proud to be a gender-balanced company with women-identifying and POC representation from the executive suite down. Our mission is to make financial stability available for anyone, and we’ve been growing quickly with almost 2 million members and $98 million in funding since 2017. After we acquired our partner, Refresh Financial, in February 2021, we doubled growth/revenues/people to ~140 people with tons of opportunities for your own personal growth.


Full Stack Developers (all levels - C#, .NET Core, Angular, Typescript, ES6, Azure): https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/0211524D7C

Lead Developer: https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/0644B9FBBE

Product Manager: https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/761F4A0034/

Salesforce Developer: https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/740370BC07

Less technical roles: Customer Care reps, Director of Customer Success, HR Generalist, Customer Success/Product Specialist reps, Performance Marketing Manager → Found here: https://borrowell.com/careers

Coming up: Automation Developer, Senior Back End Developer

RINSE | REMOTE or San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, or Washington DC | Software Engineers | Full-Time | https://www.rinse.com

Rinse provides dry cleaning and laundry delivery services to tens of thousands of customers in five metropolitan areas in the US. We have sophisticated logistics optimization software, a polished consumer product, and firm business fundamentals.

Rinse has weathered COVID-19 well - read about some of our efforts at https://www.rinse.com/blog/rinse/coronavirus/

Our team is distributed across the United States, and has been entirely remote for over a year now, but an in-office experience will also be available in the above cities to those who prefer a traditional desk.

We're hiring software engineers of all experience levels, to join our small team. We're particularly interested in hiring a senior backend engineer, but are also hiring full-stack engineers.

We're also looking for a QA Engineer / SDET / Release Manager.

Relevant Terms: Logistics, Django, Python, TypeScript, Optimization, React, React Native, Postgres, Subscriptions



We are also looking for a star performer to lead our growth efforts as we continue to take market share in our current markets and accelerate our push to new markets. The ideal candidate is a strong leader who is data-driven, a clear critical thinker, and is coachable and adaptable. We are looking for a Head of Growth who has the ability to lead growth both on the sales and marketing sides, and also the versatility to help push forward M&A efforts.

Relevant Terms: Growth, Marketing, Sales

Interested in either position? Email us at jobs@rinse.com, or my first name at rinse.com

Switcher Labs SA | Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland | fully or partially REMOTE

We are a tech company developing a multi-camera video production platform on iOS (switcherstudio.com).

We are looking for the following software engineers:

- GPU Graphics Expert (Metal, WebGPU, OpenGL, …)

- Audio Expert (audio pipelines, encoding, audio over IP, resampling, …)

- WebRTC Expert (C++ and JavaScript API, WebRTC implementation)

- Network R&D Engineer (TCP, UDP, BSD Sockets, WebSockets, …)

- Swift Engineer

- Emscripten/WebAssembly Engineer

- Software Research Engineer (Swift on Windows and Andoird, React Native on Windows and MacOS)

For working on site as employee, you must be legally authorized to work in Switzerland or be EU citizen. For working remotely as an employee or as a contractor you must be located in CH, EU or US.

Apply by email: jobs-ch@switcherstudio.com

Lumea | Cloud Engineer | Lehi, UT (preferred onsite, but not required) | Full-time

Lumea is a market leader in digital pathology solutions. With Lumea's online platform, pathologists can provide faster and more accurate healthcare to their patients. We've raised millions of dollars in investment funding and are continually growing our development team.

We are looking for an experienced cloud engineer to help us move fully to the cloud and to design, build, deploy, and manage our entire cloud infrastructure. Currently, our development teams take responsibility for deployment and server maintenance, but these will be moved to the new DevOps/Cloud Engineering team.

Feel free to reach out at aaron@lumea.net

Olo | Remote (US) (HQ in NYC) | Full-Time | https://www.olo.com/

We’re hiring at Olo (had our IPO this year! OLO on the NYSE), where we power the digital platform for many of your favorite restaurants like Shake Shack, The Cheesecake Factory, and Wingstop. Tons of permanently remote (US-based) positions available. Come join us! All positions: https://jobs.lever.co/olo?lever-via=WSee4m3bRz

Looking for product managers, software engineers (C#, F#, full-stack), QA engineers, DevOps and AWS experts, and lots of other roles.

Flickr | Android Engineers, Senior Backend Engineer | Remote* | Full Time

Flickr is home to a substantial, vibrant community of millions of photographers and the best place to inspire, share, and connect online. Flickr engineering is based on the principles of rapid development, continuous deployment, and individual responsibility. Our small engineering team powers one of the largest photo-sharing platforms online. Join us and make Flickr bigger, better, and faster. We are looking for Engineers to join the team!

List of open positions: https://www.flickr.com/jobs#job-section

Parallel | Multiple Positions | Hong Kong (Engineering is Remote!) | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship

Parallel Capital is an algorithmic, high frequency proprietary trading firm that specializes in providing liquidity within the cryptocurrency markets.

We’re a major though under-the-radar player in the cryptocurrency market making ecosystem, founded by industry veterans from both Wall Street and Silicon Valley in a melding of finance and tech. With over 35+ years of combined experience, we profitably trade tens of billions per month, outperforming much larger and better funded teams, and we are expanding rapidly.

To put this in context: we trade 1% of the entire crypto industry's volume daily. If we were a retail exchange (think Coinbase or Binance), we would be ranked #5 on any given day in total trading volume and trade more than Gemini and Bittrex combined.

We value constant learning, continuous improvement, fast iteration, and relentless resourcefulness. We focus on results, not effort. We embrace the sharing of ideas with an open mind and engage in healthy debate to evaluate them from first principles.

We're a small team of 8 looking to expand with the following impactful remote positions:

  * Latency Engineer (Python / Golang)
  * Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer (Rails)
  * Exchange Connectivity Engineer, Contract (Python)

If you're interested in learning more, please shoot me an email at han@parallelcapital.co.

You can also read more about my style at https://github.com/hanchang/manager-readme

To apply, send your Github/Gitlab/sample projects, cover letter, and resume to careers@parallelcapital.co.

Non-standard applicants/applications are welcome; resumes are not strictly needed since the goal is to show off who you are and what you've done already that makes you a good fit!

Coalition Technologies | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full Time

We help startups to mid sized businesses by building their websites, internal programming tools, and online marketing. Many of our employees have referred to us as a stepping stone into the industry, with dozens of employees eventually going to FAANG companies and other very high paying opportunities. Those who stay long term usually see their compensation grow exponentially.

In the next month, we will hire: -5 Copywriters -2 Designers -3 Front End Developers -2 SEO Analysts -3 Digital Producers

Apply here - https://coalitiontechnologies.com/jobs

Kustomer | Software engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Data Engineer, Fullstack Engineer, Senior Product Designer | Full-Time | New York City, New York | https://boards.greenhouse.io/kustomer

Kustomer is the original omnichannel CX platform, and our mission is to provide the perfect the customer experience. Our engineering team is organized into cross-functional squads, where engineers collaborate side-by-side with product managers, designers, test engineers, and technical writers to truly own a part of our product – almost as a mini startup. We’re looking for engineers, managers, and designers in the NYC area to help us continue to innovate and scale.

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend): https://grnh.se/40ae1e761us

Software Engineer II (Frontend): https://grnh.se/aafab8781us

Senior Software Engineer (Backend): https://grnh.se/51421cf41us

Senior Software Engineer - Data (Backend): https://grnh.se/64a27ae61us

Senior Software Engineer (Fullstack): https://grnh.se/c37097841us

Engineering Manager, Platform: https://grnh.se/2f6da3441us

Engineering Manager, Channels: https://grnh.se/36c9021d1us

Senior Product Designer: https://grnh.se/af0471511us

Other roles or departments? https://grnh.se/271cdd631

Sona | HR Tech | Remote (within Europe / UK) | Elixir & React Native Engineers

80% of the workforce doesn't work behind a desk, but only 1% of funding has gone into building tools for them. We're changing that.

Our web frontend is Elixir & LiveView, our mobile app is React Native + Typescript + GraphQL. We're a tight knit, fully remote team with a 4.5 day flexible working week.

If you find us here, please mention HN in your application; https://apply.workable.com/sona-3/j/C940C55DB2 or any questions feel free to email me (cofounder / cto), ben@sona.is

ServiceBell | Remote/Austin | Senior Founding Software Engineer

Hey HN! I'm Daniel, the Founder of ServiceBell.

We're the virtual service bell for your website. Our mission is to re-create in-store quality experiences, online. Think Intercom, but Video.

We're an early stage, funded Enterprise B2B Software company. Despite being pre-launch, we've seen sustained 50%+ average MoM growth, and already have meaningful MRR.

We're looking to bring on a senior, product minded engineer to our team of 4.

Visit https://jobs.wrkhq.com/servicebell/20762 to learn more, or just shoot me an email (daniel AT servicebell com)

The Sensible Code Company | Remote Contract Senior Frontend Engineer | 6 month full-time contract, option to extend to 12 months. Remote, Ireland & UK

We use modern software techniques to transform the processing and publication of data and statistics. Over 10 years ago, we created ScraperWiki: one of the first collaborative in-browser coding environments focused on scraping and wrangling messy data. Most recently, we’ve built Cantabular: a software framework for the protection and publication of statistical data. We’ve just used it to republish the 1911 Ireland census and the Office for National Statistics are using it to automate much of the dissemination for the 2021 England and Wales census.

You’ll be: Building new features and make other improvements to our existing user interfaces using vanilla TypeScript, Sass and Go templates. Leading the development of larger features on our roadmap such as map-based interactions or data visualisation, potentially using a framework such as Svelte, React or Vue. Writing readable, maintainable and well-tested code. Collaborating with a committed team of developers and designers to maintain a high standard of software development

Requirements: Rock-solid understanding of the core JavaScript language, HTML5 and CSS3. 5+ years of experience with modern JavaScript frameworks, build tools and testing approaches. Ability to plan, iterate and ship ideas quickly. Great written and verbal communication skills

Bonus points if: We don’t expect the successful candidate to have all of these things, but please mention any that apply. If you have other relevant expertise or experience let us know. Experience building accessible, progressively-enhanced user interfaces. Experience building interactive visualisations with D3, Svelte or other libraries and frameworks. Interest in or experience with user interface design. Interest in data science, statistics or machine learning.

Pay and benefits: Competitive day rate: £350-£400 per day. Flexible: flexible working times to support a healthy work/life balance. Location: you can be located anywhere in Ireland & UK

How to apply: Email jobs@sensiblecode.io quoting scjob28, cover letter, CV, telephone number. No agencies please

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA, Munich, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary | Full time | Onsite & Remote

Do you want to help transform manufacturing? We are building the best team in the industry to bring consumer-grade user experiences to a space dominated by ancient enterprise technology. Our platform enables our customers to create apps without code and to connect their apps to machines, sensors and smart tools. These augmented production lines would otherwise rely on paper to share information.

We have offices in Somerville, MA, Munich, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. We just closed a $100m series C (https://www.forbes.com/sites/amyfeldman/2021/08/10/manufactu...) and are using that capital to grow dramatically. Our customers include some of the largest manufacturers in the world across numerous verticals of the manufacturing industry.

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- SRE/DevOps: Azure cloud architect, ideally with container service/AKS experience

- QA Engineer: build out a robust testing pipeline across all areas of the stack, from Hardware up to UI.

- Web Development: React+Redux frontend, NodeJS+Mongo+Postgres+Redis backend, syncing data with Meteor, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

Goodreads.com | Software Development Engineer / Senior Software Development Engineer | ONSITE San Francisco, California / Seattle, Washington / Arlington, Virginia | Full-time

Goodreads.com is the worlds largest community of readers and authors. Join Goodreads to solve problems at a massive scale and serve customers all over the world. Interested in high throughput web development? Backend tools used by other teams? Networking or Security? Goodreads is a chance to do it all.

Apply here - https://www.goodreads.com/jobs#openPositions

Wander | Full-time | Remote | https://wander.com

Wander is a network of smart homes that empowers remote professionals with the freedom to work from and live wherever they want. Whether it’s a week on the coast in Monterey relaxing with family or a month in the desert in Joshua Tree finishing your next book, a Wander Home is the perfect spot for your next workcation, vacation or anything in between.

We are hiring for:

-- React Native Engineers

Tech stack: TS/React/React Native/NextJS, GraphQL, Apollo Server, Google Cloud Functions, Postgres

Contact: If interested, please email me at nathan@ the domain above!

Flymachine | Frontend & Backend Engineers and Engineering Manager | Bay Area, NYC, or Remote in US (preferred) or Europe | Full-Time | https://flymachine.com

Flymachine is a livestreaming startup (~50 employees, ~15 engineers), pioneering the digital future of live events. A virtual venue for live entertainment, Flymachine creates a new, customizable experience in a digital world offering the thrill fans enjoy at live events. For the first time, fans have the agency to choose how they experience live entertainment socially - from the comfort of home, with friends and fellow fans from around the world.

Flymachine was conceived by the founders of Ticketfly, Superfly, [namethemachine], and ATC Management. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are seeking Frontend & Backend Engineers to work with our small but expert team to architect, develop, and oversee a robust platform for virtual event ticketing and streaming. As a fast-paced, early-stage startup, we require a skilled technical engineer and leader to develop various complex features around the platform, limit technical debt, and scale our services layer to hundreds of thousands of concurrent streaming users.

Links to open roles:

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/senior-backend-engineer

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/senior-frontend-engineer

- https://www.flymachine.com/careers/engineering-manager

Tech stack includes: C# .NET 5 microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL, GRPC, Kafka, Typescript, React, WebRTC

Keywords: distributed systems, microservices, streaming, webrtc, graphql, .net

If interested, send an email to jobs [at] flymachine [dot] com.

Uizard | Copenhagen/REMOTE | Deep learning engineer/ MLOps engineer / Plenty of other engineering positions

You will be joining a young and dynamic international team developing bleeding edge deep learning technology and shaping the future of UX design and development. We are 9 different nationalities, speak 10 different languages, we have been a remote-friendly company since day one, and we are so far distributed in 5 different countries with our HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Apply: https://angel.co/company/uizard-technologies/jobs

“ … a young and dynamic international team developing bleeding edge deep learning technology”

Are old people welcome in this “young and dynamic” team? Lol

Of course :)

Deedmob | Amsterdam, NL | Remote | Full Time (4 day work week) | Lead full stack TS engineer (React/Node)

We're a small profitable impact startup looking for an engineer who wants responsibility, meaningful work and non crazy work hours . See the in-depth description below in which I outline what kind of work you'd probably work on, our story and also reasons you shouldn't join us.


Apply above or by emailing me at david@deedmob.com Thanks, David :)

Distributed System Engineer | Remote (India) | Full-time | https://loconav.com/ LocoNav, a Sequoia Capital backed fleet-tech startup, is looking for passionate developers to join our software development team. With presence in 25+ countries and market leadership in India, we recently raised a Series B for $37Mn. We are now growing exponentially and want to work with awesome engineers at many levels to solve problems in IoT, ML and more. Developers with experience in building products at scale can email resumes directly to me at manik.singla@loconav.com.

Remetrik (Techstars Music 2021) | Lead Engineer (Backend/Full-Stack) | Remote

Remetrik is a SaaS solution that empowers the new generation of record labels, music publishers, and DIY creators with all the tools they need to run their business, including streamlined royalty accounting, analytics, and content and data management.

We're hiring a Lead Engineer (Python/Django/AWS).

We're very early stage and pre-launch, so this position will have significant influence on our technical direction.

Come join us in building really groovy things for an exciting industry!

More info here: https://angel.co/l/2vMKkJ

Abnormal Security (https://abnormalsecurity.com/) | Backend Engineer (Golang) | Remote or HQ (San Francisco, CA) | Full Time

We have built the world’s most sophisticated technology to understand each organization intimately so we can uniquely stop today’s most advanced email attacks.

We are looking for Golang Backend Engineer to join our Product Team to build email security products. https://abnormalsecurity.com/see-open-roles/?gh_jid=47299470...

Fractal | Systems Engineer | NYC/Remote Full-time/Fixed-Term (i.e. 6mo) | https://www.fractal.co/ Fractal is building the world's fastest browser by streaming it frm the cloud. Load pages instantly. Use 10x less memory. Enjoy complete privacy. Fractal is a supercharged version of Chrome that runs in the cloud.

Jobs page: https://tryfractal.notion.site/Fractal-Job-Board-a39b64712f0...

Grafbase (https://grafbase.com) | Rust, WASM, Serverless, GraphQL | Remote | Open-source | Full-time

Grafbase is a data platform for developers that enables you to deploy globally fast applications in seconds.

If you're passionate about serverless and edge computing you will feel at home at Grafbase. Come join the founding team!

You can see our open positions here: https://careers.grafbase.com/#section-jobs

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but the company is fully remote.

Apply using the link above or email us at join@grafbase.com

Crux OCM | Senior Software Engineer | Remote | North America | cruxocm.com

In this role you will work on the software development team building our core software product for automated control room operations.

We are looking for someone who is interested in applying their knowledge in new ways to advance Robotic Industrial Process Automation adoption into energy, followed by broader heavy industry adoption.

At Crux OCM you will find the most interesting and challenging problems of your career.

APPLY: https://jobs.lever.co/cruxocm/ee4f3f8d-252d-4a49-beb1-d843c5...

Best Parents | Remote (we coordinate from 7 AM to 10 AM Pacific Time, HQ is in SFBA) | Full-Time | Technical Team Lead

Best Parents is an edtech platform building the future of academic experiences, starting out by helping families choose the best international summer programs for their kids aged 11-17. Using AI, our platform will track each child's progress and success over the years and help them find the best subject to study in college.

We're currently pre-revenue, launching in October. We're presently recruiting for PMs, engineers and technical team leaders to form our marketing, data and experience teams.

Reach out to techhires at bestparents dotcom

Debrief | 2 Founding Engineers | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | Visa sponsorship available | $130k-$170k, 0.4-1%

Hello HN, I'm Ned, cofounder of Debrief (YC W21). Our mission is to improve the future of work with asynchronous video.

Our current solution helps organizations create, collaborate, and manage asynchronous videos via AI-driven transcription and search.

You can learn more at our careers page: https://www.getdebrief.com/careers or reach out to me directly at ned@getdebrief.com. Please let me know what interests you about the job!

Mode | https://mode.com/careers/ | San Francisco, CA | Remote | Full time

Mode is a modern analytics and BI solution that combines SQL, Python, R and visual analysis to answer questions faster.

Used by Segment, Shopify, Twitch, Lyft, Doordash, NYTimes. Learn more about customers. https://mode.com/customers/

Open roles: - Senior Back-End Engineer - Experience with production engineering, mostly Java, some Go and Python - Senior DevOps Engineer - Terraform, Go, AWS ECS

Ping me if you have questions.

Epic! | DevOps Engineer | REMOTE (US only) | Full-Time | https://www.getepic.com/

Help kids learn to read! Epic! is an American kids subscription-based reading and learning platform. It offers access to books and videos for children ages 12 and under. The service can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Tech stack: php, GCP, k8s, mysql


- Own monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure.

- Willingness to be on-call.

- Design and implement CI/CD pipelines


- Experience operating applications in GCP and on Kubernetes

- Maintenance and creation of CI/CD pipelines

- Advanced knowledge of databases (MySQL)

- Our stack is on PHP

Reach out to michelle { at } getepic { dot } com if interested!

TikTok | Software Engineer | Full Time| Singapore/United States/London | Global Hiring VISA SPONSORSHIP

I am a software engineering from TikTok, a short video product company you might already know. I am trying to make extra money by referring talents who are looking and don't mind to join ByteDance. Free free to reach me and ready for any consultant.


Hey, I'm really interested in this role. Can I send you my resume?

Cronometer | Revelstoke BC, Canada | Multiple Roles | Full Time

Cronometer is a leading nutrition tracking platform headquartered in a mountain-sports paradise. Bootstrapped over 10 years, now 35 people strong and growing. We are looking to add senior engineering talent to help grow and manage the team (i.e. senior roles in managing both the people side and the technical side). Our ideal team member also wants to come skiing, mountain biking, touring, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, etc... with us!


Sparkademy | Fully REMOTE.

Sparkademy has 10-20 employees, we provide online courses on innovation to corporate clients. We're based in Zurich, Switzerland. The product team is fully remote.

Looking for mid-level senior full-stack engineers, but open to great people (including INTERNS) in general:

Our tech stack is React, TypeScript, Python+Flask, Hasura+GraphQL, PostgreSQL.

  1) Apply here https://form.asana.com/?k=6JYV_ra_g6KY_prmwaOzsQ&d=1163315519655156. Expect a response within 1 month. Passing = Step 2.
  2) Complete a frontend & backend exercise. Passing = Step 3.
  3) Talk to our product team. Passing = Hired.

Vara | Berlin, Germany | Full-time | REMOTE possible but onsite preferred, VISA

At Vara, we use machine learning to improve the process of breast cancer screening. Our platform for radiologists reduces repetitive work and enables them to focus on cases which really matter. Learn more about us at: https://www.vara.ai/

We're currently hiring for various positions, including:

* full stack Clojure/ClojureScript engineer

* site reliability engineer

Apply for these and other roles at: https://vara.jobs.personio.de/

CareRev (YC S16) | Software Engineers | Fully Remote w/HQ in Los Angeles, CA | Full-Time We are hiring software engineers, project managers, and product managers of all levels.

CareRev's mission is to seamlessly connect healthcare facilities and professionals. Through our marketplace platform, we offer efficiency, flexibility, and opportunities for growth.

We recently took $50 million Series A funding round and we are growing rapidly!

Our stack is currently Ruby/Rails, React, Elm, and Postgres deployed on Heroku. We also leverage Kafka and Python within our data team. We also strategically leverage AWS services including RDS, EC2, S3, Lambda, IAM. We are also using Terraform to provision AWS and use over 40 services.

Find our careers page with all our postings here - https://grnh.se/072b12f63us

Backend Rails - Junior, Midlevel, Senior, Staff, and Principal (1+ years experience)

Frontend React - Junior, Midlevel, Senior, Staff, and Principal (0+ years experience)

iOS Native (Swift) - Mid, Sr, Staff (2+ years experience)

Android Native (Kotlin) - Mid, Sr, Staff (2+ years experience)

Devops - Senior, Staff (5+ years experience)

Data Engineer - Mid, Sr, Staff (2+ years experience)

Data Analyst - Senior (5+ years experience)

Technical Project Managers - Senior, Director levels (5+ years managing custom software development projects)

Engineering Manager (4+ years managing software teams, and preferably even more professional experience in software engineering projects - many types of backgrounds will be considered)

Product Managers - Mid, Senior, Staff (5+ years experience)

Support Engineer - Truly Entry Level!! - Recent Bootcamp & CS grads - this is your chance!

Security Engineer - COMING SOON! IT Helpdesk - COMING SOON! Data Scientist - COMING SOON! Salesforce Engineer - COMING SOON! Business Systems Engineer - COMING SOON!

Feel free to email me if you have questions: jody[at]carerev[dot]com

NK Labs., Cambridge MA, ONSITE, Full-Time.


We are hiring Electronic, Firmware and FPGA engineers.

NK Labs is a product/prototype design firm. But we are also working on Muon Catalyzed Fusion (we are working on an ARPA-E funded experiment):


Work actually is flexible, but need to be local enough to come to the lab when necessary.

D2iQ | https://d2iq.com/ | Remote - USA, UK, or Germany | Full-Time

D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere) is the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable organizations to embrace open source and cloud native innovations while delivering smarter Day 2 operations. With unmatched experience driving some of the world’s largest cloud deployments, D2iQ empowers organizations to better navigate and accelerate cloud native journeys with enterprise-grade technologies, training, professional services and support. Whether you are deploying your first Kubernetes workload, optimizing your business analytics with Spark or Jupyter, or looking to educate your developers on the benefits of cloud native, D2iQ has the expertise, services and technology to enable you on the journey. D2iQ is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in London and Hamburg, Germany. D2iQ investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Khosla Ventures, Microsoft, and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Open roles, all full-time remote in the US, UK, or Germany:

* Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/74565f5e1us

* Senior Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/530770c71us

* Staff Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/156ecc621us

* Senior Product Designer: https://grnh.se/aeaa1d7f1us

* Technical Content Developer: https://grnh.se/af695db51us

* Software Engineer- Front End: https://grnh.se/4dd48f3d1us

* Senior Software Engineer, Operations: https://grnh.se/a43bed281us

Fueled | Remote Locations | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs * All roles are remote.

-- Who We Are -- An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In -- You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles -- Frontend Marketing Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/57cd6a511us

Senior Backend Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/b59a80711us

Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/0709464b1us

Lead Project Manager | Remote | https://grnh.se/4cc325381us

Lead Technical Recruiter | Remote | https://grnh.se/5bfabf8c1us

Lead Mobile Engineer, iOS | Remote | https://grnh.se/401ecbed1us

Mobile Engineering Manager, iOS | Remote | https://grnh.se/a2b6b2dd1us

Mobile Engineering Manager, Android | Remote |https://grnh.se/3f48f50b1us

iOS Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/ae7ab1cc1us

Android Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/fde0ce591us

QA Engineer | Remote | https://grnh.se/c8c784cc1us

Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact Savanna Devers, Talent Coordinator (savanna@fueled.com) with any questions.

GoDaddy | Principal Engineer | Full-Time, Remote (PST oriented)


I'm hiring a Principal Engineer at GoDaddy... chill environment, diverse and interesting team, family friendly (9-5-ish), lots of compelling challenges but not super high stress. Side projects totally welcome and encouraged. We need someone who can be a React mentor to jr devs / OS Contributor / Help with AWS / Github Actions. Interested? Hit me up at jroig@godaddy.com, we'll set up 15 mins to chat about the role...

Applied Intuition | Recruiters, Software, Sr. Software, Sr Frontend | Bay Area, Detroit, Tokyo, Munich | Onsite, VISA | Full-time [ACTIVELY HIRING].

Help accelerate the future of autonomy. Applied Intuition provides the infrastructure to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles at scale. We've raised $176M from A16Z and General Catalyst. Applied Intuition equips engineering and product development teams with software that makes it faster, safer, and easier to bring autonomy to market. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Detroit, Tokyo, and Munich, Applied is composed of software and automotive experts from the top companies in the world (such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Waymo, Tesla, Delphi, GM, and Bosch).

We are hiring for all roles listed on our website, but the following roles are P0 priorities (across all experience levels):

- Application Software Engineers (Globally: Bay Area, Detroit, Tokyo, Munich, Seoul)

- Sales Reps (Globally)

- Sales Lead/Manager(Globally)

- Recruiters, Sourcers (Bay Area)

- Test Engineering Manager (Bay Area)

- Systems Engineer (Bay Area, Detroit)

- Gen. SWE, all levels (Bay Area, LA)

I joined Applied in 2020, and have only great things to say about the culture[1], the product, and the team. Our tech stack is cutting edge[2] and a blast to work on and our customers love us (and demand a lot from our product). If you're interested in bringing a deep software skillset to autonomous vehicles, Applied is a fantastic place to land in this industry. There is a wonderfully wide mix of age and experience here as well.

Apply online, every application is read: https://www.appliedintuition.com/careers or email me (def + @<company address>) with any questions.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM3-k-g3CV4

[2] http://blog.applied.co/frontend

Syapse | Cloud Engineer, Senior Cloud Engineer | REMOTE (USA) | Full-time | https://syapse.com/

Syapse uses real-world data to guide cancer care. Our data platform helps hospitals, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies analyze the care that cancer patients get, and plan how to improve it.

Stack for cloud engineers: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform.

More info on the roles: https://syapse.com/careers#t3

If you're interested, please email me at tom.briggs@ the domain name above.

Tenfold | Software Engineers | Austin, TX | REMOTE

We are a well-funded and growing startup hiring for a variety of software positions, seeking people with Node.js, Angular and Java experience as well as architects and program managers. We are hiring for remote positions in the US as well as in Austin. I joined in May and love it.

Check out our many openings at https://www.tenfold.com/careers -- you can reach me directly (email in profile) with questions or to send your resume to me directly and skip the HR resume pile.

Fast | Remote | Full - time | www.fast.co

Our mission at Fast is to make buying online faster, easier and safer. Backed by leading investors like Stripe & Index Venture, we are headquartered in San Fran but have a globally remote workforce.

We’re hiring significantly across all areas within our Engineering team including:

Backend Engineering - go/backendhrjobs

Senior Engineer - Infrastructure & Reliability - go/infrahrjobs

Site Reliability Engineers - go/srehrjobs

Senior Data Engineers - go/dataenghrjobs

Check out the rest of our open roles here - https://jobs.lever.co/fast

CodeStream (YC W18) | Remote | Full-time | https://www.codestream.com/

New Relic’s CodeStream (YC W18) extension brings modern collaboration tools into the developer’s IDE, allowing them to discuss and review code in ways previously not possible. CodeStream also brings the tools you use every day into the IDE to simplify your workflow and reduce context switching. This includes everything from reviewing PRs and creating tickets in your issue tracker, to leveraging observability in new and compelling ways.

The CodeStream team has deep roots in the startup world, and still operates with a startup mentality. We are looking for a problem-solving, highly skilled, elegant computer programmer who is self-motivated and comfortable working in a face-paced environment. This is a team of developers building tools FOR developers, and you should embrace your role in not just building the tools but also helping us shape the vision for the product.

We're looking for bold and passionate people to be a part of our mission to create more perfect software. We'd love to have you apply, even if you don't feel you meet every single requirement. What's most important to us is finding authentic and accountable people who feel connected to our mission and values, not just candidates who check off all the boxes.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Remote): http://app.jobvite.com/m?3XPC5mwk

Senior Software Engineer (Java/Kotlin) (Remote): http://app.jobvite.com/m?31PC5mwo

Senior Front-End Engineer (React) (Remote): http://app.jobvite.com/m?36PC5mwt

Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote): http://app.jobvite.com/m?3cPC5mwz

DevOps Engineer (Remote): http://app.jobvite.com/m?3dPC5mwA

Mavrck | Senior Software Engineers, Senior QA Engineers | Denver CO, Boston MA, Remote (US) | Full Time | https://www.mavrck.co/careers/

We're hiring multiple software and QA roles to work on the Mavrck platform. We have offices in Boston and Denver, with engineers in both locations as well as full time remote. Work from home is fully supported at any percentage of time for any location.

Our tech stack is Typescript (frontend and NodeJS backend), Kotlin/JVM backends, MySQL, Elasticsearch, AWS.

Planetary.social | Go / Swift Devs | Full-Time | Remote | $ Market | https://planetary.social

Help us build out secure scuttlebutt as an open protocol for decentralized social media that puts users in control. Work on open source to solve important problems in the world. Planetary is working with twitter's bluesky to build a better future.

We're looking dev's who want to work on our decentralized go lang implementation of secure scuttlebutt, the native iOS app in swift, and lead building our android app.

10x Genomics | Pleasanton, CA & San Francisco, CA | Remote (US Only) or Onsite

We're a biotech company that creates software, hardware, and chemistry to accelerate humanity's understanding of biology. 45% of our current employees have been hired over the pandemic and we're expanding to two additional properties near our HQ! One of these buildings is part of our brand new 381,000 sqft campus [0]. Additionally, we were named as one of the "Fortune Best Workplaces in the Bay Area 2021" [1].

We create software that enable scientists to analyze complex biological data. For example, a scientist may use our software to determine precisely which cell types could be cancerous. We utilize Go, React, Typescript, and Electron to create intuitive visualization and web applications. Our data pipelines are primarily written using the Numpy/Scipy/Pandas stack, but we're making increasing use of Rust [2].

We've always been and continue to be remote-friendly for many roles. We're looking for awesome people at various levels for the following roles: Frontend Engineer, Product Manager, Full-stack Engineer, Backend Engineer, Security Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Engineer in Test, and many more.

You can learn more and see all our job listings here: https://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/software. Feel free to contact me directly at kevin.wu@10xgenomics.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and good luck with your search!

[0]: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/27/business/office-space-con...

[1]: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/best-workplaces/bay-area/20...

[2]: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03382-2

Roostify | San Francisco, CA | Remote in USA | Full-Time | Java Eng, React Dev, Sr. DevOps, RoR Dev, SRE, Support Eng |

Roostify is a fast growing FinTech startup transforming the mortgage industry with an innovative and integrated platform that’s streamlining the entire digital lending experience.

We are hiring devs for both our main platform and our Data & AI team.

You can find these and all of our other current openings at: https://www.roostify.com/open-positions

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Java, React, AWS, Python, Bash, JS, CSS

EveryAction | Software Team Lead | REMOTE ONSITE | Full-site | everyaction.com

We are hiring for several engineering and engineering-adjacent positions. Here's a point-in-time list, but you can get a more accurate accounting from our careers page at https://www.everyaction.com/careers/ .

- Software Team Lead - Boston/Somerville - C#/React/MSSQL - https://ngpvan.applytojob.com/apply/VKqDeWELMi/Software-Team...

- Software Team Lead - DC - C#/React/MSSQL - https://ngpvan.applytojob.com/apply/qWp5Pq4zb8/Software-Team...

Why EveryAction?

EveryAction is the fastest-growing and second-largest software company for nonprofits. We provide SaaS tools, built around a unified CRM, that empower our clients to be more effective and do more good. We do exciting and important work that has a significant impact on promoting civil rights, social justice, and environmental responsibility. We've worked closely with every major Democratic Presidential campaign since Obama 2008, and our non-profit clients include organizations like Audubon, Covenant House, Feeding America, NAACP, and Special Olympics.

We do our best to hire people who are smart, dedicated, and not too full of themselves. We value work-life balance and our benefits package demonstrates that: 5 weeks of paid time off, 11 annual holidays, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, 100% premium-paid health/dental/vision, employer retirement contributions, and an ongoing education allowance.

EveryAction believes a diverse, inclusive staff makes us a stronger company and better partner for our clients. Women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and members of other minority or marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. We’re committed to hiring people on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need, and EveryAction is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Dashdoc | Software engineers | Paris or Nantes, France | ONSITE 2 days/week | Full-time

We're building a next generation software platform for the freight trucking industry.

Lots of interesting challenges, great team! We're launching in 2 new countries next year.

We're looking for people who are autonomous and want to have an impact on the product. We work with the shape up method (no scrum!).

Also hiring product managers and designers.


Whimsical | Remote US, Canada, EU & UK | Full-Time | Senior Backend and Frontend Engineers | https://whimsical.com

Whimsical is the thinking and collaboration tool for distributed work. Our software helps thousands of customers—from individuals to Fortune 500—to work together more effectively.

Our back-end stack is Clojure, Postgres, Redis, ECS, and is AWS based.

Our front-end stack is Cljs, Reframe, Reagent, among others.

You can apply at https://whimsical.com/careers.

Rigetti Computing | Staff/Senior Software and Infrastructure Engineers | REMOTE (US & Canada) | Full-Time | https://www.rigetti.com

Rigetti is building fullstack, end to end quantum computing services and technology at a commercialized scale. We just launched our first multi-region deployment of our quantum computing technology in the UK: https://medium.com/rigetti/rigetti-brings-practical-quantum-... We operate the worlds first dedicated quantum integrated circuit foundry, and through our Quantum Cloud Systems (QCS) platform, we put our first quantum computers on the cloud back in 2017 to provide complete remote user access to our quantum computers to allow our customers to do simulations and write quantum code on their classical computers, and now serve customers like NASA, Amazon, DARPA, DoE and more!

We're hiring for a wide spread of software engineering talent, from core web services and infrastructure engineers, to compiler engineers. Stack is largely heavy in Go, Python, Rust, React, and SQL, deploying infrastructure in kubernetes with terraform/docker on AWS. We are a wellness focused, offer a wide array of benefits such as Rigetti Rejuvenation company wide days off (more can be viewed in our JDs).

If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to our talent team at recruiting@rigetti.com or apply directly at one of these links:

Staff Infrastructure Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/rigetti/60577ef8-71a6-42aa-8c82-7c30c2...

Senior Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/rigetti/da48d3b7-3ebd-4afb-b6cb-04161c...

Senior Software Engineer, Quantum Compilation: https://jobs.lever.co/rigetti/0a4d3078-67ff-49ab-89b4-fcdb70...

Visa | Senior Data Scientist | London, UK | Full-time | ONSITE

We're looking for a passionate and ambitious Data Scientist to join the UK & Ireland Data Science team at Visa Europe. You'll be working closely with Visa Consulting & Analytics in the co-development of data-driven solutions to help our clients grow their businesses.

Learn more and apply at https://smrtr.io/6VKpX

Savvy | Remote | Full-time | https://savvy.insure Savvy is completely revolutionizing the way that people shop for car insurance. Instead of filling out countless forms answering questions that nobody knows the answers to, Savvy uses a Plaid-for-insurance API to extract a person’s existing policy information and automatically retrieves offers for insurance shoppers. This transformation in the car insurance shopping experience empowers consumers to get the best deal and has helped people save millions on their auto insurance.

Savvy is already a profitable, healthy business, but we’re looking to expand our fully-remote team so we can grow the business - pulling in additional offers to help users find better deals, offering other types of insurance to help users save even more on their policies. Members of our team value extreme ownership, speed, collaboration, and craftsmanship - if these values resonate with you, you’ll fit right in!

A modern, cloud-based tech stack powers our systems behind the scenes - a mix of Kubernetes orchestrated pods and serverless API endpoints does the heavy lifting. We’re a JS shop, so JavaScript everywhere, all the time - React on the front end, Node / TypeScript on the backend (they had to stop me from using a PLV8-enabled PostgreSQL instance). Our comprehensive CI suite (3000+ automated tests on a codebase <12 months old) empowers us to have a full CD pipeline (<9 minutes from merge to live on production).

Here are our openings:

Senior Software Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/savvyinsure/jobs/4000894004

Staff Software Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/savvyinsure/jobs/4004379004

Director of Engineering https://boards.greenhouse.io/savvyinsure/jobs/4001031004

Apply directly on Greenhouse or send inquiries directly to hiring@savvy.insure.

Fullscript | Remote US & Canada | www.fullscript.com/careers

Fullscript is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Canada and has grown over 600% in 2021.

Our goal is to be the platform that unifies and simplifies the integrative medicine treatment experience.

We are hiring engineers for both our Core and Product Engineering teams

- Javascript Engineers - Ruby Engineers - Technical Leaders

Check out our developer handbook or contact Kim Rutke for more info https://brand.fullscript.com/developer-handbook.html

7shifts | Canada | Remote | Full-time | https://www.7shifts.com/careers At 7shifts, we're building a team and product that will help change the restaurant industry for the better, one shift at a time.

Our product simplifies team management and improves performance for restaurants, freeing up time for managers to focus on serving their customers. 7shifts focuses 100% on the restaurant industry and works with best-in-class technology partners to seamlessly integrate all of the stages in the employee lifecycle - from hiring, training, scheduling, paying and engaging/retaining.

Our app-server is primarily ReactJS -> PHP -> MySQL. Our Android and iOS apps are fully native.

* IOS Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=153&source=hn

* Android Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=121&source=hn

* Senior PHP/ReactJS Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=4&source=hn

* PHP/ReactJS Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=43&source=hn

* Web Developer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=155&source=hn

* Engineering Manager https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=48

* DevOps Engineer https://7shifts.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=197

MeetKai | Full-Time / Intern | REMOTE | Los Angeles / US + 50 others | 60-200K + Equity for qualified candidates | https://meetkai.com/careers

We are a startup in the conversational AI space, co-founded by a founder of a >30bn cap tech company. We are hiring Engineers and (general talents) of all levels, If you are excited about any of these bullet points email jobs@meetkai.com to learn more.

* Web Development

* Search and Personalization

* Mobile apps written in Flutter

* Language understanding

* Design

(Being multilingual is a HUGE plus / no recruiters)

enrich | Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote | https://joinenrich.com

enrich is the world's most credible knowledge network-- a curated professional community that leaders at the world's most innovative and successful companies rely on to help them thrive.

enrich blends a unique set of digital and IRL experiences to help users connect and learn in a way that's best for them. The product components which make up this experience include: closed door peer topic-based group discussions, bat signal/1:1 matching, mastermind groups, and a dynamic searchable directory of vetted professionals with robust profiles of what they know.

We are seeking a talented technical lead lead to join our team! Ideal candidates are well organized, technically savvy, extremely detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills. You should be analytical, pragmatic, detail-oriented, highly executional and interested in building online communities.

You will work directly with enrich CEO & Co-Founder, and play an integral role in setting the key infrastructure of the business. We have a distributed team and welcome remote team members.

Our stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node JS

Full JD here: https://joinenrich.notion.site/Engineering-Technical-Lead-30...

If interested, please send your resume/LinkedIn to danielle at joinenrich dot com with the name Technical Lead in the subject.

Da Vinci Derivatives | C++ Software engineer | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Onsite| Visa sponsored

We're an algorithmic trading firm, which is a world where developers have a very direct, tangible impact on the business results. We have high standards for code quality, you'll work with smart, dedicated colleagues.

You'll tackle latency, concurrency, throughput challenges, working on distributed, real-time systems which's performance determine either profit or loss.

contact bernhart - AT - davinciderivatives.com if you're interested.

Soda Health (www.sodahealth.com) | Backend Engineer | Chicago or Remote ET/CT/MT | Full Time

$6M funded startup addressing health inequity in the US.

Our first product will provide lower-income and older folks an insurance-funded payment card to put healthy food on their tables, help with utility payments to keep them warm and safe, and get them to their doctor’s office if needed.

Golang, GCP, super strong engineering team: avg 12 years experience, 100% have had successful (and unsuccessful!) startup exits

If you are interested email me — chris.brown at the domain mentioned above

I'm reminded of Michael Bolton from Office Space =)

Seriously though good luck I truly hope y'all can crack that space we so very desperately need something different, and I applaud the efforts!

blindnet | Java Engineer / Scala Engineer / Solutions Engineer / Developer Advocate | New York or US / Paris or France - Remote | Full Time/Perm

blindnet is a VC-backed tech startup operating from Paris and New York on a journey to transform the internet software industry and make data privacy protection a reality in every software application in the world. We believe that data privacy must be the number one priority without exceptions. We are on a mission to build developer tools that will enable seamless integration of data encryption workflows and anonymity into any software application. We want that next generation software systems bring the highest level of data privacy protection for their users, by default. We are a multicultural startup and our first value is the respect of diversity between us, which is one of our most valuable assets. Our culture is therefore characterized by the appreciation of the other in all its forms.

Blindnet has a culture of sharing which is particularly suitable for learning. Onboarding with us now you’ll see all the phases of a startup’s exponential growth having the opportunity to learn tremendously.

We’re searching for Java Engineer, Scala Engineer and Security Engineer to complete our dream-team!

Up to €78k + equipment of your choice + equity + plus a lot of other benefits

Full job descriptions here: https://angel.co/company/blindnet/jobs

We'd love to hear from you - recruitment@blindnet.io

We are building the YouTube for podcasts | Zencastr | https://jobs.lever.co/zencastr | Remote |

Why join us? Your favorite podcast probably records with us. Fully distributed team. No HQ just happy coders across the world. We are remote 100% and staying that way.

Currently have 8-10% of the active podcast creator market on our platform. 100% YoY Revenue growth.

Former TikTok early employee + Techstars employee as founders. Early engineers from Viber, Lyft, TikTok on the team.

The Design Project | Part-Time / Contract | Remote (office available) | Atlanta, GA, USA | Product designer | https://designproject.io

We are a design team that builds products for startups backed by YC and top VCs like Accel, Sequoia, A16Z, Redpoint.

More info & Apply: https://angel.co/l/2vUhjf

And feel free to e-mail me at alessandro [at] designproject.io

Hello Alessandro, I am Niky, a fullstack developer who loves design from Indonesia. Escpecially about UI/UX design. I do design by Adobe XD. It's a great news for me to hear that your company needs product designer. Please contact me at nikyayulestari@gmail.com if you need my help. I would love to join and start my first international experience from you, thank you.

Best regards, Niky Ayu Lestari

Gigs (YC W21) | Multiple Roles | Full-time |Remote or Berlin (Visa sponsored) | Senior Frontend Engineer | Senior Backend Engineer | Senior API Engineer | Senior UI Designer Gigs is building Stripe for SIM cards. Providing phone and data plans though an API, globally. A+ team. inc. ex SoundCloud, Travis CI, Apple. Raised from A-List VCs and founders. Our Stack: RoR, JS, Next, React. Open to: Golang, Elixir, RoR Feel free to reach out to founders@gigs.tel

Wesleyan University | Assistant Professor of CS (tenure track) | Middletown, CT, ONSITE | VISA | Full-time


Wesleyan University is growing its Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

All research areas are considered.

Duties include conducting an independent program of research, teaching, advising and mentoring students, and participating in faculty governance at the departmental and university level.

Jane | Remote (North America) | Remote | https://www.iheartjane.com

Jane Technologies, Inc. has developed the cannabis industry's first real-time marketplace, where consumers can discover and order cannabis online. We believe in the cannabis industry's ability to bring well-being, health, and love into this world, and it is our mission to bring confidence to the cannabis shopping experience.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/jane

Here are our open roles:

* DevOps Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/531471200...

* Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/428647700...

* Lead Security Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/549800800...

* Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/471672000...

* Technical Lead: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/469587900...

* Lead Product Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/533739900...

Tech Stack: Backend: Ruby on Rails. Frontend: ReactJS + Typescript.

Alley | UX Developer | Software Developer | Full-time, Remote (US & Canada Only)

We’re hiring at Alley (alley.co)! We’re looking for software developers and ux developers to join our team. We’re a people first, equity-minded company and we hope you’ll join us! Apply using the links below:

UX Developer: https://bit.ly/3uG3cDd Software Developer: https://bit.ly/3patr3z



At Superformula, we use design and engineering to elevate the way people interact with the world. We are customer experience experts—creatives, engineers, and enterprise roadmap consultants flexing our skills to design and deliver world-class digital products for our clients. We are also expanding!

We’re a 100% remote team, fully distributed across 10 countries, and supporting our clients across EST to PST timezones. We have been operating this way for over 10 years. Here’s a brief intro of our open roles:

- [Senior] C# .NET Engineer: You possess a strong understanding of the .NET ecosystem, are highly experienced in C#, and are a natural thought-leader that takes ownership of work items and helps to cultivate new ones with a Product-first mindset -- https://careers.superformula.com/o/c-net-full-stack-engineer...

- [Senior] Mobile Flutter Engineer (US-based): You are experienced in building enterprise-scale and production-ready applications. This is a high-visibility product team where you will make a positive impact on CX in the mobile banking or hospitality industry -- https://careers.superformula.com/o/mobile-flutter-engineer-d...

- [Senior] Technical Product Manager: You have experience designing, developing, and shipping digital experiences as a humble but confident product leader. If you're a passionate auto enthusiast, then you'll love this team -- https://careers.superformula.com/o/sr-product-manager-digita...

You can check out our careers page for more openings: https://careers.superformula.com/?source=hackernews

Dent Reality | London/UK | ONSITE/HYBRID (remote for now) | Full-time | https://www.dentreality.com/

We’re an AR mapping company, building the digital layer for the physical world. We’ve previously built the most popular open-source project for Apple’s AR platform (4k+ stars on GitHub), now we’re taking our work with AR navigation to indoor spaces.

We’re a small, but rapidly growing, early-stage start-up supported by some of the most prominent investors in technology and retail (including the ex-CTOs of Macy’s, Sainsbury’s and Tumblr; the founder of Indeed.com; and the first VC fund to invest in Oculus VR).

We’re currently deploying our solution in a leading UK grocery retailer and we’re expanding our team across iOS, Android and Web. We are looking for like minded individuals who share our interest in AR, see the opportunities within the space, take ownership and have pride in their work.

Here are our open roles:

- Lead Android Developer: https://careers.dentreality.com/jobs/1271921-senior-android-...

- Snr Backend Developer: https://careers.dentreality.com/jobs/1266800-senior-backend-...

- Backend Developer: https://careers.dentreality.com/jobs/1266801-backend-develop...

- Full Stack Developer: https://careers.dentreality.com/jobs/1266799-full-stack-deve...

- iOS Developer: https://careers.dentreality.com/jobs/1271949-ios-developer

- Or just to connect: https://careers.dentreality.com/connect

NavigatorCRE | Seattle/Remote | DevOps and Fullstack Developers | Fulltime | https://navigatorcre.com

NavigatorCRE is a growing proptech company that is attempting to change the way Commercial Real Estate is managed and reported on. We provide a cloud based platform to host clients data, provide visualizations and easy management options, and have a top of the line BI team to provide analytics about our clients data. We just closed our Series A funding, having raised $17.2 million, and have landed some of the largest CRE companies in the world as our clients.

My name is Jason, I'm the Director of Engineering here at Navigator. I have a small team of 4 Full Stack developers, a QA, as well as 3 Data Engineers and a Project Manager under me. We are looking to grow our team by 2/3 Mid level Full Stack Developers as well as to have someone come in to be our DevOps lead.

Tech Stack: We have our existing platform which runs on C#/.Net 4.8 and a plain javascript/Kendo MVVM front end. This platform is mostly in maintenance mode at this point, occasionally we get some change requests but it's at the point where the company is happy with it, and our clients think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. However poor design decisions and a lack of focus on automated testing has caused the application to become difficult to extend and grow. That's why I have gotten sign off on a complete ground up rewrite, which is in it's early stages. We will be using .Net 5 with an NX/Angular front end and a focus on properly using RxJS to it's full potential. We are also committed to staying evergreen with updates (as soon as .Net 6 releases, we will be upgrading).

How we work: We do all our development as Mob Development. Our day is spent on a zoom call from 10AM PST to 4PM PST. (Lunch and Breaks excepting). Every one of my team loves working in this style, if this is something that interests you, reach out and I can get you in touch with some of them to hear their experiences.

Anyways, this is starting to get fairly long. So I'll wrap it up. If you want to work with a great group of developers in a team that emphasizes work life balance, and enjoy laughing at stupid memes and jokes then shoot me an email with your resume jason@navigatorcre.com.

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time ae.studio

We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions.

We are hiring top notch professionals passionate about software development, data science, design or product management to work with our amazing team creating human agency increasing software!

Full descriptions: https://ae.studio/join-us

Different Dog | Full Stack Developer (node/react) | Remote from UK/EU | Full-time | https://www.differentdog.com

Our dog food is the best in it's class, we're now building a tech team to ensure the website can grow along with the fast pace of the business.

Looking for a full stack Node.js and React developer to be a founding member of the tech team to help plan, build, and scale our next iteration.

Email tech@differentdog.com to know more.

Paperspace (YCW15)| Brooklyn, NY | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE Paperspace builds tools and infrastructure to make accelerated computing simple and accessible. We're hiring for a variety of roles, and we'd love to connect if you're interested!

• Solutions Engineer

• Senior Software Engineers

• Senior Site Reliability Engineers

• Data Engineer

• Head of Growth

Want to learn more? Email recruiting@paperspace.com or view and apply to open roles at https://paperspace.com/careers.


Back is a Berlin-based software company that equips teams like HR, IT, and Finance with the tools they need to provide a great employee experience at scale. From simple questions about policies or remaining vacation days to entire processes like onboarding or parental leave requests – with Back, employees always get the information and support they. Our customers use Back to connect their favourite business apps like Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat, Notion, Jira, BambooHR, etc.

Wondering who our customers are? Loom, Statista, and Soundcloud might ring a bell, just to name a few.

How do we build Back? Our frontend stack is Typescript, React and GraphQL. Our backend is written in Go, and our machine learning services in Python. Finally, all of it is connected using gRPC and Protobuf.

Where are we? Our office is in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. Part of our team is working remotely. Our only requirement is that you are +/- 2 hours timezone and willing to come to Berlin once a month for team events.

Curious to see who your future colleagues would be? Go have a look at http://bit.ly/working-at-Back

We're hiring:

- a Senior Frontend Engineer http://bit.ly/senior-frontend-engineer

- a Backend Engineer http://bit.ly/back-backend-engineer-3

- a Machine Learning Engineer http://bit.ly/back-machine-learning-engineer

- a Product Design Lead https://bit.ly/back-product-designer-lead

You can send me an email at <my first name>@backhq.com if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

James - CTO @ Back https://www.backhq.com

REMOTE | Collective[i] is a pioneer in digital sales transformation providing companies with critical intelligence that is essential for sales teams to compete and succeed in the modern age. Our mission is to fuel global prosperity by enabling companies around the world to forecast, optimize and grow revenue.


Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Data Scientist

Front End Developer

Senior Data Engineer

Whiteboards.io | Software Engineer | Remote (EU timezones) | https://whiteboards.io

Whiteboards.io is a collaborative real time space for teams. We are looking for new team members who will help us grow the product.

React, GCP, Firebase, Typescript, Twilio

Software Engineer: https://spartez.com/full-job-offer?gh_jid=4613994003

Cedar AI | Seattle | Full-time software engineers

Cedar AI is a small Seattle-based startup building management and automation products for short line and class 1 railroads. Our team is a mix of engineers from major tech companies (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Uber) and railroad industry veterans.

We're looking for frontend and backend engineers. Our current stack is mostly React, Python, Java, and Go on AWS.

Email: hn@cedarai.com


Cool product. Remote policy?

syllable.ai | Senior Software Engineer | Onsite / Remote Sunnyvale, CA and Seattle, WA Link: https://syllable.ai/careers/software-engineer-3C3E31C2AE/ Technologies: AI / ML NLP, SIP/RTP, Python, Data Pipelines, React / Redux, AWS, Docker

Syllable is a healthcare technology company that uses artificial intelligence to help patients while lowering cost for hospitals and medical groups. The Syllable platform consists of knowledge graphs, custom machined learned models, a proprietary chatbot framework for the web, and even telephony infrastructure for voice bots. Syllable uses an agile development process and releases new versions of it's software on a weekly basis to our customers. Syllable is growing fast in healthcare. We are hiring for positions including Senior Software Engineers (front end, back end, and full stack) and DevOps. Our engineering offices are located in Sunnyvale, CA and Bellevue, WA.

Benefits: Silicon Valley market rate compensation, stock options, premium health care benefits for employees and families and an excellent vacation plan. We encourage a culture of work-life balance.

Touchpoint Group | Senior Java Developer | New Zealand | Full Time | https://ipiphany.ai Ipiphany is an AI Feedback Analytics product used by companies such as Uber, Verizon, Bank of Montreal and JP Morgan.

Looking for senior java developer based in New Zealand - ideally with some experience working with Ontologies, NLP and Graph technologies.

Interested? Email steves@touchpointgroup.com


Uploadcare | DevRel / Dev Advocate / Technical community builder | Fully Remote | Full-time

Uploadcare’s looking for a Technical community builder to join on our Product + Dev marketing team!

Love working with devs + building community?

Learn more and apply:


Bolt | Software Engineering | https://www.bolt.com | Onsite or Remote

Commerce is moving online faster than ever, and our Engineering team (ex FB/Google/Twitter/Uber) cannot build fast enough to meet demand. We need Mobile, Senior Engineers, and Engineering Managers for our 2021 goals.

If up for it, connect with us over a 15min zoom coffee next week to share more: sam.greinetz@bolt.com

Flaconi | Berlin, Germany | Full-time | https://www.flaconi.de/

Python, Node.js, Java and/or PHP, Flutter, AWS, GraphQL, React

flaconi is one of the largest online pure player for beauty products in Germany. The online shop’s extensive portfolio consists of more than 850 international brands and 55.000 products in the categories perfume, skin care, make-up, hair care, natural cosmetics and accessories. The online shop covers, from drugstore over organic cosmetics to premium, all product segments. flaconi was founded in 2011 and today already employs over 450 people at three locations, at its headquarters in Berlin-Charlottenburg and its logistics centre, as well as the flaconi Concept Store in Berlin Mitte. The German online shop has won numerous awards and is also represented in Austria and Poland.

* (Senior) Frontend Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi/0b739ccc-2b26-43db-ad9d-94c60f...

* (Senior) Software Engineer Backend - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi/554362ee-59d0-4fb6-b359-3a6131...

* Engineering Manager - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi/4dddf911-57db-4fc7-a974-2abcab...

* Mobile Engineer Flutter - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi/9b1d830a-9891-4f58-8648-e3ebee...

* Software Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi/57fe1fb0-8a7a-429b-9439-aed245...

More open positions across Finance, design, UX, marketing, people & culture - https://jobs.lever.co/flaconi?lever-via=sl2NUVMHHM

Oracle | Senior Engineer | Austin, TX or Seattle, WA or Remote US, Canada | Full time

I'm hiring for a senior engineer to work on Scala-based web services at Oracle. You’ll be using technologies such as Kubernetes, ZIO, Terraform, and of course Scala. If you have ever wondered what it is like to apply Functional Programming principles on large scale software systems then this is the role you’ll be interested in.

Please reach out to me at justin.ko@oracle.com.

byrd (https://getbyrd.com) | Berlin, Germany / Barcelona, Spain | Multiple Roles | Full-time | Visa Support | Logistics / Supply Chain

1) Senior Front-End Engineer 2) Senior Python Engineer

Backend: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL (SQL Alchemy), Heroku / AWS

Frontend: Angular 10, Ngrx, Material, Karma / Jasmine, AWS S3 / CloudFront

Apply now: https://getbyrd.com/en/jobs/

About byrd:

byrd is a logistics start-up which aims to make shipping a simple and effortless experience.

Fulfillment warehouses and online sellers suffer from old and outdated software that is un-intuitive and hard to use. We want to change that by using state of the art technology to disrupt the European logistics industry!

We built a platform that connects multiple partner warehouses with e-commerce online shops. This logistic network helps our customers to ship more efficiently than ever before and enables them to provide the same high quality service such as online giants like Amazon or Zalando.

byrd was founded in 2016, is a successful series B startup with real customers, and we’re looking for your help to support us in growing further!


Prizeout is an alternate cash out mechanism leveraging gift cards and brand bonuses for all online wallets. It’s a great place to work and we are actively looking to fill the positions.

We are looking to fill engineering positions at all levels as well as other strategic positions across the org.

Tech stack: GCloud+Teraform Postgres Node/python React

Sense | https://sense.com | Boston, Montreal, Remote | Full-Time

Hi. I'm Ryan, VP of Engineering and cofounder at Sense. We're serious about having a real impact on climate change, and we're growing!

We're building an AI and automation platform for home energy infrastructure to reduce global carbon emissions by making homes smart and efficient. Come join our team and ship a great consumer product built on our unique machine learning technology. We have a wide range of interesting technical challenges, a deep stack that spans embedded, native mobile, web, and the cloud, and a team of highly curious, collaborative engineers who enjoy solving hard problems together.

Open roles:

- Front-end engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/8ABE5ED3ED

- Embedded engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/ADDB5A7717

- Backend engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/D0B053AC9E

- Software QA engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/A4DE9F10B8

- Android engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/F10ACF74F4

- iOS engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/604E967DBB

- Machine learning scientist - https://apply.workable.com/j/47B2E3C4A5

- Electrical engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/EF829F4E07

- Senior manufacturing engineer - https://apply.workable.com/j/A78BB67127

Open to remote from Portugal?

MyFitnessPal | REMOTE - United States | VISAS OK | Full-time | Fitness & Wellness | https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal MyFitnessPal is the leading app for tracking—and conquering—your nutrition and fitness goals. Log meals from a database of 14 million foods, track physical activity, and learn how to build healthy habits that stick. With more than 500 recipes, 150 workout routines, and a variety of expert-guided meal and workout plans, you’ll have the support you need for your entire health and fitness journey.


Staff Android Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3246866

Senior Android Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3432828

Senior iOS Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/2560383

Senior Staff Backend Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3527458

Senior Reliability Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3386833

Backend Engineering Manager - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3527612

VP, Engineering - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3465207


Senior Product Manager, Food Data - https://boards.greenhouse.io/myfitnesspal/jobs/3317036

Hey, I'm the founder of https://rugpullindex.com. We're currently a few contractors:

1. Scott (biz dev)

2. Vaibhav (dev)

3. Parth (dev)

4. me (dev)

We're seeking a mix of freelancer and long term contributor. Ideally technical knowledge: JS, Ethereum, web3.

If you do UI design or front end (HTML, CSS): We need that right now.

We're a weird company. No interviews. We only pay crypto. E.g. stable coins like USDC. All remote. As async as possible.

HMU via email.

PostHog | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full Time | https://posthog.com

We're an open source platform for product analytics that took off after a launch HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22376732). Our mission is to increase the number of successful products in the world. We've raised nearly $30M since that post under 2 years ago, and have around 15K developers in our community.

There are two key roles open at the moment:

* A developer who likes to speak to customers. We are getting swamped dealing with inbound demand and are growing revenue by 50% month over month. I need our very first customer success manager - to help get customers what they need, and to ensure they're deployed and configured. This isn't a support ticket role, it's about making sure our customers, who are usually very technical, are successful, including (inbound) sales. We could see this fitting an ex-founder really well, but we're open. Our vision for customer success is a strong focus on tooling, documentation and automation, not on building a huge team. Above everything, you need to be proactive, smart, able to help solve technical problems, empathetic and someone that enjoys building relationships.

* A developer who loves writing - especially tutorial type content, and could own this for us. We've got lots of docs that detail what the product does, but we want to focus on explaining how to build a more successful product, and how PostHog can help achieve those. You might be writing about how to use our SDKs one day, or how to improve activation rates another. Bonus points for a data engineering background.

What it's like:

* Fast and direct! * Focus is on written and asynchronous communication. * Autonomous. You choose your quest. Small team structure to enable this. * Transparent - almost all our work is open source, public handbook, public compensation, internally shared board meetings and investment updates before they happen.

Learn more about working here at https://posthog.com/careers

Email me and links to any relevant online profile personally - james@posthog.com, and cc in careers@posthog.com.

Mein Grundeinkommen e.V. is hiring a Frontend-Developer in Berlin (onsite)

We are a Berlin based NGO exploring how a unconditional universal income might benefit our society.


Wave Financial | Senior Engineers, Leads, Managers | Toronto or remote within Canada; international relocation assistance available | https://www.waveapps.com

At Wave, we give small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools they need to make, manage, and move their money.

That starts with a team that’s passionate about serving these small business owners. We’re unwavering in our commitment to making sure the brilliant, hard-working Wavers who make up our team are empowered to do the best work of their careers and thrive in every aspect of their lives. We invest in growing your skills, scope, and responsibilities.

At Wave, you won’t just write code — you’ll build high-quality systems at scale. This means being involved in the research, design, and organizational and maintenance practices behind our wide range of applications, which are relied upon by tens of thousands of small business owners. Most Wave engineers are willing and able to dive into different technologies to get the job done. This requires curiosity, openness to new ideas and perspectives, a genuine interest in what makes software products tick, and a commitment to the craft of software development.

We're not fussy about what tech stack you've used in the past, but we primarily work with Python, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL, and also have teams working in Ruby on Rails, React Native, and Go. We have a great office in the East End of Toronto, but we’re also committed to remote work (within Canada only for now) being an equal option for the long term. Right now we’re mainly looking for Senior Engineers, Team Leads, and Managers; but we’re always expanding and opening up new roles, so drop us a line even if you’re not sure you fit those profiles.

More info on Wave Engineering and ways to get in touch: https://www.beforeyouapply.com/team/engineering-at-wave

More info on Wave careers: https://www.waveapps.com/about-us/careers

Apply to open roles: https://jobs.lever.co/waveapps?department=Development

WeaveGrid | https://www.weavegrid.com | Engineering, Design, BizDev, Utility Solutions and more | Full-time | SF

We’re on a mission to drive rapid decarbonization in global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

Our software makes it cheaper and easier for utilities to support the growth of electric vehicles, increase renewable energy adoption and save their customers money.

We’re rapidly growing, in-market with major utility contracts and backed by some of the best energy and technology investors around - coming off a recent Series A raise featuring Coatue, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, The Westly Group, and others.

Every role offers the opportunity to have a huge impact on our team, culture, technology and the sustainable energy transition.

Technologies we’re using include Python, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, CircleCI.

More background on us and our mission here: https://www.weavegrid.com/careers

A sampling of open roles -

Software Engineer, Distributed Systems: https://www.weavegrid.com/positions/software-engineer-distri...

Frontend Tech Lead: https://www.weavegrid.com/positions/senior-frontend-engineer...

Security and Compliance Lead: https://www.weavegrid.com/positions/security-and-compliance-...

Software Engineering Lead, Utility Solutions: https://www.weavegrid.com/positions/software-engineering-lea...

Interested, but don’t see your role listed - reach out here: https://airtable.com/shrjPrFFdK7nzQxlx#

nod.ai | Wherever you want in the US | https://nod.ai

Come work on A.I Compilers, Runtimes and ML Systems in an _all_ engineer team. No PHBs.

We are looking for A.I Compiler Engineers, ML Systems Engineers and GPU performance engineers. You need to be a 10/10 in C++, a 11/10 in CS fundamentals, be passionate about solving problems and work with an all engineer team. Solid Math background is a bonus. ML experience is not-required.

Intrigued? Click to apply below or email stdin@nod.ai

ML Systems Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2672088148

A.I Compiler Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2672085303/

GPU / CUDA Performance Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2698156193/

Erias Ventures | Maryland | Software, System, Data Scientists, Data Engineers | Fulltime | Fully Cleared

Doing cleared work with a company who enjoys Hacker News just as much as you! Erias Ventures is a startup focused on providing engineering solutions ranging from enterprise development to data science. We provide a top-notch compensation package and are looking for entrepreneurial-minded folks to join our team.

Baltimore Aircoil Company | Data Engineer | Onsite | Baltimore, Maryland

At Baltimore Aircoil Company, our mission is to continually advance truly sustainable cooling – inspired by nature, powered by our people – for a world that depends on it to grow, succeed, and thrive.

Baltimore Aircoil Company is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of evaporative cooling, thermal storage, and heat transfer equipment. BAC products are sold to the commercial building market as components for air conditioning systems, to the food industry for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and to a broad range of industries for process and power installations equipment cooling. The Data Engineer will sit at the headquarters in Jessup, MD. This facility houses the largest, most advanced R&D laboratory complex of its kind, where innovations in evaporative cooling and heat transfer technology have originated in the past, are being developed today, and lead the industry into the future.

BAC’s Technology R&D group discovers and develops game-changing technologies for the cooling industry. Successful technologies developed in this group become part of our core technologies and global product offerings. The Technology R&D Data Engineer will be key for developing and implementing real-time data analysis and modeling technologies.

Principal Accountabilities

- Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex multivariate time series product performance data sets and develop custom models and algorithms

- Identify opportunities for technology, product, and system condition monitoring, control and optimization based on the available data sets and models developed

- Develop and deploy real-time product performance analytics tools and models in both internal and customer facing applications

- Create and deploy tools that support the extraction, transformation, loading and efficient analysis of data

- Define and implement new data collection, analysis, visualization, and storage processes

- Support a technical data-driven culture by enabling internal technical teams to expend available data analytics tools and models

More information: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2727899217/

Undercover Tourist | Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer | Remote or Onsite | Full Time | Austin, TX

We’re searching for a full-time Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer to primarily take ownership of our Fraud Detection system :)

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2674774902/

Mode | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Remote OK | https://mode.com

Mode is building a world-class platform for data scientists, analysts, and everyone else who needs to ask and answer questions with data. Our product is an integral part of data science workflows at Lyft, Twitch, Shopify, and thousands of other data-savvy organizations.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/mode

Our open positions:

* See All Open Roles: https://boards.greenhouse.io/modeanalytics?gh_src=3f497b971

* Director of Engineering: https://grnh.se/c4bf9bd51us * Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/119dc0311us * Senior Back-End Java Engineer: https://grnh.se/5db164a41us * Senior DevOps Engineer: https://grnh.se/01c149d31us * Senior Front-End Engineer: https://grnh.se/7fb44e291us * Senior Ruby on Rails Developer: https://grnh.se/bb0bf0861us * Agile Program Manager: https://grnh.se/0bada61c1us * Release Manager: https://grnh.se/25517b2e1us * Senior Security Engineer: https://grnh.se/6550a6531us

* Get In Touch: https://boards.greenhouse.io/modeanalytics/jobs/796027?t=3f4...

Tech Stack: Go 1.3, Rails 5.1, Ruby 2.6, Java 8, PostgreSQL 9.4, TypeScript 3.5, Angular 8, AWS

Code Siren | Fulltime | US Remote | https://codesiren.com

Code Siren is an early-stage funded startup that is reinventing communication with security and privacy in mind. We're hiring experienced developers, project managers, and QA engineers.

Our tech stack: C++17, Qt / QML, Boost, Java, Android, iOS

Interested? jobs [at] codesiren [dot] com

FirstStep | Android Engineer, QA Engineer, Full Stack Developer | Melbourne & Sydney, Australia | ONSITE WITH REMOTE DAYS

We are a well-funded and growing startup hiring for a variety of positions, seeking people with Go, Rust, Webassembly, Swift, Node, Kotlin, Vue, Svelte. We are helping people save and invest. Would love to go into more detail if you reach out! matt@firststep.co

Faculty | various roles | London, UK | https://faculty.ai

Faculty is an applied AI company that helps companies who have the scale, data and foresight to adopt AI into their organizations. We’re helping make AI real across society by providing a unique combination of strategy, software and skills to our customers: everything needed to successfully create value from AI.

We have recently completed a £30m growth funding round led by the Apax Digital Fund. The funding will be used to drive the expansion of Faculty’s pioneering "AI as a Service" model.

There are a lot of open positions, for both engineering and commercial roles at https://apply.workable.com/faculty/

Some highlights:

* Senior Machine Learning Engineer https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/31128761FB/

* Software Engineer https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/43E712E910/

* Site Reliability Engineer https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/0E9F7CD62F/

* Product (UX/UI) Designer https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/8A6BCB1A57/

* Senior Data Scientist https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/1E01E70155/

* Copywriter https://apply.workable.com/faculty/j/BC478F303D/

... Technical Directors, Engagement Managers, Principals, Analysts, Sales Managers, and more on the top Workable link, as well as an Open Call if you are interested working with us but haven't found a specific role for yourself on that list.

Latacora | corpsec engineer | Remote | Full-time | https://www.latacora.com

If working on security at a startup is appealing, here's an opportunity to work with a whole group of startups --- in health care, in financial services, in hardware, in transportation, in AI, and even in sports analytics. You'll be a member of a growing security team with multiple practice areas, working with security veterans, talented developers just getting their start in security, and with the engineering teams of a couple dozen startups. We're consultants, in a sense, but unlike any other consulting firm I'm aware of.

Latacora builds security teams for startups. We work exclusively with startups; on average our clients are with us for 2.5 years and that number is trending up. During an engagement our whole team works on the client’s application security, cloud security, and corporate security. Once we've helped them build out a practice, we help our clients recruit someone full time to keep it running, and transition ourselves out.


Latacora is hiring a senior Corporate Security (CorpSec) engineer to join our team and help our customers build their corporate security program to scale as they grow and address immediate threats ranging from phishing and ransomware to supply chain concerns. The Corporate Security (CorpSec) team helps growing startups with the security aspects of IT asset management, endpoint protection, mobile device management, and more, instilling solid best practices to set them up for success.

The work is an exciting mix of vulnerability research, risk management, and security operations. We are responsible for evaluating endpoint fleet security (the protection of employee devices from phones to laptops), Single Sign-On (SSO) settings, email, and other company services. We do vendor security evaluations to help our customers make informed choices when selecting software and services. In addition, we help run security training and phishing campaigns as needed for our clients. If you love security and helping others, this is a great opportunity to join a great team and have a meaningful impact across a wide variety of customers.

JD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ihOCm06CwdALHsnf1SpLy05x...

Cisco - Webex Calling | Software Developer (All levels) | Montreal, QC | Full Time | https://www.webex.com/cloud-calling.html

Cisco’s Webex Calling team is a dynamic organization looking for developers capable of delivering best-in-class collaboration technologies quickly and efficiently without impacting the availability of the end users’ services.

The development team is responsible for developing and supporting a distributed telephony system. Our system is part of the Webex Calling product to ensure proper interactions between Webex users and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The Calling portion is a sub-functional area of the well-known Webex Unified Communications product. The telephony application server (TAS) is also deployed and operated by the largest telecommunication companies in the world hosting and serving millions of end users.

What you will do: * Develop the “on-the-edge" ever evolving Webex Calling cloud-based product involving a large aggregation of microservices. * Design, code, test, monitor and support functional areas / services for the Cisco Webex Calling product using CI/CD methodology in a DevOps environment. * Use and enhance internal quality systems like development pipeline(s) and test automation frameworks to improve reliability and quality. * Ensure design security best practices for cloud services. * Troubleshoot and improve software components and services owned by your group. * Actively participate in the future of the Cisco Webex Calling product.

We have multiple openings for at every developer levels, from new graduates to senior developers.

We use Java, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, MariaDB (Galera). We value demonstrable experience solving difficult problems, explaining your thought process succinctly and good communication skills (oral and written). If working on a large distributed system that scales to millions of users sounds appealing, contact us.

Job posting: https://jobs.cisco.com/jobs/ProjectDetail/Software-Developer...

Apply by email wxc-hn@cisco.com | Visit https://www.webex.com/cloud-calling.html for more details about our offering.

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | https://www.onxmaps.com/careers

ABOUT – Are you an Engineer who loves the outdoors? Join onX! onX is a suite of digital navigation apps (Hunt, Offroad, and Backcountry) that empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands, and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – then join our team, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown!

We have multiple openings! View them here: https://www.onxmaps.com/join-our-team

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

Data Automation (Python, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GIS)

Android (Kotlin, ReactiveX)

iOS (Swift, SwiftUI, Combine)

Backend (Go, Elixir, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes)

Web (Vue, React, JavaScript)

Quality (Cypress, XCUITest, Espresso)

We're also hiring summer INTERNS! Contact recruitment@onXmaps.com for more details.

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