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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2021)
375 points by whoishiring 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 861 comments
Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Prelude | Remote (USA) | Full Time | https://www.prelude.co/careers

Prelude is redefining the hiring process, creating a better experience for all candidates. We remove friction, increase transparency, and help teams delight and surprise their candidates.

We’ve grown to over 100 customers (One Medical, Stitch Fix, Cloudflare, Duolingo) and are well funded by top tier investors like Fuel Capital, Jack and Sam Altman, and Elad Gil. We offer competitive Bay Area salaries no matter where you're located, along with significant equity and top tier benefits.

Open Roles

- Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/cd8555d4-e7f9-4ca2-934f-60dab4...

- Infrastructure Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/687b6595-ae5f-48bf-860a-a5e29f...

- Account Executive: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/b12bfc30-b46c-44b3-b314-6f6f5b...

- Customer Support Specialist: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/8e123b82-8c13-46c5-bbdb-30fab6...

Orum | Full-stack developer | Remote (US only) | Full-time | Visa Transfer | https://orum.com/

Orum connects sales teams to their target prospects efficiently, helping them sell to their ideal customers. Using Orum's parallel dialer, sales reps can dial multiple numbers at once, and Orum's speech recognition will automatically recognize and connect representatives with humans that pick up. This leads to consistent conversations, faster training, and more meetings booked.

This role is ideal if you like to work across the stack to deliver significant impact with a small team. You'll be in charge of building and owning features end-to-end, take it through conception, implementation, shipping, and iteration. Examples include routing calls through our event-based SIP softswitch, displaying real-time call information in our UI over WebSockets, or processing streaming audio for speech recognition. You will also be reviewing the design specs and PRs of other members on the team. You will be optimizing our telephony platform's performance and working on projects that improve our SaaS infrastructure.

Our current technology stack includes NodeJS with Typescript, Ruby, Postgres, Google Cloud Platform, and FreeSWITCH.

What we would love to see:

* Experience building back end applications with NodeJS/Linux stack

* Experience working with an RDBMS using SQL

* Familiarity with front end HTML and CSS

To apply, please reach out to C7D3BC3334@jobs.workablemail.com with your resume.

Avero | Software Engineer - Backend | Full-time | REMOTE | United States

Looking for an enthusiast of all things data: data modeling, data structures, data storage and retrieval, and ETL pipelines. You will be responsible for implementing against Avero's Point-of-Sale integrations and data ingestion infrastructure. You will help address the complex technical challenges of a large-scale data ingestion platform.

Technology areas: SQL (Postgres and Oracle), NoSQL (MongoDB), Java, Node.js, GraphQL, gRPC, AWS, Terraform, and Docker.

A remote-first company with headquarters in New York City, Avero is the trusted technology partner for the hospitality industry. We empower 40,000+ hospitality professionals with the answers they need to transform their businesses and their lives, getting them out of the back office and into the kitchen with their staff, onto the floor with their guests, and at home with their families.


Allumia | Product Manager - Quality Assurance | Clean Tech | www.allumia.com | Onsite (Seattle) or Remote | FT

Allumia is seeking a product-minded, process-oriented candidate to join our software team and take lead on QA and beyond.

Allumia provides a web platform through which utility companies design, build, and meter energy efficiency upgrades for small-to-medium-sized businesses. After six years of bootstrapped growth and proven success, several of the nation’s major utilities have signed on with us. We're a mission-focused company, and we’ve built a successful business model around saving costs for customers by helping them reduce their energy consumption.

You will report to our product lead and will work closely with developers and product managers to understand users’ requirements and thoroughly test new features. You will contribute by leading testing efforts - but you won’t be siloed there. We will be looking to you for process improvements, product ideas, and anything else you can think of to make sure our offering exceeds users’ expectations.

More details: https://www.allumia.com/careers/product-manager-quality-assu...

Tangram | Senior Rust Programmer | Remote | https://www.tangram.dev

Tangram is an all in one machine learning framework designed for programmers. With Tangram, developers can train models and make predictions on the command line or with libraries for languages including Elixir, Go, JS, Python, Ruby, and Rust, and learn about their models and monitor them in production from a web application. To learn more about what the product does, watch the demo on the homepage at https://www.tangram.dev or check it out on GitHub at https://www.github.com/tangramdotdev/tangram.

We are looking to grow our engineering team with senior Rust programmers. We are currently based in Boston, MA but are looking to build a remote team. At Tangram, you'll get to work on everything from our core machine learning algorithms to writing front-end code in Rust! We are looking for developers with experience in Rust and familiarity with or willingness to learn machine learning concepts. If this sounds exciting, email me (Isabella, cofounder) at isabella@tangram.dev.

Zillow | Software Engineer, All Levels | Remote USA, Hybrid Seattle, San Francisco, New York | Full Time| https://www.zillow.com

Zillow Group, the largest portfolio of real estate brands on mobile and the web, is building a safe, on-demand real estate experience. Whether selling, buying, renting or financing, customers can turn to Zillow's businesses to find and get into their next home with speed, certainty and ease.

As a Software Engineer, working on the Developer Experience Team, you will be a technical leader driving the architecture and implementation of the next generation of developer tools and platforms that enable developers across Zillow Group to quickly build and maintain products.

- Principal Software Engineer, Platform Engineering: https://bit.ly/38wFmBs

- Principal Software Engineer, Delivery Engineering: https://bit.ly/3Bs7QZq

- Senior Software Engineer, Platform Engineering: https://bit.ly/3Bs7QZq

- Senior Software Engineer, Observability: https://bit.ly/2WKwtSc

To apply for other positions, visit https://www.zillow.com/careers/

We are a small start-up company with HQ in the USA but our team is located across the globe, working in different time zones. We are SVI - We believe in making people and things better than we found them. We build software that not only works, but also matters. We are intentional about taking on projects we believe in; projects that we are confident we can add value to. We are a company that values honesty, proactivity, learning, collaboration, ownership, communication, and accountability. Our standards are high. We will hold you to them because we care about your growth. We will ask you to hold us to them because we care about our growth as a team. At SVI, you learn and grow everyday as much as you're willing to.

We’re growing fast and looking for new team members who are excited about unparalleled learning opportunities, flexible remote working hours, and a flat organizational structure with family-like relationships. If this sounds great to you, then there’s a place for you in SVI. We currently have the following vacancies: - Product designers, - Product managers, - Project managers. If interested please send your CV to careers@svi.io and let us know what role you are interested in and we will be in touch soon!

Carbon Health | Remote (USA) | Full time | https://carbonhealth.com/

Carbon Health is a tech-enabled healthcare company that is working on bringing high-quality and high-tech healthcare to everyone. These postings are for roles on the Care Delivery team with a focus on defining and improving how healthcare providers interact with patients from the charting experience to longitudinal care pathways.

Day to day, the team works with React/React Native, Scala, Postgres. Functional programming experience preferred.

Please see the listings for more details.

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/carbonhealth/a151a1d5-0934-4df7-8a47-3...

Staff Full Stack Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/carbonhealth/a5234baa-6b99-45cb-a842-2...

MachineMetrics | Engineering, Ops Roles | Boston && Northampton, MA | Full time | Remote (PST - EST) or Onsite | NO VISA

MachineMetrics is a (remote-first!) manufacturing analytics platform that increases productivity through real-time visibility, deep analytics, and predictive notifications driven by machine-learning.

We simplify industrial IoT by helping manufacturers realize real returns within their organizations by enabling them to digitize and drive decisions with machine data. We get to solve really interesting problems everyday as a result of interfacing directly with machines on a large scale - here are some of the technologies we use: Node.js, GraphQL, TimescaleDB, React, C#, C++, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes

It’s an exciting time to be here - we just raised a $20m series B (!) and are looking to grow our team with the following roles:

* DevOps Engineer - https://grnh.se/440736be2us

You can apply directly at https://grnh.se/eb4775e72 (don't forget to mention HN / Scott in your application), or reach out to me directly at scott [dot] demeo [at] machinemetrics [dot] com (please include HN in the subject line!) - no recruiters or agencies, please.

Ursa Major Tech | Staff Software Engineer (Full Stack) | Lafayette, CO | Full-time

TL;DR: rocket engines + you

Ursa Major Technologies was founded to bring a new model to space access: one in which every link in an enormous value chain isn’t limited by those around it. We design rocket engines and propulsion solutions.

Ursa is made up of some of the best rocket propulsion engineers in the industry. As we move into stages of more advanced R&D and production, we're outgrowing some of the early tools and processes we had in place.

The Advanced Programs - Software group is being formed to solve these challenges. Think high-throughput data backend to move streaming sensor data from the test stands, and rich data exploration frontends. Current population: 1, so you get to wear many hats and help choose our stack.

Currently looking for a generalist with strong frontend/UI experience.

US Citizen or permanent resident required.

Website: https://www.ursamajortechnologies.com

Job reqs: https://jobs.lever.co/ursamajortech?lever-via=YsOqM3Vezi

7-minute test fire of Hadley, our 5,000 lbf ox-rich staged combustion engine (America's first): https://www.instagram.com/tv/CTKuq3rHuv9/

Are you looking for an embedded software/firmware intern?

Sure! Our internship program for summer 2022 is open now. We have a rather generic intern req open here: https://jobs.lever.co/ursamajortech/a3637ef2-244a-4239-ae6a-...

A lot of those requirements wouldn't apply to you, but note this line:

> This internship could be for any of our Engineering teams: Analysis, Design, Propulsion Development, Avionics, Turbomachinery, Test, etc.

Embedded software/firmware would fit under Avionics.

Major League Baseball (MLB) | Senior Software Engineer - Graphics | NYC or SF | https://grnh.se/5803fc161us

* Strong command of a language to quickly prototype from data to a clean, shareable, proof-of-concept (eg. Javascript, Python, R, Mathematica).

* Experience with and passion for web graphics technologies and libraries, like WebGL, d3, and three.js.

* Full stack experience building web applications using modern frontend frameworks (eg. React, Vue, Svelte).

* Great communication skills in order to work closely with domain experts who may be less technical.

* A curiosity for challenges that involve communicating baseball data to various audiences.

Here are some past projects people have worked on:

Pitch3D: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/visuals/pitch3d?player_id=477...

PitchMix: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/pitchmix#552640_2021

FieldVision: https://mlb.com/fieldvision

Sprint Speed Scrolly-Telling Article: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint-speed-scroller

Microsoft Azure | Austin, TX, USA | Senior Product Manager | Full-time | ONSITE

Are you interested in defining strategic opportunities to grow Azure's app business? Are you passionate about data driven experimentation and finding innovative ways to create value? Are you looking to leverage your entrepreneurial spirit in helping grow an entire business?

As a member of the Growth Product Management team, you will be identifying strategic opportunities to grow the Azure Functions, Azure Web Apps, Azure Static Web Apps, and Azure Logic Apps businesses. These services are the foundation for Azure's future application platform across serverless and containers.

You will have the opportunity to manage the data and analytics pipeline, develop and deliver product strategy, business intelligence, and go to market plans. You will be expected to use your knowledge and experience of the developer market to help drive the product roadmap and bring your deep technical knowledge to drive the product direction.

You can learn more about the role and apply here: https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/job/1120170/Senior-Progr...

Or, reach out to me at skyler.hartle@microsoft.com, if you have any questions. I'm looking for entrepreneurial/startup-minded people-- I joined MS three years ago having spent the vast majority of my time at startups, and this role is uniquely suited for people who come from those kinds of backgrounds!

Verdigris Technologies inc.|https://verdigris.co|Senior Data Scientist|U.S/Remote|Full-Time|

Verdigris Technologies is a leading AI company that empowers the world’s smartest buildings with data, insights and automation. Through artificial intelligence and IoT-enabled sensors, Verdigris learns and distinguishes the equipment components of commercial buildings, providing rich data streams about critical equipment. Powerful analytics constantly scan this data to find hidden inefficiencies, produce actionable reports and empower building managers to optimize facilities management. Adaptive Automation takes those insights one step further, saving money effortlessly.

We are in search for a Senior Data Scientist who can accelerate our mission!

Tech stack: Python/Javascript/AWS/Docker/Kubernetes/Terraform/SQL/Pandas/Tensorflow/Keras/Numpy, Scikitlearn/Python/Scython/Pytorch

For more info and to apply: https://jobs.lever.co/verdigris/46df821a-bdce-4974-8d3a-9c95...

Looking forward to meeting you!

Shopify | Developer Evangelist | Remote | https://shopify.dev/

Shopify is building the operating system for commerce. Early on, we made the decision to build a developer ecosystem to help merchants meet their unique needs by installing apps and theme. Our team’s mission is to grow this ecosystem and help every developer succeed within it.

We’re looking for Developer Evangelists to: - Create momentum and drive adoption of the platform through your interactions with developers building apps, themes, and custom storefronts on Shopify

- Represent Shopify’s developer products in person and online by presenting at conferences, writing technical tutorials, publishing articles and videos

- Build inspiring demos, sample apps, and continuously improve the developer experience of our APIs and SDKs

- Grow our various developer communities by creating trusting relationships with our developers who are creating solutions on top of the platform you are shaping

- Establish credibility with developers and developer communities as a thought leader in the commerce space

To apply: https://www.shopify.com/careers/developer-evangelist-remote-...

Mantium Inc. | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-Time

Mantium enables AI enthusiasts (personal and professional) to rapidly prototype and share large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-3, solving one of the biggest barriers to AI adoption: deployment. And to keep your deployed AI behaving well in the real world, Mantium also includes security measures, logging, and human-in-the-loop. It’s your AI, make it heard.

Tech stack: React, Typescript, Python, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka

We are looking for people who want to make an impact on a rapidly growing company that values autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Mantium is a globally distributed team and well funded by top-tier venture capital firms. Currently, we are looking for:

- Sr. Developer Advocate: engage with the community, teach best practices, and create relevant developer collateral for the Mantium developer site.

- Sr. Python Engineer: contribute to the design of new features, review code of your peers and mentor them when/where needed, facilitate engineering discussions, mentor junior engineers.

Visit our careers page for up-to-date openings: https://mantiumai.com/careers/ We look forward to hearing from you!

RStudio | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full-time | https://rstudio.com

RStudio is a Public Benefit Corporation that makes software for data scientists. Our core offering is an open source data science toolchain, and we aim to make it available to everyone, regardless of their economic means. We've also been fully remote for many years.

I have the first role below open for Go development, but there are plenty of interesting positions available:

- Senior Software Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4673184003

- QA Engineer on Platform team: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4705969003

- Solutions Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4538299003

- Head of Storytelling: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4673160003

- More positions at https://www.rstudio.com/about/careers/

LocalStack | Multiple Roles | REMOTE/Contract or Onsite (Vienna/Austria) | Full-Time or Part-Time

LocalStack (33k+ stars on Github) is on a mission to build the world's leading platform that enables efficient dev&test loops for developing cloud apps locally. We are looking for top-notch developers, open source contributors, and cloud/DevOps enthusiasts to get on board and join us in this exciting journey!

Tech stack is (mainly): Python, Docker, React.js, Unix/system engineering, Cloud APIs (AWS/Azure). Occasionally some Java/Node.js/Go. Security expertise is a plus.

We're currently hiring for these roles:

- DevRel / Developer Advocate: help growing and building the strongest community out there!

- Backend/Python Engineer: extending, polishing, and optimizing the LocalStack core emulation layer and building advanced product & analytics features

- Frontend Engineer & Designer: polishing the Web user interface, providing a sleek user experience, building out the LocalStack IDE with advanced UI features

The project is partially open-source, so you'll receive high visibility and maintainer status.

Ideally, we're aiming for a long-term engagement - becoming a core part of a growing team in an early-stage startup (VC backed).

Details here: https://localstack.cloud/jobs

We look forward to receiving your CV/portfolio/Github at jobs@localstack.cloud !

Toucan Events | FT | REMOTE

https://toucan.events is a post-COVID virtual gatherings platform that makes mingling at an online happy hour as easy as circulating around a physical room or just standing around with a drink and waiting for folks to come to you.

The role:

We're looking for a seasoned senior full-stack engineer with expertise in TypeScript, React, Node.js, real-time servers, REST APIs, websockets, No/SQL, audio/video streaming, and the AWS platform.

You're a self-starter with good communication skills who enjoys working in a small team, can design and implement solutions to unusual and complex problems, as well as troubleshoot, identify, and resolve server-side and client-side issues.

Experience with Hapi, Terraform, identity management, in-browser game development and message queues is a big plus.

Strong candidates with significant experience in similar technologies such as Vue, Express, or other cloud providers (GCP, Azure), are encouraged to apply.

We offer a well-paced, professional work environment on top of salary, stock, and benefits.

The stack:

The core frontend stack is React/TypeScript and Tailwind CSS in conjunction with a homegrown library for rendering OO HTML5-based sprites.

The core backend stack is Hapi, MongoDB, Redis, and AWS Chime, EC2, ECS, Lambda, and Kinesis.

To apply, please send a note to andrei@toucan.events.

Sendwave | Various Roles | Remote | Full Time

YC2012 (https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/sendwave)

Join our global team bringing modern, affordable banking services to those who need them the most. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a compassionate work environment dedicated to using technology to help people connect and support each other, today in Africa, Asia and eventually, worldwide.

Preference is given to candidates in timezones from UTC-5 to UTC-3.

Senior Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4383168002

Senior iOS Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4337436002

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4673569002

Plus many others: https://www.sendwave.com/careers

Pabio (YC S21) (https://pabio.com) | Generalist/Ops, Full-stack JS Engineer, Part-time Engineering Intern | ALL REMOTE

Pabio is democratizing beautiful living. We want to disrupt the furniture industry and change how people live by offering a better, more sustainable, and more affordable alternative to traditional furniture retail. With Pabio, consumers get their apartment fully-furnished by a professional interior designer and rent high-quality furniture on a monthly subscription. Once they move out, Pabio takes all the furniture back, renovates it, and the cycle repeats.

We're a fully remote company, and one of the first Swiss startups in YC [1] and just closed our seed round. We're full-stack TypeScript on the web, and our 3D tech is built on top of Blender and Python. Since we're remote in Europe, we prefer applicants with greater timezone overlap (e.g., Afro-Eurasia) but no hard limits.

https://pabio.com/careers or reach out to me directly at anand@pabio.com.

[1] Our Launch HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27783939

Sharecare | Multiple positions(Sr. Front-End Engineer, Software Engineer) | Remote(US & Canada only) | Full Time or Contract | https://www.sharecare.com/ai

About https://www.sharecare.com/ai specializes in the ML layer on top of the healthcare data.

We offer:

  * Competitive salary and stocks.
  * 401k with company match.
  * Excellent health insurance.
  * Startup culture.
  * Work with top-notch engineers from MIT, Yahoo.
Front-End Engineer: What we expect from you:

  * 3+ years of Front-End engineering experience.
  * Experience with Javascript, NodeJS, React.
  * Architect, build and maintain excellent React applications with clean code.
  * Exposure to functional programming is a bonus point.
Our Front-End Stack: Nextjs, Nodejs, React, Material-UI.

Software Engineer:

  * 2+ years of Software Engineering experience.
  * Knowledge of functional programming, Clojure would be a plus.
  * Strong CS fundamentals.

  Our Backend Stack: Clojure, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Redis, Kafka, Spark, Graphql.
Please email your resume to Prashanth.Iyer@sharecare.com

Netrias (www.netrias.com) | Cambridge, MA Metro Area | Full-time | REMOTE / ONSITE (Flexible) | VISA | Can sponsor visas

Senior Data Scientist / Bioinformatician

Netrias is a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specializes in the application of machine learning models for biological applications such as genome engineering and drug discovery. Netrias is working on the development of novel machine and deep learning algorithms to integrate and analyze large datasets in the life sciences. We are seeking a talented Senior Data Scientist with a background in biology or Senior Bioinformatician with a strong data science background that can lead and contribute to the development of machine learning algorithms and technologies for biomarker discovery. You will be working directly with the Chief Data Scientist in defining and executing the AI capabilities of the company.

See our job ad for more details: Senior Data Scientist / Bioinformatician: http://www.netrias.com/careers/

I am the hiring manager - feel free to reach out to me here or at employment@netrias.com

FAIRTIQ | REMOTE & flexible in European time zone | 80-100% | Backend, Mobile, Research Engineering | Portugal, UK, Switzerland

FAIRTIQ (https://fairtiq.com/en/) is the leading software solution that disrupts public transport ticketing. We use innovative algorithms to detect user journeys using data collected by mobile sensors. Since the founding in 2016, our innovative, simple solution has been recognized internationally. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we already cover the entire public transportation system in Switzerland – while also growing internationally, i.e. in Germany, Austria and other regions.

Tech stack: * Architecture principles: Microservices, Continuous Delivery, Domain Driven Design, MVVM, Hexagonal architecture, Zero downtime * Programming languages we use: iOS - Swift, Android - Kotlin/Java, Backend development - Java/Kotlin, Backend scripts/prototypes - Python * Data stores: MongoDB, Redis * API / Messaging: Rest / JSON, RabbitMQ * Machine Learning: scikit-learn, Tensorflow

FAIRTIQ consists of currently 85 employees and growing. * Software, mobile (iOS & Android) and research engineers * Open squad lead positions for iOS or Android mobile Engineers * highly talented colleagues and flexible work style

Apply on our careers page: https://fairtiq.com/en/careers

Please only apply if you have a valid work visa for the advertised countries on the careers page.

Intruder (https://intruder.io) | Mid and Senior Software Engineer | Full-Time | London | REMOTE optional (UK or nearby timezone required)

Intruder is a SaaS platform that helps companies easily identify their cyber security weaknesses, and fix them, before they get hacked. We're a fast growing startup, over 1400 customers from around the world love our product.

Tech stack: Ruby on Rails and Python/Django back-end apps. Vue.js front-end. Many 3rd party API integrations. Mostly hosted on Kubernetes.

Although our base is London (wework office next to Old Street), we have team members located around the globe. Our dev team is remote first and we'll consider remote applications for this role as long as you're within 2 hours of the GMT timezone.

Our open roles: - Senior Software Engineer that is able to help scale our technology so it can meet the needs of a global SaaS platform, as well as taking on a leadership position within the team - Mid-level Software Engineer with full stack skills

Please check https://careers.intruder.io/ or email me (CTO) at patrick@intruder.io if you fancy a chat!

CALA | https://ca.la | Remote (within USA), or onsite in NYC | Full Time

CALA is the best way to design and produce fashion products. Our app allows you to seamlessly design products and aggregates the entire apparel supply chain in a secure, easy to use collaboration tool. Our customers are some of the world's most creative designers — ranging from indie brands to major celebrities.

We're still a small team but growing quickly, and looking for experienced engineers with a passion for building great products. You'll have a huge impact on what we build and how we build it, and be a key part of the next phase of our growth.

We're hiring:

- Full-stack engineers: https://jobs.wrkhq.com/cala/13489 (TypeScript, node.js, React, Postgres)

- iOS Engineers: https://jobs.wrkhq.com/cala/22580 (React Native, TypeScript, Swift)

If you're interested but don't meet the requirements for these, please shoot me an email anyway! We plan to open up some additional less senior positions in the coming months.

Email me (dylan at ca.la) with any questions. No recruiters/agencies please.

Frontend Tech Lead, Senior Frontend Developer | Remote in Europe | 4-day work week SaaS |Visual communications app https://piktochart.com/

Here's a little information about our culture.

* 4-day Work Week and Work/life harmony: Although we expect you to be available throughout the day, we're family-friendly and we give you the flexibility you need to stay happy and healthy.

* A diverse culture: We come from various backgrounds and parts of the world. We cherish our company culture and form a bunch of fun people to work with.

* Limited meetings: You're not stuck relaying information in meetings every day of the week.

* Transparent leadership: Both the CEO and your direct manager are always available to chat and listen to your feedback, time zones permitting.

*Learning opportunities: personal development goals and a budget dedicated to your growth.

FE Tech Lead : https://piktochart.jobs.personio.de/job/322153?_pc=485600#ap... Sr FE Dev : https://piktochart.jobs.personio.de/job/454468?_pc=485600#ap...

Rivian | Full-Stack Software Engineers / Frontend Software Engineers | Remote (USA) or Irvine, CA or Palo Alto, CA or Normal, IL | https://rivian.com | FULL TIME; REMOTE

Rivian is on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever. This goes for the emissions-free Electric Adventure Vehicles we build, and the curious, courageous souls we seek to attract.

I'm looking to hire Software Engineers to build out web applications (node/react) that support our Manufacturing Engineering org. Really interesting problems to solve, a great team to be a part of, and an exciting space to be involved in.

Ideally looking for Senior to Staff level engineers, but open to speaking to Software Engineers (2+ years of experience) and Senior Staff and above. Multiple positions open.

You can be based in one of our offices (Irvine, CA - Palo Alto, CA - Normal, IL) or you can be remote in the continental USA.

Job Posting for all positions - apply here to start the process regardless of whether you are higher or lower than Senior level, or if you're more Full Stack or pure Frontend: https://boards.greenhouse.io/rivian/jobs/4555784003

Upstart | Front-end Engineer | 100% Remote Company | Multiple Positions | Full-time

Upstart was founded in 2012, and IPO'd this year. Upstart's mission is to enable effortless credit based on true risk. In a nutshell, that means we treat people as more than a credit score. We are in a period of exponential growth with the funds to back it up. This has created a large number of new product initiatives and fun scaling challenges as our engineering team and users continue to grow.

I am on the Front-end Platform team, where we're working to build a solid foundation for product teams as they develop, test, and ship front-end applications. We are looking for:

  - 5+ years of software engineering experience
  - 2+ years of moderns JS development experience
We offer a supportive environment and above market rate compensation. Please reach out with any questions or comments!

We are hiring for many other positions as well. Please check out:

Apply here:

  - Senior Front-end Engineer: https://grnh.se/4c1120671us
  - Senior DevTool Engineer: https://grnh.se/5a9633b31us
  - Senior Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/bca654da1us
  - Many others: https://www.upstart.com/careers/open-roles
Reach me personally: danny.brown@upstart.com

Slab | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA or Remote | Full-time | REMOTE

At Slab (https://slab.com), we are on a mission to make the workplace a source of learning and purpose. Our product is a knowledge base, reimagined to be powerful enough for engineers and remain intuitive enough for the entire company. The founding team has previously started and sold a productivity company to Salesforce and we are backed by top-tier investors, including Matrix Partners, CRV, and NEA.

With our core values (https://slab.com/about) in "Stay Lean" and "The Best Prevails", we achieved seven figures in revenue with a small team, while attracting brands like Asana, Benchling, Fivetran, Glossier, and Vox Media as customers. Our team has been globally remote from the start, so we have the infrastructure to enable flexible work arrangements.

Technologies we use:

  * TypeScript + React
  * GraphQL + Apollo + Absinthe
  * Phoenix + Elixir [1]
  * Postgres
  * Docker + Kubernetes
  * Google Compute Platform
You can find our job descriptions and apply at https://slab.com/jobs?ref=hn.

[1]: Our Elixir story is featured on elixir-lang: https://elixir-lang.org/blog/2020/11/17/real-time-collaborat...

Bodyport (YC S15) | ONSITE (SF) or REMOTE | Software engineer, UX Designer, & multiple other roles | Full-time | www.bodyport.com

Bodyport develops biomarker-guided digital therapeutics for chronic conditions. By remotely measuring heart function and fluid status in a single step, the Bodyport Cardiac Scale powers early disease detection and optimized interventions.

Apply at https://bodyport.com/careers

Second Spectrum | Multiple Roles | Hybrid/Remote within Switzerland | Full-Time | https://www.secondspectrum.com/

Second Spectrum is the Official Tracking Provider for the NBA, Premier League, and MLS, and provides an unparalleled machine understanding of every game. In partnership with these leagues, Second Spectrum has created never before seen products and experiences for coaches, analysts, players, producers, storytellers, and fans everywhere.

For our Swiss team, we're looking for a DevOps Engineer (JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust or Go, Bash, Linux, Ansible, Kubernetes, Git); Software Engineer Rust (C++, Golang, FFMPEG, HPC, Linux, Git, cameras); Full-Stack Engineer (GraphQL, AWS, Docker, Linux, Ansible, RESTful, ReactJS, Golang, Git).

More info and applications @https://www.secondspectrum.com/careers/opportunities.html#rt...

Stackblitz | Full-time | REMOTE, US, EU timezones | https://stackblitz.com/careers

We're building the fastest, most secure IDE on the planet! We recently announced WebContainers (https://blog.stackblitz.com/posts/introducing-webcontainers/), an in-browser Node.js runtime that allows front-end developers to use the web to build the web. We have a very ambitious roadmap and we're looking to hire multiple positions.

* Rails Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/stackblitz/26053a78-242e-400b-aa09-c0e...

* Product Marketing: https://jobs.lever.co/stackblitz/fcdf5e06-51fb-43cc-ba98-cab...

We're (obviously!) also looking for front-end engineers. We have an unconventional mixture of needs here: we're building a world-class IDE that needs strong UX chops, but we're also neck-deep in "low level" code (think JS runtimes, POSIX shenanigans, WebAssembly ports of native libs, etc.).[*] If that sounds right up your alley, hit us at recruiting@stackblitz.com.

We hire in the US and EU timezones.

[*] Usual disclaimer: you don't need to be an expert in all those domains!

Sikoia | Various positions | London or Remote | Full-time or Contract | https://sikoia.com

Sikoia is a new London-based startup building a financial data aggregation platform for consumer and small business lending. Our customers are fintechs, embedded finance and established lenders.

We are VC-backed: $2.3m from EarlyBird and Seedcamp and a bunch of European fintech CEO angel investors announced yesterday [1, 2]. CEO is ex-Softbank, founding team ex-JPMorgan/Experian/Krux.

We're hiring [3] for London-based or remote (max 2 hours time difference):

- C#/full stack software engineer

- Python software engineer/data scientist

- Product owner/Head of Product

- Technical business analyst

Our stack is C# and Python, running in Azure.

Please reach out to me (stephen@sikoia.com) for more info.

[1] https://tech.eu/brief/fintech-data-defragmenter-sikoia-raise...

[2] https://sikoia.com/Press/Sikoia_raises_from_earlybird_and_se...

[3] https://www.linkedin.com/company/sikoia/jobs/

Framer | Cloud Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer, JavaScript Performance Engineer | Amsterdam | Onsite/Remote (NL,UK,IE,DE)| Full-time

About us: At Framer we build a prototyping tool that allows our users to bring their ideas to life and make their designs interactive, with and without touching code.

Cloud Engineer: Work closely with our engineering and product teams to build out our infrastructure—supporting our applications in a secure, scalable, and reliable way. Tech stack: AWS, experience with modern programming languages, experience with infrastructure-as-code.

Senior Backend Engineer: Lead projects and implement features from start to finish! You’ll work on many aspects of the tool, incl. Framer Web, Framer Packages, billing systems, email infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, data pipelines. Tech stack: Go, Node.js, AWS

JavaScript Performance Engineer: Use your deep understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem to help us build a stable and performant design tool. You’ll work on optimizing browser rendering performance, as well as developing and implementing performance tests and experiments.

Learn more / apply here: https://www.framer.com/careers/

MergeYourData.com | Onsite/Remote | ONSITE/REMOTE | Orlando, FL | Full-time


Roles: Data Engineer, Senior Tableau Developer, Junior Automation Developer

MergeYourData.com is a small business consultant specializing in automation and analytics. We look to help everyday businesses build or optimize their daily tasks, while extracting valuable insights they can use to run their business.

For this position we're seeking someone who is an experienced Data Engineer, familiar with the start to finish process of a data pipeline project. You'll need an in-depth understanding of data, databases, data modeling and ETL processes, and cloud platforms.

You'll be:

- Gathering requirements, planning, and building solutions with clients

- Delivering performant and reliable data warehouse solutions for analytics consumption

- Delivering solutions utilizing cloud platforms like Azure or Keboola

- Communicating and documenting your work both internally and with clients

Check out our careers page to see what we offer full-time employees and to apply for positions.

Apify | Full-time | On-site | Prague, Czech republic

Apify runs on a highly scalable infrastructure that runs millions of web automation and web scraping jobs weekly to process way over a billion web pages every month. We run on a cluster of Linux servers on Amazon EC2 to process our workloads, multiple Kubernetes clusters to host our applications and services, and store data in MongoDB, DynamoDB, S3, Redis, and SQS.

Our system is built with Node.js and many other technologies. We use Kubernetes, Helm, Github Actions, and CloudFormation to make our deployments smooth, and ship to production multiple times per day. We monitor using New Relic One, Sentry, LogDNA, and other services.

We're passionate about delivering the best service to our customers using the best technology possible. Apify is made by developers for developers. We're building a product that we use ourselves every day and we are proud of. We love open-source and contribute to it–check out our Github https://github.com/apify. Help us make the Web more open and programmable!

DevOps/SRE https://apify.com/jobs#devops/sre-(site-reliability-engineer...

NodeJS Backend engineer https://apify.com/jobs#backend-engineer

More positions here: https://apify.com/jobs

Roofstock Owner Services - Stessa | Oakland, Remote | Ruby, Rails, AWS, React Native | Full-time | Senior Software Engineer

Roofstock (https://www.roofstock.com/) Owner Services - Stessa (https://stessa.com) provides Real Estate Rental Property Owners (& Homeowners) a platform for keeping their financials and property related data in good order and all in one place. Sick of your bank not letting you search back through all your transactions ever? Dreading Tax Time? With Stessa, you never have to worry about losing track of any financial transaction or expense related to your real estate. A large portion of the population will own real estate or a portion of it at some point in their life, and anyone with any real estate tremendously benefits from our platform. Come build out an awesome product and be a user of what you'll build!

Apply here https://jobs.lever.co/roofstock/5ef3bebf-cd0b-4ad1-9274-6199... or email me at sufyan.adam(at)roofstock(dot)com

Clay | Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer, iOS Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Design, Growth | Full-time | Remote | https://clay.earth

Clay is a beautiful and private home for the people and relationships in your professional life. Connect your email, calendar, Twitter, and Linkedin, and Clay will bring in the people you know, remind you how you know them, and help you be more thoughtful with them over time.

We just announced our $8 million seed round led by Forerunner Ventures (investors in brands like Glossier, Warby Parker, and Chime) and General Catalyst (investors in products like Airbnb, Stripe, and Snap). They're joined by amazing operators and executives from companies and organizations like Linkedin, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, Airtable, the NFL, Obama White House, Hollywood, and more. Learn more at https://clay.earth/announcement

Our stack: Python, Django, React.js, Redux, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Swift UI

We process hundreds of millions of data points a day and are building technically-innovative product features like iMessage integration, local-first indexed search and data processing, and much more.

If you're passionate about building magical product experiences and want to join a small, technical team to help people be more thoughtful, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out directly via https://clay.earth/careers

Gatsby | Remote | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time

Gatsby started as a wildly popular open-source project that now has over 50k GitHub stars and a thriving community of more than 3,000 contributors. Beyond open source, we’re also a newly commercializing business, one that helps professional developers build blazing-fast apps and websites without needing to become a performance expert.

We’ve made tremendous improvements in build speeds over the last year, but we’re not done, and we have more work to do. Breaking down build speeds, and understanding the different layers of the open-source framework require expertise across the whole stack. Our data layer (powered by GraphQL), our runtime (powered by React), our build process (currently powered by Webpack), all of these require deep expertise and a willingness to dive below the surface level to see what makes a Gatsby site really tick. Further still, working directly on open-source nearly each and every day is immensely fun, rewarding, but… challenging!

LINK: https://www.gatsbyjs.com/careers/senior-software-engineer--f...

Faithlife | Backend, Engineering Manager, Full-Stack, Team Lead, Analytics | Bellingham, WA - Chandler, AZ - Puebla, Mexico | Fulltime | Onsite or Remote

There is a lot that goes into building an Integrated Ministry Platform (https://equip.faithlife.com) and Logos Bible Software (https://logos.com). We are looking for Software Developers who can help us build awesome software. Join us as we make revolutionary technology for administration and discipleship for churches all over the world.

Technologies: React, C#, .NET, JavaScript, TypeScript

Where we can hire: https://faithlife.com/careers/remote + Mexico

Senior .Net Build & Release Engineer: https://flshare.net/buildrelease

Senior .Net Developer: https://flshare.net/srbackend

Senior Full-Stack: https://flshare.net/srfullstack

Senior Full-Stack (Mexico): https://flshare.net/FdMSrEng

and more … https://faithlife.com/careers

Darkblock.io | Experience Front-End Javascript Engineer | Remote | Full Time | https://darkblock.io


We are looking for a JavaScript guru that has several years of front-end javascript experience. The position requires you to have deep knowledge of javascript and preferably prior experience of widget development and media streaming/embedding. Encryption and/or blockchain experience is a big plus.

We are a fully remote team located across the US, Europe and Asia. We have a daily standup at 9:30 ET with three core developers working full time plus contractors.

We offer flexible work hours and a competitive salary. As long as you are committed to Darkblock’s success and you contribute in a meaningful way, everything can be accommodated. You’ll work 100% remotely. This is a long-term full-time contract role. We care about job security for our team and we’re looking for people who can grow with our products for years to come.

The Opportunity

The role puts the right candidate at ground zero of the NFT space and the rise of the decentralized creator economy. Darkblock is a funded startup with leading NFT and Web3 VC’s committed to our success.

website: https://darkblock.io Email: info@website

Blue Brain Project, EPFL | 4 positions | Geneva, Switzerland | FULL-TIME | HYBRID-WORK | https://www.epfl.ch/research/domains/bluebrain/

Ever wondered how the mouse brain can be digitally reconstructed and simulated?

The Blue Brain Project Neuroinformatics team is recruiting (among other positions) a scala developer. It’s an exciting time to join, as the technology is maturing, and the computing challenges are growing.

Have a look at the technology you would be working on: https://bluebrainnexus.io/ - data management ecosystem for data-driven science.

And our backlog: https://app.zenhub.com/workspaces/blue-brain-nexus-60ace0350...

We’re constantly iterating and improving, striving to be a product and user centric team. We’re also located 100 meters from Lake Geneva. Free coffee and snacks all day, team activities, flexible working hours including options with remote working within Switzerland. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact me (job description link below).

EPFL takes care of all VISA formalities for non-europeans.

Interview process: introduction call, technical test (do-it-at-home), meet-the-team video conference, on-site or videoconference full-day interview (product, team, HR, case)

Salary: Swiss federal scale

Interested or need more information? Check out our open positions:

- Scala Developer: https://go.epfl.ch/HN_Scala

- Frontend Web Developer: https://go.epfl.ch/HN_WebDev

- Product Designer: https://go.epfl.ch/HN_Design

- Product Manager: https://go.epfl.ch/HN_PM

Flyreel | Remote | Sr. Node, Sr. React Native | Full-Time | $150-200k + equity

Apply on Angel or andy@andybrewer.com

Sr. Backend Engineer: https://angel.co/l/2vSR1G

Help us secure and scale our Node/Express API as we onboard Fortune 500 / Enterprise clients.

Sr. React Native Engineer: https://angel.co/l/2vSR1y

Help us bring our cutting edge AI / Computer Vision / object detection to mobile devices with React Native and Native mobile code.

Flyreel (https://www.flyreel.co) is a funded, early-stage startup that has developed the most advanced Artificial Intelligence solution for property analysis and home inspections that helps insurance carriers better manage risk and helps insurance policyholders get the right level of coverage. Our AI assistant guides homeowners through scanning their home using their smartphone’s camera and our proprietary computer vision technology. As users pan across the interior and exterior of their property, our AI documents their home’s contents and structural details while highlighting risks, hazards and more.

Front | Engineering Roles | SF + Paris + Remote (various locations in US/Europe) | https://front.com Front is growing fast, and reinventing how work gets done. With $138M in funding, Front is backed by Sequoia Capital, and other leading venture capital firms, as well as independent investors including top executives of Atlassian, Okta, Qualtrics, and Zoom. Front was recently named to the Forbes Cloud 100 2020, the definitive list of the top software companies in the world. We have also been recognized on LinkedIn’s 2020 Top Startups, Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019, The New York Times’ The Next Wave of ‘Unicorn’ Start-Ups, Fortune’s Best Small Workplaces, and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work. Open roles include: Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Full-stack Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Security Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, Director of Engineering, Support Engineers, Design and Sales. Technologies we use: Node, Typescript, React, Redux, Kubernetes, AWS

See open roles at https://jobs.lever.co/frontapp?lever-via=1C01dbPRMX

Synth | Rust Software Engineer | Full Time or Part Time | London | Onsite(London)/Remote

About us: Synth is an open source declarative data generator (https://github.com/getsynth/synth). We are building Synth with the intention of solving, once and for all, the problem of generating realistic data for testing - helping big companies and small developers avoid the use of production data in testing.

Our mission is to build amazing developer tools that solve data privacy without forcing users to compromise on productivity. We have a few exciting products in our pipeline and we're backed by YCombinator and other great investors. We're based in London and building a remote-friendly culture.

We work exclusively on open source software. This is great because our community is not confined to just our core team and the users, but also includes our contributors - we believe it is way more fun this way.

Apply here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/6akn9-781/I99ZH32QWD9FL3QOES

To learn more email: damien@getsynth.com

Cisco | Senior Security Consultant | Onsite - Herndon, VA / Chicago, IL | Full Time

Cisco is at the forefront of securing today's emerging technologies. You’ll be part of a highly skilled team hunting for critical security vulnerabilities in third party connected devices that will shape our future. Your primary objective will be identifying, exploiting and documenting vulnerabilities in embedded systems and their associated ecosystems. Targets will include components from connected vehicles, medical devices, and industrial control systems.

You’ll have a chance to: • Develop threat models • Review design / architecture documents • Identify and interface with hardware attack vectors. (UART, JTAG, SWD, NVRAM, Flash, USB Peripherals, SD Cards, etc.) • Configure cross-compiler toolchains for obscure targets • Reverse engineer communications protocols • Develop process-specific fuzz testing environments • Reverse engineer firmware targeting ARM & PPC processors • Communications bus message analysis, instrumentation, and fault injection (e.g. SPI, I2C, USB, CAN, LIN) • Instrument and test communications channels (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, Cellular) • Jailbreak devices (get root) • Write reports which clearly document vulnerabilities and provide context at various levels of detail

If this sounds exciting, we recommend introducing yourself by sending an email to 1f8b080007d7556102ff8b8c7032f00a092c8f34caa98a34b2288d34b22c5135700400848bc13c17000000

You can apply at https://jobs.cisco.com/jobs/ProjectDetail/1338422

Solvvy | Senior Python Backend Engineer | Full-Time, Fully Remote (US) | https://solvvy.com/

Solvvy is a next-gen chatbot and customer support automation platform built with AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing technology.

Solvvy is looking for a Pythoneer passionate about applying cutting-edge developments in the Python programming language and ecosystem to build amazing support experiences. You'll be responsible for coaching other team members to use advanced Python features effectively, designing system architectures for new features and products and building backend APIs for machine learning and data analytics services.

You'll be tasked with challenging technical problems and be responsible for developing innovative solutions. You'll work closely with a team of high-contributing engineers and product managers to solve user needs and work together to ensure that end-users enjoy a truly delightful support experience.

If this role sounds like a good fit for you, please apply through the job posting here: https://solvvy.com/open-positions/?gh_jid=5482901002

TeamSnap | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | https://www.teamsnap.com

TeamSnap is hiring for multiple positions to join our remote-first team. We work every day to simplify the lives of players, coaches, parents, and sports organizations by taking the headache out of organizing sports.

Engineers at TeamSnap are critical to technical and product innovation, driving projects like the award-winning HealthCheck feature. We build applications and services with Ruby, Elixir, React, TypeSript, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, and Google Cloud. On the Full Stack side, “T-shaped” developers are encouraged.

Our engineers and engineering managers tell their stories ->

* https://www.builtincolorado.com/2021/03/24/colorado-engineer...

* https://www.teamsnap.com/blog/company/teamsnappers-manager-h...

We are looking at doubling our team by end-of-year and are hiring for: Senior/Staff Android, Senior/Staff SRE, Security Engineers, Engineering Managers, Engineering Directors, and a number of other roles.

See all positions here -> https://jobs.lever.co/teamsnap

please clarify that you are REMOTE (US ONLY)

Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Full-time, Fully Remote basis from Portugal, Romania, Hungary Airtame is a young Danish company that develops a wireless streaming product for businesses and education. We are based in windy Copenhagen but have offices in New York and Budapest. We are also open to hiring engineers based in Portugal and Romania on a fully remote basis.

We're currently hiring:

* Senior Platform Engineer (Embedded Software Development) - Remote from Romania, Portugal, Hungary (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5330119002)

* IT Administrator - Copenhagen (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5498921002)

Meet Airtame engineering team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jUqPWEvMlg&list=PLnZhp4hHHk...

Optable | Montreal, QC, CA | Senior Developer in Devops | Full-Time

Optable is building a decentralized data management and connectivity platform designed for the media and advertising industry. We operate private instances of our software on behalf of our customers. We use modern, secure multiparty computation and cryptographic techniques to allow matching of data while protecting privacy.

As DevOps, you will be responsible for the architecture, performance, security, and reliability of our cloud infrastructure. You will work closely with the product development teams to build scalable applications that achieve our required throughput and latency SLOs. You will also be at the forefront of various challenging infrastructure projects such as

- A multi-tenant platform that supports programmatic creation of isolated instances using k8s operators.

- Porting from GCP to AWS with the long-term goal of becoming k8s native and cloud agnostic.

- Scaling instances to 1M+ queries per second in production.

Our tech stack

- Golang for the backend services, APIs and jobs.

- Typescript, React and Material UI for the GUI.

- PostgreSQL as the main datastore.

- Bigtable as a scalable storage for our bespoke Graph DB.

- Kubernetes on GKE/EKS with terraform and docker for infrastructure.


Fulcrum | Full Stack Developer, Product Manager | MSP, NYC | $110k - 250k+, benefits, and equity | Full-time, REMOTE-US AND ONSITE | https://fulcrumpro.com What we're doing: We're building the manufacturing operating system of the future based on modern software architecture and design principles, engineered to create network effects as we grow. The product represents a beautiful, sophisticated, quantum-leap forward for the most important core industry in the world. If you have at least two years of professional experience and are interested in building all parts of modern webapps and accelerating the progress of civilization by enabling the next Industrial Revolution, please reach out.

Where we are: Still yet unannounced $18 million Series A led by Bessemer closed in July. We have a product. It needs a lot of work. We have customers, most are very happy, some complain. 17 Developers (6 from HN!) --> 28 Developers over the next 3 months.

How we do it: Empathy > Ego Autonomy > Spec Delivering Value > Following Trend Right Tool > Popular Tool C#, Angular. Maybe some Elixir and Vue

Process: Culture screen - Tech screen - Tech interview - Puzzle interview - Offer.

Benefits: Immediate 401(k), with 5% match after 90 days through Vanguard, immediate vesting. Health, dental, and vision benefits, a smattering of other benefits. Unlimited vacation (15 day mandatory minimums). Remote and flexible work.

https://fulcrumpro.webflow.io/series-a (not finished yet!)

Legends of Learning | Full Stack Engineers | Washington DC / Baltimore MD | Remote | Full Time

https://legendsoflearning.com is looking for mid- to senior-level engineers in the Western Hemisphere (US Eastern +/- 3 hours) to join our lean and high-performing team.

We are a well-funded, fast-growing startup for game-based learning. Our platform is a marketplace with 2000+ educational games / 500+ game studios / 5M students / 50K schools. We are also the creators of Awakening, a 3D multiplayer adventure learning game for iOS/Android/Web.

Tech stack: Elixir / Phoenix, C# / .NET, React, Typescript, GraphQL, Postgres, Unity, Kubernetes and AWS. We have plans for Kafka and Rust.

If this describes you then please reach out!

* You can contribute in multiple areas and have demonstrated professional experience working on at least one of the following: Elixir, C#, high throughput / low latency microservices, and/or Kubernetes orchestration at scale;

* You have several years experience working on web apps in production environments;

* You are eager to learn and enjoy navigating new technologies;

* You are capable of working independently and also a great team player;

* You want to be empowered to make impactful decisions and ship code daily to production;

* You are fun loving and maybe even bring something a little extra to the table!

Email tech-jobs at legendsoflearning dot com to get in touch.

Sock Club (and Banner Goods) | Ruby on Rails Developer | Austin, TX | FULL-TIME, REMOTE, https://custom.sockclub.com and https://sockclub.com and http://bannergoods.com

How we buy goods is shifting it's reorganizing from around the automobile to around the smartphone and desktop. Sock Club has grown organically from a D2C e-commerce brand to a custom socks manufacturer and now to a service and design focused e-commerce experience. We are targeting the huge dinosaur industry of corporate gifts and promotional products. It’s an industry where service and design can separate us from other companies and where behemoths like Amazon can’t compete. We already have a service and design team that delivers a high quality experience to our clients. We are building a development core to build a web experience and software tools to make it so that team (staying the same size) can deliver the same experience to 10x the number of clients. If you're interested in this opportunity contact me at dane@sotmclub.com.

Soot (http://soot.com/) | Senior Frontend Engineer | New York, New York | REMOTE

About Soot: Existing UIs were designed in the 70s and have barely changed, even though the average user has orders of magnitude more data. At we're redesigning user interfaces from first principles. Our work is at the intersection of user interaction, computer graphics, design, and AI/ML. The team includes the previous lead designer at Zoox, the organizer of Drop Everything, the 3rd most frequent contributor to THREE.js, and me (ex-Google Research, http://amolkapoor.com/). We're backed by Village and Compound.

About the Role: We’re looking for a frontend engineering lead who can productionize our frontend stack, from WebGL up to the presentation layer. You'd be employee #5 at Soot. You’ll have flexibility to execute your own system architecture vision and you'll help us build out a team to support you. Prior experience with frontend engineering, design, webgl, computer graphics would be great, but we're happy to look folks with any background.

If interested, reach out to amol@soot.com.

MagicBell (YC W21) | Founding Frontend Engineer, Founding Backend Engineer | Remote | https://magicbell.com

MagicBell is the notification inbox for web & mobile apps. Building a notification system is hard - there are multiple APIs to learn and a ton of work in nailing down the UI and UX of the inbox. We take care of all that and enable our customers to launch in an hour, not months.

If you enjoy working on APIs and UI components that millions of developers would use, we’d love to chat. We are funded by Y Combinator (W21), post-revenue, and fully remote. We pay well and offer stock options with a 10-year exercise window (details in the job posts). We care a lot about diversity - three out of the five people team are women.

Founding Frontend Engineer - React, Typescript & Jest. https://www.notion.so/magicbell/Founding-Frontend-Engineer-a...

Founding Backend Engineer- Ruby on Rails, Rspec https://magicbell.notion.site/Founding-Backend-Engineer-at-M...

We are also hiring iOS/Android founding engineers (to build our SDKs) and if you are interested in that role, please write to magicians@magicbell.io

Join a well-funded, YC, seed startup that’s growing exponentially, fast approaching a Series A!

Packet Rabbit Inc | Multiple Roles | Remote | Contract

We're a young, energetic company hiring for multiple roles on contract. We help companies build everything from custom-designed software to entire networks to power hundreds of gigabits a second of traffic.

We're hiring for the following positions:

- Jr Systems Administrator (EST timezone preferred) - Jr Network Engineer (EST timezone preferred) - Jr Systems Administrator (GMT to GMT+2 timezone preferred)

A brief:

- Our choice of Linux OS on managed systems and machines is Ubuntu (mixture of 20.04 LTS, 21.04 currently), with some various Alma/CentOS thrown in the mix - We work with various industries (ecommerce, networking/security, IoT, etc) and take security very seriously - Our clients span multiple countries and timezones, from LA to AU

Here's what we're looking for:

- You know Linux pretty good - You know Ansible, you've used it (we do it a lot!) - You have a good understanding of Python (we use Python to automate a lot of system monitoring alongside ansible for automating deployments/updates/tasks) - You're comfortable with some PHP (Symfony/Laravel/Wordpress) - You're comfortable with some Go (we're just trying some new things here, so more the better!) - You understand security in environments (eg, PCI compliance, SOC2, etc) - You're good at communicating and are able to self-prioritize tasks - You maintain a good work life balance

If this sounds like fun to you, drop your resume to: team[@]packetrabbitinc[.]com along with a brief cover letter and we'll be in touch!

Zeitcode | Software Engineer(Mid, Senior) | Austin, TX/Remote

Zeitcode is a software development shop.

We are looking for an experienced Django developer with some front-end experience to help build out a variety of enterprise software. We are a small team where developers can have a big impact on what we do and how things are done.

Apply here: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/45d6eadb

Carbon Five | San Francisco, Santa Monica, New York, and Chattanooga | Full-Time, Remote in 2021, Hybrid Onsite in 2022 | https://www.carbonfive.com

Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy. We partner with our clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams. We work with numerous startups in addition to companies and organizations like Chime, Coinbase, StitchFix, Protocol Labs (Filecoin, IPFS), Compass, Everlane, WeWork, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/carbon-five

Here are our open roles:

* Software Engineer * Senior Software Engineer * Director of Product Management * Product Manager

View them all and apply at: https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/positions/

Tech Stack: The majority of our work is in Rails, Node, and Java, but almost everything is up for grabs. The only tech we don’t work in is .NET and PHP.

JW Player | Software Engineer, Product Manager | New York (NYC), NY, REMOTE | Full-time

JW Player pioneered video on the web over a decade ago and continues to innovate as the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence. Media companies including Apartment Therapy, Business Insider, and Univision, in addition to hundreds of thousands of creators of all types and sizes, rely on JW Player to deliver and monetize their content across all devices.

JW Player’s massive global footprint of over 2 billion unique devices creates a powerful data graph of unique consumer insights and generates billions of incremental video views.

JW Player also started as and continues to be the most popular open-source video player: https://github.com/jwplayer/jwplayer

All our openings can be found here: https://www.jwplayer.com/company/careers/

Overall, we are seeing record video traffic over the past 2 years, and with that comes a ton of exciting challenges to work on at a huge scale.

If interested in any of these roles, please email me at pgodzin@jwplayer.com

TechEmpower | Web Application Developer | Los Angeles area, California (near LAX) | ONSITE or REMOTE

Please apply at https://jobs.techempower.com/hn

TechEmpower is a custom software company. We help our clients understand their needs, plan solutions for them, and build software -- on time and on target. We're looking for good programmers interested in web development. If you're smart, motivated, and want to work in a supportive environment, then let's talk.


- We're small, with 25 employees working in teams of 2-6. - We're friendly. Our office is professional and supportive, like a computer lab staffed by adults. - We're the authority on web framework performance (https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/)


We don't expect new hires to have experience with all of these, but you'll learn about them every day.

- Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C# - Web: Spring, Jersey, .NET Core, React, Django, Node.js, Servlets, jQuery - Data Persistence: ORM (Hibernate, etc.), Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, NoSQL.


- Flexible Schedules - Remote or In-Person options - Friendly, supportive environment

EDB | Principal Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time | https://enterprisedb.com

EDB builds products and solutions based on the world’s best database, Postgres. We have many of the core Postgres contributors on staff and continuously contribute back to the open source community.

We’re currently looking to fill many roles as we continue to rapidly grow.

We're looking for a Staff Software Engineer to help design and build the future of Postgres development automation in our automation team. This role will be involved in creating tools to remove friction from processes and make our development teams more efficient.

Link: https://grnh.se/e6c27b9b3us

We're also looking for a Senior Performance Engineer with extensive Postgres (or other RDBMS) experience. This role would work on designing and optimizing our BDR (Bi-Directional Replication) solution for Postgres. This is a newly opened role without a proper posting yet, so please email me directly with interest.

All openings: https://grnh.se/3ee0435d3us

You can reach out to me at doug.calobrisi[at]enterprisedb.com

Kula | London, UK | Onsite | Full-time | Full-stack/ Front-end Developer | £50,000 - £90,000 + equity | https://www.joinkula.io/jobs

Hey there! We're Kula (https://www.joinkula.io/), a London based startup that is bringing the legal experience into the 21st century, for the 1.4 million SMEs in the UK.

We were founded in April of this year by Nelson and Saaras on Entrepreneur First (https://www.joinef.com/), and are growing quickly with more revenue than any company in EF history by the end of the program and over 40 paying clients!

But we couldn't do it alone, our advisers include the ex head of product at Twitter and a serial entrepreneur who has taken multiple companies from idea to IPO.

We're currently building out our Web platform and prototyping our AI technology to allow our clients to get a contract or submit a patent as easily as you would would order an Uber.

See our jobs here: https://www.joinkula.io/jobs

Charge Robotics | Robotics Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | SF Bay Area

Hi HN! We’re a brand new startup building robots that build large-scale solar farms. It turns out that construction companies literally can't build solar fast enough, so what we're doing is a crucial part of switching the grid over to renewable generation. We're funded and are looking to bring one more talented software engineer onto our small team.

You’ll be a key contributor, helping bring our first prototype to life: an autonomous, 25,000 pound outdoor mobile robot. You’ll have the opportunity to work on every part of our robotics stack including localization, planning, perception, control, simulation, and more. You'll have a lot of input on which problems you decide to tackle.

Our founding team has experience growing companies and building robots like this. One of our founders was the second employee at a robotics startup that recently announced a $1.1B public offering.

Come work with us if you love:

* Fast-paced prototype development with software and hardware components

* Making a positive climate impact through your work

* Hacking on massive construction equipment!

Apply here: https://chargerobotics.com/careers.html

Plato | Founding Full-Stack Engineer | Onsite/Remote | San Francisco | https://plato.io

Today's OS's are based on metaphors from the 60s. The web was invented by a physicist to share Sangria recipes. We can do better. We need a new app platform rooted in the ideas of Alan Kay, Douglas Engelbart, and Bret Victor. I write about this here: https://vision.plato.io.

Plato is a well funded seed-stage startup building this platform. We're starting with internal tools. Plato is a low-code platform that lets anyone in your company build live internal tools. We sell to operations heavy industries like fintech, healthcare, and logistics, where the demand for internal tools has skyrocketed in the past five years.

We're hiring a founding engineer to join as Employee #1, earn significant equity, and help us democratize computing. Learn more at https://jobs.plato.io/founding-engineer

VIERLIVE | Senior Full Stack Developer | Remote | Full-time | https://vier.live/

VIERLIVE is both a social streaming platform and producer of original content – together with some of Scandinavia's best music video directors, we are pushing the boundaries of what live streaming of music and art can be.

We’re looking for someone that will take our scalable streaming platform to the next level. You’ll have the opportunity to make big decisions and seriously impact the products we make.

About you, in short:

- Driven by creating good features

- Pragmatic

- Passionate about building scalable architectures

- Love working remotely and connecting with people all over the world.

We use React, Node, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDb, and more.

We started out in March 2020, and so far we’ve sold more than 55k tickets in 101 countries with 15 MNOK in revenue. We’ve worked with many of the biggest names from the Norwegian music scene.

Our vision is to be the best social streaming platform for artists around the world. Connecting audiences and artists in new ways. We are a team born out of the internet and want to create something open, transparent and playful.

If that sounds interesting, read more/apply below or email jontore@vier.live


strongDM | All Roles! Go / Golang | FULL REMOTE (core hours ~North American timezones) | Full-time | https://www.strongdm.com

strongDM is an identity-aware proxy for managing and auditing access to infrastructure: Kubernetes, databases, generic SSH destinations, internal web applications, Windows (RDP), cloud providers, and more. We build secure, high-throughput networking systems in Go.

We've been fully remote for years, building software to help people work remotely. We have high standards and high levels of respect for each other and our customers.

*Recent financial news*: September 2021 - $54M series B https://prn.to/3ipnEVw

Current roles:

* Senior Software Engineer (Golang, secure distributed systems)

* Senior Front End Engineer (React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Electron)

* Director, Infrastructure

* Product Management, All levels

* Sales Engineering & Solutions Architecture

* Sales, Marketing - All roles / All levels

* More roles here: https://www.strongdm.com/careers

If this sounds like the type of work and the type of environment that would suit you, send me (Justin, co-founder & CTO) a note at justin@strongdm.com

Australian Bureau of Statistics | Cloud engineering / project leads | Melbourne, Canberra, or Brisbane, AU | Full-time | Onsite (partial WfH embraced) | Australian citizenship req'd

Multiple roles available working in ABS’ Security and Infrastructure Branch – join us as we help the ABS navigate an increasingly complex and challenging digital environment. ABS is a key agency in the Australian Government’s push for digital services and unlocking the value of data to improve the lives of the Australian people. You will be helping us design and build integrated, secure, and robust solutions while working with ABS (and other government department) stakeholders.

We have a hybrid-cloud environment and embrace both AWS and Azure, with a wide range of applications and stacks to work with! Email me @ joel.williams@abs.gov.au if you have any questions! Otherwise you can apply at https://www.apsjobs.gov.au/s/job-details?title=project-techn...

Shelf Engine | (https://www.shelfengine.com/) | REMOTE or ON-SITE (post-COVID) | Full-time | Backend & Full Stack Engineers, Data Scientists. We're hiring for multiple positions across the Engineering and Data Science teams (and in many other non-engineering roles).

At Shelf Engine, we're taking on arbitrage risk for perishable goods. We do daily demand forecasting based on a number of factors, including historical information, product margins, etc. We have an operationally sophisticated product for automatically managing, dispatching, and recording orders, and tracking sales and waste information. Domain areas range from ML and statistical forecasting, to full-stack web services and mobile apps.

Tech stack: For the front end, we use Angular for desktop and Ionic for mobile. Backend we are running a C# stack, with a SQL storage layer and utilizing CQRS and event sourcing patterns. For forecasting and ML we use R and python.

See (https://www.shelfengine.com/careers/).

CerQlar | Senior DevOps, Frontend, and Backend Engineers | Amsterdam or EU Remote | Full-time

CerQlar is a SaaS startup (~10 people) contributing to a more sustainable future by providing global organizations the tools and solutions necessary to reach their sustainability goals and carbon neutrality.

Founded in partnership with one of the world's leading energy trading firms. We've been working with market leaders in Norway, Italy and the Netherlands who have helped us build a robust and market-aware solution fit for producer-suppliers, corporate users, traders, and more.

We are looking for experienced software engineers to help build our system and influence the architecture, design, and implementation of our software.

Our team is passionate about the environmental impact of our work as well as the challenges that arise from building products and infrastructure from scratch in an industry that technology has yet to shape.

Reach out to recruitment@cerqlar.com to learn more about the role and our work - we look forward to telling you more!

Tech stack includes: Java, Typescript, CSS3, Go, Kotlin, Python, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux

Keywords: distributed systems, scalable architecture, cloud-based systems, security, networking

NiceDay | Senior Data Engineer, Backend Engineer | Remote, Netherlands, Indonesia | Full-time

We are a team of 50+ people, changing the way mental health care works in the Netherlands by organising a new way of providing care. We have partnered with the biggest mental health institution of the Netherlands and have built a web and mobile app that is actively used by thousands of therapists and patients.


We have had immense growth last year and our customer base has grown 20x in 2 weeks! Join us for working with a team of passionate engineers and therapists, working tightly together to help define a new way to provide care for people who need help the most.

You can get some insight about how we work at our blog: https://medium.com/niceday-dev

Remote is welcome as long as you can overlap enough hours with the Dutch and Indonesia time and are also willing to fly to the Netherlands/Indonesia from time to time :)


Grow Therapy | Software Engineers, Product Designer, Product Manager, Growth | NYC ONSITE Full-Time

Grow Therapy is on a mission to fundamentally transform mental healthcare accessibility. If you or a loved one has ever had trouble finding a therapist that accepts your insurance, our mission may speak to you. We’re creating game-changing technology to build America’s biggest behavioral healthcare group and ensure that anyone can afford quality mental healthcare.

Since launching in 2020, Grow has raised over $15M from top VCs and angel investors (e.g. SignalFire, Village Global). Our founders comes from Google, Stripe, and Harvard Medical School. Check out our Series A announcement! https://techcrunch.com/2021/09/23/grow-therapy-plants-15m-in...

We’re looking for engineers, founding product designer, founding product manager, and growth lead. Learn more about us: https://growtherapy.com/careers.

Or shoot me an email at alan at growtherapy.com.

Shopify helps people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. We’re in the business of building useful products that help merchants everywhere. We touch all aspects of business creation—from an online store builder to retail hardware to fulfillment. Bring your big ideas and we’ll make them even bigger. Check out our open roles: Senior Application Security Engineer (EST) - https://smrtr.io/6PFV7 Infrastructure Security Engineer - https://smrtr.io/6PFWd Senior Data Scientist (Remote, United States) - https://smrtr.io/6PFXc Staff Data Scientist (Remote, United States)- https://smrtr.io/6PFXM Senior Data Engineer (Remote, United States) - https://smrtr.io/6PFYj

OptiRTC | Senior IoT Engineer | Full-Time, Remote (US Only, Boston-based) | https://optirtc.com

OptiRTC provides a groundbreaking, autonomous, IoT-based stormwater management platform that reduces flood risk and protects water quality. Our team is focused on resilience, self-service management tools for O&M and civil design engineers, and improved multi-site control options to enable greater adoption.

Over 100 communities and private entities have applied our technology to achieve their stormwater objectives at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional (passive) infrastructure. In many cases, our dynamic approach is the only way to cost-effectively manage runoff much greater than drainage systems were originally designed to handle.

We are looking for an embedded developer with experience writing firmware in C++ and designing PCBs to join our small (5.5 person) product development team. This is a US-based remote team with optional travel to Boston.

Find more info and apply to the Senior IoT Engineer position at https://optirtc.com/company/careers

Jigzi | frontend Rust Wasm Developer | Full-Time | Remote

You read that right- frontend and Rust in the same sentence. We are building a largeish web-based platform in the edtech space. While several of the technical challenges in this new frontier have been solved- there are many more puzzles to go!

More description and contact info here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Kd6oEyQHlNYT-dS58D9SkRA...

Our framework of choice is Dominator + futures-signals, though we bail out to lit-element for custom elements and layout (so a bit of typescript and html stuff too). You're not expected to be familiar with Dominator yet, you'll be given time and flexibility to learn that on the job, but you should know Rust well and be somewhat familiar with the modern approach to rendering DOM in the web world (declarative, reactive, functional).

In terms of the product- it's open-source and intended to be forkable for any educational arena. However, it is spearheaded and funded through Jewish Interactive which will be using it in around 600 Jewish Dayschools. Our focus at the moment is getting this initial version out. Initial private beta will be this month, and public MVP a few months later.

The entire premise of this product is that it is modular, and there are plans to add more kinds of modules later (e.g. WebGL-powered, perhaps via an ECS like Shipyard or Bevy)

If you have a Rustacean mentality - that is, you are more than happy to accept compiler errors and language complexity for the sake of stability, speed, scalability, and all the other awesomeness that Rust provides, please reach out!

Storyboard | TryStoryboard.com | Remote or Los Angeles

Summary: Storyboard is a platform for companies & teams to collaborate through private, internal podcasts for their employees. We are a Seed stage company focused on creating tools for teams to communicate without live meetings. Over 2,000 companies globally have launched channels on Storyboard so far.

Recently named by Will Reed/Pitchbook as a "Top 50 Seed stage company to work for"

To Apply: Please send resume to admin@trystoryboard.com. Let us know if you have background or interest in podcasts or music tech / audio engineering.


Full Stack Engineer: $115K-140K + Equity

Keywords: Full Stack, Web RTC, Web Audio API, Static Apps Link: https://joinstoryboard.notion.site/Full-Stack-Engineer-cb2b4...


Frontend Engineer: $115K-135K + Equity

Keywords: Frontend, JAMstack

Link: https://joinstoryboard.notion.site/Frontend-Engineer-141fff3...


Sales Engineer: $100K-130K + Equity

Keywords: Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect, Pre-sales Engineer Link: https://joinstoryboard.notion.site/Sales-Engineer-702f9de7de...

Pyroscope (YC W21) | Senior Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time / Contract

Pyroscope is open source performance monitoring software, currently with a focus on Continuous Profiling. Pyroscope was founded at the beginning of 2021 and we've already seen a lot of rapid growth/community adoption as well as feedback for what features developers are excited for us to build.

We're looking for Senior Software Engineers for both frontend and backend. Our frontend uses React and Redux and our custom storage engine is written in Golang (with agents for many other languages as well)


* Interest in / experience with Open Source

* Performance analysis experience

* SRE experience

* Solid CS knowledge, particularly understanding of data structures (we use trees and tries extensively see https://github.com/pyroscope-io/pyroscope/blob/main/docs/sto...)



Senior Software Engineer (Backend): https://apply.workable.com/pyroscope/j/28E1725C98/

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend): https://apply.workable.com/pyroscope/j/CCF934937E/

Questions?: hn@pyroscope.io

Verdn | Full Stack / Backend Engineers | ONSITE | London, UK | Full-Time | https://verdn.com

Verdn is creating the environmental API of the future by allowing companies to embed pledges (tree planting, ocean-bound plastic cleanup) onto any of their transactions, which their end-customers can track for themselves.

We just raised pre-seed and are looking to hire our first two engineers who will have a huge impact on our product and the company itself. Our office is in the City of London and want it to be on-site-first (due to how small the team is right now — there are only two of us!).

Our tech-stack: React everywhere on the front end (Gatsby.js, Next.js), Node.js everywhere on the backend. We use Firebase / Firestore / Cloud Functions extensively.

You can read more about us / our roles here: https://verdn.notion.site/Verdn-Careers-890f0ca2d4424fd6a228...

If you want to join us (and want to ⌘+Z global ecosystem collapse) send an email to me — rory (at) verdn (dot) com — introducing yourself and attaching your resume.

ScyllaDB | hiring multiple roles | US, Europe, Israel, and Remote | ScyllaDB.com

Wide column NoSQL database company (API-compatible with Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB).

I've been with ScyllaDB for three years now and we are hitting an inflection point. We've scaled past 100 employees and we're aiming for the next order of magnitude. We're still a startup, but well beyond the "MVP stage still seeking our first revenue customer."

What we need to do now is to keep hitting our release cadence, delivering awesome new features, squashing all the bugs, providing bulletproof reliability and 24/7 support, and continue scaling to meet the growing demands of our global open source and enterprise user base.

When we say "remote," for the right candidate in the necessary role we can make accommodations. We have workers in both northern and southern hemispheres, and both east and west. Folks work for ScyllaDB in Finland and Japan, Israel, Poland, Brazil, China and Russia, Canada, the UK, the US, and beyond.

Full job listings & descriptions here: https://www.scylladb.com/company/careers/

GUTS Tickets | Frontend/Backend/DevOps | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Onsite/Remote up to €70k+ p.a. depending on experience, part-time/full-time, SARS plan available.

GUTS Tickets is a ticketing platform & service that puts an end to disgraceful secondary ticket prices and ticket fraud.

We have several open positions for:

- Medior/Senior Frontend Developers (VueJS, React Native, Typescript)

- Medior/Senior Backend Developers (Golang, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Solidity, Ethereum, NFT, kubernetes, AWS)

- DevOps/SRE (kubernetes, AWS, grafana, newrelic)

Competitive salary based on experience: part-time or full-time is negotiable. ESOP (SARS) or token plan are negotiable. Employee-based conference, hardware and training budget is available.

Fully remote is possible, with timezone constraints.

Perks: PS4 Pro and 4K TV gaming-battles, ping-pong tournaments, Friday-afternoon bbq/drinks on roof terrace (looking over Amsterdam), committed team-members from all over the world (all on-site), meetups & lightning talks, access to "fill in whatever you want" events & conferences.

Check out https://careers.guts.tickets/ (soliciting is NOT appreciated)

Grafana Labs | Backend Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Engineering Managers, Senior Backend Engineers | Remote Global | Full-Time | Remote | https://grafana.com/

You know us, we make the Grafana dashboard you use to observe your systems and business. We also work on Prometheus, Cortex, Loki, Tempo, a SaaS offering, an Enterprise offering. We're well-funded and have a long list of customers whose brands your family recognise. We are OSS, AGPL and CNCF.

We are hiring globally in full-time remote roles. Note: The entire company has been remote first forever and our founders are on multiple continents, this is not something we are learning - this is who we are.

We are looking for engineers at all levels, wherever you are. But specifically right now we are hiring in the Americas and APAC. It doesn't matter where you are in those time zones.


If you cannot see something on that page that you identify as... apply to the nearest role and describe what you are looking for in your cover letter as we do read them all.

LitCharts | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Remote Only (USA) | https://www.litcharts.com

LitCharts, a Course Hero company, is a literary resource with 2000+ guides to books, poems, literary terms, and more. Millions of students, teachers, and general-interest readers use LitCharts every month.

Overall Responsibilities

* Help maximize uptime, reliability, performance, and security.

* Implement projects ranging from backend to frontend and everything in between.

* Help maintain and improve our codebase.


* A high level of competency with Ruby, Rails, Postgres, React, Webpack, Heroku.

* Experience building responsive frontends with a focus on cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

* Bonus points: Passion for and/or experience with education, education technology, and/or literature.

Why LitCharts?

Competitive salary, annual bonus, equity, healthcare coverage, 401k with matching, the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the best literary resource on the web.

Flexible hours but typically stick to 9am-5pm EST. All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States.

To apply, please send the following to hiring@litcharts.com:

* Your resume/LinkedIn/GitHub profile

* A brief explanation of the biggest opportunity for technical improvement that you see on our website

Arbour | Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE or REMOTE | https://www.arbourglobal.com

Arbour's technology empowers and hosts 1:1 processes between organisations for whom sharing data consistently and securely is critical to success. Arbour provides a unified platform for connecting businesses to bring B2B relations into the digital world.

As a fast-growing, tech-focused team of high-class engineers, we are looking for new members to join us on our journey to change the way business relations work fundamentally. The role is mainly remote at this time, but we occasionally meet in our office, so we would ask you to come to the vibrant Berlin metropolitan area to work with us in the long run!

We don't offer fancy benefit packages. Instead, we offer a highly professional, diverse, friendly, transparent and open company culture that allows you to multiply your skills in an environment giving you support whenever you need it at an appropriate compensation level.

Find our job descriptions at https://www.arbourglobal.com/careers

Shield AI | San Diego, CA | www.shield.ai | Onsite | Remote Considered (For certain roles) | Full-Time

Shield AI is an artificial intelligence robotics company building products for the national security sector and first responders. We are searching for people ready to rise to the occasion and join us in developing state-of-the-art technology alongside a mission that matters. Are you up for the challenge?

Positions Open Across Technical Teams: https://jobs.lever.co/shieldai -- – Senior Full Stack Engineer-- Senior Autonomy Engineer (Motion Planning) -- Senior Autonomy Engineer (Mapping) -- Senior Mechanical Test Engineer -- Production Technician – Senior UX Designer - Senior Staff/Principal Software Engineer (Hivemind Research) -- Manager, Machine Learning Platform Team -- Embedded Software Engineer – IT/Security Engineer – Senior Autonomy Engineer (Planning and Controls)Machine Learning Engineer (Heron) -- Software Engineer C++ (Heron)

Our team is built of scientists, engineers, and business leaders inspired by our mission; to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems.

Everest Agency | Sr QA, Sr PO, VP, UX Design, others | Remote (N/A) | Full-time | http://everest.agency

We're a fully-remote SW agency that checks notes builds what's next. I'm a dev, not an HR person so I don't have the full spiel on everything but the main sell to our clients is that we embed with their engineers rather than just building something and throwing it over the wall at them. My team is currently building a React, Next.js, and GraphQL app that lives in our customer's K8s cluster. I've rapidly picked up some knowledge in Kafka and Redis lately as well.

We're trying to fill a couple of roles but we're most urgently trying to pick up some Sr QA folks. We hire quickly and you won't be waiting around forever for an offer. Everest was the fastest from start-to-offer of all the companies I interviewed with a few months ago.

Job Postings: https://apply.workable.com/everestagency/

If you have questions for me before going through the application, I'm at mark@everest.agency

IDT | Flutter & Web Developers | Remote, Europe location | Full-time

We at IDT develop communications and money applications in small, independent international teams. Our flagship BOSS Revolution Calling, Money mobile apps and website help millions of customers to communicate with and send money to friends and loved ones around the world. For more info on our apps and services please visit: https://www.bossrevolution.com/

We are currently looking for the following new team members:

1) Mobile Flutter developers: https://idtmessaging.com/senior-mobile-developer-flutter-or-...

2) Web developers: https://idtmessaging.com/web-developer-helsinki-or-remote/

What we have to offer:

1) Work on applications which really make a difference in people’s lives

2) An international company with many different products to work on

3) Work with the latest technologies and learn new things as we go

4) Talented and friendly colleagues working as a global team

5) Competitive compensation

Zerocopter | Full-time | Amsterdam | ONSITE or REMOTE* | https://zerocopter.com

Zerocopter is one of Europe's fastest growing application security platforms empowered by the world's best ethical hackers.

Our team of software engineers, security researchers and triage experts provide bug bounty programs, automated scanners and dedicated vulnerability checks for a diverse portfolio of clients including the largest airlines, hardware, retail and e-commerce companies in the world.

We are currently looking for experienced frontend, full-stack and backend engineers with a security focus to expand our dev team of six and help us to accelerate development.

Tech stack:

- Ruby on Rails (both latest stable, no digging in Rails 2.3)

- Vue.js

- Postgres, Redis, Memcached, Heroku + additional infra on AWS

* We have a great remote workflow, but most of us meet in our Amsterdam office once every 2 weeks and it would be great if you could join us too. Also, we prefer candidates with a valid EU work permit.

More info & applications: https://zerocopter.recruitee.com ; if you have any questions you can contact me directly at mariusz@zerocopter.com

SandyLane | Bay Area / REMOTE | Founding engineer

SandyLane helps teams unlock the full power of their revenue generating software through API integrations as a service. We are a team of ex-Instacart founders, backed by SoftBank, Global Founders Capital, and Y Combinator. We are looking for engineers who love to build and want to change the world with their code.

We're building the first no code solution that helps revenue teams connect their apps, and targeting a 100Bn+ market of which <2% is served through technology platforms.

As our first hire, you'll work directly with the two co-founders and apply an entrepreneurial, growth mindset to your day-to day. We're looking for:

* At least 3 years of full-stack software engineering experience * Ability to deliver high-quality code across a diverse tech stack * Strong communication and cross-functional partnership skills * Strong critical thinking skills, and ability to own entire development cycle from ideation through execution * Self-driven mindset, and the ability to work on a mix of open ended-experiment ideas and projects with detailed specifications * Willingness to learn, and mentor others

Interested? Reach out to us at hello[at]sandylane.io to apply.

Comm | engineering | NYC onsite | https://comm.app

E2E encryption in 2021 is mostly limited to simple chat apps. Since there’s no way to implement a robust server layer with plaintext access, things like search, backup, and ranking are way harder to get right.

Our solution is to replace the cloud with a network of personal, private servers (we call them “keyservers”).

We’re starting out by building an E2E-encrypted, self-hosted Discord alternative. The goal is to grow out an install base of keyservers before we flip this thing into a platform.

I starting working on Comm earlier this year. I’m a programmer by trade and previously worked at FB for 5 years. We currently have two folks out in NYC (including myself) and are working with a team out in Poland.

We raised a small pre-seed round in February, and are looking to prove out our ideas and hire the founding team before we raise our seed round.

Job descriptions available here: https://www.notion.so/commapp/We-re-hiring-b0a4cef3f8b34b8c9...

If this sounds interesting please reach out to ashoat@comm.app!

Maxlinear Hispania | https://www.maxlinear.com | Multiple positions | Full-time | Valencia, Spain | ONSITE

We have multiple positions opened for the Valencia office. You can check all of them here: https://careersintl-maxlinear.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&sea...

* Senior Software Test/QA engineer

* Staff Field Application Engineer

* Senior Staff Firmware Development Engineer

* Principal Firmware Development Engineer

* Staff Software Test Automation Engineer

* Principal Applications Engineer

* Software Development Engineer

* ...more...

The link above contains a detailed description of each of them, but let me introduce you to the firmware engineering related ones, as that is the area where I work:

We develop the different firmwares that run inside embedded networking devices (such as 5G transceivers and fiber/cable/plc/wifi set top boxes). The ideal candidate would have experience...

* ...programming embedded devices in C / assembly.

* ...working with RTOSes (such as uCOS, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, ...)

* ...analyzing TCP/UDP/WiFi network frames.

* ...developing on Linux workstations with gcc based toolchains.

* ...documenting everything he does!

We are looking for either junior or senior engineers.

Getaround | Senior Backend Software Engineer (Python) [Multiple Openings] | Full-Time | Remote-first with San Francisco, CA HQ Collaborative Space (US, near Pacific Time) | getaround.com

Getaround connects safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. Our community includes guests who rely on our cars for on-demand mobility and hosts who share cars on our platform including those who operate their own car sharing businesses. Our connected car technology allows guests to book and unlock a wide variety of vehicles directly from our app without ever having to meet anyone in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

Cars are parked 22 hours a day on average. When we share cars, we don’t need as many on the road, which means fewer accidents, reduced traffic, and less space required for parking. Car sharing modernizes mobility by allowing people to connect multiple forms of efficient transportation for any type of use case.

Studies show that when car sharing is available, people drive less and drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, which can reduce household carbon emissions by up to 40%. Also, shared cars are used more frequently and retired more quickly, accelerating the adoption of newer, more energy-efficient vehicles.

We're hiring a Senior Backend Software Engineer with Python experience to join our growing engineering team.

Apply online (https://jobs.lever.co/getaround/d0d01536-80ac-4f3b-95b9-dfe1...) or email me (Sr Director of Engineering) at tareq dot ahmed at getaround dot com to learn more.

You posted a broken link to JD. The correct one is https://jobs.lever.co/getaround/ae0eaeff-a894-4f01-bc31-837d....

Sense | https://sense.com | Multiple Positions | Cambridge, MA, US & Montreal, QC, CA | REMOTE & Onsite (see positions for detail) | Full-time

Sense is making a difference in climate change by helping homeowners manage their energy. Get insights into how your appliances use energy, know what's on without smart appliances or IoT hubs, get alerts or automate your home if you like, or just sit back and save some money and energy.

We have an incredibly productive cross-functional technology team, doing nearly everything in-house: electrical & mechanical engineering, embedded linux, DSP, cloud backend, data science and machine learning, mobile and full-stack web. This means there's great opportunities for personal growth. Basically anything you're interested in learning about, there are experts in-house.

We have partnerships with major players in the energy space: Schneider Electric (electric panels) and Landis & Gyr (electric meters). We are scaling up, and you can help!

  * Data Science
  * Electrical Engineering
  * Embedded, Mobile, Web
  * Backend
  * Manufacturing Engineer
  * Many others!
Sound interesting? Join our team!


Touch base with me (jonah at sense․com) if you want to chat! I've been here for 5 years in a individual contributor role. I'm currently spending my time working on our embedded platform, from linux drivers through DSP, data science through cloud connectivity, but I can put you in touch with folks from other areas of the stack if you want to learn more.

No recruiters, please.

Aurora | Service Mesh Engineer (and lots more!) | Hybrid (Bay Area, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Bozeman) | VISA | Full Time | https://aurora.tech

At Aurora, we’re on a mission to deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly. It all starts with the Aurora Driver, a platform created from industry-leading hardware and software and designed to adapt across a variety of vehicle types and industries.

As we prepare to go public this year, we’ve been pulling back the curtain on our technology and progress in self-driving - you can watch our engineers talk about our perception, simulation, hardware stack and more at https://aurora.tech/ai.

As we work towards building our first product, the Aurora Driver, my team is looking for someone to lead our service mesh effort.

What you’ll do as a Service Mesh Engineer:

Connect, secure, control, and observe traffic in Kubernetes clusters for our long-running services and APIs. You will work on our key ingress, as well as manage our services' authentication and telemetry. This person will have a huge impact in establishing a service mesh at Aurora and determining how distributed systems will work at our company.

When we’re back in the office, Aurora will run on a hybrid model. This particular role may also be open to remote (US only) for the right candidate.

We have tons of jobs open across Software and Hardware engineering - you can check them all out at https://aurora.tech/careers!

Is there any openings for recent undergrad graduates?

Your website breaks/overrides scrolling in a super annoying way, just FYI.

JustWatch | Berlin, Germany | FULLTIME, ONSITE | VISA SUPPORT

JustWatch Talent - Startup Jobs and Internships in Berlin.

JustWatch is the world's leading movie and TV show streaming guide and a movie marketing company in one.

We are currently looking for talent in these areas:

• Backend Engineers - all levels (Golang)

• Lead Backend Engineer

• Business Intelligence Analysts

• Senior Frontend Engineer

For more information go to our Talent page:


JustWatch promotes a culture of learning with a high degree of autonomy and room for personal growth. We work on hard problems, with low politics, clear focus, and great context.

We don't have any non-technical product management and like it that way. Our development philosophy balances fast hacking with a solid architectural foundation.

We are a self-funded and profitable start-up, founded in 2014 in Berlin and currently employing around 100 great people with diverse backgrounds.

If you're into great code architecture, like to (continuously) deliver production code and actually help build a product bringing value to tens of millions of monthly users - let us know. For more on how we work, our culture, values, and engineering practices, be sure to check out our blog.

We are not looking for a perfect CV, we just want to know who you are and what challenge you'd be excited about.

Component Sense | Full-Stack Developer | Remote or HQ (Livingston, Scotland) | Full Time

At Component Sense, we have a clearly defined purpose - leading electronic manufacturers towards zero waste. To help us achieve this goal we are looking to bring an experienced web engineer into the team. You will play an integral role within the company - our processes and operations all depend on our bespoke applications that we manage in-house, and we recognise this as our competitive advantage.

The job will include automating and improving existing processes, uncovering new ones and making our systems more intuitive. On the technical side you will be looking to build APIs and intuitive UIs, manage database queries and schemas, maintain and improve the state of our codebase. To succeed you will most definitely need to communicate with the development team and our users, keep company goals in mind and not be afraid to voice your opinions.

You can find more info about the role and can submit your CV below. https://www.componentsense.com/jobs/full-stack-developer

Spot | Full-stack Engineer, 3D Engineer | Seattle, WA (US-remote ok) | spotvirtual.com

Help build your ideal remote working experience. We are building a 3D virtual workplace inside the browser that bridges the gap between being remote and being in-person. If you are interested in game dev, this is probably the closest thing that comes with a web dev salary. Our team is small, but experienced, and this would be a ground-level role that would provide an opportunity to help shape the technology and company in a really foundational way. Our founders are experienced and most recently founded a Seattle startup that has achieved unicorn status.

Our stack is Typescript, Babylon.js, React, Apollo/GraphQL, and Nest.js. Everything is built on top of AWS using modern tooling. We are looking for someone who has some familiarity in the tech stack and is excited about the space. This position will be remote, but the ideal candidate will be one who enjoys/misses many aspects of a physical workplace.

Email apply at spotvirtual.com or check out https://www.spotvirtual.com/careers/

Stealth Plant Based Meat Co. | USA - Remote possible | Mechanical Engineer

Lever Advisers is a venture studio focused on launching alternative protein companies. We are working on a concept for using novel machinery to manufacture thicker-cut plant-based protein than what is available on the market. The ultimate end product will be a chicken breast analog or steak analog. We have an excellent CEO in place as well as the resources available through our venture studio – fundraising connections, branding/design agencies, formulators, contract-manufacturers, etc.

You will apply your education and experience as a mechanical engineer to head the machine design process for the prototype manufacturing system. You’ll work directly alongside the CEO and will be the first hire in this function of the company. As our company grows, you can hire your own team and take on additional responsibility. This is a pre-seed-stage company, and early-stage hires will be compensated with significant equity stakes.

Apply: https://smrtr.io/6FJPf

Fourier Audio | Founding Full-Stack Engineer | Full-Time | Remote / London | https://fourieraudio.com/jobs

Fourier Audio is revolutionising the way audiences experience audio by reinventing the tools used by designers to shape sound for live productions.

We’re an early-stage UK pro-audio startup, looking for a seriously excellent full-stack lead engineer driven by a desire to build seriously excellent pro-audio products. We want someone with an eye for detail, who relishes the challenge of a wide remit with scope to innovate. We believe in freedom & responsibility; working with excellent people and letting them be excellent.

You’ll join as employee #3 in a focused and driven team intent on changing the (live audio) world.

Our stack is Rust, Typescript (Electron+React) & ChucK; I can answer any questions (email in profile, include HN in subject).

Full details and to apply: https://fourieraudio.com/founding-engineer/

Chuck! That's a blast from the past.

Inmar Intelligence | Sr. Software Engineer, Site Reliability | Remote | Full-Time

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our team of infrastructure operations and automation development specialists. The primary purpose of this team is to build or implement platform automation tooling, develop and maintain SDLC patterns and best practices, and to provide performance, security and resilience support in service of the product application teams.

More info: https://inmar.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/inmarcareers/job/Headqua...

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the positions in greater detail feel free to reach out to me at kimberly.bucaccio@inmar.com

We are also looking for: • Data Engineer • Ruby on Rails Engineer • Senior Software Engineer • MediaManager Software Engineer • Application Security Engineer

Apply to open roles at https://www.inmar.com/about/careers

Tumblr/Automattic (Tumblr, WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce) | Search Engineer | Full Time | REMOTE (Planet Earth) We're a distributed company with employees in 80+ countries. Tumblr launched in 2007 with the belief that people need a place to say what they want, be who they want, and connect over what they love. We continue to build out Tumblr as a platform for free expression, individuality, and human connection.

Help us improve our search and recommendations systems to make the web a better place.


Read about our hiring process (https://automattic.com/work-with-us/how-we-hire-developers/) and the trial project (https://automattic.com/what-to-expect-during-a-trial/)

Is your company accepting interns?

Quorum | Senior Software Engineer, Performance and Platform | Washington, DC, USA| ONSITE or REMOTE | https://www.quorum.us/careers/

Quorum is 150-person startup based in Washington DC that builds software for public and government affairs. Thousands of public affairs professionals use Quorum for their work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, and the European Union.

Called "The Moneyball Effect on K Street" by the Washington Post and "Google for Congress" by the Huffington Post, Quorum's software is used by four of the top five tech companies, major companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, non-profits like the Sierra Club and the United Nations Foundation, and many other companies, trade associations, non-profits, and advocacy groups.

Our engineers work the full stack using tools like React/Redux, Django, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and much more. We're rapidly scaling our engineering team! Apply at https://grnh.se/427866e91us

CloudBees | DevOps Consultant | Remote | Full-Time | https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudbees/jobs/3461008

I manage CloudBees' North American DevOps Consulting team. We advise most of CloudBees' largest clients about their DevOps journey (with our products and even ancillary to them).

It's a fun role and we have a great team that is growing quickly. If you are 1) familiar with CI/CD tooling (doesn't have to be Jenkins!), 2) understand how to help an organization implement tooling & processes to effectively deliver software, and 3) know how to help people understand how to grow a generative culture — we might be a good fit for you.

A very technical role, but one that also requires us to interface with clients daily.


If this role isn't what you're interested in, there are a lot of others open at CloudBees, too! https://www.cloudbees.com/careers/job

Clio | www.clio.com/about/careers/

Location: Canada or California (we are a remote-first org but we also have offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto for those who like seeing people face-to-face sometimes)

We create low-barrier, affordable software for lawyers to manage and grow their law firms effectively so they can offer their services to those who need it the most. We also make it easier for their clients to collaborate with them to create a more inclusive legal system for all. Our mission is to "transform the legal experience for all".

What have we been up to? In May of this year, we closed our Series E, giving us a valuation of $1.6B USD and marked us as the first legal practice management unicorn globally! We also just acquired a court document automation company, our 2nd acquisition this year.And recently we just passed the 700 employee mark.

We are hiring across all roles, including security, SRE, engineering, and more.

Interested? Email me at elise.mance (at) clio.com

Time By Ping | Multiple Roles | NA Remote or Office (SF / LA) | Full Time | https://timebyping.com

Time By Ping is attempting to solve professional time tracking and sanctify people's time. Our primary customers are law firms, but we are currently expanding into other fields as well.

Our stack is Typescript on the backend, C# for our windows desktop app, Swift for iOS app, Kotlin for our Android app.

We're hiring a lot right now, and so if the open roles below don't seem like a fit, please apply to the other role, as we're behind on writing up JDs!

Open Roles:

Senior Software Engineer - https://www.timebyping.com/careers?gh_jid=5144696002

Senior Windows Engineer - https://www.timebyping.com/careers?gh_jid=4981730002

Other! - https://www.timebyping.com/careers?gh_jid=5327692002


The Action Network | Back-end (Node.js or C#), Mobile (React-Native/Swift/Java), Front-end (React/Redux/Next.js), Devops (AWS, K8) | REMOTE US or Onsite NYC/SF

The Action Network is an exciting sports media company that builds products and creates content to inform and entertain the sports bettor. The sports betting and fantasy sports space is massive ($170bn in the US), growing and underserved from a product and content perspective, and we have the talent, domain expertise and passion to win the space.

We are seeking Engineers who operate with integrity and are highly motivated, creative, and excited about joining a fast-paced startup-environment. Our primary BE technologies include AWS (lambdas, SQS, SNS, etc.), Node.js, C#, Postgres, Docker, and K8. On the FE we use React/React-Native, Next.js, and Redux.

We are also looking for a Data-Engineer Lead/Manager to help build our data infrastructure team from the ground up.

Please see our careers page for more specifics on each position and links to apply: https://jobs.lever.co/actionnetwork

Globality Inc | (ONSITE) San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Kviv | Full time

Various Roles - see https://grnh.se/b9d859ac2us

Globality’s AI-powered Smart Sourcing technology transforms the way global companies connect with the best suppliers across every service category. You can think of it as a NLP-powered marketplace for service procurement. It doesn't super exciting, and I acknowledge the company home page is the most generic corporate thing ever, but we are solving some really cool problems, and the team is incredible to work with.

See more at:

- https://www.globality.com/en-us

- https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/globality-inc

We've also opensourced some of our tech: https://github.com/globality-corp :) Tech stack: Python (Flask), NodeJS, ReactJS, Typescript, Java (Micronaut), AWS, K8s, Kafka

Garden | Remote/Berlin | Senior Cloud Engineer, Senior UI Engineer, Open Source Maintaine, DevRel | Fulltime


Hi all, we're Garden[1].

Our mission is to keep developers productive and happy in the cloud-native era.

Docker, Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies have made us better than ever at operating our systems in production, but the day-to-day development experience has been left lagging behind.

Developers spend less time in flow, and more time waiting for builds, debugging scripts, or otherwise fighting their tools. We're here to fix that.

Our platform—which includes our open source core product[2]—allows developers to work on distributed systems with remote, production-like dev environments, while enjoying the same fast and frictionless feedback loops we've come to expect when developing a single service locally.

It's a platform that democratizes the kind of advanced developer tooling that only the largest software companies have the resources to build and maintain.

We're still a small team and you'd be joining at a time where you can have a huge impact on our product and our culture. If you've ever thought to yourself that something's not right with our modern development workflows, now's your chance to help fix it!

[1] https://garden.io/about

[2] https://github.com/garden-io/garden

BrightHire | Fully Remote | Full-time | https://brighthire.ai/careers/

BrightHire’s mission is to fix hiring, making it fundamentally more equitable, effective, collaborative, and human.

We’re doing this by building the first intelligent platform for the most important part of the hiring process: interviews and decisions. We just closed a $12.5m Series A from Index Ventures — and the investors behind Figma, Slack, Notion, and Roblox to make hiring better and more equitable.

- Head of Data Science: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/c3ad3bfc-e3b4-4aca-a3ad-be1...

- Senior Machine Learning Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/5ef51206-0105-4788-af98-9d4...

- Staff/Principal Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/7fbb7fb9-ae91-4841-a55d-b5b...

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/brighthire/43eee1e7-42a8-4cbd-9aa6-814...

Singularity 6 | Engineers, Managers, more | Remote or Los Angeles (Westside) | https://www.singularity6.com

Singularity 6 is the game studio behind Palia (palia.com): a cozy, community sim MMO. It's the beginning of many new community-first online worlds. We're still a relatively young, pre-launch startup founded by AAA game industry veterans. VC funding includes a16z and others.

Our engineering team is growing rapidly. Open position include:

- Engineering Managers

- Game Engineers

- Backend Software Engineers

- UI/UX Engineers, particularly those with mobile experience

- SRE & Sysadmins

We're looking for a range of experience levels. Tech stack includes Unreal Engine, Rust, Nomad and more. We're big on open source and looking to contribute back to the community. If you've always wanted to get into the game industry, this is a good opportunity. If you're part of the industry, this is a studio that pays competitively and is committed to investing in people.

I'm the tech director and you can find me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaaronfarr/

Apply at https://www.singularity6.com/careers

Note: the Engineering Manager and Game Engineering roles require (eventual) relocation to Los Angeles. Other roles can be remote, though we prefer local candidates. Here in LA, we're still working from home.

Merkle Science (https://www.merklescience.com)| India/US/Remote | Full-Time | Multiple roles

At Merkle Science, we are creating the infrastructure necessary to ensure the safe and healthy growth of the industry, supporting the transition as cryptocurrencies consolidate with the $22 trillion financial services market. Merkle Science envisions a world powered by crypto. We are the architects enabling crypto companies — trailblazers and disruptors who are pushing the boundaries of innovation — to scale and mature so that a full range of individuals, entities, and services may transact with crypto safely. We are located across the globe with offices in Singapore, London, Bangalore and New York (upcoming). Merkle Science was founded in early 2019. Today we boast of over 60 customers, and we are just getting started.

If you're interested, shoot out an email to careers@merklescience.com, or apply through our careers page at https://careers.merklescience.com

Bridebook (https://bridebook.com) | Multiple Positions | London, UK (HQ) | REMOTE (EU) | Full-time

Our aim is to transform the wedding industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the wedding planning experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We enable couples and suppliers to connect and provide a seamless, personalised wedding-planning experience for both.

Open positions:

- Senior Front-End React Developer: React, Redux, Typescript, Next.js, Firestore. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-front-end-developer/...

- Senior Full-Stack Developer: Typescript, Next.js, Firestore, AWS, GCP, Capacitor. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-full-stack-developer...

- See all available positions at https://plan.bridebook.com/careers

Bowery Farming | Software Engineering + PM| New York, NY | onsite (hybrid)|boweryfarming.com/careers

Bowery is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. Our modern farming company combines the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce you can feel good about eating. BoweryOS, our proprietary software system, uses vision systems, automation technology, and machine learning to monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth 24/7. Because we control the entire process from seed to store, Bowery farms use zero pesticides, 95% less water, and are 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture.

Check out more about our company values and technology at Bowery on our Muse page: https://www.themuse.com/profiles/boweryfarming

We're currently hiring Product Managers and senior and staff software engineers:

Product Manager, Scalable Tech https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/5ffb7e9a-1d21-4b9d-be16-...

Senior Software Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/b66f7ae1-dba2-4a49-9c44-...

Staff Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/boweryfarming/1f8ace07-4add-4c7c-8a83-......

DroneSeed | Seattle | Multiple Positions | Full-time | ONSITE, REMOTE

We at DroneSeed are working to help address climate change by making reforestation scalable with drone swarms - surveying and planting trees. We’re Techstars ‘16 alum, VC backed, and working with 3 of the 5 largest forestry companies in the US. Also, we just raised our Series A.

Currently have a bunch of openings and are adding more shortly in engineering, product, and sales. If you don't see something that fits right now, check back in the next week or two.

We want creative, thoughtful, empathetic people with serious grit to join a team dedicated to inclusion and a critical mission.

Jobs: https://jobs.lever.co/droneseed

About us and our recent round: https://techcrunch.com/2021/09/29/droneseeds-36m-a-round-mak...

Our site: https://www.droneseed.com

Toggl Track | Revenue & Software Development roles | FULL REMOTE | Full Time (https://toggl.com/jobs/)

Toggl Track is a time management tool built by and for teams who value trust and autonomy over surveillance and micromanagement. We use—along with 70,000+ other teams—Toggl Track to empower employees, to work more efficiently, and to spend our time on stuff that matters.

Our amazing team works from 40+ countries around the globe. We hire globally, you work locally. To discover more about how we work, have a sneak peek at https://www.toggl.com/track/culture/


Windows App Team Lead https://toggl.com/jobs/toggltrack-windows-teamlead/

Backend Developer https://toggl.com/jobs/toggltrack-backend/

Frontend Developer https://toggl.com/jobs/toggltrack-frontend/

Community Manager https://toggl.com/jobs/toggltrack-community-manager/

Content Marketing Manager https://toggl.com/jobs/toggltrack-content-marketing-manager/

Magic | Principal Engineer (JavaScript) | Remote (worldwide) | Full-time

We're the Engineering Team at Magic, a Y Combinator (W15) company connecting businesses to virtual assistants, with over $17MM raised to date. We're currently - 7 engineers in 4 countries, growing to 30 engineers worldwide. We're hiring our first Principal Engineer (JavaScript) to set high standards for code quality, agile process, architecture and product development.

Let us know if you enjoy mentoring other software engineers, improving the development process, creating awareness of the engineering organization in the larger developer community, self-managing which means working async at any time you wish.

We are fully remote (and staying that way), encourage work time devoted to open source or civic projects, have a strong learning culture focused on mentorship, pairing, blogging, exploratory projects, in-house talks, and outside conferences.

We are also hiring for Senior Software Engineer positions (https://bit.ly/jdseniorfullstack), if you don't see yourself as a Principal Software Engineer.

In less than 3 hours, you can get hired by meeting our in-house technical recruiter, doing a culture fit and pre-tech interview with a hiring manager, choosing from 3 ways to showcase your abilities (choose one): - simulated code review - show and tell from one of your GitHub repos - or live-code pairing to build a to-do application.

See the job description (https://bit.ly/jdprincipalfullstack) for more information. Contact us by emailing: ysai.lafrades@getmagicnow.com

Squadcast | Engineering, Sales, Content... | Full-Time | Remote (Anywhere in India) | https://squadcast.com

Squadcast is a cloud-based software designed around SRE practices with best-of-breed Incident Management & On-call Scheduling capabilities.

Our goal to be the easiest incident response platform - helping engineers do on-call scheduling and incident management. We help organizations quickly and easily adopt SRE practices to improve their incident resolution metrics and ultimately, the reliability of their systems.

Our product is trusted by clients including Coinbase, BlueStacks and SonyLIV. We recently raised a round of funding from Wipro Ventures, and looking to expand the team.

We are hiring for various roles including:

- Frontend/Backend/Fullstack engineers of all skill levels

- Sales & Support engineers

- DevOps content writers/leads

- Technical Sales folks

- Various growth roles

Our current tech stack is Go/Node.js/React/React Native/GKE + Terraform on GCP.

You can find a full list here: https://www.squadcast.com/careers

When you apply, mention that you found us on HN :)

Stackbit | Senior Software Engineer | Remote (anywhere) | Full-time | https://www.stackbit.com/

Stackbit is a developer-first site builder that makes modern web available and usable for everyone. We're rethinking how to build, edit and even host websites, while maintaining complete user ownership over code and content, with no lock-ins. We're a well funded, fully distributed and remote startup with 20 full time amazing employees and rocking an engineering team of 12. We're right on the cutting edge of modern web technologies and are looking for the awesome folks who can help us architect and build the future. Lots of engineering roles open, including full stack, front end specialists, open source and leadership. If you don't see a role you like but are excited about the space - please ping us anyway!

Full job descriptions here: https://www.stackbit.com/jobs/

P.S.: Feel free to email me directly if you feel that your case is unique.

Dive | Sr. Backend Engineer | India/Remote | Full Time | https://www.letsdive.io/

Dive is your team's social place to hangout and engage with your peers. We help teams to foster culture, build human connection, and drives employee engagement across a remote workplace. With Dive, you get to hang out, play games, engage in meaningful conversations, and have fun experiences TOGETHER — on video.

We are growing rapidly ( 50x in 6 months ) and are looking for Sr. Backend Engineers with 4+ years of experience to join our early stage engineering team. We are seeking someone who has experience building robust backend applications and can solve complex engineering problems at scale. The role is fully Remote. You can be anywhere in the world to apply to this position.

We're an awesome team of people - meaning your work will have a lot of impact. We truly encourage being yourself at work and it shows in the creative code we write :)

We have customers coming from over 160+ countries and we are truly global. Our Customers love us - where some of the awesome companies that includes Facebook, Google, Gitlab, Uber, Amazon, Airtable, Rippling etc. use Dive to put their culture building in auto pilot mode.

We use: AWS, K8S, Docker, gRPC, Django, Go, Node.js, Cassandra, MariaDB, Redis, React, Redux, Javascript

If you are interested in joining our small and passionate team drop me an e-mail to om[at]letsdive[dot]io - come chat about what we're doing!

More Info: https://www.notion.so/letsdive/Sr-Software-Engineer-Backend-...

Teleport (YC S15) | Backend, Fullstack, Frontend Engineer | US, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Remote OK | https://goteleport.com

Do you enjoy building security and deployment tools for other engineers? Join us to hack on https://github.com/gravitational/teleport anywhere in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia. Most of our code is Go, we have very little technical debt, our codebase is clean and small.

If you are backend and fullstack engineer, we expect you to be comfortable with the following:

  * Go or Rust for backend and Typescript for frontend engineers
  * Linux, networking.
  * Scalability or security experience for systems software is welcome.
We’re looking for senior and junior engineers to join the Teleport team. Teleport is a company started by engineers to build products for engineers. We are a stable and growing company.

We offer:

  * Competitive salary and equity.
  * 401k with company match.
  * Excellent health insurance.
  * Work anywhere in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil
Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/teleport

What to expect once you apply:

  * We will send you a 20-30 minute programming quiz
  * You will join 30 minute intro call and we will walk you through the compensation,
    interview process and requirements.
  * You join a slack channel and submit a coding challenge in Golang, Rust or Typescript depending on the position, using Github.

Teleport is kinda magic. Unified remote access is a super tricky problem, and nothing I know of solves it quite as neatly as Teleport does. Latacora clients either solve a simplified problem (because they don't have the hard mode version yet and they can cobble together what they need with e.g. AWS SSM + RDS w/ IAM), use Teleport, or don't have a great answer here.

I've known Sasha ('alexk) for the better part of a decade, they and the entire team there is great.

Extend | New York or Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time | paywithextend.com

At Extend, we provide digital payment infrastructure for trusted financial institutions to enable modern card experiences. Leading banks, businesses, and other innovators can now access the full power of virtual cards for their business, products, and clients. Extend offers several products, including a suite of aggregated virtual card APIs, a digital corporate card app, and an industry-first card tokenization service. Founded in 2017 by industry veterans with decades of experience at Fortune 500 companies, including American Express and Capital One, Extend is headquartered in New York. For more information visit https://www.paywithextend.com/

Here are our current open roles:

- Backend Engineer

- Android Engineer

- Product Designer

- Technical Project Manager

- Director of Talent Acquisition

- Inside Sales / Business Development

- Customer Success Specialist

- Senior Product Marketing Manager

- and more!

See our full list at: https://www.paywithextend.com/company#careers

Topaz Labs - https://www.topazlabs.com | Dallas, TX | Full Time | Onsite

Hi - we're Topaz Labs! We build software that uses machine learning to improve image quality for photographers and videographers. We are the first company to use machine learning to improve image and video quality. Our revenue has doubled every year since incorporating ML into our product. Hundreds of thousands of paid customers use our products, from amateur photographers to major movie studios.

We have been profitable since day one…all without raising any venture capital. That is right…we are a 100% self-funded company!

Culture: Love over efficiency, Impact over activity, Truth over comfort.

"We fanatically embrace ownership and autonomy in our culture. We do everything we can to remove unnecessary process, hierarchy, and micro-management". - Eric Yang, CEO

Our story so far:

-In 2018 we were the first to use machine learning to improve image quality (covered by Fast Company, The Verge, Engadget, Mashable, and more).

-We have extreme growth and opportunity for impact: $3M in 2018 to $16M in 2020 (2.5x YoY) with no end in sight!

-We have a huge total addressable market. Real-life version of CSI's "Enhance"? That's what we're building, and we're better than anyone else at it.

Hiring Product Software Engineers, DevOps Engineer, Deep Leaning researcher, Product Designer and more: https://topazlabs.com/careers/

Stack: C++, JavaScript, Vue.js, Python, TensorFlow II, AWS, Docker

We are a small, funded company that builds data privacy solutions for some of the biggest enterprises in the world to protect the data rights of millions of people.

We recently completed an investment round and are looking to recruit into the following positions on our dev and customer success teams:

- Java engineer (5+ yrs experience) - https://www.ohalo.co/jobs

- Fullstack engineer (5+ yrs experience) - https://www.ohalo.co/jobs

- Head of Marketing (any level) - https://www.ohalo.co/jobs

* Remote working or (when not pandemic-restricted) working out of our offices in central London is possible.

* Our stack is built in Java/Python with a React frontend.

To find out more about the opportunity, please check out https://www.ohalo.co/jobs Look forward to hearing from you!

Etsy | Senior Scala Engineer & Senior Rust Engineer | Brooklyn, NY/San Francisco, CA and remote within the US & Canada.

Thanks for letting me post here last month, we are still hiring for Scala Engineers (and Rust Engineers) currently, so please get in touch if the position looks of interest.

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. We build, power, and evolve the tools and technologies that connect entrepreneurs with buyers around the world. The Search Orchestration Layer team at Etsy builds and maintains the bridge between Etsy’s user experience and our search models that help Etsy buyers and sellers discover and celebrate handmade goods from all over the world.

We are currently looking for senior engineers specializing in Scala or Rust who have experience working within either search, data platforms & pipelines, infrastructure and observability.

Role description is here: https://careers.etsy.com/global/en/job/JR1115/Senior-Scala-E...

City of Austin Innovation Office | IT Application Developer | Part-time (20hrs/wk), temporary (~6 months) | Remote (though must be located in Austin, hybrid once we return to the office)

This position will 1) create a process for automating data dashboard and tool updates; 2) help create a tool which effectively models transit projects and displacement interventions; and 3) help create a KPI dashboard for a major transportation development project.

Qualifications: Relevant degree and 1+ yr of experience, or 5+ yrs of experience. Proficiency in python-based web scraping and API. Experience with data parsing, transformations, normalization, and storage. Web development (HTML/CSS/HTTP). ETL and SQL with knowledge of JSON. Basic knowledge of data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, and ArcGIS.

Salary: $58K-$81K (equivalent) DOE

For more info and to apply: https://www.austincityjobs.org/postings/92589

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) | Senior/Principal Software Engineers | Remote (US) or On-Site (Austin, TX) | Full-Time

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure team is building new Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies that operate at high scale in a broadly distributed multi-tenant cloud environment. Our customers run their businesses on our cloud, and our mission is to provide them with best in class compute, storage, networking, database, security, and an ever expanding set of foundational cloud-based services.

I am looking for seasoned engineers to help build one of the foundational pieces of the cloud -- the Virtual Machine. We develop the virtualization stack to support customer features, build against the latest and greatest computer hardware, manage a large-scale hypervisor fleet, and automate regional expansion. The problems we work on are both fun and challenging: anything from low-level data plane features (operating system concepts, virtualization, advanced hardware) to higher level services which support the core of OCI's Compute product.

If you're interested, reach out to jason.the.poon@oracle.com

SmileDirectClub | Senior iOS Engineer, UX + Video (AI team) | REMOTE (Americas & Europe) | Full-Time | https://smiledirectclub.ai/

We’re SmileDirectClub, and we believe everyone deserves a smile they’ll love. Every day, we bring empathy, curiosity, candor, and diversity of thought to work to spread smiles around the world — and to build the future of high-tech, direct-to-consumer telehealth in the process.

We are looking for a seasoned iOS engineer to join our small, cross-functional AI team and help us build world-class user experiences and products that are on the forefront of what’s technologically possible.

If you're a creative, out-of-the-box thinker who loves their craft, check out our posting and apply at https://smiledirectclub.ai/positions/senior-ios-engineer-ux-...

I'm one of the engineers on the team, happy to answer any questions!

Myxt | SF/Remote | Looking for Software Engineers | https://myxt.com We’re a very small team attempting to make a big music service. Myxt is building an application and suite for managing music files, workflow, listening, reviewing, payment, sharing, and annotation for digital creators and their collaborators and close-knit fans.

We’re a small founding team (2 people) with a working product and we release updates several times a week. Product development is communal and everyone in the company leads projects, tests releases, and engages with users and partners.

Previously, among our team we started Google Reader and helped build the early success of companies like Stripe and Twitter.

We're backed by Accel Ventures in SF. We’re looking for people who love working on complex technical solutions for creative makers. We’ve built the first version of the application but we’re still very early in its lifecycle and so we’re looking for engineers like us who like having a huge impact on product development.


Tech stack: TypeScript, React, SolidJS, GraphQL, Hasura, Flutter

CoVar Applied Technologies | Durham, NC | https://covar.com/ | ONSITE

CoVar is a small R&D company specializing in machine learning and software development for defense, healthcare, and manufacturing applications.

We're looking for a junior/mid-level backend developer. Python/asyncio/FastAPI, Redis, GitHub

Contact careers@covar.com for more information.

MediaMath - Demand-side AdTech Firm based in NYC

We're a remote-first company; we're not going to make you come into the office (but you can if you want).

- Data Engineer | https://grnh.se/1679f48a2us

- Director of Programmatic Business Development | https://grnh.se/565876e12us

- Senior Software Engineer - Bidding | https://grnh.se/9562d3fe2us

- Senior Software Engineer - Identity, Go | https://grnh.se/9562d3fe2us

- Staff Software Engineer | https://grnh.se/b344d2d92us

- Senior UX Designer | https://grnh.se/e310a94f2us

- Software Engineer III, Go | https://grnh.se/bd6cfda32us

- Staff Software Engineer, Go | https://grnh.se/eeac9dff2us

- Senior/Staff Software Engineer, Python, Spark | https://grnh.se/de9adf192us

And many more, check it out, apply today! https://grnh.se/a0c1f4b82us

HIFI Labs | Fullstack devs with an interest for web3, UX, design | San Francisco, US | Remote Only | https://hifilabs.co

HIFI Labs is a multi-faceted VC-backed music startup with founders who have worked hands-on within the music industry for decades, now taking aim at narrowing the gap between artists and tech.

We are focused on

* Grow artists and labels through unique web3 + tech-driven, artist-by-artist, kind of experiences

* implement and release in-house products to level-up musicians all over the world

* Invest in artists at early/mid/late stages

We are super proud to say we hosted a multi-platform music festival a couple of months ago hosted on Twitch, Minecraft and Gather.town. It ended up being the most streamed music-event internationally that week. (https://friendfe.st)

Tech stack: It depends on the project but recent projects have been a mix of

* React / React Native

* Three.js

* Next.js

* Gatsby.js

* Netlify

* Firebase

* Cloudflare

* So basically all the fun stuff out there.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to ping me at pierre @ company domain.

Or visit our discord community: https://discord.gg/qGNHMPpnxU

OneSignal | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | New York | Full-Time | https://onesignal.com/

OneSignal has grown rapidly to where we are today serving billions of HTTP requests daily and sending upwards of over 10 billion messages daily. Our massive scale, small team, kindness in all our interactions, and focus on ownership and personal growth make OneSignal a uniquely great place to work.

OneSignal’s vision is to power the world’s messages. Our customer engagement platform enables our users to compose and send messages via mobile push, web push, in-app, SMS and email.

Head of Product Engineering - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/2a81028d-2c94-4887-9777-ef9b...

Staff Product Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/a44e01ab-41a3-4c74-99b1-acb2...

Senior Product Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/053cb9a4-24ed-4a75-8a3b-84b0...

Senior Infra Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/76e284fc-62d4-49a7-a449-2ea5...

Senior SDK Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/1d51d50f-4fc8-4b99-ae91-3d39...

Litmus | Remote (USA, UK) | Full time | https://litmus.com

Litmus' goal is to help email marketing teams send better email. To do that, we've built a suite of tools to help with the building process, allow performing QA with device/client screenshots, enable collaboration on designs with teammates, and analyze email performance post-send.

We're looking to hire two Rails developers to help add/improve features and build new products. Day to day, you can expect to write Ruby and JavaScript (vanilla, Vue.js, Ember). We practice CI/CD with great test coverage, are sincerely good about work/life balance, and have some exceptional benefits (e.g. 28 days of PTO + stat holidays).

Please see the listing for all of the details:


Bittensor | Fullstack Engineer | Remote | Full time

Bittensor is a peer-to-peer marketplace that commoditizes machine learning intelligence using a blockchain. It aims to truly decentralize AI and take it away from monolithic GPU deep learning machines. It will spread it across the internet, allowing everyone to have access to the network and create or collaborate in the collective intelligence -- without needing expensive mainframes that, at the present, only very well funded labs or top companies have access to.

We're a small but growing outfit of about 5 engineers that are all completely remote, and are hiring for a full stack engineer.

## Ideally you will have...

- 5+ years experience working with Python and Javascript.

- Experience working with React JS and Node JS.

- Experience in building high performance applications.

- The ability to work independently, desire to write efficient, scalable, and clean code.

- Experience putting on multiple hats as this is a fast-growing startup.

## Very strong candidates can also have

- Familiarity with Polkadot stack (Substrate, Polkadot blockchain).

- General blockchain development experience in an industrial setting.

- Pytorch.

If interested, please send a brief intro and your resume to operations@opentensor.ai.

LottieFiles | Malaysia/US | Full-Time, Fully Remote| https://lottiefiles.com/

LottieFiles is on a mission to empower designers and developers worldwide and are trying to fundamentally change the nature of creation and motion. LottieFiles has proven that relevant design assets and motion graphics evoke emotion and humanizes apps and platforms.

If you are looking to join an exciting creative space specializing in motion design and having the opportunity to work with a bunch of Lottie enthusiasts, we'd like to talk to you.

Here are our open role: -Senior Mobile Developer (Android) -Senior Platform Engineer -Senior Backend Engineer -Senior Frontend Engineer -JavaScript/Typescript Engineer -R&D Engineer -JavaScript Developer (Plugins)

Please visit our career page at https://lottiefiles.com/careers#open-positions for more details on the roles. or email your resumes to kali@lottiefiles.com and we can have a chat.

Hope to see your applications soon.

Great Jakes | Full Time | Remote (US based) | https://www.greatjakes.com

Great Jakes is a boutique (12-person) website design and development agency seeking a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer / Web Application Architect (react / PHP) with 7+ years of experience who can help guide our 6-person development team and architect new features for our system. This is a long-term, full-time position with full benefits. We are based in New York City, but this is a remote position.

Our Stack:

• React / JavaScript / CSS – Our frontend is built with JS and React and we need leadership in this area.

• PHP / MySQL – Our back-end and legacy code is PHP / WordPress / MySQL.

• Linux / nginx

• Next.js – We are phasing in Next.js, so it would be helpful if you had experience in this area.

How to Apply: For more details, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2740968297

Inc-Query | Solutions Eng. (not dev) | Full-time | REMOTE [Americas/EMEA] | https://inc-query.com

Small, profitable, rapidly growing, fully remote tech company. We program surveys insanely fast for private equity and management consulting clients.

If you enjoy dealing with very smart clients in a somewhat technical and fast-paced environment, this role may be for you. The Survey Director exercises 3 different skill sets:

1. Client management/communication skills: Interact with clients all the time

2. Business acumen: Learn about different industries/niches and transfer learning across projects

3. Technical skills: Never-ending supply of short coding puzzles (think <10 lines)

This is not a software engineering role, but some coding familiarity is required. It's a tough role, but super interesting work!

If you're interested in learning more, shoot me (the founder) a note with either your resume and/or LinkedIn: hn [at] <our-domain-from-above>. You'd be joining a bunch of other HNers who work here.

Please include "survey" somewhere in your email so I know it's not spam

SerpApi | https://serpapi.com | Senior Web Engineer | Austin, TX | Full-time | ONSITE or FULLY REMOTE (We're a remote first company) | $150k 1099

SerpApi is the API to scrape and parse search engine results. We deeply support Google, Google Maps, Google Images, Bing, Baidu, and a lot more.

Our current stack is Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, and React.JS. We are looking for a senior web designer, a senior Front End Engineer, and a Senior Backend Engineer. For the senior web designer position, we're looking for someone to give us a strong visual direction and experience in CSS, JS, or React are definitely plusses but not required.

We have an awesome work environment: We are a remote first company. We do continuous integration, continuous deployments, code reviews, code pairings, profit sharing, and most of communication is async via GitHub. We value super strongly transparency, do open books, have a public roadmap, and contribute to the EFF.

Apply at: https://serpapi.com/team

Rosebud AI (YC S19) | Flutter Developer | REMOTE | Part-time

https://rosebud.ai/ powers a suite of apps to help creatives make content. https://tokkingheads.com/, our most popular app (2 million IOS downloads, all organic, high retention) allows any portrait/photo/face to be animated in seconds with no skill. Creators use Tokkingheads to make memes, deepfake parodies, NFTs, and most notably make their family and friends feel special with photos of past loved ones animated (1.8M views #tokkingheads hashtags on TikTok).

We are looking to use Flutter for web- and Android-platforms. The job includes:

- quickly prototyping new user experiences in Flutter;

- porting React.js and Kotlin apps to Flutter;

- getting pixel-perfect match between Flutter apps and Figma designs;

- architecting Flutter apps where connectivity and business logic are shared between platforms;

- collaborating with API engineers to guide the design of APIs which drive user-facing apps.

If this sounds interesting please reach out to dzmitry[æt]rosebudai[dot]com

Noyo | Remote (US) | Remote | https://www.noyo.com

Noyo is transforming the way insurance and benefits are delivered to millions of consumers. Our team is building modern API infrastructure that’s unlocking new possibilities with insurance data and new ways to experience coverage.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/noyo

Here are our open roles:

- Software Engineer - API: https://jobs.lever.co/gonoyo/f3966989-0ac4-4ca7-bbf4-52c4601...

- Software Engineer - Front-End: https://jobs.lever.co/gonoyo/fa25a23a-badb-4722-87ad-824abd5...

- VP of Product: https://jobs.lever.co/gonoyo/1b0d7510-5113-427b-bcbf-17593e0...

Tech Stack: At Noyo our primary tech stack is Python/Flask for our backend services (typically on top of PostgreSQL); our frontend web applications are built using React. We are a cloud-native company, we deploy everything on Google Cloud Platform via a combination of Kubernetes and serverless applications.

Want to work in baseball analytics?

We're hiring at the Phillies: positions open for quantitative analysts and software engineers, full-time and associates. Check out the postings here: https://www.mlb.com/phillies/team/jobs

Or ping me directly, zo at phillies.com for more info, happy to answer any questions!

Kisi | Backend Developer (and others) | Ruby on Rails | Full Time | REMOTE/Brooklyn/Stockholm | https://getkisi.com

Kisi is a security platform with offices in Brooklyn and Stockholm and a global remote team spanning from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We create hardware and software that helps businesses connect and control their spaces through the cloud.

We recently released the new Reader Pro: https://www.getkisi.com/products/reader

My team is currently looking for a backend developer. I'm working in the same role, and I'm available if you have any questions (email in profile).

Backend Developer: https://www.getkisi.com/careers/offer?id=408714

Senior Web Developer: https://www.getkisi.com/careers/offer?id=645418

Insurely | Full-time | Onsite | Stockholm, Sweden | Software Engineer, All levels | https://insurely.se

Insurely is a platform in the open insurance space. We are aiming to challenge the insurance industry through our open insurance platform and products. We have a lot of exciting challenges ahead and are rapidly growing, especially within the tech side of the organization. Since it's still in the early stages you'd play a central role in our tech-team and have a lot of impact and responsibility on both the product as well as the technical choices we'd make.

Essentially we provide standardized APIs to collect your insurance policies, to be used in sales flows or to help you get a better understanding of your insurance situation.

Our tech stack: - Java / Spring boot, NodeJS + Typescript, Javascript + React - Terraform - AWS

Apply: https://careers.insurely.se, or e-mail me on jesper [at] insurely.se

Turnstile | Early Team | US/Canada/Mexico | REMOTE ONLY


We're a team of repeat founders and seasoned operators solving a hair-on-fire problem in SaaS. We're still in stealth, but we're in the general space of B2B/fintech/analytics.

Our last company, Second Measure, raised $25M from Y Combinator, Bessemer, Goldman Sachs, and other top investors, scaled to 70+ people and tens of millions in annual revenue, and was acquired by Bloomberg in a landmark deal.

We're looking for extraordinary builders — mid-level ICs through senior leadership — to play a foundational role in a company designed for scale:

  - Founding Engineers (backend/platform/infrastructure/data/frontend)
  - Founding Designer
  - Founding Product Manager
  - Other (opportunistic)
We're well-funded, fully distributed, and building intentional culture that puts our people first. We offer competitive global rates (SF salary + equity), equal pay by level, work flexibility, and comprehensive, family-friendly benefits.

I'm a founder (mike@). If interested, shoot jobs@ and me an email (tryturnstile.com).

ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS | Existing Visa Transfers Welcome

A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry. RESPONSIBILITIES Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code. Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization. Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

New York: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4187...

San Diego: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4110...

New England: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4161...

You can see our other openings here: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/

Akselos | Full-time | Front-end | Remote available (or offices in US or Europe)

Akselos is a venture-backed SaaS company (MIT spin-off) which provides advanced simulation technology to enable Digital Twins of critical machinery and infrastructure in a wide range of industries (offshore wind, aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, etc.). We have a team of 70 people, with several offices in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We're looking for looking to fill front-end development roles to enhance our cloud-based software platform for engineering simulation. The software we develop enables 3D model creation and simulation pre- and post-processing, along with interfaces to a scalable cloud-based architecture for high-performance computational simulations. Software development is primarily in Python (using the Python interface to Qt for GUI development) as well as React for browser-based development.

If interested, please apply here: https://akselos.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=73

Revvable | Founding Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | https://www.revvable.com/

We’re hiring multiple founding engineer roles to work on our Go, gRPC and Typescript stack. We offer engineers:

* Every other Friday off (~26 additional days off per year) + 3 weeks PTO

* A Competitive Salary

* A 401k with a 3% company match

* Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

* Equity in Revvable

* We'll pay for you to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get your M1 license in California (totally optional)

As an engineer during the early stages of Revvable, you'll:

* ship lots of software

* work with great teammates

* make fundamental architectural/cultural/technical decisions

* have ownership over functional pieces of the system

* have lots of opportunity to grow and define your role in the organization

Revvable builds software for powersports dealerships (eg. dealerships that sell motorcycles, ATVs, electric bikes, et al.) The technology that dealerships use to run their businesses has not been significantly updated in the past 15 years, despite powersports being a $30B market. We're building a better cloud-based solution from the ground up to reshape the industry.

Check out our job description (https://bit.ly/34GQjhG) to learn more.

If you’re interested, email your LinkedIn or resume to jobs at revvable.com. If it's a fit, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

KeepTruckin | Backend Engineers, Perception Engineers, Payments Engineers, Mobile Engineers | Remote |

KeepTruckin is a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence-powered hardware and software company that serves more than one million drivers and over 100,000 businesses that power the physical economy by equipping them with the technology needed to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.

This year we are scaling massively and looking to hire engineers around the globe that are passionate about building products that will have a massive impact on the lives of people all around the world. We seek and embrace diversity in all of its forms. We continuously push ourselves to think differently and take ownership wherever it's needed. This is a place for dreamers and doers to succeed. If you share our passion for achieving what some say is impossible, join us.


Visa Sponsorship: We can transfer visas, we are also hiring in Bangalore, Canada, Taiwan, and Pakistan

Contact: Anthony.simile@Keeptruckin.com

Rev (www.rev.com) | Full-Stack Engineers (all levels), Front End Engineering Lead, Engineering Managers | Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA and REMOTE | Full Time

At Rev, we’re unlocking the full potential of speech for everyone, everywhere, and creating millions of great work-anywhere jobs along the way.

Rev combines the world’s best AI-driven speech recognition and the world’s largest community of speech-to-text freelancers to deliver exceptionally distinct and absolutely unbeatable results.

Rev is seeking engineers to help build the future of our company and to achieve our vision. Our teams live at the intersection of a people-powered marketplace and AI, and the problems we are solving are of a unique variety. You can expect to have an impact from day one, with ownership and responsibility only increasing from there.

Location: Austin, TX, and San Francisco, CA, and REMOTE (must be able to legally work and reside in the US)

Tech: C#, React, Typescript, AWS, DynamoDB, SQL Server

Apply: Email your resume to me at dustin@rev.com or head to www.rev.com/careers (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Parity Technologies | Berlin, Germany or London, U.K. or Remote | Full-Time or Contract, Remote-OK | https://www.parity.io/jobs

Parity is a core blockchain infrastructure company. We're creating an open-source creative commons that will enable people to create better institutions through technology.

We are hiring across our entire company for both technical and non-technical roles. Positions which we are looking to fill ASAP include:

- Head of Application Security

- Senior Security Analyst

- Director of People Ops

- Technical Recruiter

- Core Engineer (Rust, Go, C, or C++)

- DevSecOps, CI/CD Engineers

Please apply directly to a position you are interested in on our website (https://www.parity.io/jobs). If the position you're interested in is not listed or you'd like to reach us personally, you can email me via: austin@parity.io.

If you email, please include the role you're interested in and some profiles to check out your work such as LinkedIn, GitHub, a personal website/blog, etc.

Obie | YC S19 | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Chicago, IL | REMOTE | Full Time

Obie is looking for passionate, talented senior software engineers to join us with experience in Javascript, React, Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL and unit/integration testing. A small pivot in our journey has led to a strong product-market fit and we are moving quickly to build something incredible.

If you own a building with leases to tenants, you need insurance - whether the economy is growing or not. It is also an industry that has not evolved to use modern technology: workflows are manual, communication is messy and time-consuming, and people often don't know what they're buying or why they're buying it. Obie sells commercial real estate insurance in a new way: one that emphasizes transparency and human-centric automation.

We are a venture-backed technology company. Our early success is in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as good as the people building and promoting it. We look for individuals who find solutions by going through the cycle of ideation to implementation with curiosity, rigor and a highly analytical lens.

At Obie, we judge people based on the merit of their work. If you are passionate about what this role entails, are excited by solving real problems, and you want to help shape the future of commercial real estate, we want to hear from you.

We're based in Chicago, have an office in Florida, and remote employees across the US and Canada.

We welcome US/Canadian based remote applicants, but be warned: we'll try to persuade you to move to the City by the Lake.

Email me directly for more info or to set up a chat! Would love to learn more about you: Kara at k.funk@obierisk.com

Onja.org | Front-End Developer | Madagascar, Africa | onsite

Looking for a meaningful and intrepid change? Join our social enterprise that trains capable, low-income youth into world class software developers and provides them with life-changing remote work.

We’ve spent the last two years training an inspirational group of students to become strong front end web developers and are now looking for a front-end developer to strengthen our team.

Your mission is to lead graduates to career success helping them take their first steps into professional work. They’ll need you to guide them on the technical aspects of their work, coach them on communication and help them navigate the day to day challenges they will face. For more details: https://onja.org/front-end-lead/

You’ll join our beautiful team in Mahanoro - a peaceful beach town on Madagascar's East Coast.

Feel free to contact me, Sam, at team@onja.org for a chat / more information.

Automox (http://automox.com) | Full-stack and Backend | 100% Remote Company | Multiple Positions | Full-time

Founded in 2015, Automox is coming off its fourth quarter of record growth that has seen its platform become the most recommended solution in endpoint security and the preferred endpoint management solution for over 1,500 customers across 30 countries. With an increasing number of operating systems, servers, hardware, and applications that need to be maintained, updated, configured, and patched on a regular basis, IT ops teams are feeling fatigued and vulnerable. Automox is building a company and team to tackle this problem for millions of endpoints.

We're hiring full-stack and back end engineers, SDETs, and non-engineering positions. Great culture, flexible PTO, lots of great engineers and a friendly and collaborative work environment.

Job descriptions here: https://jobs.lever.co/automox?lever-via=Uks-ozC3CV

Wundergraph (https://wundergraph.com) | REMOTE (Anywhere)

Wundergraph is best way to interact with API's. You can consume any number of API's and merge it into one single API— we are changing how we collaborate and interact with API's. Built-in Authentication, Authorization and Caching, easily customizable with hooks in every language, and secure and highly performant by design

Or, put another way: We'll automate about 80% of your API related tasks.

We are currently hiring for these roles:

    * Engineering Manager 
    * Senior Fullstack Developer
    * Senior Frontend Developer
    * Product Marketer
Our stack is mainly React, TypeScript, GraphQl, Redux and Wundergraph. We are a product driven startup and looking for individuals who are passionate about APIs and changing the norm for the better.

Joining Wundergraph means jumping into the drivers seat of a F1 race car. You'll get plenty of experience and resources and the potential to leave a huge impact in an early-stage solution that is changing how developers view and interact with API's. The problems we are solving are unsolved, open ended and in need of creative minds to help us change the future of APIs.

Perks of working at Wundergraph

    Competitive compensation
    Premium access to Wundergraph
    Unlimited PTO
    Company stock options
    Fully Remote
More info on all positions: https://past-gorgonzola-d38.notion.site/Wundergraph-Job-Boar...

(no recruiters/agencies please)

Griptonite | Senior App developer (React Native/Typescript) | Remote Full time | https://griptonite.io

Griptonite is the UK's leading app for indoor climbing gyms. We provide gym owners the tools they need to engage their communities and the athletes the push they need to level-up. We use a range of technologies from BLE, NFC, Raspberry Pi, machine learning etc. We have built our backend using Django sitting on AWS and our apps are crafted in React Native. Griptonite have ambitious growth plans and are looking to recruit a senior app developer to join our small, lean, A* team. Aside from technical wizardry, the position nessesitates a can-do problem solving attitude. As a team we work and play hard and are extremely proud of what we do. We get real close to our customers and tend to tell it like it is. The role will involve talking to customers, occasionally visiting gyms and travel. If your up for the challenge, send your credentials to cas@griptonite.io

Strategyzer | Full-stack Engineer (React & Rails) | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.strategyzer.com

Are you tired of working in a Feature Factory and spending most of your time writing code for handed-down solutions? Do you want to know and talk to customers? Understand who they are and solve their problems?

Strategyzer helps companies build new areas of growth, based on our proven methodology and technology-enabled services.

We’re looking for a mid to senior full-stack developer to build a “data through play” experience for our customers to design & test their business ideas.

Come join our amazing journey by applying here https://strategyzer-ag.breezy.hr/p/32f39542fe98-full-stack-e... or send me an email with your CV to mathias@strategyzer.com. Please mention HN in the subject line.

I'm also happy to answer any questions via email or a call.

Xandr India | Senior Engineer | Pune, India (remote during covid and then maybe hybrid) | Full Time Xandr Pune engineering team is looking for a talented engineers to immediately contribute to their platform. You will use modern tools and techniques to build rock-solid code for optimising CTV/TV ad buys toward advanced targets and revolutionising how CTV/TV inventory is bought and sold. We practice agile methodologies so we can quickly deliver working software to our customers, and believe in continuous iteration on our software and processes so we can improve over time.

We foster a culture of improvement, and expect you to help drive internal discussions on technologies, products, and processes. Our stack includes Go, React, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Linux, Jenkins, and Docker

Senior Software Engineer - https://www.xandr.jobs/job/pune/sr-tech-specialist-software-...

Square Sense | Full-stack Web and Data Engineers | Partial remote and onsite | Paris, France | Full-time | https://square-sense.com/

Hello! I am looking for new colleagues to join us at Square Sense. We are a startup founded in 2017 and we provide real estate asset managers ("building managers") with the tools they need to operate the asset portfolios efficiently. Our solution is based on the analysis of the data we collect from the buildings (IoT, APIs, Building Management Systems, etc.) and other sources (mobile tenant applications, architectural data, etc.) and our team has a combined skillset that covers data science, data engineering, full-stack web development, DevOps, and asset management.

Remote/Onsite situation: we currently recommend a fully remote work for all team members, but our office is available for anyone who needs/prefers to be onsite; in the post-pandemic future we plan to keep the same work mode with no set limits for remote/office hours.

Hiring process: 15-minute phone call, simple home assignment, "pair programming" interview (no whiteboard), fit interview. (1-2 weeks in total).

Open positions:

* Senior Data Engineer / Data Architect (Python/Spark required, we also work with Kafka/Kuberentes/.../GCP/Azure, daily tasks: coding/architecture/coaching)

* Full-stack Web Developer (JavaScript/Python required, we also work with React/Flask/PostgreSQL/GitLab/Kubernetes)

Apply at https://www.welcometothejungle.com/fr/companies/square-sense

Web1on1 | Senior JavaScript Engineer | Remote | Full-time | https://web1on1.chat

Hi, we're a small, fully remote but tight-knit team operating a messaging platform for the Automotive industry in Europe. Car brands and dealers employ our 'hybrid workforce' of agents and bots to connect to consumers in novel ways.

We run React on the front and Node.js on the back, with lots of bots running on Google cloud functions. If you join our team as a full-stack developer, you'll help shape our product by building bots and enhancing conversational processes, and strengthening our platform API and SDK.

Requirements: At least 5 years of relevant software engineering experience. Can contribute across the full stack. Independent and autonomous. Clear and consistent communication.

We promise interesting work, lots of freedom and flexible hours. If interested, reach out to me (the CTO) at peter.dv at web1on1.chat, or read more at https://jobs.web1on1.chat

Flieber | Customer Success, Data Science, MLOps, Software Engineering | Remote: NA/SA (GMT-3 through GMT-6) | Full-time

Over $300 billion are lost every year in online retail due to inventory mismanagement. Flieber is a supply-chain tech startup solving this problem.

We just closed our Series A, and are hiring for a number of open roles! We have an office in NYC, but remote is totally OK and most of our employees are remote (including me); we encourage/prefer GMT-3 through GMT-6 working hours.

We also have a lot of people who speak Portuguese on the team! (our Thiago Boa's translation below)

Mais de $300 bilhões de dólares são perdidos anualmente no comércio online devido à má administração de estoques. A Flieber é uma startup de tecnologia de supply-chain que está resolvendo este problema.

Acabamos de receber uma nova rodada de investimento e estamos contratando pra uma série de vagas! Temos escritório em Nova York, porém disponibilizamos a possibilidade de trabalho remoto integral e a maioria de nós trabalhamos nesta modalidade, incluindo eu. Preferimos regiões entre GMT-3 e GMT-6, e é necessário boa comunicação em inglês.

Open roles:

- Customer Success Manager

- Data Scientist (Remote)

- ML Ops Engineer (Remote)

- DevOps Engineer (Remote)

- Software Engineer - Integration

- Software Engineer - Inventory Replenishment (Remote)

Apply @ https://jobs.lever.co/flieber or send me a note at https://www.linkedin.com/in/moomer/

NFTYLabs | Python Full-Stack Engineer |Remote (Must reside in the United States) | Position: Full-Time Contract | https://NFTYLabs.org

NFTY Labs (https://nftylabs.org) is seeking an experienced Django/Python full-stack engineer interested in helping our small team build out real world practical use cases for crypto NFTs that include using NFTs as authentication to join communities on Discord, Telegram, Twitch and more. We work with large mainstream brands and celebrities. We are building out technologies for communities with hundreds of thousands of members leveraging AWS and using Django/Python, Postgres, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.

Your responsibilities will include planning & building new features, fixing existing bugs, and working on scaling performance. We are looking for an engineer excited to tackle hard problems and who can take ownership of complex workflows.

Please submit applications to infra(@)nftylabs.io with the subject line: Python Full-Stack Engineer. Include not more than a paragraph as to why you think you are a good fit for this role and a link to your resume or linked in when reaching out. Feel free to include GitHub links/projects where you have made meaningful contributions that you want to highlight.

While we have team members in all times zones we will prioritize candidates who can work on pacific or mountain time for this role specifically.

It is very beneficial for you to have a more than superficial understanding of how blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum operate. You don't need to have experience in blockchain programming specifically. Experience with Telegram, Discord and Twitch APIs is also very helpful but not required.

TRM Labs | Multiple Roles: Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, Data Science, Operations | Full-time | REMOTE

TRM Labs is a blockchain intelligence company with a mission to build trust in digital assets by preventing crypto-based fraud and financial crime. We are backed by Bessemer, YC, Initialized, and PayPal. We are hiring across ML engineering, data science, front-end, back-end, operations, and sales.

We currently operate fully remotely from locations around the world. We had a San Francisco office pre-pandemic; we will likely return to a flexible model and add additional regional hubs. Find out more about our culture and open roles here: https://trmlabs.com/careers

Several open positions aren't yet listed on the site, so feel free to reach out to me directly to chat! I'm hiring for a few different Data Science roles on my team.

Email: dan@trmlabs.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reardondaniel/

AppLovin | Software Engineer | Full Time | Palo Alto, CA | https://www.applovin.com/

AppLovin had a successful IPO earlier this year. We've been recognized as a "best place to work" several years in a row. In addition, many engineers on the team have been with the company for 5+ years. Check us out and learn why!

AppLovin is a software company dedicated to helping developers grow and monetize their mobile applications. Our products reach 410+ million users daily. An engineering team of fewer than 80 folks is responsible for processing 2.5PB of data per day, 2.5M requests a second and that reaches 5B devices per month.

Software Engineer, Platform: https://bit.ly/3l0PXvc

Software Engineer, Backend: https://bit.ly/3D7LlcT

Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://bit.ly/3ipMox6

Hi, is your company accepting interns?

Remote policy?

PUNCHBOWL | SR. RUBY ON RAILS DEVELOPER | REMOTE | US + Canada (Boston HQ) | Full-Time | punchbowl.com

Our technology helps people celebrate life — something that feels important now more than ever. We build easy-to-use, subscription-based digital services for celebrations, holidays, and meaningful life memories at punchbowl.com and (our recent acquisition) memento.com. Acquisition news on TechCrunch: https://t.co/p2XQWAS89h?amp=1

We’re looking for a Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer who is passionate and opinionated about creating great products for the web, creates structured and maintainable code, and believes that details matter. In this role, you will have a direct influence on design and architecture.

You’ll find a blend of many technologies in our stack. While our primary language is Ruby, we strive to use the best tools for the job to create elegant solutions and optimize developer happiness. We use Rails 6, React, Sass, Serverless, MySQL, Git, and AWS.

Our Company is fully remote with team members in multiple states/provinces. We maintain an office in Greater Boston (Framingham, MA), which we plan to reopen, but in-person work will remain completely optional. We believe happy employees = happy customers, so we support our team with 100% healthcare coverage, virtual team coffee chats, wellness events, and the freedom to step away when life calls.

* Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer: https://punchbowl.us/ruby-on-rails-dev

* What We Believe: https://punchbowl.us/what-we-believe

* Contact Linsey at lap@punchbowl.com or apply at jobs@punchbowl.com

Nightfall AI | Fully Remote | Full-time | https://nightfall.ai/ Nightfall is a cloud-native data protection and classification platform.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and efficacy to data protection. We partner with organizations and software platforms to ensure the sensitive data that people entrust them with every day is kept safe & secure. We’re reimagining data security & compliance through a cloud-native, accurate, and performant platform.

We're hiring for roles across the entire company! - Backend Engineers - Sr. Fullstack Engineers - Director, Engineering - Sr. Engineering Manager - ML/NLP Manager - Sr. Applied Scientist, NLP - Product Marketing Manager - Account Executives - SDRs - ...and more!

Learn more about us here: https://nightfall.ai/careers

Join us! Apply online or email careers@nightfall.ai with your interest and resume.

Finny | Full-Stack JS Engineer | REMOTE | Full-Time

SF Bay Area or Remote. I co-founded Finny (https://www.askfinny.com), a startup on a mission to make personal finance education accessible and easy, focused the US market. We’re looking for a talented full-stack react/node developer who’s passionate about personal finance education. You should be mid-to-senior level and have experience designing and building large and complex (yet maintainable) systems. We value speed & efficiency, dedication and teamwork. Familiarity with react and node is necessary.

Other technologies/frameworks we use: TypeScript, ES6, NextJS, MongoDB, and AWS.

Expect talented, motivated, diverse and global co-workers. Remote work only.

Interested? Check out our Contact Us page and send us an email with your LinkedIn profile or resume: https://www.askfinny.com/contact

Permutive (YC S14) | Scala Engineer x5 | REMOTE (UK) | Full-time | £80k-£120k

Permutive’s privacy-safe infrastructure helps publishers and advertisers reach full audiences safely and in-the-moment, and keep control of their first-party data. It’s fundamentally fast, purpose-built with edge technology to deliver the best of privacy and performance.

Everything we build has to scale: our platform handles more requests each day than there are new tweets and Google searches, and each month we see more than a billion users. We think applying functional programming techniques like compositionality and type-safety is the best way to build the type of massive distributed system our platform comprises, allowing us to move fast without sacrificing quality.

More context here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/permutive/jobs/5117395002

If you have any questions, just drop me an email stevie at permutive.com

First Dollar | Software Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE Austin, TX

First Dollar is building the “Stripe for Healthcare” – a modern platform for consumer directed benefits that enables health plans, TPAs & benefits administrators to deliver market leading benefits for their individual and employer customers. Founded by a repeat founding team with prior exits to athenahealth & Expedia, First Dollar has ambitious plans to make healthcare work as it should by improving how people pay for it.

We’re looking for a Software Engineer to join our team. As one of our early engineering hires, you’ll have a significant opportunity to shape both our technical strategy and engineering culture. Our stack is TypeScript, Postgres, Apollo GraphQL, and React, all running in Google Cloud. Experience with these technologies is desired but not required.

Please apply on our careers page below: https://apply.workable.com/first-dollar/j/99AD3309F3/

Humaans (YC W21) | Full Stack JavaScript Engineers • Product Designers | Full-time | Remote Europe, London HQ | https://humaans.io

Humaans is the fastest way to onboard and manage your staff.

A fresh take on HR software bringing a much needed design and engineering mindset to this space. We focus relentlessly on customers’ needs and experience, prioritising quality, design and performance. Our stack is React, Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes, GCP.

We just closed one of the strongest Seed rounds in Europe ($5M) from top tier US investors including Y Combinator, Dylan Field (Figma CEO), Scott Belsky (Behance/Adobe), Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO), Claire Johnson (Stripe COO), Des Traynor (Intercom), Akshay Kothari (Notion COO), David Clarke (former Workday CTO) and more - and are growing the team.

Apply here: https://www.notion.so/humaanshq/Careers-at-Humaans-730aad9f1...

Amperity | Seattle / NY / Zoomverse | Remote | Full-time

Engineers! Amperity is hiring SDEs across all levels, including technical leadership positions.

Interesting problems: - Ingesting and cleaning large amounts of data daily and blending it with real-time events - Automatically stitching data together across disparate systems by training machine-learning models to build a probabilistic knowledge graph - Taking research algorithms and productionalizing them for high-scale usage - Allowing users to perform complex, real-time queries across an aggregated view of their data - Publishing query result data to a diverse set of systems for client usage

Tech stack: - React/Reframe - Clojure/Clojurescript - Aurora/Mesos - Hadoop - Spark - Kafka - SaltStack/Terraform - Riemann/InfluxDB/Grafana

For a full listing of positions, see https://amperity.com/careers/ -- apply there or reach out to me directly with questions. dave at amperity dot com. Hope to meet you.

Algrano | Full-Stack Engineer | Remote (Europe) or HQ (Zürich, CH) | Full Time

Algrano is a tech and coffee startup that changes the global trade of coffee. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to revolutionise the centuries-old coffee trade industry and make it transparent and digital. Through the algrano online platform, coffee growers promote and sell their coffees straight to roaster without worrying about the logistics.

We are looking for an experienced Full-Stack Engineer to join our remote engineering team. Algrano is built on a majestic monolith infrastructure built with Ruby on Rails, StimulusJS and a Postgres Database.

You will work on various parts of the application, from user facing features like building the marketplace to business specific parts that support coffee logistics. You can find more info about the role and the form to submit your application at https://www.algrano.com/en/careers/full-stack-engineer-2021

Lune | Software Engineers, Product Designer | London or REMOTE (London +/- 2 hours) | Full-Time | https://lune.co

Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default.

With the Lune API, we enable companies to seamlessly build emissions calculations and high-quality carbon offsetting into their services and make it part of the customer experience. In the future, everything we do will have a positive impact on the planet - powered by Lune.

If you’re a talented engineer who learns quickly and cares about tackling the climate crisis, we’d love to work with you.

This role is a unique opportunity to be part of Lune’s core team, to have a real impact on our mission and to define and scale the company into the future.

As we grow, you’ll have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and help build a great company while tackling the greatest challenge of our time.

Interested? Let’s chat: fomo@lune.co … if you are in London, let’s grab a coffee.

Tech stack: Typescript, (a little) Rust, React, AWS, Postgresql, Terraform, Kubernetes

Hiring for:

* Frontend Software Engineer

* Data Scientist

* Product Manager

* Senior Product Designer

* Account Executive

* Data scientist

* [Create your role]

Inscopix | DevOps Engineer | Vancouver, BC, Canada (remote possible) | Full-Time | https://boards.greenhouse.io/inscopixinc/jobs/4101247004

Inscopix is a neurotechnology company that specializes in products for preclinical and academic neuroscience research. Our vision is to drive new treatments to dramatically improve the health and well-being of people suffering from debilitating brain and nervous system disorders.

The data product team at Inscopix is looking for a DevOps engineer to drive development of CI/CD pipelines and support the commercial launch of an AWS-hosted platform for neuroscience data analysis.

Apply at: https://boards.greenhouse.io/inscopixinc/jobs/4101247004

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the position in greater detail feel free to reach out to me at bneufeld at inscopix.com

Enbala | Denver, CO / Vancouver, BC / Remote for strong candidates | Full-time | https://www.enbala.com

We're working to make the future of energy production more sustainable by helping energy utility companies balance the grid. This includes everything from helping lower peak energy usage (removing the need to, say, build an expensive new coal power plant that would only be run a few days a year) to balancing decentralized production from household solar.

Our back-end is written in Elixir, and our front-end is Elm. We have a strong cultural focus on things that make devs' lives better day-to-day—things like testing, being kind & helpful to one another, code reviews that are valuable for both parties, continual improvement in our processes, etc.

Selected open roles at the time of this writing:

- Senior devops engineer

- Senior software engineer

- Software engineer

- Product manager

- UI/UX product designer

More info here: https://www.enbala.com/about/careers/

Tapad | Full-Time | NYC & Oslo, Norway | Open Compensation

Tapad is known for inventing and introducing the Tapad Graph™ to the industry. At the heart of it, we’re a big data company.

Tapad's Open Source tech stack (below) handle:

- Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Dataflow/Beam, SQL, BigQuery - Scala, sbt, cats, http4s, fs2 - Spark ML, TensorFlow, Kubeflow, Python, PyTorch - Airflow, Looker, Kubernetes

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are our open roles in Engineering:

Senior Engineering Manager (Oslo): https://grnh.se/1b8ebfd91us Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Cloud (Oslo) https://grnh.se/6dbae5d11us Software Engineer (NYC & Oslo): https://grnh.se/ac035e721us Senior Software Engineer(NYC& Oslo): https://grnh.se/ee68aea81us Senior Machine Learning Engineer (NYC & Oslo): https://grnh.se/4eae88931us

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More About Tapad: We use Scala, in combination with large-scale data processing and open-source technologies, to build our device graph. Across our engineering teams, we also use Scala, GCP, Spark, Kubernetes, Python, TypeScript, Angular, and anything else that helps us get the job done. We're open-minded about new technologies, we're passionate about what we do, and we make time for everyone to learn and grow as the industry changes. Engineers at Tapad are approachable and ambitious people who think outside the box and solve big problems collaboratively. Are you up for the challenge?

Sudowrite | REMOTE | Full-time | https://sudowrite.com We believe Human + AI collaboration is the future of all creative endeavor, and we’re building an AI-powered tool for creative writers.

The founders, @superamit and @jamesjyu, are authors and repeat founders with exits, our investors include the founders of Twitter, Gumroad, Wordpress, Parse, and others. Our users love us, and so does The New Yorker.

We’re building the founding team and looking for:

* React Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://bit.ly/2WBtAU0

* Lead Designer: https://bit.ly/3A1cmwL

* Machine Learning Engineer: https://bit.ly/2WBtAU0

We have…

- Lofty ambitions

- Down to earth work hours

Ideal teammates…

- Love reading and writing

- Are optimistic and take pride in their work

- Have infectious good vibes

APPLY: Using links above (or email careers@sudowrite.com)

QUESTIONS: email careers@sudowrite.com or DM us (@jamesjyu or @superamit)

The Nylas API makes it easy to connect and sync mail, calendar, and contact data from any email service provider.

Note: You can work remotely from all the locations listed.

Engineering Manager – Intelligence Locations: CA, WA, OR, CO, TX, IL, NY, MA & Toronto/EU Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/EngManagerIntelligence Skills: NLP, NLU, NLI, Go, Python

Senior Machine Learning Engineer – NLP Locations: CA, WA, OR, CO, TX, IL, NY, MA & Toronto/EU Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/SrMLEngNLP Skills: NLP, NLU, NLI, Go, Python

Senior Backend Engineer - Workflows Platform Locations: CA, WA, OR, CO, TX, IL, NY, MA & Toronto Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/BackendWorkflow Skills: Go, Python or Java, API, Workflow, ML

Backend Engineer – Connectivity Locations: CA, WA, OR, CO, TX, IL, NY, MA & Toronto https://tinyurl.com/BEConnectivity1 Skills: Python (Flash), Go, APIs, MySQL, NoSQL, CI/CD, AWS, GCP

Senior Backend Engineer – Connectivity Locations: CA, WA, OR, CO, TX, IL, NY, MA & Toronto Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/BEConnectivity2 Skills: Python (Flash), Go, APIs, MySQL, NoSQL, CI/CD, AWS, GCP

About Nylas: https://tinyurl.com/ckecjkrr Funding: https://tinyurl.com/hzasmkck

EU stands for European Union, meaning you are open to remote positions from Europe?

Oura Health | Multiple positions | Finland, USA, Switzerland | REMOTE possible | Full Time

The Oura ring and the Oura app (https://ouraring.com) are providing a leading solution to understand your sleep and recovery.

We have multiple software engineering roles open both in Finland, Switzerland and USA. They are ranging all the way from SREs and backend engineers to app engineers and data scientists.

A few highlights:

1. app engineers to strengthen our feature squads

A couple of examples: Senior Android Engineer, Context Squad, Finland https://apply.workable.com/oura-health-ltd/j/6D7E86D06B/

Senior Android Engineer, Content Squad, USA https://apply.workable.com/oura-health-ltd/j/F7AE093C48/

2. data engineers https://apply.workable.com/oura-health-ltd/j/A216673A96/

3. engineering manager for our eCommerce teams https://apply.workable.com/oura-health-ltd/j/0FA391EE6C/

4. Engineers passionated about eCommerce and payments https://apply.workable.com/oura-health-ltd/j/A20312045E/

Wonderstorm | Backend Developer (AAA Game Industry) | Full-time | Remote (hybrid remote model once returning to office, Los Angeles CA) | https://careers.wonderstorm.net/

The product: We are the studio that made the Emmy award winning Netflix show The Dragon Prince and we are developing a AAA game based in the same universe.

*No previous game industry experience required*

What you'll do: Working on platform specific feature development in Kotlin such as Crafting, Matchmaking, Battlepass, etc.

Qualifications - 3+ years of experience in Backend feature development, any languages - Experience writing unit and integration tests

Apply here: https://careers.wonderstorm.net/p/dcf15fa2e1aa-senior-online... OR feel free to send resume to: esung@wonderstorm.net

Salary DOE: $125k - $140k

Petal | New York, NY | Full-Stack, Backend, Infrastructure, Data Engineers | Remote / NYC (US)

Petal is a credit card for people with limited credit histories. Our mission is to increase access and fairness in the credit market, utilizing machine learning to analyze cash flow and augmenting traditional credit score-based lending decisions. We've raised our Series C and are growing dramatically.

Some recent coverage we've received:

Valar triples down on Petal, leading $55M Series C round into the credit card disruptor: https://techcrunch.com/2020/09/24/valar-petal-series-c/

Tech stack: https://stackshare.io/petal

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/petalcard?lever-origin=applied&lever-s...

Shopify (https://www.shopify.com) | Frontend / Backend | UK and Europe

Come and help us make commerce better for everyone.

We're expanding into EMEA and I'm hiring out the team here. I'd love to work with you.

We're fully remote (https://www.shopify.com/careers/work-anywhere) and have a fantastic engineering culture (https://shopify.engineering/)

EMEA engineering roles I'm hiring for: https://bit.ly/3l0Sfut

If you'd like to talk to me directly, then you can email me at james dot stanier @shopify.com, ping me on Twitter @jstanier, or find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jstanier/

Tecton | SWEs, Eng Managers, Open Source PM, Senior DevOps Eng, Recruiting Sourcers | SF, NYC, Seattle | https://tecton.ai At Tecton, we are building an enterprise Feature Store that is transforming the way companies solve real-world problems with machine learning at scale. Our founding team created Uber’s Michelangelo ML Platform, which has become the blueprint for modern ML platforms in large organizations (https://eng.uber.com/michelangelo-machine-learning-platform/).

We've raised Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds led by Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

We are hiring across the boarding in SF, NY, Seattle, and remote: https://tecton.ai/careers/. Feel free to send your resume to careers@tecton.ai or hit me up if you have questions!

Aalto | FullStack Product Engineer | Remote | https://jobs.lever.co/aalto/6de8d1b3-1091-4d41-9081-eb7ae5e1... and https://aalto.com/careers

Aalto is the homeowner marketplace that gives people a way to buy and sell homes on their terms. With Aalto, it takes a potential seller less than five minutes to share their home directly with qualified buyers without the fees and contracts required to sell elsewhere. Thousands of buyers and sellers across the San Francisco Bay Area are already using Aalto, with new homes added daily.

If you're looking to join a highly collaborative, fast paced team, looking to rebuild an industry stuck in the 20th century, reach out! If you care deeply about having impact on real people, owning features and projects from start to finish and helping consumers achieve their goals, reach out!

Trexity Inc. | Last mile logistics | Full-time | REMOTE | www.trexity.com

Trexity is a same-day on-demand local delivery technology platform for small and medium-sized online and bricks & mortar businesses -- that doesn't take a percentage of sales like the other guys...

We are looking for people that breathe our mission -- to support local merchants by making same-day delivery easy and affordable.

Here are our open roles:

- 2X Full-stack Software Engineer (https://trexity.com/careers/full-stack-software-engineer/)

- 2X Delivery Support Agent (https://trexity.com/careers/delivery-support-agent/)

- Growth Marketing Lead (https://trexity.com/careers/growth-marketing-lead/)

To apply, email your resume to careers@trexity.com

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE [2 days remote] (London, UK; & Downtown LA, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small and agile team in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help a sunny satellite office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python, C++ (replacing still present Erlang) and Javascript for React & React-Native, relying heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. The tech stack sports Kafka, Postgres and Kubernetes. We use REST where we can, and gRPC where we can't. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Production environment is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent all across the board: frontend and mobile, infrastructure, data science, trading engine, security - and of course generalists, those yet to find their calling.

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers .

As a consequence of our Series B, we have a renewed focus in LA at the moment and are looking to make multiple hires into our back-end development team.

FlightAware | multiple roles | REMOTE (US timezones) | Houston / US | https://flightaware.com/about/careers/

Hey everyone, FlightAware is hiring for a number of positions, including a UX Lead, Quality Engineering Manager, project managers, full stack web developers, iOS, and SRE. Our team is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but we work as a distributed team and accept remote applicants for work within the United States. FlightAware has built the world’s leading aviation software platform, processing over 180 million incoming messages an hour from over 30,000 feeds—over 150 gigabytes a day and growing—to provide the best, most complete, and most accurate real-time flight tracking services in the industry. We use Python, Rust, C++, Tcl, and JavaScript. We are proud to have built a wide variety of successful products on this foundation that have become central to the aviation industry at large.

ThoughtWorks India - Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Hyderabad

We are passionate technologists who believe in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. We contribute to a multitude of open source projects.

Primarily we are a Technology Consultancy Company. We look for zealous Technologists who are keen to learn on job. We value Object Oriented and Functional Skills. DevOps and Agile are a normal way of working here. TDD and XP are embraced fully.

Skillsets/Platforms/etc.: C#, Java, Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, Rust, JS, AWS/GCP/Azure, Python, Node.js, React, Angular

Requirement: 4+ years of programming experience.

Interview process: Take-home coding assignment, Pair programming, Technical Interview(s), Leadership

More about ThoughtWorks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBqquBtwaNM


Contact: siddhark[at]thoughtworks.com Please include 'Hacker News' in subject line.

SeatGeek (https://www.seatgeek.com) | NYC / EU / Remote

We are hiring a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to join our Platform team. This position will be working with our B2B product, SeatGeek Enterprise, supporting some of the largest teams and venues in the world, including the Dallas Cowboys, the Brooklyn Nets, and Manchester City FC.

Our technology stack consists of Windows (containers!)/.Net/SQL Server, Hashi (Nomad/Consul/Vault), Powershell, Go, Ruby, Chef, and Gitlab.

SeatGeek is a mobile-focused primary and secondary ticketing service that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for live sports, concerts, and other events. Our primary focus is to help the world experience more live.

Benefits and perks include: - Equity stake in a well-funded growth stage company

- (For NYC employees) A hybrid in-office approach, allowing you to work remotely a couple of days a week

- A WFH stipend to support your home office setup

- The ability to work from anywhere up to four weeks per year with SeatGeek on Tour

- Benefits package that supports health/dental/vision. We also provide annual subscriptions to Headspace, Ginger.io, and One Medical

- A focus on transparency. We have regular company meetings and Q&A panels where employees can chat openly with teams across SeatGeek, our co-founders, and external guests from the industry

- $120 a month to spend on tickets to live events

- Annual subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon music

If interested, please apply here - https://seatgeek.com/jobs/2970252

Tapline | Onsite or Remote (with German work permit) | Berlin, Germany, Europe

Tapline (https://tapline.io) is a trading platform that enables entrepreneurs with recurring revenue business models to receive upfront capital, instantly. For hard-working entrepreneurs, this is an efficient way to scale their business without taking on debt or dilution. Investors, who are seeking positive yield-producing returns, come to Tapline and invest in a new type of asset class; recurring revenue.

Help us to build a platform to streamline access to growth capital! We just received a pre-seed investment and looking to expand our team beyond founders.

We are hiring following roles:

VP of Revenue: https://tapline.io/vp-of-revenue/ Full Stack Engineer: https://tapline.io/full-stack-product-engineer/

Heroic Labs (S15) | Lead Web Engineer | Full Time | Remote | https://www.workatastartup.com/jobs/45982

Building games and infrastructure that scale to millions of connected players is extremely difficult. That's why we started Heroic Labs 7 years ago, to give game developers scalable tools, services and infrastructure to focus on building innovative games.

Nakama is now the leading social, competitive and real-time game server with support for dozens of languages and engines.

Nakama, all our client SDKs and sample projects are open source software, licensed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

We're a remote team of web, mobile and game developers; content creators; community evangelists and more. We value kindness, generosity and respect for others.

Work at Heroic Labs is self directed and supportive. We have light processes and work asynchronously with our remote team.

Learn more at https://heroiclabs.com

Ideamotive | React.js Developer | Warsaw | Onsite

Ideamotive - a dev shop specializing business process automation for startups and growing companies is looking for a React Developer. We are located in Warsaw, Zoliborz at a start-up accelerator mansion called ReactorWarsaw.

Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails and/or Node on backend and React on a frontend, usually Postgres as a main database and Redis + Sidekiq for queues.

You, as a candidate, should be a computer science graduate (or has equivalent knowledge) with a solid background in front-end and previous experience in React or similar framework. We also expect you to have understanding of a current trends and state-of-the-art solutions.

Our original job offer: https://www.ideamotive.co/careers/react-developer

Apply at: https://ideamotive.recruitee.com/o/regular-react-developer

BuildBuddy (YC W20) | Engineering | Remote, Bay Area | Full-Time

BuildBuddy was founded to give anyone a "Google-style" development environment in minutes. Today we're solving a small piece of this problem with an open-core remote build execution platform for Bazel - but our ambitions are much larger. Our mission is to take the world-class engineering tools that are only available to employees of large companies and make them available to everyone. Check it out at: https://buildbuddy.io/

Come join us and shape the future of how engineers build and test software! You’ll write and ship open-source code, own production systems used every day by 1000s of engineers at big companies, and help us shape the future of the product. You'll work with and learn from a team that's built software at both successful startups and FAANG companies. Your skillset will grow and you'll join a team excited to solve problems in the developer tool space.

Our tech stack is simple, stable, scalable: Golang, Redis, MySQL, Protobuf, React, Typescript.

Sr. SWE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-software-engineer

Sr. SRE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-site-reliability-engin...

SE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/solutions-engineer

Don't see a perfect fit but still interested? Great, we still want to hear from you! Email us at hiring@buildbuddy.io


Lloyds Banking Group | Bristol, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Halifax, United Kingdom | Full-time UK (currently UK-remote) | https://bit.ly/LBGCareersSite

At Lloyds Banking Group we’re driven by a clear purpose: to help Britain prosper. As part of our diverse team you’ll impact the lives of more than 26 million customers through our brands, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows. With your help we'll continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ongoing digital needs of our customers. Join us and you can make a real difference.

Some of our current openings are listed below. For other opportunities visit our careers site: https://bit.ly/LBGTechTransformation

All have similar benefits: | Performance Bonus | 4% Cash Sum | Private Medical Insurance | Pension (we contribute up to 15%) | Share Plans | 30 days holiday (plus bank holidays)


Lloyds Banking Group | Bristol, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Halifax, United Kingdom | Full-time UK (currently UK-remote) | https://bit.ly/LBGCareersSite

Junior Dev Ops Engineer (London, Edinburgh) - https://bit.ly/053447_3

Dev Ops Engineer (London, Edinburgh) - https://bit.ly/042159_2 | https://bit.ly/053446_3

Senior Dev Ops Engineer (London, Edinburgh) - https://bit.ly/053444

iOS Engineer (Manchester) - https://bit.ly/057249

Senior Android Engineer (London) - https://bit.ly/048627

Software Engineer (Stockport) - https://bit.ly/056414

Software Release Engineer (Edinburgh) - https://bit.ly/054964

Engineering Lead (London) – https://bit.ly/054197_2

Front End Engineer (London) - https://bit.ly/053179_2

Quality Engineer (Edinburgh) - https://bit.ly/055710

Lead Quality Engineer (London) - https://bit.ly/053308

Google Cloud SRE (UK Wide) - https://bit.ly/052320_3

GCP Adoption Engineer (UK Wide) - https://bit.ly/058108

Azure Security Engineer (UK Wide) - https://bit.ly/055580_2

Azure Cloud Engineer (UK Wide) - https://bit.ly/047025_2 | https://bit.ly/056882_2

Java Engineer (London) - https://bit.ly/047730_2

Outerbounds | Frontend dev | SF / Remote | Full-time

Outerbounds was founded recently to commercialize Metaflow, an open-source Python framework that makes infrastructure easily accessible for machine learning/data science projects. Metaflow was originally started by us at Netflix and it is now used by hundreds of companies across industries.

We care a lot about thoughtful design, overall product experience, and quality of code. We are looking for stunning colleagues who can help us build delightfully usable, technically non-trivial UIs. This is a great greenfield opportunity for a senior frontend engineer who wants to build a product from scratch.

- Metaflow: https://docs.metaflow.org

- More about us here: https://outerbounds.co/workwithus

- Join our Slack to see the project in action: http://slack.outerbounds.co

- Email me: ville@outerbounds.co

Markforged | Software Engineers (Senior-level, full stack) | Boston, MA, USA | https://www.markforged.com

Markforged builds cutting-edge cloud connected industrial 3D printers that produce parts 50x faster that are 23x stronger and 20x lower-cost. We print in composites (eg. carbon fiber) and in metal!

Our software stack: * Webapp - Express.js / AWS backend, AngularJS / WebGL frontend, Electron for optional desktop client, CoffeeScript and TypeScript * Computational geometry engine for part slicing - Written from scratch in CoffeeScript, TypeScript and C++. Runs on AWS Lambda, in-browser, or on desktop client * Printer touchscreen application - Node Webkit / AngularJS + Python, all on top of a custom Debian image on a BeagleBone * Printer firmware - embedded C on a custom board

Types of developers we look for: Public web-app, embedded web app, devops, computational geometry

To apply go to www.markforged.com/jobs to check out our full slate of jobs and apply there.

Remote policy?

SEC | Application Developer | New York, NY | ONSITE

We're building the US Securities & Exchange Commission’s next generation analytics platforms to keep our markets safe, effective, and trusted. Come build awesome tools to analyze big data. We do a combination of designing quantitative algorithms and good old fashioned product development. At the end of the day, we are creating modern, elegant applications that help our government be more effective at analyzing market data.

Join a small team of talented developers, capable researchers, and former finance people. We use a modern stack of python, pandas, klein, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, and R.

We’re looking for a developer with the following skillset:

- 3+ years of software development experience

- Proficient with python

- Proficient with statistical tools such as R, MATLAB or SAS

- Proficient with SQL/relational databases

Ideal candidate will also have experience in:

- Data science

- Financial security markets/investing

If you meet the above qualifications, please apply!

Candidates must have worked/studied in US for a minimum of 3 years. For more information or to apply, please send your resume to careers@aretecinc.com.

MaxRewards | Fullstack Developers/ Platform (Financial API) Engineers | Full-Time, Remote (US Only, Atlanta-based) | https://maxrewards.co

MaxRewards is an Atlanta-based financial technology company that enriches people's lives by creating extraordinary benefits from everyday spend. The average American household can earn over $2,000 in tax-free rewards and savings every year! However, few do, since it takes so much time and effort. We build technology that automates savings. Today, we help consumers maximize credit card rewards and cashback by proactively activating offers and benefits, providing personalized recommendations for card usage and aggregating bills, spend, savings and more.

We just finished raising our seed round, and are looking to quickly grow our engineering org. All of our postings can be found here:


EPSY HEALTH | Multiple Roles (f/m/x) | Remote | HQs:London, UK and Houston, Texas | Full-Time | https://www.epsyhealth.com

Epsy is on a mission to give the world a better way to live with epilepsy. Epsy is the leading digital health platform empowering patients, caregivers and healthcare providers in their journey for the treatment of epilepsy. We won the 2020 Google Material Design Award, two 2021 CES Innovation Awards, and were honoured for 2021 Best Apps by the Webby Awards and FastCompany Innovation by Design 2021

We are a startup, but operate under the umbrella of a multi-billion dollar corporate. We're looking for Software Engineers and Leaders across a variety of roles, including:

- Senior Back-End engineer;

- Senior Android engineer;

- Senior Web front-end engineer;

- Senior Product Designer;

- Marketing Manager;

Enquiries and applications for all roles: hiring <at> epsyhealth.com or https://www.epsyhealth.com/work-with-us

Oden Technologies | New York, NY | Remote/Onsite | https://oden.io

Manufacturing has long been an analog world, but this is rapidly changing. There is a staggering opportunity for improving the efficiency of current manufacturing processes, and enabling the next generation of manufacturing through the effective gathering, analysis, and productionization of data and insights. Oden is driving this revolution. We have a cloud solution that combines large-scale data processing architectures and advanced machine learning algorithms so all manufacturers can monitor, analyze, and optimize their production across their diverse set of processes. Our goal is to democratize efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in the manufacturing domain.

Open roles in software engineering, product, and DevOps. Apply here: https://oden.io/careers/#openings-list

Hi odentech, I applied last month but never got a reply. I assume I got rejected but it would be nice to have an email at least for record keeping.

Bottle | Remote (we have people in NYC, ATL, Hawaii, CO, Greece, South Africa, and Poland) | Full-time | bottle.com

Bottle wants to keep everyone stocked with insanely good local food.

Bottle combines memberships, e-commerce, texting, and automation so that farmers, chefs, winemakers, bakers, picklers, and pizza makers can sell direct and build better businesses. (Read more about our master plan: https://blog.sendbottles.com/bottle-master-plan/)

We're a real business. We bootstrapped for 5 years and then closed our first funding in company history from an amazing group of investors this past spring. We're currently 10 full-time employees and 2 part-time contractors with plans to double our team in the next 6 months. Hiring for:

- Senior Ruby on Rails developer (3+ years of experience)

- Vue developer (1+ year of experience)

- Product Manager (we're looking for people genuinely interested in our problem space of local business, e-commerce, and texting)

Email work@bottle.com

HeritageType | Frontend/Full-Stack | BERLIN, Germany | Onsite/Remote | Full time | https://www.heritagedesigner.com/

We're building a tool that automates complex design processes to create beautiful graphics. Preparing for a mass launch at the moment we are looking for two more engineers. More info here: https://hrtgtype.com/jobs

- Short interview process - either technical coding call or assignment

- We can then propose a contract within 7 days

- Competitive compensation and equity package

- You’ll work on an exciting new product with an amazing people

- Very structured but hackathon work environment

Get in touch directly: https://hrtgtype.com/jobs

Niche | Pittsburgh, PA | Full-time | Onsite and Remote (USA only) | https://www.niche.com/

Niche is the leader in school search. Our mission is to make researching and enrolling in schools easy, transparent, and free. With in-depth profiles on every school and college in America, 140 million reviews and ratings, and powerful search tools, we help millions of people find the right school for them. We also help thousands of schools recruit more best-fit students, by highlighting what makes them great and making it easier to visit and apply.

Senior Mobile Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/nichecom/jobs/4032911004

Software Engineer, Back-End https://grnh.se/04218d544us

Software Engineer, Front-End https://grnh.se/875c78f24us

Senior Software Engineer, Front-End https://grnh.se/92e922094us

Senior Product Designer https://grnh.se/110e92594us

Data Engineer https://grnh.se/f36aa2d14us

Quality Assurance Analyst https://grnh.se/96855c294us

Site Reliability Engineer https://grnh.se/a8e047c24us

Truveris | NYC, US OR FULLY REMOTE (US) | Full time | www.truveris.com

Truveris is a leading digital health company focused on delivering truth and clarity in pharmacy. Truveris’ proprietary technology, coupled with deep pharmacy expertise, helps to build a more efficient market that maximizes choice, accessibility and prescription drug affordability. Our solutions provide the insight and knowledge to help people lead healthier and more productive lives..

We are hiring for a number of roles in data & engineering including: software engineers (various levels of experience), BI Engineer, QA Engineer. Tech stack: Postgresql, Python, FastAPI, React, spark, AWS...

Please apply on our website (https://jobs.lever.co/truveris) or email Kaitlin directly at kobrien@truveris.com

Acapela (https://acape.la) | Senior Product Engineer | Berlin, Germany | REMOTE (in European timezones)

Acapela makes async work more accessible and reliable by helping you capture and track each async workflow.

Read more about us from our TC announcement: https://techcrunch.com/2020/10/21/acapela/

If you are looking to be part of a humble and high-achieving team led by two second-time founders, do a combination of product and engineering work, check out our jobs page: https://www.notion.so/acapela/Join-Acapela-1bdde65e49eb43db8...

Some buzzwords from the tech-stack we use: Typescript, Next.js, Hasura, GraphQL, Prisma, indexedDB, Framer Motion.

I am Heiki, Co-Founder & CTO. Get in touch at heiki[at]acape.la

Montauk Labs | Full-time | Anywhere in USA | Backend, Front-End Engineers

We are a new venture studio from a team with a successful track record (most recently Moat’s exit to Oracle). We aim to build the next generation of tools to measure innovation. The first versions of this will connect to any Git repo and tie DORA, SPACE, and other DevOps efficiency metrics to product usage, time to value added, and new metrics that we don’t know yet.

We are looking for experienced Backend and Front-end Engineers with background in CI/CD, Cloud Microservices, and APIs. As an early employee and part of our startup’s core team, you will have a huge impact in shaping/creating the tech stack, engineering practices, company culture, and hiring. We place a high value on a learner's mindset and the willingness to look at problems from a fresh perspective.

If that sounds interesting, apply below or email careers@mtklabs.com


Rokt | Software Engineers | partial onsite (NYC, Sydney) | Full-time | Visa sponsorship available

At Rokt, we build products that transform e-commerce and enable brands to get smarter in the Transaction Moment. We’re an engineering led organization that builds global event-driven distributed systems in the cloud, constantly growing and adapting our tech stack as we rapidly scale.

We’re customer obsessed and strive to build great experiences for our partners and clients. We use cutting edge machine learning techniques such as reinforcement learning to optimize the value we deliver to our partners and customers. We write code in Python, Golang, Javascript, C#, Swift, and Kotlin, but we encourage teams to pick the right tool for the job and experiment with new technologies.

Rokt recently closed its Series D https://rokt.com/resources_post/rokt-closes-us80m-series-d-i... and is continuing to invest heavily in our R&D teams in both our NYC and Sydney offices - we’re still remote in the US due to Covid, but our Sydney office is open for business. With annual revenues of more than $100M and a vibrant company culture, Rokt has been listed in both Built In NYC's ‘Best Places to Work’ and ‘Great Places to Work’. We’re always looking for great engineers who can build systems and teams at scale as we grow our product and process millions of transactions globally every day.

Transparent salary, $115-245k + bonus, based on experience. Significant equity, 401k match, health/dental/vision, + more.

Let us know if that’s you!

https://rokt.com/careers/ or feel free to reach out directly.

Pipedrive | Senior Engineers | Prague, Czech Republic | ONSITE

Pipedrive is a SaaS visual sales tool for small to medium businesses. We’ve been valued at $1,5B in 2020 and are experiencing rapid growth. Our team is now located in five countries, building the sales tool used by over 95,000 companies.

I am very happy with the maturity of the processes here and the autonomy our team is having. We are getting a lot of support from the company while still being able to innovate and fully own our part of the product.

I am looking for senior engineers to join my product team in Prague. Our stack is mainly TypeScript, Node.js, React, Docker, MySQL, PHP, ElasticSearch, k8s, ... We expect some experience with that but the main thing is the cultural fit. We are looking for team players.

Please ping me an email at jakub.kadlubiec@pipedrive.com if you want to chat about the opportunity. Please note that we can offer relocation assistance only to very senior candidates. I am an engineering manager not a recruiter.

Embraer (Beacon) | Senior Engineering Project Manager, Senior Back-End Engineer (Clojure), Senior Front-End Engineer (TypeScript) | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, US or Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building https://beacon.works, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil)

Tech: Clojure, React / ReactNative, GraphQL, TypeScript, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to work@beacon.works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Source | Toronto: Onsite, Canada: Remote | Full-Time | https://careers.source.network

Decentralized applications are a fast-growing market expected to reach $368B+ by 2027 and Source is pioneering the foundational technologies to help it get there and go beyond. We are building the future of data management and are the first database provider to receive backing from Dwight Merriman the founder of MongoDB, the predominant cloud database and a global roster of Web3 investors. Join our team and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Our database, DefraDB, empowers developers to build edge and decentralized projects to scale fast, survive anything, and thrive everywhere while ensuring their users’ data privacy. Built using Peer to Peer infrastructure, Markle DAGs, CRDTs, and an array of new cryptographic primitives. Working closely with our CTO and co-founders, you will be part of a collaborative culture striving to make user-centric data interoperable across Web3.

We’re growing fast and are looking to fill the below positions:

-Software Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/3mMTnmO

-Rust Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/2WHKy2s

-Go Engineer, Backend (Database) - https://bit.ly/38sNvXw

-Full-Stack Engineer, Developer Experience - https://bit.ly/3BwCtgl

-Blockchain Protocol Engineer - https://bit.ly/3B4fqJN

Gordian Software (YC W19) | Software Engineers | Full Time, Equity, Profit Share | Bellevue, WA | REMOTE w/ periodic travel to HQ | https://www.gordiansoftware.com/

Our mission is removing all unnecessary friction from air travel. Our first product makes it easy for travel websites to offer airline add-ons (rather than make travellers purchase at the airport). We have product market fit, large customers like Priceline, Hopper and Ctrip & have grown 15x so far this year.

Since our post in September months ago, we've hired 4 engineers and are hiring more this month. Check out the JD here if you're interested: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/GordianSoftware/0ea0a67e-3621-4b28-...

Signal | San Francisco or Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time, Remote-OK | https://signal.org

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

Here are our open roles:

-Server Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/2a5fee8b-5875-46d4-a41d-773a28a...

iOS Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/5d866dff-b979-4a90-9a53-f581eee...

Tech Stack: Server: Java and Rust; iOS: Objective-C and Swift

Please email us your resume to: Workwithus@signal.org

Percona | Senior Backend Software Engineer (Go) | REMOTE-ONLY | https://jobs.lever.co/percona/8b602d61-550a-4780-8166-3abcd9...

This is an amazing opportunity to build something from the ground up and integrate our existing Client/Server products with Cloud to deliver a new wave of services and functionality to our users. While this role will work with Golang, we will consider exceptional senior-level backend software engineers who don't yet have Golang experience but have worked across multiple languages and want to gain Go experience.

Percona is a highly-respected thought leader in the global open source community. We provide services and software for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MariaDB. We are remote-only and globally dispersed; we have colleagues in more than 40 countries.

Would you be interested in building low latency complex pricing computation using Rust?

We are Hanson Applied Sciences - a software firm focused on the research of automated trading systems for sports betting exchanges.

Our engineers provide reliable, fast APIs for the trading bots, as well as other responsibilities including mappings, trading monitoring systems, ETL pipelines, accounting systems and trade analysis tools.

Rust is our language of choice (no previous Rust exp needed) and we are hiring :)

Based in London, offering visa sponsorship with a hybrid policy (3 days onsite).




Dolly.com | Senior Software Engineer, Platform Team | Remote in US or Canada | Full-time | https://dolly.com/hiring

Dolly helps people move stuff. Imagine you bought a big flat screen TV, but didn't have a vehicle to get it home. Download the Dolly app, push the button and one of our Helpers will arrive to pick it up for you. We operate in 40 cities across the US and we do everything from individual objects, like your new TV, all the way up to a three bedroom apartment.

We're a small team of less than 20 engineers, and are looking for a Senior Software Engineer for our Core Platform team. The team is working to build a public API for partners, and to decompose a Node monolith into an event-based microservices architecture written in Rust. We run entirely on AWS with k8.

This position and others are listed at https://dolly.com/hiring.

VDX.tv (http://www.vdx.tv) | Remote Engineers & Developers | Full-time | REMOTE Established company (20+ years) looking for mature generalists to contribute remotely. You can be anywhere in the world so long as you:

● Are self-motivated and can work independently

● Have experience with many languages but can be effective in any language

● Appreciate that all mature software solutions accumulate technical debt and understand how to continually reduce debt and complexity

● Understand how to build highly reliable systems and be responsible for taking code to production

● Understand that code simplicity and readability are more important for long term maintainability

● Want to work on challenging problems and impactful work without being micromanaged

We're hiring across disciplines for engineers who work with Unix and have fluent written and spoken English:

● Backend Servers: Strong in C, Concurrency and Distributed Computing

● Backend Servers: Strong in Java

● Data Science: Strong in Math/Physics/CS + Python, Linux, SQL

● Javascript: Strong in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, CSS, JS Video Libraries, Developed frameworks

● Frontend Development: Strong in Angular / React / Vue JS and Node JS, Data intensive dashboards, frontend design and architecture patterns

● System Infrastructure: Strong in private and public cloud, infrastructure as code, scripting and programming.

Full-time only. Remote only. We start out on a full-time trial contract basis for up to 3 months and use this period as an extended work interview for both sides to assess fit for long-term employment.

Please email hn.remote.jobs@vdx.tv if this sounds like the right fit for you.

Rockport Networks | Ottawa, ON (ONSITE generally, REMOTE during Covid) | Full Time

As an Ottawa, ON based start-up, Rockport Networks has developed a revolutionary Switchless Networking architecture that enables datacenter clusters to be deployed without centralized switches; increasing security, scalability, and performance while decreasing cost, power, rack space, and management complexity.

If you are ready to make your next career move mean something then you need to take advantage of this rare opportunity for early involvement in a well-funded stealth-mode start-up, which is offering you the opportunity to be surrounded by coworkers who are passionate about what they do and proud of the products they build. We offer a collaborative environment with room to grow and the opportunity to help build a company with an amazing team.

For more information and to apply: https://rockportnetworks.com/careers/

Wixen Music | Full Stack Developer | Full time | Onsite | wixenmusic.com

Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. is a music publishing administration company providing royalty collection and licensing services for many of the world’s most iconic songwriters.

We’re looking for a full stack developer to help build new and maintain existing features and services which get songwriters paid for their music when it’s used by streaming services, TV shows, films, video games, etc. Experience with Laravel is preferred but we are open to candidates with translatable MVC framework experience.

Stack / Qualifications:

* PHP 7.x / 8.x

* Nginx

* Laravel


* Vue / jQuery

* Tailwind CSS / Bootstrap

* Laravel Livewire

* API integrations

* Git

* Ubuntu familiarity

Why you want to work here:

* Competitive salary

* A casual office environment in a small, independent, family owned and run, writer-friendly music publishing company proudly representing some of the finest music ever written

* The ability to play a large role in ensuring both small and megastar musicians can make a living from their music

* Healthy work-life balance. We get an early start at 7:30am but call it a day at 4pm so we can spend time with our friends and family

* Profit sharing and defined benefit plans

* Health insurance and optional dental insurance plans

* Two weeks paid vacation

* An additional week of paid vacation between Christmas and New Years upon completion of 16 hours of community service

Apply: licensing[at]wixenmusic[dot]com

Serverless Inc. | REMOTE | FULL-TIME | https://www.serverless.com/

The Serverless Framework has been an open-source project since 2015, and has quickly become the leading way developers deploy cloud applications on any FaaS provider. Serverless allows developers to focus less on administration, more on driving business value to end-users and enabling organizations to innovate and get to market more quickly.

We are a globally distributed, fully remote Series B startup and we’re actively looking for product driven engineers to join our team.

Here is a snapshot of what we are looking for:

Frontend Developer/Designer - We build in React, but technical skills are not as important as your UI/UX portfolio and desire to build the next generation of software development tools and experiences. APPLY: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless/23a8fae4-a87f-455b-ac8b-371...

Senior Backend Engineer - Extensive experience with AWS services like AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, IAM. Extensive experience building REST APIs and other back-ends in the Node.js. APPLY: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless/4ba58c9f-037b-4015-9cca-64e...

Senior Data Engineer - We’re looking for engineers with experience building streaming data processing architectures using a mostly AWS/serverless stack along with ElasticSearch and Timeseries data APPLY: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless/5927a860-92ad-4f58-a03b-fb8...

Feel free to reach out directly to us to start the conversation! Joseph [at] serverless.com

Oda (former Kolonial.no) | Oslo/Berlin/Helsinki | Full time | ONSITE/WFH (we help relocate) https://careers.oda.com/ | https://medium.com/oda-product-tech

Oda is Norway’s leading online grocery store and we’re on the move! Delivering a huge range of high-quality, affordable groceries to millions of doorsteps is a complex process, but we believe we’ve cracked the code. Using data-driven methodology, with a focus on sustainability all the way along the chain, we are building the most efficient retail system in the world [0]. With solid backing from some of the biggest international investors in the world, we’re proud to be one of the fastest growing companies in Europe [1]. We’re growing fast and are looking for roles such as:

- Director of Engineering, Growth Platform

- Engineering Manager, Logistics Platform

- Software Engineers, To all of our teams

- Security Manager, Infrastructure & IT

- Android Engineer, Shop Platform

- iOS Engineer, Shop Platform

See all open roles: https://careers.oda.com/jobs

[0] https://techcrunch.com/2021/04/07/norways-kolonial-rebrands-...

[1] https://www.ft.com/content/8b37a92b-15e6-4b9c-8427-315a8b5f4...

Carta | onsite (WFH for now) | Full-time | https://carta.com | NYC - New York City, NY | SF - San Francisco, CA | SEA - Seattle, WA

Carta is building the network graph of asset ownership. We help 20k+ privately held companies and a growing number of public companies track who owns what (equity). In Q1 alone this year 55% of all companies that raised money used Carta to manage their investors' and employees' equity/options.

We're a series G Unicorn ($7.4 billion valuation) and offer very competitive benefits packages (generous equity, free lunch, 401K matching, fully subsidized personal healthcare, transportation and cell phone allowances, etc).


We're Looking for Full Stack Engineers[1], Backend Engineers[2], Engineering Managers (EM)[3], Product Managers (PM)[4] and Designers[5] in all of our locations!

Example job listings:

[1,2] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4693532003

[3] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4438671003

[4] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4581831003

[5] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4554784003


Drop a note to robert.balousek+oct21 [at] carta [dot] com for more info.

Consumer Edge | Remote (NY HQ) | Full-Time | https://consumer-edge.com


Looking for engaging, challenging, and impactful work? Join the web product team at Consumer Edge!

Our team scrapes public data on a massive scale. We turn billions of rows of data into business performance insights, which inform the world's largest hedge funds and corporations.

The work is dynamic and challenging. We're all scrappy generalists and on a given day any one of us may be building a scraper, writing complex statistical models in SQL, improving system performance, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Our small team of engineers maintains over 40 products and we make it look easy because of our laser focus on simple, stable systems. We're pragmatic- we don't like flashy.

Wanna learn more? Drop me an email: gintermaggio@consumer-edge.com We’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline and we need your help!

Samsara | Multiple Roles | Full-time, Hybrid In Person and WFH OR 100% Remote (US & Canada) | Apply here: https://grnh.se/766dab941us

Samsara, founded in 2015, is a leader in Industrial IoT and our mission is to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy. Our solutions combine hardware and software to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations across various industries. Our team has raised $930M from Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Tiger Global, Dragoneer, AllianceBernstein Holding LP, Franklin Templeton, General Atlantic, Sands Capital Management and Warburg Pincus LLC.

Open Positions: Senior Engineer (Full Stack, Backend), Embedded Software Engineer, Staff Engineer (Full Stack, Backend, Video, Computer Vision), Engineering Manager, Growth Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Hardware Quality Engineer, and more!

Chewie Labs | Menlo Park | In-person (Hybrid ok) | Full Time | Firmware | Software Validation

Climate change is one of the biggest problems humanity is facing today. At Chewie, we’re working on simple, delightful products that make a real difference in one of the worst contributing industries: waste.

Chewie Labs is a stealth, well-funded start-up. As an early member of the team, you will have an outsized influence on product, team, and technology. You’ll work with a small, passionate team of experienced engineers and founders.

This is a rare opportunity to work for an early stage company and build from the ground up.

We are hiring for multiple roles, including: Firmware - IC and TL roles (C, ARM, RTOS, drivers, sensors, controls, embedded, IOT) Software Validation - IC and TL roles (end-to-end SW validation + automation)

To learn more, reach out to kelly at chewielabs dot com.

Promptworks | Multiple Roles | Philadelphia PA | REMOTE | https://promptworks.com/

Promptworks builds ingenious software products for innovative companies with big ideas.

We are looking for software engineers who care deeply about their craft to join our team and help us create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services for our clients. Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren’t just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use a lot of Python, Ruby, and Elixir on the backend and JavaScript (mostly TypeScript) with React, Vue.js, and React Native.

Open positions:

• Senior Software Engineer

• Software Engineer



MLabs | Full Time | Worldwide remote (UK-based) | mlabs.city

MLabs is a rapidly growing, globally distributed software consultancy, working with Haskell, Rust, and Python. Currently, we are looking to fill the following positions:

- Haskell Developer (Junior through Senior)

- Technical Delivery Manager

Experience and/or interest with any of the below technologies/business fields are an asset:

- Blockchain, Especially Cardano or Ergo

- Functional programming- Finance

- Consultancies/Agencies

- NFTs

- Web Stack

- Formal Methods, Dependant types, theorem provers

- Sales engineering

- systems design

- Cybersecurity

Due to our fast rate of growth applications are currently open all year round. We offer competitive salaries and varied shift patterns to suit everyone. Whether you want to work one day or a week or five we want to hear from you!

For more information about these roles and applications, check https://apply.workable.com/mlabs/j/63DAAA4AEF/

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Babylist | USA REMOTE | Full-time | Software Engineering Roles | https://www.babylist.com/

It's been 10 years since I launched Babylist as a side project on HN. We're now a team of 100. Babylist is a top 1,500 visited website in the US, generating $500M in attributable commerce across retailers. We're stable and profitable. We're looking for talented Engineers across all levels that are excited to build out a world-class consumer and ecommerce experience.

Our web application and backend systems are at the center of the Babylist experience - an experience our users love as they prepare for one of life's biggest events. The Babylist engineering culture is one of learning and knowledge sharing. We are passionate about experimentation, automation and shipping value to our customers. Our stack is based on Ruby on Rails and React. We continue to expand our toolbox to use the best technologies for the job.

Open roles: https://www.babylist.com/jobs


- Senior Software Engineer, Frontend

- Senior Software Engineer, Rails/Backend

- Software Engineer, Full Stack

- Software Engineer, Android

- Site Reliability Engineer

- Director of Engineering, Consumer

- Director of Engineering, Fulfillment and Infrastructure

- Software Engineering Manager

- Data Analyst

(Here is my HN side project post 10 years ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2175757)

Email careers-eng@babylist.com with any questions.

BenchSci-AI Software | www.benchsci.com/careers | Canada, USA, UK | Remote | Full-time permanent | Senior Software Engineer-Data, MLOps Engineer, ML Engineer- NLP, Tech Lead-Core Infrastructure, Senior Software Engineer - QA | Python, Pytorch, React, GCP, BigQuery, Beam, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Cypress, Javascript | Email: talent@benchsci.com

At BenchSci, our aim is to exponentially increase the speed and quality of life-saving research by empowering scientists with advanced biomedical AI to run more successful experiments. Our vision as an organization is to bring medicine to patients 50% faster by 2025. Backed by F-Prime, Inovia, Golden Ventures, and Google’s AI fund, Gradient Ventures, we provide an indispensable tool for more than 41,000 scientists at 15 top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 4,300 leading academic centers. Currently, there are 165 of us, and we are expanding! For more information, please email us at talent@benchsci.com.

Kubecost (Stackwatch) (https://kubecost.com)| Senior Support Engineer | 100% Remote (US-East/Central hours preferred)

Our tooling and intelligence empowers teams to efficiently operate Kubernetes at scale—helping them manage cost, performance, and reliability. We're avid contributors to the open source community.

We're looking to add a second Senior Support Engineer to help us build a scalable, user-first support process, troubleshoot complex infrastructure issues, and influence the direction of our product by tracking and communicating user needs. Be one of our first 20 teammates!

Feel free to apply or reach out to us directly with your CV at hiring@kubecost.com if you're interested!

All open roles: https://angel.co/company/kubecost/jobs

Relay | Raleigh, NC (US) | Full-Time, Remote or On-site | https://relaypro.com

Relay is killing the walkie-talkie. We've designed, built, and launched an entirely new product category -- a simple, rugged, Internet-enabled smart-device and all the software that runs it -- that is disrupting the handheld radio industry for non-desk workers (hospitality, golf, parks, sports, ...). This isn't your run-of-the-mill VoIP app; we've achieved proven product market fit with a user experience that solves real-world customer pain and unlocks new capabilities for them through our API Platform. https://go.relaygo.com/solutions/api

Technology stack: Erlang, Embedded Android, React

Open Roles:

* Site Reliability Engineer

* Software Engineer

Apply here: https://relaypro.com/careers

Check out our open source SDK & CLI:


Heartex / Label Studio | SFBA, Remote | Full-time

We're the leading open-source solution for data labeling with 6K+ stars on GitHub! If you're excited about Data Science & Machine Learning, we've got a few positions open. Our stack is Django, React, and a bunch of ML frameworks.

Product Manager: Own and develop our flagship open-source product Label Studio

Evangelist: Engage data science community and build meaningful relationships

Customer & Community Support Engineer: Help our customers and open source users to get up and running with the software.

We're a passionate team with almost everybody on the team having 10+ years of experience in their domains. Our goal is to transform ML development by improving data labeling and data management.

To learn a bit more about the product visit https://github.com/heartexlabs/label-studio

If you want to start a conversation feel free to reach out to me michael@heartex.com

SupplyPike | Software Engineer | Remote | Fayetteville, AR | https://www.supplypike.com/careers

SupplyPike is a fast-growing SaaS company solving challenging problems in retail supply chain such as deductions disputing, retailer compliance, and lost sales prevention using deep domain knowledge and ML.

We're looking for strong software engineers that collaborate with product management, UX designers, other engineers, and stakeholders to define problems, set goals, and engineer amazing products.

We don't look for a specific skillset. Some our of current tech stack include React, JavaScript w/ TypeScript, Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes.

Reach out to email in bio.

Location: This is a remote-friendly role. However, you might change your mind after visiting Northwest Arkansas. Beautiful Fayetteville, nestled in the lush Ozark Mountains, consistently ranks in the Top 5 U.S. News best places to live in the U.S for its quality of life and cost of living and the Top 10 in job growth (Forbes). In addition to being the home to two Fortune 100 and three Fortune 500 companies, Fayetteville also has a strong entrepreneurial community with a growing number of startup companies.

- https://www.supplypike.com/careers

- https://www.greatplacetowork.com/certified-company/7026446

- https://realestate.usnews.com/real-estate/articles/us-news-r...

Yuanda Robotics | Full-Stack Software Developer | Hanover, Germany | ONSITE | German-speaking | Full-time | https://www.yuanda-robotics.de

Yuanda Robotics develops collaborative industrial robots and supporting application software. We are hiring a Full-Stack developer to work on our upcoming SaaS platform. You should be comfortable writing code in TypeScript and be willing to work across the entire stack – infrastructure, database, application logic, GUI, CLI. Prior robotics experience is not required for this role.

Our stack: TypeScript, React, Node.js, serverless AWS

Your skills: Proficient in German and English, 3+ years relevant work experience

See the full job description (in German) and apply here: https://www.yuanda-robotics.de/jobs/full-stack-software-deve...

Ketch | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote (SF Bay Area, Anywhere in USA) | VISA | Full-Time | https://www.ketch.com/

Refer https://www.ketch.com/company/careers for open roles.

Ketch is an early-stage startup looking to disrupt the data governance market. Our product delivers technology, not process, to help businesses deliver value to consumers while leveraging their data without violating privacy and trust requirements. Our patented innovation combines cryptography, differential privacy and distributed ledgers ,to ensure ownership, and use of, consumer data, adhering to regulations by design. We are looking for a highly skilled engineers to continue leading the development of our platform.

We are hiring for Backend / UI / and infrastructure engineers.

You can apply through tech-hiring@ketch.com

Carhartt | Sr. Software Engineer | Dearborn, MI and REMOTE | Full Time

Carhartt has been making clothes to protect hard-working people since 1889. Our team is at the center of consumer data and we work to provide a better experience for the millions of people who interact with our brand. We do that whether we’re partnering with the customer service team, helping the company understand its consumer data, or creating user-facing features.

The team often feels like a startup, we’re always learning and trying to innovate through well-crafted software, and we place a high value on work-life balance. I like to pitch the position as a pleasant mix of backend development and data engineering.

Please apply here: https://career4.successfactors.com/career?career_ns=job_list...

Sneakerlist | New York City | Remote | Full-time | Lead Full-Stack Engineer | https://www.sneakerlist.co/

Sneakerlist is a social marketplace platform to buy and sell high-end sneakers with trust. Our team is looking to add a lead-full-stack engineer with 3-5 years of experience with javascript frameworks (React, React Native and node.js). Compensation will include a full-time salary and equity.

We raised a pre-seed round from reputable investors with a fantastic track record. If you are interested in becoming part of an early stage team and have a passion & interest for consumer marketplaces, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to meet you.

Contact: brian@sneakerlist.co


Flexport (YC W14) | San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL | Onsite | https://www.flexport.com

Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. We are revolutionizing a huge industry that touches every country on the planet, which means solving complex challenges. We are looking for makers who love learning, are passionate about collaborating, and desire to see the global impact of the solutions they build.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/flexport

View all of our jobs here: https://grnh.se/c0d6caef1

Tech Stack: Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme

Mobile: React Native, Apollo

Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec

CI: GitHub, Buildkite

Infrastructure: AWS, Python

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