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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2021)
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Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Saildrone | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | SF Bay Area (Alameda) | Full-Time | https://www.saildrone.com/

Shamless plug - did you see us huck a drone into the middle of a friggin' HURRICANE? https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28715110

Saildrone is the world's leading collector of ocean related in situ data via uncrewed vehicle, above and below the sea surface. Government, scientific, and commercial organizations around the globe rely on Saildrone to deliver the critical information they need—when they need it.

We're hiring for a breadth of different positions across our organization. In software, we're hiring for DevOps, Backend, Full-Stack, Data Pipeline, ML, and Vehicle engineers. Stacks vary from team to team, but we're looking primarily for folks with backgrounds in C++, Python, and/or JavaScript (Node, TypeScript, React). We're remote-friendly for certain positions, though require folks to be onsite for others.

In addition to software engineers, we're also hiring in a host of other positions, including a Product Manager, Mechanical Engineer, and Field Engineer, among others.

You can see a list of open positions on our career page: https://www.saildrone.com/careers

Please apply through our career page; be sure to select "Other" and specify this HN post when asked how you heard about us!

Are the remote positions open for people outside of the USA?

Which positions are remote friendly? They all say CA.

I believe all of our current SWE positions are remote-friendly for the right candidates.

Is your company looking for interns?

Not currently, but keep an eye on our careers page in early-mid 2022 for details about our summer program!


CodeWeavers | St Paul, MN, USA | Full Time | REMOTE | Wine and General Open Source Developers | C-language systems programming


CodeWeavers is hiring skilled C programmers to work on the open source Wine project and other related open source desktop projects. CodeWeavers partnered with Valve Software to integrate Wine into the Steam for Linux client as a part of the Steam Play (Proton) initiative. This allows Linux gamers to play Windows games on Linux more easily. We need new, full-time developers to improve Wine's ability to run Windows games and other Windows software for Proton and other similar projects.

We are hiring remote programmers, US or international, as well as workers local to Saint Paul, Minnesota. We will consider relocation, if desired, on a case-by-case basis. Please see link above for information, benefits, requirements, and how to apply.

Please direct any questions to the email address on our Jobs page.

Big Bad Wolf Security | Rust & Linux Developer / QA | Washington, DC | REMOTE | http://www.bigbadwolfsecurity.com/careers Help build a Linux desktop secure virtualization product that will be deployed to tens of thousands of users. This is a unique opportunity to build a desktop-focused Linux product with a great tech stack: KVM, libvirt, rust, rpm-ostree. We are a small team of very experienced Linux developers looking to add a lead developer, a developer in test, and a lead for QA / documentation.

We are a small, growing company. 100% remote founded by people that have been doing remote for a long time. Great coworkers (strict no jerk policy), good work / life balance, interesting work, and good benefits.

More information is at http://www.bigbadwolfsecurity.com/careers. If you are interested send me your resume directly karl AT bigbadwolfsecurity.com

This one sould be marked REMOTE (US citizens living in the US only)

Lightmatter | https://lightmatter.com | Software Engineers, Designers, Project and Product Managers | Remote, ideally in USA but open to international | Full Time

Lightmatter is a team of designers, developers, and strategists who build software applications to help the world's most promising health companies improve the lives of their patients.

Founded in 2013, we're a company of 35 that's bootstrapped and profitable from day 1. We brand, design, and develop web and mobile applications for startups in health. We're hiring for a variety of positions. Checkout our openings at https://lightmatter.com/careers/. You can also read more about how we work on our Playbook at https://lightmatter.com/playbook/

We're eager to meet candidates with backgrounds in health-tech, wellness, HCIT, and of course experience with freelancing and consulting.

We're hiring for multiple positions across teams (engineer, design, product and project management), and also have a unique need to hire specifically one or two senior iOS engineers for a variety of upcoming engagements.

If you'd like to apply, please email your resume and portfolio / github handle to careers@lightmatter.com

Weyerhaeuser | Scientific Programmer | Remote / Seattle, WA | Full Time

Weyerhaeuser Company (www.weyerhaeuser.com) owns and manages approximately 13 million acres of commercial timberlands in the U.S., including a southern ownership that extends from the east coast of North Carolina and Florida to eastern Oklahoma. Weyerhaeuser is committed to sustainable forest management that includes protecting aquatic resources and all ownership is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

We are looking to hire an aspiring, competent Scientific Programmer to work on our Advanced Forestry technology team.

This position will be based out of the Weyerhaeuser headquarters building in the heart of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, with occasional travel to regional offices across the country. Due to COVID we are currently working from home and flexible work arrangements will be available when a return to office is considered.

As a member of the Advanced Forestry Systems (AFS) team at Weyerhaeuser you will work on a diverse range of projects involving data pipelining, web development, geospatial analysis, and machine learning. The AFS team mission is to ensure the availability of reliable and cost-effective forest information for the optimal management of Weyerhaeuser land and timber. The AFS team is committed to fulfilling this mission by providing world-class data acquisition, analytical technologies, and support.

Technologies we use: Python, Linux, C++, AWS, R, geospatial libraries (GDAL, GIS, LiDAR etc)

I can answer questions if anyone has them (email in profile).

If you are interested, please submit an application through the company portal here (Req ID:01016914): https://weyerhaeuser.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobsearch...

What would they salary band be for this position?

I think the link is broken

The edit button is giving me issues, try this: https://weyerhaeuser.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobsearch...

It just brings you to the regular portal, you can search Scientific Programmer or the job number (ReqID)

Colony | Frontend Developer | Remote (Global) | £40,000 - £90,000 | Full-time | https://colony.io

Colony is an open-source framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). Our tools allow communities to collectively manage money, make decisions, and get paid, without needing to trust each other. Colony is a fully distributed team that occasionally convene somewhere in the world to work and hang out together. The rest of the time, we communicate over Discord. It’s a dynamic environment that requires grit, flexibility, self-motivation, and a sense of emoji etiquette.

We're looking for an experienced frontend developer to help us ship our ambitious product roadmap.

You: Good English, strong communication, a test-driven mindset, attention to detail.

Skills: Typescript, React, GraphQL / Apollo.

Bonus: Docker, Node.js, Ethereum, a history of open-source contributions on GitHub, a passion for decentralized technologies.

Benefits: 100% remote, non-hierarchical culture with no politics, laptop policy (we contribute 50% towards you buying your own machine), UBB (Universal Basic Budget) $1200 which can be used towards anything you believe will be to the benefit of the project, Token allocation.


Culture Biosciences | Full Stack, DevOps, Product Manager | South San Francisco, CA | ONSITE or REMOTE | Fulltime | https://www.culturebiosciences.com/

Write software to make cells grow in custom made robots! We're a 60 person startup, we build our own hardware in our own lab and we're hiring for several roles to help keep the cells, robots, and customers happy.

If there’s one thing that’s important to know about Culture it’s that we have a good culture.

For example:

* We value kindness and empathy over intellect and strong opinions.

* We don’t use the word “resource” to refer to people.

* Imagine a typical bro-y startup… now imagine the opposite… that’s us.

And I think it’s because of these things that we ship great software and have fun doing it. We’re looking for folks who have a similar perspective.

Open Roles (that I'm recruiting for):

* Product Manager, Software - design the bio-manufacturing platform of the future

* DevOps & Infra Engineer - help us build data centers that (hopefully don't) get wet

* Full Stack Engineer - Deliver products to make customers and cells happy

More roles here: https://www.culturebiosciences.com/careers

If you're interested in any of these roles send me an email with your resume: satshabad@culturebiosciences.com

Flow Commerce | NYC Metro (mostly remote) & Remote | Engineering, Product/Design, HR/People | Full Time - Director of Engineering

- Senior Software Engineer

- Principal Data Engineer

- Principal Infrastructure Engineer

- Senior Solutions Engineer

- Director of Product Management

- Senior Product Manager

Flow is a technology and services company that enables brands and retailers to become international and sell cross-border. Flow’s API driven platform enables merchants to sell & ship globally from their own sites, solving all cross-border pain points throughout the entire e-commerce supply chain, such as local payment methods, international shipping options, and all aspects of the upstream site localization such as duty/tax calculation, local pricing and product restrictions. Flow makes it easy for merchants to solve these enormous points of friction when selling globally. The result is a next-generation platform for cross-border commerce, focused on customer experience and maximizing conversion rates.

Flow has raised $55m+ in funding (most recently Series B) from world-class funds including NEA, Amex Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Fung Capital, and more.

Scala shop on backend, postgres, k8s, AWS, React & typescript on frontend. Strong emphasis on mentorship and personal growth. No previous Scala experience required. Join us, learn, grow, and help others learn and grow in turn. https://www.flow.io/careers

exciting times!

The United States Digital Service is a team of cross-agency federal technologists who work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including: streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more.

Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on: https://www.usds.gov/resources/USDS-Impact-Report-2020.pdf

We're looking for the most empathetic, mission-driven, and tenacious technologists who are committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning critical government services. We hire folks from all walks of life who have demonstrable experience tackling complicated problems in the public, private, or non-profit sectors.

We're hiring for:

  * Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, DevOps)
  * Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and Security Engineers
  * Product Managers
  * Data Scientists
  * Designers (Generalists, Strategists, User Researchers, Interaction Designers, Content Strategists, Design Operations, and everything in between)
  * Procurement Specialists
  * Bureaucracy Hackers
  * and more!
With regard to remote work during the pandemic, health and safety are our top priority for all employees. Everyone is currently working remotely, and we don’t have any specific timeline to return onsite yet. During this time, all new hires will start fully remote, though the expectation is they will come onsite to the DC metro area when we are able to resume normal operations. We also understand everyone’s circumstances may vary, and we will work closely with each person to make sure their transition works best for them.

Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction -- no prior government experience required!

Read more about getting hired here: https://www.usds.gov/faq

Apply here: https://www.usds.gov/apply

Zenith Labs | Systems (Rust) + Infra + Web (Go) Engineers | San Francisco or Remote | Full-time + Intern

Zenith is building open-source cloud-native PostgreSQL. Our architecture separates storage from compute, allowing for stateless and serverless Postgres. We’re a well funded startup with deep knowledge of Postgres internals and decades of experience building databases.

There are many different projects to work on, including: Postgres extensions (C), distributed storage engines (Rust), database proxy, cloud orchestration (K8s), web console (React + Go), and serverless API.

Please send brief introduction and resume: jobs+hn@zenith.tech

Course Hero | Redwood City, CA | Senior Engineering Manager/ Senior Front-end engineer | Full-time, Remote (but within the Bay Area/ Vancouver) | https://grnh.se/2ywlpf or email me directly

About the Company: Course Hero is an online learning platform where students can access over 60 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of educators and other students. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared. We have been recognized as one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area in 2020, as well as in the Top 50 Most Transformational Growth Companies in EdTech. We recently received a Series B round of funding and are now valued at $1.1B.

About the Front-end team: We have a very collaborative, learning-focused culture with an active front-end "Technical working group" where we learn from each other, meet weekly, and work on company-wide engineering initiatives. We recently sponsored and conducted workshops at Reactathon. We're big on Typescript and experimenting (with products in production) with React-Native & GraphQL. Our engineers have complete autonomy and independence to innovate.

I'm a hiring manager / front-end engineer myself, so feel free to reach out (contact info in profile) if you have any questions / want to know more!

>> Remote (but within the Bay Area/ Vancouver)

Can you clarify as to what this means?

Within a 2 hour driving distance from our offices, to be able to attend team-events / quarterly brainstorming sessions etc

D-Wave Systems | https://www.dwavesys.com | Quantum Computing, Engineering, Cloud Service, R & D, SaaS | Full-time | Remote, US Onsite, Vancouver BC Onsite D-Wave is looking for exceptionally motivated people who love to see the impact of their work, who are driven to ensure the success of the company, and who want to be a part of something special. We are working to radically change what is possible with computers and are leading the effort to commercialize quantum computing. D-Wave is the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers. Our web service, LeapTM, is the only cloud service that delivers real-time access to a quantum computer (currently Advantage-5000Qubits) and a full suite of open-source programming tools. Leap now has hybrid capabilities that combine the power of quantum and classical computers, analogous to the way a CPU works with a GPU, enabling the solution of very large problems. Software tools make programming easy, in languages like Python and C++. No Quantum computing experience required. We will train! Check out our openings here for Python Software development, HPC Computing Developers, Research, DevOps, and more: https://jobs.lever.co/dwavesys

Join us at QUBITS 2021 Oct 5-7. Registration is now open and FREE to attend! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/qubits-2021-tickets-165962677837

Third Iron | Senior Full Stack Developer | Remote (USA) | Full-time

We are a remote-first, fully distributed company started in 2011, creating industry-leading software for reading research papers across thousands of peer-reviewed, academic journals.

Join our small team where we've been doing exclusively remote work for over 10 years and shipping products that our users love.

Third Iron software is used by researchers from over 1,200 libraries, which are part of universities, hospitals, corporations, and government agencies located across 35 countries.

We’re looking for a developer interested in doing full-stack work, with a little more focus on the backend. We focus on providing a great user experience for our customers, which includes the gamut of researchers: scientists, medical professionals, arts and humanities researchers, and any other field of research. We have a variety of systems to work on with many data sources, and we build everything from APIs to front-end apps to even browser extensions.

Our stack includes NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, EmberJS, React, TypeScript, Terraform, Chef, AWS and Heroku

More info: https://thirdiron.com/careers/senior-backend-software-develo...

If interested, please email careers@thirdiron.com or apply at the link above. Thanks!

Beacon Biosignals | Multiple Positions | NYC & Boston | Full Time

Brain monitoring is not easily accessible, interpretable or actionable. We're going to fix this, and we'd like you to help.

With improved access to brain data and the right tools to act on it, clinicians could intervene in real-time, match life-altering therapies to the patients they benefit most, and treat previously untreatable neurological and psychiatric diseases.

We're a small startup founded by numerical programmers, neuroscientists, ML researchers, and practicing neurologists who are committed to translating our best-of-breed clinical research from the lab into hospitals and beyond.

Our team is composed of neuro-experts, product development experts, open-source enthusiasts, audio/DSP/compilers nerds, and generally easy-going (but dedicated!) folks.

We believe that:

- Successful product development requires rapid, early feedback from real patients and clinicians.

- Feats of technical wizardry are only useful in combination with honest, frequent, and open communication.

- A diverse team builds more robust systems and practices more meaningful science.

We have a few different roles available, and are always happy to chat with interested folks. Interested in working with PostgreSQL, React, and/or Julia daily? Reach out!

To apply, check out https://beacon.bio/careers.

Uncountable | SF, NYC, Munich | Account Executives, Full-Stack Engineering https://www.uncountable.com/hiring/hn

Uncountable accelerates R&D for industrial scientists across leading materials, chemicals, and life sciences organizations. With our SaaS solution, our customers get better products to the market in half the time. Uncountable was founded by MIT and Stanford engineers and has been profitable since 2016. Our team has grown from 6 to 20 over the last two years.

Account Executives | $70K - $100K + Equity

--> Uncountable is looking for sales leaders who can delivery new business opportunities. This is an outside sales position for enterprise Software as a Service.

--> Senior and junior positions are available


Product Engineers (Full-Stack) | $120k - $220k + Equity

---> Uncountable is looking for engineers who can spearhead the development of the Uncountable Web Platform. The position is heavily product-driven and comes with challenges across the stack.

--> Senior and principal positions are available.

--> Summer internships and working student positions are also available.

Learn more: https://www.uncountable.com/hiring/hn

These are full-time positions in San Francisco, New York City or Munich. Remote options within the U.S. and Germany are available for senior candidates.

For more information on our Munich office, see https://www.uncountable.com/hiring/hacker-news-munich

Contact our CTO directly at jason@uncountable.com

Position listing for sales has been added. We're looking to make multiple hires on the business development side. Please reach out if you're interested in joining a growing SaaS BD team.

Supercede | Software Developer (Haskell) | REMOTE | Full Time

Supercede (formerly Riskbook) builds industry-leading risk placement and analytics software for the reinsurance industry. We are currently a team of 18 people distributed across eight countries. About half of the team are developers, all of which spend most of their time writing Haskell, Elm, and Nix. We're all-in on functional programming, and we're looking for more help.

You must have demonstrable experience building things in idiomatic Haskell, and you should have a solid understanding of how web applications typically work. You should be able to communicate clearly in English, but you do not need to speak excellent English (our team speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, and more). You'll have flexible working hours and you can work from anywhere, though this is a full-time position and the expectation is that of work based on a traditional 40 hour week, with 25 days of paid annual holiday in addition to your country's national holidays.

We favour asynchronous communication, and try to hire "managers of one". We don't do daily stand-ups. We don't count your hours. We don't work weekends. We support each other in working and learning, and we have a dedicated fortnightly "Research Day" where every programmer is free to not do chores for the product, and instead investigate/learn/play with whatever technology they choose. Want to learn more about type-level programming? Property-based testing? Expert systems? Go right ahead!

Please write me a brief email introducing yourself with your résumé attached to jezen@supercede.com.

Aha! (https://www.aha.io) | Rails / React / Devops | REMOTE

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. We serve more than 500,000 users worldwide. We are looking for:

* Experienced full-stack, front end and platform engineers to work on the Aha! product. Our application is built in Ruby on Rails, with some React on the frontend for rich client-side experiences.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North or South America, and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding) and we deploy continuously.

Our entire team has always been 100% remote - in North American timezones so we can collaborate during the work day.

You can view open engineering positions at https://www.aha.io/company/careers/current-openings, and click through to a specific job for our simple application form. Our job postings also have a lot more detail about the team, our values, and what you'd be doing day-to-day.

Fern Creek Software | Louisville KY | 100% Remote

Fern Creek is a software consulting company. We build stuff for other people, usually in .NET on Azure but we do other stuff occasionally. The company has been around since I started consulting independently about 20 years ago. Recently I started taking on larger projects that need more people and as a result, started hiring people. Sometimes a 1099, sometimes W2.

This is not super sexy stuff where you will get options that might be worth millions, but likely worth nothing. What you will get is a load of experience on new tech (asp.net core, azure, blazor etc) and a great focus on the best feature of all...shipping.

The job is remote so you don't have to be in Louisville though if you are close that is cool.

Set your own hours and all that, I want pros not people that need babysitting.

3 openings right now... -Full stack dev (C#, asp.net core, sql server etc)

-DevOps/Automation/QA dev (unit testing, selenium, azure devops)

-Mobile dev (Xamarin, React Native)

Live the stress free life, work from home, build some cool tech, make money, be happy etc etc.

Shoot me a message at jobs at ferncreeksoftware.com

Convoy | Software Engineers (Mid, Senior) | Atlanta, GA | https://www.convoy.com Convoy is a digital freight marketplace building up a network of shippers and carriers while reducing overall carbon emissions in the age-old trucking industry.

Convoy is hiring software engineers. The base pay and benefits are competitive with generous pre-IPO equity grants. Work life balance is great, ICs have lots of autonomy and opportunity to propose projects, influence priorities, and speak directly with leadership. There's an opportunity to ask questions to the CEO and executives every week. I've never worked at another company with this level of candidness and transparency.

The tech stack is modern, you'll learn TypeScript, GraphQL, React, Kafka, k8s, AWS and have opportunities to bring in new-to-the-company technologies / open source projects / SaaS offerings.

There is SO much work to do. Every hour you put in contributes to the goal of reducing carbon emissions in the trucking industry.

Convoy HQ is in Seattle, WA, but we're opening a new engineering office in Atlanta, GA. We're fully remote currently. Post pandemic, we're hoping for 1-2 days in office a week earmarked for intentional in-person collaboration, though not required.

If you have any questions, I'm be happy to set up 30 minutes to chat. (Current Convoy SWE, ex-Amazon, ex-Coupang).

More info on career benefits: https://convoy.com/careers/

Apply to open roles: https://jobs.lever.co/convoy/68cd32d8-9dfd-4779-8fcf-1f0d936...

Nobias Therapeutics | Remote (US), Norcal/Mountain View/Palo Alto/SF; Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time and INTERNS | salary + equity

Multiple roles, particularly for ML engineers, computational biologists, and medicinal or computational chemists

Nobias is a new pharma startup using a variety of AI tools to speed drug development. We are an early stage biotech using large repositories of biological data, bleeding edge deep learning techniques, automated reasoning, and computational biochemistry to discover and develop new medicines, diagnostics, and insights for a variety of diseases. We have a world-class team, and are looking for the best people at the cutting edge of technology and biology. If you have strong programming chops, a background in ML, and deep knowledge of biology or computational biology/chemistry, we would love to talk to you.

[our domain is nobiastx.com - we'll be launching our website soon, with information on the clinical trials we're starting]

Please contact us at hn_recruiting {@} [our domain].

Picnic | Senior Software Engineer | London, UK | ONSITE or REMOTE | Full time or contract

Keywords: React Native, TypeScript, RxJS, MobX, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, CQRS

Picnic is a new group chat app, built for close friends (https://picnic.chat).

Group chats matter, and they matter more than you might think. For billions of people, they've come to play a vital role in our most important relationships: the space online where our real friendships live. We believe the one-size-fits-all, functional apps where our group chats live today could be so much more. That's why we are on a mission to build a better home for people's favourite group chats: one that is more joyful, more intentional and more ethical.

It's an exceptionally good time to be joining our small but mighty founding team of top engineers from Facebook, Apple, Google and more. We are fresh from raising a £2.1m Seed round led by top tier VCs (announcement coming soon) and are backed by the likes of Robin Dunbar (the man behind Dunbar's number), Snapchat's 1st Engineer and many more world class operators.

We're looking to hire somebody who is comfortable working as a key part of a small team, with experience of having shipped consumer-facing mobile apps. The _Senior_ in our job title does not refer to how many years of experience you have (or your degree!), but to your general approach to development: you are able to think about the system and architecture as a whole, know enough about all aspects of the stack to effectively diagnose issues, and are able to pass your knowledge onto other members of the team.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, read more about who we are, what we're doing & how you might fit in here: https://www.notion.so/teampicnic/Senior-Software-Engineer-c8...

Cedar | Full Stack, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Product Design, Solutions Engineer & Architect | Full-time | REMOTE (U.S.) or Offices in NYC, SF & Salt Lake City | https://www.cedar.com/careers/

Cedar is a health-tech company focused on on reimagining how patients engage with increasingly complicated healthcare systems. Positions open across multiple teams and tech stacks, some key roles are listed below, but many other roles are available. Our tech stack features React, Python, Django. We are a post-series D company with over $350M raised.

Engineering Manager: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2602137

Tech Lead: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2199996

Full Stack Engineer: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2806490

Solutions Architect: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2554778

Solutions Engineer: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2806490

Product Design: https://www.cedar.com/careers/view/?gh_jid=2563850

Tech stack: React, Python, Django

Please reach out to Sandy (sguan AT cedar.com) or myself (anshul AT cedar.com) for more details!

Primer | Data Engineer, Front/Back End Engineer, Technical Lead, Software Architect | REMOTE | https://www.sayprimer.com

We're building the "CircleCI of Growth Marketing" at Primer. Growth marketing has boomed in recent years and every B2B company needs a tailored, data-driven approach to their market in order to win business. Primer is enabling our customers to accomplish this much faster without having to engineer an expensive system.

Here are some reasons to work with us:

* We bootstrapped ourselves to $700k in revenue with a team of 4 in 2020 and just raised a small round to grow.

* We invest in our team and catapult careers. Many people end up at top-tiered companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Tesla beyond working together.

* Our team is fully distributed, supports flexible schedules, and we spend 95% of our time outside of meetings. Many of us have young kids and we prioritize work/life balance.

* Our engineering ceremonies and technology are world-class, put engineers in the drivers' seat, and emphasize transparency.

* Our culture is high-achieving, genuinely kind, and collaborative.

The roles we'd like to fill are:

* Data Engineer (ETL/API)

* Technical Lead / Software Architect

* Senior Software Engineer (Back End)

* Software Engineer (Front End, Back End)

We welcome all applicants. The only requirement is having 1+ years of professional experience.

Our stack is React / Javascript / Node / Postgres, but we welcome polyglots. In general, we're looking for thought partners to help us architect a solution for the future so experience with other languages (e.g. Elixir, Go, Clojure, Kotlin, Haskell, Rust) is a plus.

Interested? Want to learn more? Feel free to contact me directly at juan [at] sayprimer.com

Mux (YC W16) | SF, London, REMOTE (US, CAN, and UK) | Full-Time | Elixir, Golang, TypeScript/React | https://mux.com/jobs

Mux is how developers build online video.

With Mux Video, developers gain access to a powerful API for video streaming--think Stripe for Video. You don't have to have strong feelings about ffmpeg settings, you just go. And with Mux Data, developers realize incredible insights into how their videos perform from platform to platform, place to place, and user to user.

I'm Ed, and I'm an engineer on the DevEx team here. This is, and I have to stress that I'm not kidding because everybody says this sort of thing, for real my favorite job that I've ever had. The team here is sharp, there is a real and concerted focus on not just competence but on the human side of things; one of the company's core values is "be human" and I thought it was marketing stuff 'til I joined and learned to my surprise that it is emphatically not. Also? Legit, the best onboarding experience I've ever had. During a pandemic, no less.

The tech stack actually manages to balance cool with useful, too. It's a multi-cloud environment running Kubernetes on AWS and GCP, with Elixir, Golang, and some NodeJS (some JS, mostly TypeScript), plus React and TypeScript for all the usual bells and whistles.

Mux is a good place to be and if video is your bag, or even just sounds interesting, you should check us out. At the moment our hiring is limited to the US, Canada, and the UK, but the company is fully remote--I'm in Boston and I don't feel disconnected compared to the SF folks. Feel free to head on over to https://mux.com/jobs and check out our openings; we run a pretty standard interview-loop process and I don't feel like we waste candidates' time. Even if you don't see an immediate spot that clicks with you, feel free to reach out anyway; we have a certain facility for finding room for amazing people.

MuKn | Remote, all timezones | Full-time or contract | https://mukn.io/

Mutual Knowledge Systems, Inc. (aka MuKn, pronounced "moon") is looking to extend its development team. We are implementing Glow (https://glow-lang.org), an open-source domain-specific language to build Decentralized Applications (DApps). Glow simplifies DApp development by offering higher-level abstractions than standard solutions (e.g., Solidity) and a "write once, run on- and off-chain" workflow.

We're looking right now for Rust programmers that would like to work on blockchain infrastructure (malleable transactions for our AVOUM technology), and generalists that are interested in working on our language and compiler. We are looking for experienced developers who can work autonomously, but know when to ask for help.

Glow’s metalanguage is Gerbil Scheme (https://cons.io), but we use other languages where necessary, including JavaScript, Haskell, and Rust. Some background in Lisp, Scheme, or a purely functional family would be helpful, but is not required; experience with language design and implementation is also a plus. Other relevant domains include: blockchains, smart contract technologies (e.g., the EVM and also (E)UTxO models), distributed systems, cryptographic protocols, information security, economic modelling, game theory, automated theorem proving, and zero-knowledge proofs.

We’re a fully remote team spread across many time zones. We like to keep meetings and policies to a minimum, and expect team members to manage their own time and communications. We have one mandatory weekly meeting, structured as an informal code walk-through and review; this helps keep everyone aware of what the rest of the team is up to and how everything fits together.

Please send resumes to jobs@mukn.io. Any notable public discussion (on a mailing-list, GitHub issue, etc.) where you changed your own mind or someone else’s mind would be great to see, too.

Great place to be

Intact Solutions | Full-Time | Fully Remote | https://www.intact-solutions.com/pnp/

Intact Solutions applies state of the art research to simulation for engineering, design, and manufacturing applications. We create finite element analysis solutions that can operate on a wide variety geometry and material types, providing unique solutions for generative design and additive manufacturing. Intact is a small R&D technology company. We are supported by federal research grants, software licensing and products, as well as industry partners.

We value both the exploration of ideas as well as the construction of solid foundations for future endeavors. We're looking for software engineers interested in geometry, materials, and simulation. If you have experience with mechanical engineering, computational physics and mathematics, FEA, HPC, computational geometry, etc, consider reaching out! We are always looking for candidates who are excited about pushing the state of art in modeling and simulation.

Our core software is written in C++. In addition, we support a Python interface and a rails based web application https://intact.design

If you're interested in learning more, send your resume to info@intact-solutions.com (We can only hire folks authorized to work in the U.S.)

Shopify | Remote | Search, Discovery, Recommendations | Full-Time

Shopify’s search, discovery, and recommendations team is hiring relevance engineers (hybrid data+eng role, like ML engineering).

WHY: Shopify wants to make commerce better for everyone. How do you do that? Our team at Shopify wants to help independent merchants form deeper relationships with their customers through smarter search and recommendations. We want to give the independent merchants the tools to build complex experiences only accessible to larger, powerful e-commerce companies.

WHAT: We want thoughtful engineers with data skills or vice versa. Naturally, experience in Python, Python’s data science ecosystem (scikit learn, tensorflow, numpy, pandas, etc), and search engines like Solr, Elasticsearch, Lucene etc helps. Excitement about the field of search relevance, information retrieval, or recommender systems. Don’t hold yourself back if you’re passionate about this domain, we want to hear from you: Join us and help us democratize amazing e-commerce product discovery!

LINK: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/ni/Shopify/bedf9119-9a23-4f... Or DM me over LinkedIn with any questions: https://www.linkedin.com/in/softwaredoug

Fellow.app | Remote in Canada | Junior/Intermediate/Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | https://fellow.app/careers

Fellow is pioneering the future of work through its category-defining meeting productivity and team management platform. We’re an early-stage venture-backed startup (iNovia, Felicis, and Garage Capital) from the founders of Fluidware (acquired by SurveyMonkey), and you’ll be in the first 50 people on a team on a mission to help make meetings delightful for everyone.

We use Django/React/TypeScript/GraphQL, and we’re big on building a supportive team that collaborates closely. We’re solving a lot of interesting tech problems (like realtime collaborative note taking) and we work closely with design and product to build features! Every six weeks of building we get two dedicated weeks for engineering-driven projects.

Junior/Intermediate Software Engineer: https://fellowapp.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=35 Senior Software Engineer: https://fellowapp.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=33

Benefits: Options, Health/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance, Vacation, Parental Leave and More.

Payitoff | Frontend & Backend Engineers, Devops/Sysadmin, Product Manager | USA | FULLY REMOTE

hi! We're Payitoff, and we help borrowers pay off their student loans. Not through refinancing (though that's one option) but by doing the hard work of understanding and codifying federal repayment programs and awards to give borrowers the best possible guidance on their journey. Our main products are an API and embeddable widget used by fintechs and larger institutions to power in-app student loan experiences. We also built our own infrastructure around loan aggregation and automating outcomes, including plan enrollment, certification, and payment processing.

We're looking for frontend and backend engineers, a devops/sysadmin to help with compliance, and one product manager to accelerate our team ahead of payments resuming in February. The company is ~10 people, mostly engineering, and we're well-funded.

Tech stack: * Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView * Postgres * AWS * TailwindCSS

We're happy to teach you Elixir. Bonus points for fintech/payments experience. We have great benefits including half-day Fridays, extensive time off, family-oriented culture, health/401k/529/student loan contributions, and a professional development budget. Women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups are especially welcome.

Please email desmond [at] payitoff.io if interested. Thanks :)

CoinTracker (YC W18) | Remote (Global) | Full Time | https://www.cointracker.io

We founded CoinTracker because we believe that there is too much friction with the existing financial system. It's slow. It's fragmented. It's expensive. Money remains largely the same as it has for decades despite massive changes and new capabilities from the internet.

Today CoinTracker is a portfolio assistant for cryptocurrency. It is used by over 500,000 users tracking over 1% of the entire global cryptocurrency market. CoinTracker enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance, taxes, and more. Our vision is to re-build personal financial management, tax preparation, and accounting for every cryptocurrency user.

Some things we’re proud of:

Traction: over $20 billion tracked on CoinTracker

Solid Financials: profitable, growing 15X year over year

Leading partners: Coinbase, TurboTax, Wolters Kluwer

Top tier investors: Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Serena Williams, and more

Founders: Previously built TextNow (200M downloads), ex-Googlers

Our mission is to increase the world's financial freedom and prosperity. If this sounds interesting to you, come chat with us! We're hiring: https://www.cointracker.io/jobs!

Baserow | Amsterdam | Remote (UTC ± 2 hours) | Full-time | Full Stack developer | Good salary + equity

Baserow is an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative

We're building a small, remote and experienced engineering team focused on building a great open source no-code tool. If you have experience with Django and Vue.js, you want to work on open source software and want to join a startup we'd love to hear from you.

You'll be building features from scratch and you have full ownership over the whole process. Build new functionality for internal and external users. Collaborate with the team to improve the code base and product experience. Your changes have a direct impact.

We're a team of 4 and it's our goal to build an open source no-code database that can be used by everyone, from hobbyist to enterprise. We want our software to be flexible, modular and fast. We have big plans for the future and you can be a part of it in an early phase.

Want to learn more about our software and tech stack? Take a look at the code at: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow.

More information about the position: https://baserow.io/jobs/experienced-full-stack-developer

Meticulous | Founding Engineer | London, Remote | Full-time | Visa sponsorship available | $140k-$200k, 2%+ equity

Hey HN, I'm Gabriel, founder of Meticulous (YC S21). Our mission is to make the world's code safe, performant and reliable.

We're starting with a tool to catch JavaScript regressions in web applications with zero-effort from developers.

How it works: Insert a single line of JavaScript onto your site, and we record thousands of real user sessions. We then replay these sessions on new code to automatically catch bugs before they hit production. You can watch a 60-second demo at https://www.meticulous.ai.

Catching JavaScript regressions is just the start. We are a London-based YC company and remote friendly. We just raised $4m, and are backed by some of the best founders and technical leaders in Silicon Valley, including Guillermo Rauch (founder Vercel, author next.js), Jason Warner (CTO GitHub), Scott Belsky (CPO Adobe), Calvin French-Owen (founder Segment), Jared Friedman (YC partner and ex-CTO of Scribd) and a bunch of other incredible folks.

You can read more at https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/meticulous/jobs/AkHpFa.... If interested please feel free to reach me at gabe at meticulous dot ai, with a few lines on what interests you about Meticulous and mention HN in the subject line.

Qualli Inc | Full-Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Remote OK | 120k+ | Equity | H1B OK

Economic Infrastructure for Logistics.

We are a seed-stage company focused on fintech in logistics. We want to make the billing and payment process as smooth as consumers paying for online goods. Qualli can help trillions of dollars move more efficiently and improve millions of people’s livelihood.

We have a team of 10, primarily engineers and data scientists from Google, Uber Freight, Flexport, Rakuten, Keeptruckin, and Intuit. We're looking for two full-stack engineers. Ideal candidates are experienced in building complex, data-heavy enterprise applications. Experience in fintech or logistics is a plus but not required. Qualli’s tech stack today is mostly typescript with node on the backend and react/redux on the frontend, running on AWS. We are backed by top VCs like Susa Ventures and 8VC, and other investors such as Lineage Logistics, Stord, and Mark Pincus.

We offer company-covered health care, including medical, vision, and dental insurances. We offer unlimited vacation and reimburse mental/physical fitness (i.e. gym membership, ski pass or mediation retreat)

Open Roles

We are currently focused on engineering does across the stack: frontend backend fullstack machine leaning. If you do not see your role list here but are excited about what Qualli is building, send a note to founders@qualli.com.


Torqata | Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Intern Data Scientist, Product Manager, Product Designer, Security Engineer | Remote | Full Time

Torqata’s powerful data platform and suite of analytics products has been designed to enable tire manufacturers, retailers and distributors to work smarter, more collaboratively and drive better results across the industry.

We are a data and analytics services and software start-up in the automotive and tire industry seeking to position itself as the premier provider of such services through increased visibility throughout the tire value chain and unified reconciliation of data across disparate sources such a point-of-sale data, aggregated inventory, manufacturer production data, product information, sales forecasts, introduction of a Blockchain ecosystem, etc.

Torqata is a subsidiary data and analytics company of American Tire Distributors (ATD).

Our frontend stack is Angular. Our backend API stack is Python, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Our data stack is Google BigQuery, Airflow, Kubernetes, Pandas and Python. We're on the Google Cloud Platform.

Jobs are posted in Charlotte, NC and some of the team is there but all hires can work remotely permanently.

Torqata is a great company, well backed, that values their employees. If you're interested in hearing more, email me at <my_username>@gmail.com or apply below.

Please apply through the website https://atd.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Torqata_Data_and_Analytics

Brain Corporation | Multiple Openings |San Diego, CA |

Brain Corp is a San Diego-based AI company that specializes in the development of self-driving technology. We are taking our proprietary BrainOS (robot operating system) and putting it on machines to turn them into self-driving, autonomous robots. We have raised $110m from SoftBank and Qualcomm Ventures.

We have announced partnerships with Walmart in the US and Softbank Robotics in Japan and have over 10,000 mobile, autonomous robots in commercial environments.

We are hiring across all engineering functions (Research, Software, Electrical, Mechanical). Our full job board can be found here: https://www.braincorp.com/careers

Highlighted openings:

* C++, Rust, Python Developers (Linux)

* Go, Typescript Cloud Software Engineers (Jr & Sr levels)

* Software Test Automation Engineers/ SDETs

All positions are posted on the website link above. We have great benefits including lunch catered daily, unlimited snacks & drinks, unlimited vacation for exempt positions, and 4% 401k matching. Typical Interview Process: recruiter phone screen, take home test, technical phone/video screen, onsite, offer.

Contact us at careers@braincorporation.com if you don't see a role that matches; feel free to send your resume over to us and let us know what you would be interested in.

Foxglove | Frontend React/WebGL, Full Stack TypeScript | Remote (Americas/Australia/New Zealand timezone) | Full Time or Contract | https://foxglove.dev/

Robotics and autonomous vehicle developer tools.

We're a small, highly experienced, and fast moving team of engineers building the next generation of web-based (browser and electron) robotics and self-driving development tools. Our first product (Foxglove Studio) is an open source visualization and debugging tool for analyzing live and recorded robotics data.

We are looking for people who enjoy working across the stack - pushing browser technology to its limits using WASM, WebGL and Web Workers, diving into data serialization formats and binary protocols, or shipping end to end features for our hosted services.

Prior experience working with robotics or WebGL isn't necessary, but you must be interested and willing to learn fast. If you're a roboticist or ML engineer interested in learning frontend development, we're open to that too.

Market salary + meaningful equity.



Whatnot (YC W20) | Los Angeles, CA | Remote (Worldwide) | https://whatnot.com | https://www.whatnot.com/careers

Whatnot is a livestream shopping and community marketplace where you can geek out with collectors and other like-minded people. In just 18 months since founding, we're the fastest growing marketplace of the last decade [1].

We're hiring for all roles; engineering, devops, customer experience, operations, product, partnerships. We just closed our Series B a few months ago and have hired some extremely talented people. We're doubling headcount by the end of the year and can move extremely quick if need be.

Tech Stack: Python, Elixir, Node, K8s, Swift, Kotlin/Java, AWS

Apply at the link above or send me an email with your resume: erik@whatnot.com

[1] https://twitter.com/anuhariharan/status/1397257039521345538

University of Michigan | Research Software Programmer | Ann Arbor, MI | onsite | full time

The Technology Services department in the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is hiring an entry-level Research Software Programmer to join our team in creating custom software for researchers. If you've ever thought about a role where you can see what's going on in research in a wide range of fields, work with a customer to create a project from start to finish, and have the chance to broaden your programming skills, this could be the job for you.

One note: the description says "mobile, Python", but this is mobile OR Python--we're looking for somebody who can do at least one of these and is ready to learn more!

Read more about the Research Software Programming group here: https://lsa.umich.edu/technology-services/services/research-...

Job posting and application site: https://careers.umich.edu/job_detail/204649/research_softwar...

This listing is to replace me: I left LSA Tech Services in September. I had a great time as Research Software Engineer for the past 4 years, and would highly recommend it. I am happy to answer any questions about my experience in this role.

This group gets to work on a wide variety of projects and its a great fit for someone who doesn't want to do the same thing every day. I loved working closely with the researchers and having a direct impact on their work.

Salaries at UM might seem a little low if you compare to other areas, but the cost of living is also low. My two-income family lives on 6 acres 15 minutes from the office.

Boon (boon.tv) | Full-time | Remote | Full stack (RoR & React), App developer (React Native)

[Boon.tv](http://boon.tv) is a fast-growing startup, born in Denmark, but with a global outreach. We are on a mission to empower the new wave of digital creators by helping them monetize their content and removing the barriers between creators and their followers.

We're hiring engineers to help accelerate our growth and we are looking for:

- Full-stack developers who are very skilled in the RoR and React stack. Any extensive experience in one of them is also great, life is all about learning! - An app developer who is skilled in creating single-codebase apps across iOS and Android — preferably with React Native, as the team then would be more flexible.

To make collaboration between colleagues in a remote-first system easier, ideally, we'd like for all devs to be working approximately in EU time.

Join our team of passionate, happy, easygoing, talent full, ambitious people and discover why "Danes are the happiest people in the world" :). Go to our [careers page](https://apply.workable.com/boon-tv/)

We're also open to questions at *dev-jobs at boon.tv* or read about [our hiring process](https://www.notion.so/Developer-hiring-process-055925c089774...)

Center of Complex Interventions | Backend Engineer | Remote (anywhere), full time, open source, nonprofit

Mathesar is an open source project that aims to make databases accessible to non-technical users, allowing users to store, manipulate, visualize, and collaborate with others on their data. We're currently working hard on an MVP and hope to release an alpha version by the end of the year.

Our backend stack is Postgres + Python + Django + SQLAlchemy. Our small team is spread out across the world, we work asynchronously and value independent work and good communication. We have zero standing meetings; we do most of our planning and discussion on GitHub. See: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/discussions

About the project: https://wiki.mathesar.org/

Our roadmap: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/milestones?direction=...

Full job description and application instructions are here: https://wiki.mathesar.org/en/jobs.

The interview process will consist of a couple of general interviews and working with us on an open issue on the Mathesar repository. Mention this HN post when you apply!

Daybreak Health | Full-time | Remote | https://daybreak-health.breezy.hr/p/a27079cba61a-sr-backend-... | $80-140k/year & 0.5-1.5% equity

Teens need access to therapy now more than ever. Daybreak Health needs a senior rails developer now more than ever. Come join a 3-person engineering team and help us tackle a more meaningful problem than optimizing another ad network.

Daybreak Health is a digital mental health clinic built to help millions of adolescents access effective mental health care. We focus on teens in particular and our platform gives teens access to high-quality therapists.

We're a remote first company; we do not have an office and do not currently have any plans to change that. We have seven team members scattered from SF to LA and out to PA. As a business we operate with a document heavy, meeting light, async first culture. Our seed funding comes from yCombinator and Maven Ventures (of Zoom fame). We have in excess of 12 months runway and are currently on track to raise our Series A within that window. In finance speak, we're a going concern.

You'll be the third Engineer on an eight person team and the first Backend Engineer besides the CTO. You'd focus on our ruby backend, and potentially help out a bit on our frontend from time to time.

If you want to learn more about our engineering, we've written a nifty Technical Vision document that outlines the direction we want to take our system in, technically speaking. https://www.notion.so/daybreakhealth/Technical-Vision-2021-0...

For more on our culture and the role, check out our job description on https://daybreak-health.breezy.hr/p/a27079cba61a-sr-backend-...

To apply, use the Apply Now button in that job description. We're a tiny company - I promise that either the CTO or I will see it!

Idea to post & message drafted by Kevin Kuchta, Lead Frontend Engineer @ Daybreak Health

Blue River Technology | Embedded, Full-Stack, Systems & Robotics Software, Data Pipeline, Data Science, Mech & Electro-Mech | Bay Area HQ, Hybrid work plan | Full time (visa welcome), Interns | https://bluerivertechnology.com/job/

Blue River is leveraging CV, ML, Robotics and Data Science to reduce chemical waste in farming and improve safety around big machines. We're a Robotics company with a massive manufacturing partner, and a couple of products on their way out the door.

We're an ambitious organization, our goals are to have impact on both local environmental issues, global climate change and improve safety around the equipment we design and build. Come help us make Rivers Blue!

Because we're a robotics company interacting with some hardware we prefer to have you near our HQ and test sites. However, we do hire full time remote for some positions! Lets connect and see what works for you.

On the software front we use the language appropriate for solving the problem. That often means; C for embedded systems, C++ on for higher level logic on our robots, JS/React/TypeScript on the full stack side of things, Python/Julia for data science purposes.

Spruce (YC W21) | Remote-Only | Multiple Roles | Full-Time


Spruce is hiring programmers to develop world-class open source products and libraries implementing open global standards in identity. At Spruce, we are reimagining trusted interactions by creating the world’s best software for packaging beliefs digitally, starting with Web3. We hire programmers who love technology and are committed to intellectual honesty, user privacy, and innovation.

Backend Engineer: You will be responsible for developing cross-platform libraries and server software in Rust. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to emerging global technology standards for digital identity.

Application Engineer: You will be responsible for building software prototypes and product features from start to finish. Our products will be composed from a combination of industry-trusted web and mobile frameworks, cutting-edge cryptography, new interoperable identity standards, and custom backend libraries.

Engineering Manager: We will count on you to combine your understanding of our core business and engineering capabilities to produce realistic timelines, winning product features, and satisfied employees.

Full descriptions: https://spruce-systems.breezy.hr/

Truework | Software Engineer, Product Manager, Product Designer | San Francisco, CA | Full time | Onsite or Remote (US) | https://www.truework.com/careers/

Truework is hiring senior software engineers, a senior product manager (PM), and a product designer to help overhaul employment and income verification and build a trusted identity layer for internet commerce. A full list of roles can be found here: https://www.truework.com/careers

Truework is building a platform to make it easy to leverage income and employment information to do business on the internet. Our platform enables faster closing of loans and other transactions, increases access to financial products (that are often limited to W-2 employees with good credit), and gives employees visibility and control into how their employment information is shared with others. We are growing quickly and currently handle thousands of verifications every month, which has enabled the approval of billions of dollars in loans and helps employees in regulated professions (e.g. nursing) start work more quickly than before.

Our team is still small, which means you’ll play big a part in shaping the future of Truework, and your work will have a significant impact and visibility. We are a Django and React (Typescript) shop, and run our infrastructure on AWS.

I (Steve) am Truework's head of engineering. If you’re interested or want to know more about working at Truework, send me a note at (my HN username)@truework.com.

Voltus | https://voltus.co | Full-time | Remote

Voltus is hiring Data, Integrations, Frontend and Backend Engineers to build products and infrastructure backing the world’s leading distributed energy resources platform. Voltus connects energy consumers, producers, and grid operators together, functioning as a virtual power plant, ensuring grid stability while saving energy and de-incentivizing the consumption of fossil fuels.

- Software Engineer, Data: https://jobs.lever.co/voltus/39744ccd-98d2-48e3-aad3-416f287...

- Software Engineer, Integrations: https://jobs.lever.co/voltus/7e60a9f5-8af8-4864-b9e3-a1f78be...

- Backend Product Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/voltus/da2ae745-91ee-4fca-9b84-66c7920...

- Frontend Product Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/voltus/911ab2a5-4421-4009-a30f-4ebcc88...

- Site Reliability Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/voltus/f16f7daa-cd92-4832-af54-869bc26...

Minimax Labs | Full-stack, Research engineers/scientists | London, UK | ONSITE/UK REMOTE, FULL-TIME, INTERN | http://minimaxlabs.com We optimise complex, global operations for billion dollar businesses worldwide with a focus in the energy industry, creating massive value out of thin air and a little cloud. To support rapid growth across the globe we seek strong full-stack engineers and scientists who want to have a real-world impact to join our elite team of PhD scientists and engineers in central London. You will work on several exciting new projects and development of our proprietary technology and world-leading product. Scientist/engineers:

- Love challenging, complex real-world problems and high performance applications (Java, AWS) and working with real business users.

- Strong software engineering experience (Java preferred, Spring-boot/Angular 2+ are a +).

- Experience solving hard optimisation (e.g. NP-hard scheduling) problems and PhD are a ++.


- Strong Java, comfortable with complex codebases

- Able to design and build distributed systems and clean RESTful APIs (e.g. with Spring-boot)

- Business analysis skills are a ++.

- Knowledge of Angular 2+ and experience in (or passion for) UI, UX design are a +.

Write to us at hiring@minimaxlabs.com to find out more.

Follow Up Boss | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Remote (US Based) | $156K - $169K | Full-time | https://www.followupboss.com/

We are a simple, sales-focused CRM for real estate teams. We’re a bootstrapped, profitable company started back in April of 2011. We are a remote company with a mostly US-based team. We are very customer-centric: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews and our customers love our product.

We are looking to hire a Senior Full Stack Engineer.

Solve challenging technical problems and put your skills to the test every day. We've processed over a billion emails; per month we send nearly 4 million text messages and handle 1 million+ minutes of call time for tens of thousands of active customers.

* Strong expertise in front end technologies, we use React, JavaScript, CSS.

* Strong expertise in back end technologies, we use PHP, Aurora MySQL, Postgres, and Redis, to name a few.

https://careers.followupboss.com/senior-full-stack-engineer/... for more details

Amyris | Senior Software Engineer | Emeryville, Ca | Remote Ok | Full Time | http://www.amyris.com We are searching for a talented, curious, and self-motivated engineer to join our software engineering team in building the most advanced production-scale synthetic biology platform on the planet. R&D at Amyris is a highly multidisciplinary effort, where we need brilliant contributions from every area of the life sciences and engineering disciplines in order to take projects from concept to market.

Our tech stack is (primarily): Python, React, Postgres

Amyris is established but still growing rapidly, very successful, has a mature software development process, competitive pay, and great benefits. It's a fantastic place to work.

Senior Software Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/6088109c-5a17-4e95-a6fd-2277ee6...

Software Engineer (remote) https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/19140318-2ebd-45d6-bae7-9367840...

Senior Datascientist https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/adae7bed-5df6-4866-9e42-964e56e...

plenty more in R&D, digital, marketing, etc https://amyris.com/careers-north-america

Modern Treasury | Software Engineers | SF, NY, or Remote (US only) | Full-Time | https://www.moderntreasury.com

Modern Treasury is a payment operations platform for high growth fintech companies and marketplaces. We're used by companies like Gusto, Pipe, Marqeta, BlockFi, and ClassPass to help them move and manage money at scale. We do over $2B in payments monthly and are growing rapidly, with $48M in backing from YC, Benchmark, Altimeter, and angel investors like Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston.

You might have seen some of our content on HN, like "Adding Optimistic Locking to an API": https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28314623 We work on fun, hard problems like this that help the most innovative companies in the world grow faster.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me an email. I'm matt (at) moderntreasury (dot) com. Or apply on our jobs page https://www.moderntreasury.com/careers?utm_source=yYPEbOqnBd

Landscapehub | Data Engineer | Remote (US) / Chicago, IL | Full-time | https://www.landscapehub.com/about

LandscapeHub is dedicated to streamlining the procurement and fulfillment process in the nursery, landscape, green, and hardscape industry. Our B2B marketplace is engineered for businesses to buy and sell landscape materials more efficiently from a single location saving time, resources and money.

We're looking for a data engineer with 1-3 years experience to help us grow our new data team. We have a handful of projects lined up for the next year including: - cleaning/building up our data pipelines and infrastructure - integrations with 3rd party APIs for inventory and order management into client's ERP systems - building a smarter pricing model for our marketplace

We're a fully remote team, but will likely be opening a small office in Chicago to optionally work from when it gets safer to do so. More info on the job posting here: https://angel.co/l/2vR6DJ

Feel free to send resumes/questions my way: ajay (at) landscapehub (doot) com

Nuna (https://www.nuna.com) | San Francisco & Remote (US only)| Full-time | ONSITE (fully-remote now) | Visa Transfer

We build data and analytics solutions that will help shift the US healthcare system to one based on value and quality. Our technical challenges are complex and compelling, and the work we do has the potential to impact millions of lives. We partner with healthcare plans, providers, and the government. Data can be a powerful driver of change—but only when it’s acted upon with empathy. Our technology, data, and analytics solutions help healthcare payers, and providers get the answers they need to make quality care more affordable for millions of people.

Open positions include:

* Software Engineers - Front End / Backend / Data Platform ( All levels from Jr to TL/Staff Software Engineer)

* Senior Security Engineer

* Senior Infrastructure Engineer

* Data Engineer - Integrations

* ETL Analyst

* Senior Product Managers - Payments / Provider Contracts

* Customer Support Engineer

Jobs Board: https://bit.ly/nuna-jobs

Backend Tech Stack: AWS/GCP, Java, Spark, Scala, R, Python, Bash, Go

Web Tech Stack: Python backend (Django), React, Typescript Questions? Email: recruiting+hn@( our domain )

Makelog | Product Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Founding Product Designer | Remote | Full-time | https://www.makelog.com

Hi, I’m JJ, founder and CEO at Makelog. We're helping product teams automate their release communications process to empower their users and internal customer-facing teams.

Why Makelog: If a feature ships and nobody knows about it, did it really ship? We're set on helping companies truly unlock the value of their product updates by making it easy to auto-compile, curate, and distribute the right update for the right user at the right time.

Team: We're a small team of three that share a passion for the product and a desire to make it so much easier for companies to share what they ship. We're backed by a tier 1 firm (soon to be announced!), as well as the founders of Segment, Pilot, Honeycomb, and Radar

Stack: React, Next.js, MySQL, Go, AWS

You can read more about our open roles here: https://jobs.wrkhq.com/makelog

If you're interested, please apply directly, or email JJ@makelog.io with an intro about yourself and a link to your resume or Linkedin profile.

Komoot | Remote (EMEA) | Full- time & Permanent roles

Fully remote team | 23 M users | 200k 5* reviews | App of the year various times (Google; Apple)

Komoot is an app that lets you find, plan, and share adventures with the easy route planner. Driven by a desire to explore, and powered by the outdoor community’s recommendations, it’s komoot’s mission to inspire great adventures making them accessible to all.

Roles: Senior Android Developer (Kotlin, Java) https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-android-developer

Senior Backend Engineer (Kotlin/Java/Scala) https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-backend-developer

Senior Data Scientist (SQL, Python) https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-data-scientist

Senior iOS Engineer (Swift) https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-ios-developer

Senior Web Developer (ReactJS/ JS) https://www.komoot.com/jobs/DCC51EA91D/senior-web-developer-...

For more information about us you can visit: https://www.komoot.com/jobs Curious to know more about our recruitment process? https://www.komoot.com/jobs-process

Revelry | Remote in USA | Full Time | https://revelry.co/

Revelry is a digital innovation studio headquartered in New Orleans, LA. Our worldwide clientele range from small businesses and startups to large, publicly-traded companies.

We are hiring experienced Software Engineers, Product Managers, Java Developers, and Front-End Designers. Use the links listed below for information on each role and to apply.

Software Engineer - https://revelry.rippling-ats.com/job/209892

Product Manager - https://revelry.rippling-ats.com/job/209898

Java Developer - https://revelry.rippling-ats.com/job/302149/java-developer

Front-End Designer - https://revelry.rippling-ats.com/job/209896

Can also send me your resume directly - jeff@revelry.co

Angaza | San Francisco and Nairobi | REMOTE OK | https://www.angaza.com/careers/

Angaza enables life-changing products, such as solar + battery home energy systems, to be sold _on payment plans_ in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia.

We've reached millions of people who now have electricity for the first time:

- https://youtu.be/2EvEeAs_9R4 and https://youtu.be/onMT6_Yv67I

- https://www.angaza.com/category/engineering/

The technology you build will help reach a billion more. We are hiring for software engineering and other roles in San Francisco, Nairobi, and remote:

- https://jobs.lever.co/angaza

You can read more about Angaza engineering culture on our Key Values page:

- https://www.keyvalues.com/angaza

Shaper Tools | Senior Software Engineer (Web) | SF or Remote (US) | Full-Time | https://shapertools.com

Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of augmented-reality power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router called Origin. We have set out to simplify the process of making, and our software products and services are central to this goal.

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to lead development on ShaperHub (https://hub.shapertools.com). ShaperHub is a marketplace for woodworking and fabrication projects, and a platform that enables our community to make, collaborate, learn and share.

This is your opportunity to join a world class team that is redefining power tools by making precision cutting simple and accessible.

Stack: (Web) React, Redux, Styled Components, Node.js, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform. (Embedded) C/C++, Qt

More info: https://www.shapertools.com/about/careers

Stream | Multiple Positions | Amsterdam, NL and Boulder, US | Remote possible | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship

Stream's Chat Messaging & Activity Feed APIs are used by more than a billion end-users, and are powered by Go, RocksDB, and Raft - with response times typically measured in single-digit milliseconds. We reached a new industry benchmark for scaling real-time chat as-a-service, with 5 million concurrent connections recently supported in a single chat channel. We’re currently one of the fastest growing startups in Europe and Colorado on our Series B round of $38 mln: https://tcrn.ch/3peCYXl

We’re hiring for the following positions:

* Backend Software Developers (Golang)

* React Native SDK Developers

* Backend SDK Developer (.Net+Java)

* Lead Unity C# Developer

* Director Of Engineering (Gaming)

* Developer Advocate (Flutter (APAC))

....and even more!

As a part of Stream, you'll have a chance to make a huge impact on the product within a team of the strongest engineers all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of what we do, apply now! https://getstream.io/team/#jobs

Input Output (Marlowe) | https://iohk.io/ | International | Full-Time | Only REMOTE

The company builds high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector and government clients. It is also the driving force behind Cardano blockchain platform.

Marlowe: https://marlowe-finance.io

Marlowe is a DSL for financial contracts that will run on Cardano. Marlowe contracts can be statically analysed automatically and can be written using a visual programming environment, using JavaScript, or Haskell.

Tech stack: purescript, haskell, nix, webpack, servant, quickcheck

Open roles for Marlowe:

- Frontend Software Engineer (Purescript) - https://apply.workable.com/io-global/j/5610B808DC/

- Backend Software Engineer (Haskell) - https://apply.workable.com/io-global/j/162205208B/

- Software Test Engineer (QuickCheck) - https://apply.workable.com/io-global/j/1AC76A210A/

- UX/UI Designer - https://apply.workable.com/io-global/j/9AFC89D911/

AlgoTrading firm | Remote (EU Timezones prefered) | Full-Time | COO, Technical lead

One and a half year ago, my deep learning crypto algotrading project turned into a prop trading firm. The long term goal since the beginning is to use the profits to fund ML/AI research. Our daily volume is around 2-5B per day (1-3% of the overall markets), profits last year was 9 digits, sharpe ratio between 7 and 12, max dd of 10%. We started as 2 founders and are now a team of 5.

We are looking for the following roles:

- COO: Talk to lawyers and accountants to help us setup the business correctly. Also manage assets custody, compensation, incentives, payroll, bills, taxes...

- Tech lead: Take ownership of our trading engine, understand in detail how it works and make decisions about a refactor or rewrite. Make it robust so that we do not lose 1M when the FTX api goes down. We are open to a rewrite in python, go, rust or C++.

Compensation for either role: 0.5 to 1.5% equity, 0.5 to 1% flat bonus on total profits, 100-150k salary. We also have other bonuses in place for very strong performers.

Tech Stack: ML: python/pytorch/jupyterlab. Engine: typescript/node/postgres/aws

In interested email me at not_a_cat at fastmail com

Mae | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote | Full-Time | https://meetmae.com

Mae is a breakthrough healthcare platform on a mission to address Black maternal health disparities, nationally. Black mothers are twice as likely to experience complications in delivery and 3.3 times more likely to die a maternal death, even with controlling for education, income, and other factors. These complications, injuries, and deaths are largely preventable. Mae provides equitable access to clinically-validated strategies and interventions supporting best-in-class maternal health outcomes.

We’re looking for a full stack software engineer who is passionate about maternal health equity to build and shape key features of Mae’s platform. This is an opportunity to be an early team member of a venture-backed digital health start-up.

Our stack: Typescript, React, InertiaJS, NestJS, TypeORM, Postgres, & a bit of legacy Laravel code that we’re moving away from as we build out the product.

More info: https://smrtr.io/6J_wr

Apply at link above or email anna+hn@meetmae.com

Discourse | Full time | Remote | https://www.discourse.org/jobs

We build a community platform for civilized discussion on the web — we feel so strongly about it that we even named our company Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc. We started in 2013 with 3 co-founders unusually passionate about online discussion. We’re now a team of 54 and growing fast.

First and foremost we are a hosting company. The product that we host and develop, Discourse, is of course 100% open source software.

We are a completely remote company, working from 20 different countries and 15 different timezones. You’ll never guess how we coordinate our work. Wait, did you just guess Discourse? That’s right, we use Discourse as our primary team coordination tool to build Discourse! Discourse excels at asynchronous, distributed teamwork, so we can keep interruptions like instant messaging, calls, and meetings to a minimum.

Folowing our recent https://blog.discourse.org/2021/08/discourse-series-a we are hiring for multiple roles:

- Full Stack Engineer | UTC+7 → UTC+13

- Designer | Any time zone

- Customer Solutions Engineer | UTC-8 → UTC-5

- Operations Engineer (Americas) | UTC-2 → UTC-6

- Operations Engineer (Asia) | UTC+6 → UTC+10

See all open roles: https://www.discourse.org/jobs

To apply, please contact us via email at team@discourse.org

Those engineer time zones make me sad!

Finale Inventory | Experienced Software Engineer | remove | Full-time | www.finaleinventory.com

Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory software for applications involving high volume, multichannel eCommerce and warehouse management. We’ve worked with small and medium businesses for nearly ten years creating a SaaS inventory management system that is precisely adaptable to the finest details of each customer's processes.

We’re a fully bootstrapped company that has built a thriving business grounded on long term relationships with our customers and employees. Not having outside investors keeps us focused on building sustainable growth based on our revenues.

Our twenty person team has been fully remote since the company’s inception. We make remote work work by trusting each other, collaborating with each other, and focusing on results over process. We are looking for people in North America, South America, and Europe.

The major components of our technology stack are Node.js, React, GraphQL, MySQL, Redis, Linux, and AWS. We make use of C++ and WebAssembly for specific computation and data intensive modules.

Interested? Contact Chris Hondl, CTO/Co-founder, chris@finaleinventory.com

Generally Intelligent | Machine Learning Research Engineer | REMOTE or San Francisco | Full-time | https://generallyintelligent.ai

We’re an AI research company directly building human-like general machine intelligence. We have significant funding that will last a decade from investors including YC, researchers from OpenAI, and a number of high profile individuals.

Work with our researchers on cutting-edge deep learning research — running experiments, implementing architectures from papers, experiment tracking tools, model debugging methods, automated hyperparameter optimizers, developer tooling & visualization, etc.

Learning & growth is a core part of our culture, and we will invest in yours. For example, the whole engineering team worked through Pieter Abbeel’s CS294 last year, and some of us also completed CS287 and CS285.

No prior machine learning experience required. For more example projects and benefits, see the full job description: https://generally-intelligent.breezy.hr/

To apply:

Email: jobs@generallyintelligent.ai

OpenRent | London, UK | Full-Time | ONSITE+PART REMOTE | https://www.openrent.co.uk

OpenRent is the way people rent property online - a top 300 website in the UK, and force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over £45 billion worth of property, to over 3 million registered users, without ever charging any admin fees.

We're VC backed, profitable, and have plenty of ambition to maintain our fast growth.

We're looking for people with a passion for solving real-world problems. You'll be working in a close-knit team, directly with the founders. You'll have full autonomy to work on, and figure out how best to solve, the biggest problems in the industry. We find problems and improve customer experiences via code every day.

- Full Stack Web Developer (C#) | All Levels | Equity Available | £35k-£150k (based on experience) + Quarterly Bonus


Silico | London, UK | Multiple Software Engineer Positions | Full-time | Fully Remote (UK Only) | https://silicoai.com

At Silico we're building a simulation platform to enable businesses to use forecasting and simulation to plan for tomorrow. We're still a small team of 5 engineers, so join us early and help us shape our team and product going forwards!

We're VC funded and in the process of starting a new wave of hiring, currently prioritising for a Backend Engineer with experience with Kubernetes and Golang and/or Rust, with new roles on the frontend in TypeScript, React & Rust in future. Please see our careers site or the linked job posting for more information, or contact me directly at chris@silicoai.com.

Careers Site: https://careers.silicoai.com

Backend Engineer Role: https://careers.silicoai.com/jobs/1369103-software-engineer-...

Convex | San Francisco (3/2 hybrid ONSITE) | Full-Time | https://convex.dev

We're a rapidly-growing team building a next-generation development platform for dynamic serverless applications. We have a ton of interesting challenges in the distributed databases space as well as in modern web development frameworks and SDKs. The founding team includes infrastructure/storage/database leads from Dropbox and engineering lead from Google Photos ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/convexinc/people/ ).

We have very strong funding from top investors, great feedback on early prototypes, and now it's time to build out our early team!

Looking for:

1. Web frontend/fullstack engineers who are well versed in the modern web development ecosystem. This includes familiarity with and strong opinions about TypeScript, React, npm/yarn, etc.

2. Backend engineers who love solving tricky systems problems, ideally with Rust experience.

Come join us! Email us at: join@convex.dev

Rupa Health | Full Stack Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer | Full-time | Remote or San Francisco | https://www.rupahealth.com

Rupa Health is on a mission to make root cause medicine the standard of care. We’re helping doctors get the information they need to get to the root cause of patient disease, so that they can make them healthy. We do that by making lab testing simple. We turn an archaic 15 hour-a-week process into a delightful 15 min task for healthcare practitioners.

We’re still just a 7 person engineering team but are already post-revenue and have strong product market fit (PMF). Our growth rate is through the roof (doubling active users every 6 months) and so we’re looking for talented engineers who want to join us in building the future of lab testing. You’d be working in Django and React with the chance to work cross functionally and own big parts of the product!

If you’re interested, check out our open roles:

* Full-Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/rupa/f291c87b-97df-4929-9d7d-a9c065d12...

* Senior Backend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/rupa/705fede6-a6e5-4fef-aede-f077262ce...

* Other Roles: https://www.rupahealth.com/careers

Or shoot me an email: careers@rupahealth.com

Surge AI (https://www.surgehq.ai) | Full-Stack | Remote or San Francisco / New York

Love language? So do we, and our mission is to infuse AI with that same love.

At Surge, we're building the human infrastructure to power NLP — from detecting hate speech, to parsing complex documents, to injecting human values into the next wave of language models. Our first product is a platform that helps ML teams create amazing, human-powered datasets to train AI in the richness of language.

We're a team of former Google, Facebook, and Twitter engineering leads, and we work with top companies at the forefront of machine learning. Our tech stack is Ruby on Rails, React, and Python. We’re rapidly growing, and we're looking for full-stack engineers to join the team and develop our product.

To apply, please email *team@surgehq.ai* with a resume and 2-3 sentences describing your interest in Surge. We love personal projects and writings too!

More information: https://www.surgehq.ai/about#careers

Paige (https://paige.ai/) | AI / Frontend / Backend| Full time | NYC & REMOTE US, Canada, UK, EU

Paige uses deep learning to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. We have raised $220M. Our team has experts in AI, software engineering, and cancer research. Many roles are permanently remote.

Senior AI Scientist (PhD required, Remote, US): https://grnh.se/e8bc88442us [Also openings in UK/Europe and Canada]

AI Scientist (PhD required, Remote, Canada): https://grnh.se/7629e6972us

AI Scientist (PhD required, Remote, UK): https://grnh.se/a5af511b2us

Sr. Software Engineer, AI (Remote, Canada): https://grnh.se/c3e55c282us

Sr. Software Engineer, AI (Remote, UK): https://grnh.se/fa66a1f52us

Software Engineer, AI (Remote, US): https://grnh.se/3b4223a42us

Software Engineer, AI (Remote, Canada): https://grnh.se/66fb56082us

Many Other Science, Software Engineering, Business, etc. Roles: https://boards.greenhouse.io/paige?t=676fa8ae2

Focsec | Python Software Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | Europe (within +/- 2 hours of central european time) | https://focsec.com/

We are building the most advanced threat intelligence API and platform. We help businesses and public agencies reduce fraud, detect suspicious logins and signups, block spam and bots. Our core technologies are Python, Django, Flask, Celery, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

We're looking for a Python Software Engineer (mid to senior level) who enjoys building backend systems, understands software architecture and loves to automate things.

Your qualifications:

* 3+ years of Python development (preferably using Django or Flask)

* strong understanding of HTTP and a broad understanding of networking in general

* working with SQL and No-SQL databases, processing large datasets

* strong linux server and command line skills, you should feel comfortable in a SSH session

Additionally, any of the following is considered a plus:

* basic AI/ML experience

* open source contributions

To apply, send your CV to hackernews@focsec.com

Website: https://focsec.com/

(No recruiters or agencies please!)

Has anyone ever told you that your company name sounds like how someone from northern England would say "(for) fuck's sake"?

We hear a lot of creative pronunciations of our company name daily, we enjoy it ;)

HeartFlow | Multiple Roles in Engineering & ML | REMOTE (US, Canada) | Full-time | https://www.heartflow.com/

HeartFlow is a Software as a Service (SaaS) medical device company. We use cutting-edge technology (deep learning, computational fluid dynamics, cloud-based computing) combined with advanced clinical expertise to revolutionize the treatment of coronary artery disease.

If you are passionate about writing innovative, high-performance software, come join our world-class engineering team!

We are growing and have roles in multiple areas:

Front End: https://jobs.lever.co/heartflow/b63eccf1-7603-410b-88a0-40d0...

Cloud Services: https://jobs.lever.co/heartflow/86428dac-b2f4-4591-9874-2782...

Machine Learning: https://jobs.lever.co/heartflow/2593be43-8f57-4bd6-ac8b-ddfa...

Engineer in Test: https://jobs.lever.co/heartflow/0f670ce5-24b9-45d7-b622-1ece...

UX Design: https://jobs.lever.co/heartflow/17a90e03-7187-495b-9d3a-2653...

Together, we are changing healthcare.

Framework | Product Marketing Manager, Frontend Engineer | Full-time | Headquartered in Burlingame, CA, but REMOTE ok | https://frame.work

We're building people and planet-friendly consumer electronics products that are designed to be upgradeable, customizable, and repairable. Along with that, we're creating an e-commerce marketplace for the ecosystems of products and parts we're enabling.

Our first product is the recently-launched Framework Laptop, a thin and light notebook that is designed to last (see recent coverage at Ars Technica [https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/07/frameworks-new-light...] and Linus Tech Tips [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rkTgPt3M4k]).

Through the end of 2021, we're giving away a free Framework Laptop (i5-1135G7) to anyone who refers a candidate we end up hiring for one of our open positions! These include:

* Product Marketing Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/9b94167b-e9e2-4fc4-b8b7-7d44...

* Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/35394a28-12de-41e0-b741-c3bf...

* And more roles in Engineering, Operations, and Marketing: https://jobs.frame.work

FullStory | Distributed Databases, and a lot more | Remote and Onsite | Atlanta, GA

FullStory’s mission is to improve user experiences on the web and mobile devices. We’re accomplishing this mission daily by providing a platform that allows developers and product teams to automatically collect ultra high definition analytics from their sites and applications, then make those analytics available through a powerful search engine, pixel-perfect session playback, and machine learning insights.

We're around 90 engineers today and looking to grow that by 60% in the coming year. We run in GCP on kubernetes; golang on the backend and typescript in the frontend. Here's a few opportunities to get involved:

* Distributed Databases (Manager/Director) - We’ve built on top of Apache Solr; these are the systems that make FullStory’s magic work.

* Productivity - Supercharge engineering productivity across the product teams with better tooling and automation.

* Technical Program Management - Create systems, models, and processes that up the operational maturity of the Engineering team (and the company as a whole).

* Full Stack - Help expand our universe of integrations with other products and platforms.

FullStory is a 60%+ remote, hyper-growth SaaS company originally based out of Atlanta. The work environment we've cultivated is aligned around our three watchwords: clarity, empathy, and bionics. We value high-quality/low-ego collaboration and use automation to eliminate toil in daily work. If that sounds good to you, join us!

Learn more: https://grnh.se/73ccae832us / https://fullstory.com/careers

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in United States - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |

Temporal offers an entirely new way to build scalable and reliable applications. Temporal enables developers to focus on writing important business logic, and not on managing state or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Sequoia Capital led our recent round of funding and our team has experience from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and more.

Video: Our CEO interviewed on TechStrong TV- https://digitalanarchist.com/videos/charlene-ohanlon-techstr... Video: Temporal explained in 2 minutes - https://temporal.io/

We're looking for senior level engineers for multiple roles - see here - https://www.temporal.io/careers

- FEATURED ROLE: Technical Product Marketing Manager

Read more and apply here —> https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/cbdb8c02-fa9b-4f8b-8a47-0276c...

For all employees, we offer:

- Competitive salary - Stock options - Fully covered premiums for medical and dental benefits - Unlimited time-off - Work from home perks - Monthly food $ allowance - An access pass to a WeWork location if you so choose

Send resume to karl at temporal.io or apply here https://www.temporal.io/careers/

SenseOn | Red-teamer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Analytics Developer, Endpoint Developer, Product Manager, and SOC Lead | London, UK | REMOTE | https://senseon.io

At SenseOn, our mission is to fix cybersecurity. We are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive defence against cybersecurity threats; for every user and asset in an organisation, wherever the location.

We're hiring for a range of roles, using technologies including Python 3, C++, SQL, and modern JS Frameworks.

You can learn more about SenseOn here: https://www.senseon.io/, and read more about the specific roles at the following links:

Senior Red Teamer: https://wrkbl.ink/7F1nldt

Senior Developer: Analytics Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/8AWYZVs

Senior Developer: Front-end Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/jhvL4i1

Senior Developer: Back-end Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/2nMCun5

Senior Developer: Endpoint Specialism: https://wrkbl.ink/7crQl0C

Senior Growth Product Manager: https://wrkbl.ink/8LIjZLO

SOC Lead: https://wrkbl.ink/79vvQpE

Sudowrite | REMOTE | Full-time | https://sudowrite.com

We believe Human + AI collaboration is the future of all creative endeavor, and we’re building an AI-powered tool for creative writers.

The founders, @superamit and @jamesjyu, are authors and repeat founders with exits, our investors include the founders of Twitter, Gumroad, Wordpress, Parse, and others. Our users love us, and so does The New Yorker.

We’re building the founding team and looking for:

* React Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://bit.ly/2WBtAU0

* Lead Designer: https://bit.ly/3A1cmwL

* Machine Learning Engineer: https://bit.ly/2WBtAU0

We have…

- Lofty ambitions

- Down to earth work hours

Ideal teammates…

- Love reading and writing

- Are optimistic and take pride in their work

- Have infectious good vibes

APPLY: Using links above (or email careers@sudowrite.com)

QUESTIONS: email careers@sudowrite.com or DM us (@jamesjyu or @superamit)

SFOX | Engineering + Product + QA | American Time zones - Distributed | Full Time | Remote

At SFOX, we aim to give customers an edge in the cryptocurrency world. Our products empower traders by giving them access to greater liquidity, trading algorithms proprietary to the platform, and collaborative environments to manage portfolios.

Our products are powered by Go, Typescript, and Node.js. Check out our positions below!

Open Positions:

- Product Manager | Full Time | Remote

- Blockchain Custody Engineer (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) | Full Time | Remote

- DevOps (Kubernetes) | Full Time | Remote

- Backend / Full Stack Engineer | Full Time | Remote

- Quality Assurance (QA) Tester / Engineer | Full Time | Remote

- Senior Frontend Engineer | Full Time | Remote

We are a growing team working in an evolving space. If you want to help shape the future of our company and the cryptocurrency market, we want to talk to you. To learn more, visit https://www.sfox.com/jobs

Feel free to reach out to me and I can direct you to the right person to chat with for the position

Hi Bryanaka, I'm a QA Engineer interested in learning more about the role. What's the best place to reach you?

Prenosis (https://prenosis.com/) | Data Engineer | Full Time | Chicago, US | Partial remote

Prenosis is a health tech innovator devoted to ushering in a new era of precision diagnostics in acute care using artificial intelligence. We leverage machine learning algorithms trained on deep biological and broad clinical data. We are focusing on sepsis, and are building the largest and fastest growing hybrid biomarker/clinical dataset for sepsis care.

We are a small startup, and are looking for our first data engineer.


- Evangelize data best-practices throughout the company

- Build and manage a robust and scalable data pipeline

- Decide on data pipeline architecture and tools

- Build internal tools to empower data scientists to manage and use the data pipeline

- Work closely with data scientist and product engineers to understand the data pipeline requirements

- Make sure data is available and accessible for data science and machine learning

- Help set up our MLOps process, infrastructure, and tools

Apply or questions: jonah.ellman@prenosis.com

Flightradar24 is the world’s most popular flight tracking service. We track real-time positions of aircraft around the world through a network of 30,000 radio receivers (Raspberry Pi).

We are hiring for the following fully remote positions (Europe, CET/CEST +/– 3h):

Senior Backend Developer – PHP/API

- big plus for strong PHP API, OpenAPI & AWS experience

- https://careers.flightradar24.com/jobs/1336813-senior-backen...

Full-stack Developer (PHP/JavaScript)

- https://careers.flightradar24.com/jobs/1337575-full-stack-de...

Senior C++ Developer

- https://careers.flightradar24.com/jobs/1336998-senior-c-deve...

Quantum Circuits | Various Roles | New Haven, CT | Onsite | https://quantumcircuits.com/

Quantum Circuits, Inc. (QCI) is developing a full-stack quantum computing platform using superconducting devices and a modular, robust, and scalable architecture. QCI's mission is to build the first truly useful quantum computers.

Our novel approach to building quantum computers is based on technology developed over a decade of research at Yale University's world-class quantum labs. Our machines have built-in error correction, unique software features that enable lightning-fast algorithm execution, and multiple modes of operation to solve more algorithms than ever, all in one quantum computer.

So, why join QCI? You’ll be working with the latest technology at our state-of-the-art facilities, where your curiosity, ingenuity, and initiative will thrive - you'll learn a ton by working with us and have a lot of fun doing it. We have a deep, fast-paced team that's passionate about building the best quantum computers in the world. Join us if you want to be at the forefront of the quantum revolution.

To learn more about what we’re up to: https://quantumcircuits.com/news-and-publications/quantum-ci... https://www.technologyreview.com/2019/09/13/133039/the-key-t...

If interested, apply online at (https://jobs.lever.co/quantumcircuits)

Orbit is hiring multiple roles in engineering, product, and beyond! We're helping organizations build enthusiastic communities of technology adopters. Our community experience platform helps companies identify, measure, and improve their community members’ engagement, all while focusing on creating value instead of merely capturing it. We are former developer advocates and community builders ourselves, and now we’re creating the tools we wished we had so that others can build highly engaged communities of their own.

We are a remote-first company operating between UTC-7 and UTC+3. Bonus points for being in France, US, or UK, but as long as you're in that time zone range, we're happy to talk.

List of open positions: https://careers.orbit.love

Learn more about Orbit: https://orbit.love

NOLA Public Schools | Assistant Director of Data Systems Engineering | New Orleans | Onsite| Full-Time | https://nolapublicschools.com/

Our team is working to build tools that enable the district to operate more efficiently and transparently. This position specifically will work on improving our data systems using open source technology.

The vision of the NOLA Public Schools is that every student receives a high-quality education that fosters his or her individual capabilities, while ensuring that they thrive and are prepared for civic, social, and economic success.



You can apply at:


Step | All Engineering Roles | SF Bay Area and Remote (US) | Full-time | https://step.com

Our mission is to improve the financial future of the next generation. To do so, we're building the best bank for the next generation.

We've launched in October 2020 and in April 2021 surpassed 1.5 million users on the platform and raised $100M. https://step.com/press/step-raises-100-million-in-series-c-f...

The engineering team is still small. Join if you want to work on a variety of interesting problems, take ownership, learn a ton and grow very fast.

I'm one of the hiring managers, feel free to reach out pasha at step dot com , or apply online https://step.com/careers

Biteline | Founding Frontend Developer | 100% Remote (US only) | Full-time


Biteline is a peer-to-peer professional community that connects local dental practices and professionals. Our platform not only makes hiring for temporary positions fast and safe, but provides an online home for dental pros to house and advance their careers.

With a total addressable market of $2.3B, a solution that is vertically scalable across other industries, and a paid subscriber base that is growing fast - our first engineering hires have a unique opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an exciting startup with a generous equity package, and upward salary and career potential.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to jobs@biteline.net with “Frontend Developer” in the subject line, or feel free to email us with any questions.

Cypress | Full-time | Remote in North America | https://cypress.io

Cypress provides developers and QA engineers with a better, faster, more reliable way to test anything that runs in a browser. Cypress makes writing, running and debugging tests easy for hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide, including engineering and QA teams from Disney, Slack, GoFundMe, Shopify, PayPal, Betterment, GitHub, NBA, Wayfair, and more.

We're hiring for the following roles:

- Community Customer Success Manager

- Customer Success Engineering Team Lead

- Customer Success Manager

- Data Scientist

- Developer Experience Engineer

- Senior Engineer, Dashboard

- Senior Software Engineer, E2E Test Runner

- Growth Marketing Manager

- Marketing Operations & Insights Manager

- Head of Talent & Community

- Senior Product Designer

- Senior Product Manager, App

- VP, Product Management, Solutions

- GTM Analytics Manager

- Revenue Operations Manager

- Senior Account Executive

- Senior Technical Talent Acquisition Partner

Apply for any of these roles here: https://grnh.se/1a2f20e74us

Bigleaf Networks | Multiple engineering roles | Portland, OR, or REMOTE | Full-time

We provide peace of mind to SMB's who rely on the internet, by building enterprise-grade SD-WAN solutions on top of commodity-grade network hardware. We touch a little bit of everything: Linux system/kernel development, hardware, networking, ops, OpenVPN, Python, Go, Wireguard, React, AWS, Azure, etc. And looking ahead, we're contemplating: k3s, DPDK, and perhaps some chaos engineering. See: https://www.bigleaf.net/careers/.

I'm personally hiring multiple roles:

* DevOps + Site Reliability Engineers (SRE).

* Back-end Software Engineers.

* Engineering Managers.

If you're interested, see https://www.bigleaf.net/careers/. Or reach out: dan g at bigleaf dot net.

Metabase | https://metabase.com | REMOTE | Full-time | All Roles We're hiring for multiple positions across the team. Metabase is open source analytics software that makes it easy to ask questions of your data. It works with most databases / data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, etc) and has a simple and powerful UI and UX that lets anyone in your company ask their own questions.

Tech stack: Clojure, Javascript, React, Redux, AWS (ECS, Autoscaling, Aurora, RDS, SecretsManager, S3)

Roles: Engineering Managers, DevOps Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, Success Engineers,Data Analysts, Product Managers, Tech Writers, Account Executives

See https://www.metabase.com/jobs/

salsakran, I can't find the data analyst role on your website. Can you please check?


Good catch. I'll make sure it's public

Overleaf (https://www.overleaf.com) | REMOTE (UK/EU/US/Canada) | Full-time | Engineering Manager (Hands-On)

Overleaf builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. We have over eight million registered users from around the world. Our primary product is an online, real-time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language.

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic Engineering Manager with strong engineering experience to join our team. You’ll be coaching and supporting engineers and helping them with their career development, as well as having input into our high-level planning processes. Alongside that you’ll be working on application development alongside other engineers.

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

- We use the “Shape Up” development process, using an 8-week cycle to ensure regular delivery of improvements to the product.

- You’ll be a part of a cross functional team, including designers, product managers and developers, to help our users create their best work on Overleaf.

- Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Our core hours are 2pm–5pm UK time. Applicants must be based in the UK, EU, US or Canada.

- Remote is a first class citizen; even before the pandemic, all founders and employees worked remotely and this is part of our values: https://www.overleaf.com/about/values. When we can do so again, we'll get everyone together in London a few times a year for valuable face to face time.

Please apply here: https://apply.workable.com/overleaf/j/5BE7E0FE2F/

Automate Medical | Eng | Remote | Full-time

We’re looking for people who want to show up to the future and we’re building a founding team for the future of health devtools. We have an open core "Plaid for health" product that you will help us build.

* Company formed at start of the year by ex-YC founder group of 3, raised $2M at the start of 2021 — cumulatively, we’ve raised nearly $20M in our careers so far

* You will be employee #1 and help us launch "Plaid for health"

* You will alter the trajectory of our R&D work with rapid prototype development

We want to work with people who are:

* Authentic and opinionated — with a story to tell

* Thinking about the future a lot these days

* An ex-founder or a future founder

* Deeply technical

Bonus: if you know what FHIR, HL7 V2, X12 are, tell us when you apply.

Our current stack includes: ES2020 JavaScript/TypeScript, Fastify, AJV, Next.JS, React, Tailwind

You can see some of our open source work publicly on GitHub and at docs.sero.run Apply by emailing founders@automatemedical.com

SeedFi | Software Engineers, PMs | SF, NYC or REMOTE (USA) | seedfi.com

SeedFi is a fintech startup that builds products for Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We're focused on improving our customers' financial health by helping them build savings and improve their credit score. Our products aim to permanently get people out of debt cycles. So far, the response we've seen has been really amazing: trustpilot.com/review/seedfi.com

SeedFi has about 30 employees and is growing fast. We raised over $30M from top tier VCs like A16Z and from major social impact funds and we've already helped our customers build millions of dollars in savings.

To apply, please email your resume to jobs at seedfi dot com.


You can also ask me questions via the email on my profile.

Farmstead | React/Rails/Android/iOS | Full-time | REMOTE

Our mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We run our own hubs, and license our software stack to grocers looking for a better alternative to Instacart and the like.

We have a small, fully-remote product & engineering team and are hiring across the board. While we've been around for years, we're constantly growing and evolving. We're looking build significantly new experiences across:

- native iOS consumer app

- react web consumer app

- native android warehouse operations applications (picking/packing, scanning)

- rails/react applications supporting internal operations, procurement, merchandising and finance teams


Byte Technology | Senior Software Engineer | Full Time | SF, CA or REMOTE | https://apply.workable.com/bytetechnology/ Byte Technology is on a mission to disrupt the vending space and replace candy bars with fresh, healthy food. Hundreds of companies use Byte Technology to sell their fresh food 100% unattended in a range of non-traditional locations - schools, workplaces, airports, universities, wineries and more. As the market leader in fresh vending, we’ve raised nearly $20M in venture capital and we have grown tremendously each year since launch. In addition to maintaining growth with our current product line, Byte Technology is investing in exciting new product development.

Melbourne,FL | Remote (US) |Backend SW Engineer | Test Engineer | Cloud Engineer Positions WellHive is a fast-growing organization focused on transforming the way health systems coordinate and deliver care through secure, modern technology. Our teams leverage the latest in cloud-based tools and services to design and build complex and compelling applications. Every employee is treated as a valued contributor that brings their own unique experience and perspective to the issues we are solving for our users. WellHive proudly offers competitive pay and benefits in addition to flexible working conditions. Please check out our current job openings at https://www.wellhive.com/careers.

VantAI | Senior Software Engineer & Machine Learning Engineer | New York, United States | Remote (US) | https://www.vant.ai

VantAI is using Machine Learning to develop completely novel class medicines using a novel approach called targeted protein degradation. We're a ~30 people company started out of Roivant (which IPO'd today). We're looking for Senior Software Engineers who love scaling large scale Kubernetes deployments (>100k CPUs), and work with Go, Rust, Python and Typescript. We're also looking for Machine Learning Engineers with strong research/publication record (PhD) and experience in scaling large language models (ideally Transformers)

Contact: Apply via Mail found our webpage

Hubdoc @ Xero | Full-time | HYBRID \ REMOTE (depending on role) | Toronto | https://www.hubdoc.com --- With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.


Intermediate Software Developer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/b8d276cb-4d20-4486-869c-72b654d46...

You will become an integral member of our Dataflow team who are responsible for our document processing microservices pipeline which integrates our upstreams, downstreams and machine learning to process millions of our financial documents per month, along with the internal tools/applications supporting it. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.


Senior Software Engineer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/0f2a60a6-abf7-47c2-9799-f20817132...

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Contract) (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/6a1d7df2-30ff-48d3-81ad-4b155cbce...

Our Workflow team is responsible for all customer facing aspects of the Hubdoc application. As a Senior Engineer, your remit will be focused on our web, and mobile front-ends and their supporting API's as well as our document intake pipeline which processes millions of financial documents per month. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker


Many other openings! https://jobs.lever.co/xero/?lever-via=XwiHpkoGYx

Wallaroo.ai | Senior Frontend, Backend Engineers | Perma-REMOTE / EST core hours

Want to help define what painless MLOps at scale looks like? Want in on the ground floor of a paradigm-defining company in the artificial intelligence / machine learning space? Wallaroo is hiring!

We're looking for:

* Senior Frontend Engineer - Fluent in React.js, you'll work with product designer to build out our system dashboard.

* Senior Backend Engineer - Build out our ultrafast Rust-based ML model execution engine and support environment.

* Kubernetes expert - you enjoy orchestrating all the things.

Full job descriptions are at https://wallaroo.breezy.hr/.

I'm Paul Legato, VP Engineering at Wallaroo. Feel free to reach out: paul@wallaroo.ai.

Pave.dev | Data Analyst | Product Manager | Developer Relations | Engineering | Remote

Pave.dev is a fintech API based in the Bay Area and founded in 2020. We’re commodifying the massive data engineering & data science effort necessary to build financial services. There’s an explosion of digital first banks, automated budgeting & savings apps, robo advisors, and financial products geared towards a new market of consumers who have traditionally been underserved.

Our first product is a Cashflow API that helps data scientists & developers access clean and unified insights into an individual’s financial health and behavior.

Some roles we’re hiring for:

* Data Analyst: We’re hiring our first Data Analyst to build out our external reporting and analytics efforts. You will own the visualizations and analytics that accompany our API and contextualize our users’ data. [https://bit.ly/39QnFNR]

* Product Manager: As our first PM you will be responsible for managing the flow from idea to implementation. Write PRDs, serve as scrum master for our Engineering team, coordinate sprints, etc. while working directly with our founders. [https://bit.ly/3D3QRx8]

* Developer Relations: Day to day, you’ll focus on developing content for our customers, partners, sales, and developer experience. You’ll help own our brand’s messaging, packaging, and the overall look, feel, and voice of our content. [https://bit.ly/3B5bSac]

We’re also hiring for several other engineering roles, including, machine learning, fullstack, and devops. A comprehensive list of the roles we’re hiring for can be found at https://pave.dev/careers.

If you’re excited about joining a 10-person team and helping more people gain access to financial products, email us at howdy [at] pave [dot] dev.

TotallyMoney | London, UK | Full-time | Onsite/Hybrid

TotallyMoney puts customers in control of their data and empowers them to make better financial decisions. We believe that our technology can build a better credit market for consumers.

We have a hybrid working model: 2 days per week in the office (more if you like), the rest can be done remotely

Voted 5th best in finance and 12th best mid-sized company in London - https://www.b.co.uk/companies/totallymoney

Open Positions:

* Experienced React and JavaScript Engineer

* Technical Lead - Native Apps

* F# Backend Engineer

* Software Engineering Manager


Guilded | Full-stack engineer | Full-Time, Remote (US Only) | https://guilded.gg

Guilded makes the best communication platform for gamers. We upgrade your chat server with calendars, forums, todo lists, media channels, and much more.

This is a unique opportunity to join a small but quickly growing team with a lot of scaling/growth challenges ahead of us! We're a fun group of people who enjoy working and playing together. Feel free to email me if you have questions about the company: neil - at - guilded.gg

Apply here: https://www.guilded.gg/jobs/full_stack_engineer

Deep Channel | Full-Stack Engineer | Remote | Full Time Deep Channel is building the next generation of tools for data professionals (data engineers, data scientists, etc). Our mission is to reshape the toolchain of the modern data team, building the most advanced tools across the analytics lifecycle.

We're a fully remote team and are looking to bring on Full-Stack engineers - our stack revolves around Node.js, TypeScript, and React.

We are well funded, offer competitive compensation, equity, and a four day work week!

You can read the more formal JD here:


Web Dev | https://jobs.lever.co/activecove | Remote (US Timezones) | Full-time | https://activecove.com

ActiveCove its solving developer happiness by building an ecosystem of tools and API's to protect, decipher, build and supercharge the software developer relationship with flow-state.

We use JavaScript/Typescript, CSS, React, Tailwind to deliver our innovative data-driven UX. ActiveCove is a nimble venture who is looking for folks to help us advance the cause of "Developer Happiness".

Message me with questions or click the link above.

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, Denver, NYC, Paris) and REMOTE (US & EU) | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, logs system, and more, for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write Go, Java, Python, and React, (mostly) run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!


Heliolytics | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | Toronto, Canada | Full-Time | https://www.heliolytics.com/

Heliolytics is building a suite of industry-leading tools and services to enable our clients to get the energy out of their solar power plants. We are solving problems on a global scale and creating solutions that will be vital to a sustainable transition to renewable energy. Exceptional software development is integral in allowing us to fulfill our mission of enabling a net-zero carbon society.

At Heliolytics, we meet customer problems with a fearless desire to ask more questions and understand what the challenge is to create well thought out solutions that are at the forefront of renewables operations and maintenance. You’ll work along side real-world problem solvers, who are applying their talents to find opportunities in the industry that are not yet realized. You will be helping set the standard on how to build and run sites at peak efficiency based on our data from sites operating in the real world.

We're Hiring, find all of our open roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/heliolytics Int/Sr. Frontend Developers: https://jobs.lever.co/heliolytics/bdac4211-7914-44a6-8f55-a0... Int/Sr. Infrastructure Developers: https://jobs.lever.co/heliolytics/b9d193d1-4a62-4aa8-8b0a-d3... Int/Sr. Backend Developers: https://jobs.lever.co/heliolytics/073e0086-03a9-4620-b188-1a... Int/Sr. Full-Stack Developers: https://jobs.lever.co/heliolytics/9ea49985-01e7-4783-b3c6-2e...

FarmX | SF Bay Area & Remote | Full-time | Backend SW Engineers | Frontend SW Engineers https://www.farmx.co/careers

FarmX is building hardware and software to help farmers manage irrigation, fertilization and yield. Currently we are focused on automating irrigation for orchards and vineyards in California.

In addition to the positions listed at the link above, we are hiring:

  - Frontend React and ReactNative developers
  - Backend Developers with Python/Django experience
Our stack: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, React, ReactNative, Embedded linux, AWS Contact: jobs (at) farmx.co

Hotpot.ai | Remote | Consulting & Part-Time | https://hotpot.ai

Hotpot.ai offers AI tools and drag-n-drop editors for image editing and graphic creation.

Related experience is not required. Since we're doing new things, intelligence, diligence, and ability to learn are what matter most.

Hiring areas:

* ML research and applications (image generation, background removal, image superresolution, etc.)

* GPT-3 prompt creation

* Graphic platform (web developer)

* Video platform (web developer)

* HTML5 Canvas consultant

* Puppeteer/Playwright consultant

* FFmpeg consultant

Details: https://hotpot.ai/jobs

Note: if you're on a budget and want to use Hotpot free, please ping me. Happy to help HN users.

Columbia University - Data Science Institute | Research Software Engineer | In-person + Remote

We're looking for someone eager to work at the cutting edge of research, helping to develop the next generation of causal and probabilistic programming languages.

Get in touch if you're passionate about any of:

- Compilation / program transformations

- Probabilistic programming

- Probabilistic ML

- Bayesian / Causal inference

- Program synthesis & analysis

You’ll work with me (http://www.zenna.org/) and the DSI, doing:

- Language design & implementation

- Optimizing / scaling research code

- Algorithm development

Ideal attributes:

- Strong programmer. esp. Julia, Python, C++, ML-family

- Comfortable digesting research e.g. from PLDI, POPL, NeurIPS or ICML

To apply, please write to zt2297@columbia.edu

DNSFilter | REMOTE (worldwide) | Full time, permanent | https://careers.dnsfilter.com

DNSFilter is a protective DNS service that allows customers to configure policies which block DNS requests, based on the type of domain being queried. Plus there's all sorts of other benefits like our global Anycast network, reporting, access policies, all that good stuff. We do content classification and threat protection, and use a combination of AI, external data feeds, and human review to classify domains.

We have a few of positions open right now, but the two I want to post about are:

Threat Intelligence Researcher (https://apply.workable.com/dnsfilter/j/D64DD718AE/) Business Analytics Specialist (for DNS data) (https://apply.workable.com/dnsfilter/j/2AF95F2892/)

These roles are both on the Domain Intelligence team, and will be dealing with our existing data and threat intelligence, as well as looking at other sources.

Feel free to contact me with any questions - peter@dnsfilter.com. Or just straight up apply for a job!

Fraction | Frontend, Backend Engineers and Full Stack Developers | Full-Time | Vancouver, BC or Berkeley, CA | Onsite, Hybrid, or 100% Remote (your preference)

Looking for a new engineering position but dreading leetcode-style questions? Having flashbacks thinking about re-reading Cracking the Coding Interview? Apply to Fraction! Our engineering interview process has been described as "surprisingly humane". There's no leetcode questions, no all-day onsite interview gauntlet.

What's the work like?

Fraction is building a number of new and exciting technically-challenging projects that you will be one of the first people to work on. Since the company is so young (launched in February 2021!), there's lots of completely new projects, only some maintaining of existing projects, and absolutely no legacy code. Upcoming projects that you might be the one kickstarting include:

- An event system for managing asynchronous workflows.

- A payments system to enable Fraction's customers to make and receive payments.

- A dashboard for customers to interact with our platform, and another dashboard for our internal operations team to automate their workflows.

Although our stack is all Typescript, if you are backend-focused, we don't require experience with it (if you are frontend, we do expect you'll have experience with React, as it is part of our take-home challenge and you'd be unlikely to complete it successfully without that experience).

Fraction is a Series A fintech company. We've come out with the first truly innovative mortgage/HELOC product in the last couple decades. This isn't just a spin on a better application process, it's genuinely a new product in a new category to enable people to access the equity in their homes. Along with the new product, we are building our systems from the ground up to enable a better, faster, and more transparent user experience.

You can apply on our website at https://www.fraction.com/careers, or you can drop me a note at josh [at] fraction.com

Upward Farms | Brooklyn, NY | Full Time | Computer Vision R&D Engineer

Upward Farms designs and operates complete ecosystems of plants and fish in vertical farms, supplying these organic products to local grocers. We are currently expanding and have recently opened a new cutting-edge, fully automated facility in Brooklyn. More and larger farms are in the works. Our mission is to heal the broken food system and reconnect eaters with flavorful and nutritious local food.

We are seeking a Computer Vision R&D Engineer to lead the prototyping and development of computer vision systems at Upward Farms. In this role, you will manage the vision, roadmap, and execution of Upward Farms' high throughput plant phenomics systems, spanning crop scouting, trait characterization, and quality control. Your focus areas will include the detection of disease, stress, and pests at scale; the quantification of phenotypes and forecasted yield; and the development of go/no-go checkpoints throughout the production process. To accomplish this, you will develop vision system prototypes and set the high level strategy for plant phenomics.

The ultimate responsibilities and contributions in this role will be shaped around the individual we hire and their background. To apply and for more info see:


Internet Archive (archive.org) | Multiple Positions | Remote (SF HQ) | Full Time

Interested in a mission-driven job ensuring perpetual open access to information for a global audience? Enjoy helping scale the use of services and products critical to hundreds of national and international non-profits, libraries, universities, cultural heritage institutions, and mission-aligned organizations? If so, the Internet Archive is seeking Senior and non-Senior Software Engineers for its Archiving & Data Services team.


Cloudflare | Singapore, Australia, US (Austin, SF, Chicago) | Full-Time, Remote-OK | https://cloudflare.com

Cloudflare is on a mission to help build a better Internet. Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks. Today, businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and anyone with an Internet presence boast faster, more secure websites and apps thanks to Cloudflare.

Here are some of our open roles:

Singapore, Australia, or Japan:

- SRE Edge https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/3434756?gh_jid=... - Systems Engineer - Infrastructure https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/3200809?gh_jid=...

San Francisco, Austin, or US Remote

- Storage Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/3423993


- Manager, SRE https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/3473258 - Systems Engineer - Infrastructure https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/3512509?gh_jid=...

Tech Stack: Go, Python, C, Lua, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Saltstack, Airflow

Our founders wrote a blog about the Future of work at Cloudflare https://blog.cloudflare.com/the-future-of-work-at-cloudflare

More opportunities available on https://www.cloudflare.com/careers

Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full-time employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply at https://careers.mountblue.io/mentor

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders. You have been saying you want to give back- here is your chance

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

MountBlue vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, MountBlue’s business is running coding bootcamps for entry level programmers on most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country


Anansi is delivering automated insurance products for ecommerce businesses, expanding across digital shippers’ interest, goods-in-transit and cargo insurance. Our mission is to ensure that online businesses have the right risk protection for their businesses and customers when things go wrong during the transit process. We're starting with Offcourse, an app providing automated cover for shipping losses and delays which is being delivered via Shopify initially.

We just raised a £1.5m seed round (read https://www.uktech.news/news/london-insurtech-platform-anans...) and are looking to expand the team, extend our support beyond Shopify and integrate with multiple ecommerce platforms, insurance partners, third party logistics APIs and in the future, many other services. As we scale, we will add new features and automations, such as damage, international shipments and fraud detection.

More info here: https://angel.co/company/anansi-technology/jobs Apply here: https://forms.monday.com/forms/e2338efa31c1a30150468f47b17b7...

Astrobotic Technology | Senior Electrical Engineer - Avionics | Full-Time | Onsite | Pittsburgh, PA

Astrobotic Technology, Inc. is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world. The company has grown rapidly, signing fifteen commercial customers representing seven countries for its lunar payload delivery service, and winning a $79.5 million NASA contract to fly scientific instruments aboard Peregrine, and again in June by winning a $199.5 million contract to deliver NASA’s water-hunting rover, VIPER, to the south pole of the Moon. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are seeking a Senior Electrical or Computer Engineer for our Avionics subsystem team. You will be responsible for assisting in the technical aspects of design, fabrication, and testing of hardware avionics or electronics components for various spacecraft subsystems. Experience in electronics design, embedded systems, FPGAs, and rapid prototyping of avionics systems is desired. https://www.astrobotic.com/company/careers/#op-472473-senior...

We have many other positions open, and you can see a list of open positions on our careers page: https://www.astrobotic.com/company/careers/

Pachama | Remote | Data Engineer & Automation Team Lead| https://pachama.com

Pachama’s mission is to solve climate change by restoring nature. Climate change requires us to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Forests are the way to do it. We use satellite imaging and machine learning to measure and monitor forests.

We are building the world‘s first verified forest carbon marketplace. We watch forests, track carbon offsets, and connect buyers to high-quality projects.

We need your help to bring transparency and to increase the use of forests to remove carbon.

Come join us and see why Fast Company named us the #1 Most Innovative Company of 2021 (https://www.fastcompany.com/90600124/artificial-intelligence...)!

Apply here: - Geospatial Data Engineer x2: https://jobs.lever.co/pachama/65fab3ec-8fb0-47af-95bd-9faaa3... - Automation Team Lead: https://jobs.lever.co/pachama/68bc0da6-b4f8-46f6-894f-0dbb5d... - All positions: https://pachama.com/careers

Or by email: levi at pachama dot com

Meister | Vienna, Austria | Full-Time, ONSITE & REMOTE from EU, Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Android, iOS engineers, and DevOps, at all levels. --- Meister was founded in 2006 and is the company behind MindMeister (mind mapping - https://www.mindmeister.com) and MeisterTask (task & project management - https://www.meistertask.com). In September we launched our 3rd product, MeisterNote - https://www.meisternote.com which is very quickly picking traction with users. This summer we've secured a $52M investment that will enable us to grow at a faster pace than before. We are an international company of more than 100 people from more than 30 countries, 45 of which work in the Engineering department with Ruby, Elixir, React, Redux, Kubernetes; our products are hosted on Google Cloud. We have 2 offices, the main and the biggest one in Vienna, Austria, and the newer, smaller one, in Seattle, WA. We are happy to help with relocation & visa application. More details on our company and our openings, as well as the application form can be found on https://www.meisterlabs.com/jobs/

HomeLister | Remote or Onsite | Multiple Roles | Full Time | wwww.homelister.com

At HomeLister we are on a mission make selling your home simple, enjoyable and more affordable. The average home seller pays 30% of their equity in brokerage commissions - beyond expensive. HomeLister is remaking the $60bn a year real estate industry into an online end to end marketing, transaction, and financial management platform. Our homes sell faster, our sellers keep more of their money, and our seller's are happier than with a traditional agent.

We recently closed our Series A and are looking to grow our engineering group. We are hiring fullstack developers in NY, CA as well as remote:


We have offices in Santa Monica, CA and Brooklyn, NY (re-opening 2022), as well as remote team members in other parts of the country / world. We offer competitive pay, equity, benefits in a collaborative, team-focused environment.

In addition to the currently posted roles, we will be hiring for Data Engineers, QA Engineers, SREs, and other positions, so if you are interested in the company and think you might be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me via DM or email jcalhoun [at] homelister [dot] com!

Buildforce | Remote / Office in Austin, TX | Full-time https://buildforce.com/

Buildforce is helping electricians find jobs in Texas. You'll have a huge impact on a business already growing at 10% every week since the beginning of 2021 and in the biggest industry vertical in the United States ($1.3 trillion a year in annual construction volume).

We're a full-stack typescript/javascript shop building React and React Native apps on AWS that talk to a GraphQL API. We're looking for great backend, mobile, and low code engineers.

Backend Engineer – We have a severlesss backend on AWS that uses SST framework. Our API is an Apollo GraphQL API. Some AWS services that we use are Lambas, RDS, Cognito, API Gateway, S3, Kinesis, and more. https://joinbuildforce.recruitee.com/o/senior-backend-engine...

Mobile Engineer - We have a React Native app that talks to our backend through an Apollo GraphQL API. https://joinbuildforce.recruitee.com/o/react-native-engineer

Low Code Engineer – We are building internal tools through Retool. https://joinbuildforce.recruitee.com/o/low-code-engineer

Would love to chat with you at michael [at] buildforce.com

Goboony | Full Stack Rails Developer Medior/Senior | Remote (Europe) | €42K-67K | 3 day min | https://www.goboony.com/ Goboony is becoming a household name in the travel industry for anyone who loves camper travel and the great outdoors. We're taking Europe by storm as the Airbnb solution for camper vans with over 4000 private motorhomes listed and counting. Right now we are active in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Italy. With colleagues from these countries we are a very international team. Our engineering team is small, but growing. Now is a great time to join as you'll get to work on many different things that have a real impact on our big user base. We need experienced full-stack rails engineers to bring our team to the next level. Our stack consists of: Ruby on Rails, server-side rendered views using ERB. We use Stimulus and Turbo(links)/Hotwire in the front-end. No React or other front-end frameworks. Postgres is our database and we use Redis for caching and job queuing (Sidekiq). We write tests in Rspec. Get in touch for an informal chat with our VP of Engineering (me) at achilleas_at_goboony.com or: Apply through our job listing: [Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer - Goboony](https://jobs.goboony.com/fullstack-ruby-on-rails-developer)

Nemo | Machine Learning Engineer (NLP) | Remote | Full-Time | https://usenemo.com

Nemo automatically extracts and surfaces intelligent content from virtual meetings to help team members participate in meetings they did not attend live (timezones and workloads prevent us from attending every meeting, so send Nemo instead). The collaboration tools of today are not well-suited to the demands of hybrid/remote teams – come and help us build the next generation of collaboration technology!

We recently raised a pre-seed round (entirely virtually) to enable our team to grow to the next level, and we're backed by top SF-based enterprise SaaS investment funds (Darling Ventures, Forum Ventures) and collaboration industry angels. Nemo was conceived mid-January 2021 and built from scratch by co-founders Joe Taylor and Andy Payne (former managers of Cisco's collaboration innovation labs). Nemo can already do a lot of cool stuff in the current pre-product stage – it's time now to focus on refining the product with our earliest users and get to the next stage.

Please apply through our AngelList job posting: https://angel.co/company/usenemo/jobs/1637772-machine-learni...

8th Wall | Full Time | Palo Alto, CA | ONSITE | https://www.8thwall.com

8th Wall develops the world's leading WebAR platform. We run on the cutting-edge of today's modern web, leveraging WebAssembly, WebGL, and cloud edge-compute to enable augmented reality that runs in the mobile browser, no app needed. Company Info: 30+ people, tech-focused, growth stage.

Stack: C++ / Javascript / React / Redux / WebAssembly / WebGL / AWS

Hiring for the following roles:

* Software Engineer [Generalist] (https://boards.greenhouse.io/8thwall/jobs/4054220002)

* Software Engineer [Web Frontend] (https://boards.greenhouse.io/8thwall/jobs/4047213002)

* Software Engineer [Computer Vision / Machine Learning] (https://boards.greenhouse.io/8thwall/jobs/4047214002)

* DevOps Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/8thwall/jobs/5493082002)

Replit | Remote (must overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time) | Full-time | Multiple Positions

Replit lets anyone, anywhere code in the browser and host apps for free. We're currently hiring for our Platform, Product, and Design teams.

Our team is a blend of former founders, public educators, designers, and engineers from Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Spotify, Box, Scratch, and more-- all with educations that range from completely self-taught to PhDs.

Intrigued? https://replit.com/site/careers

Plasmic | Multiple Roles (Founding Developer Advocate, Head of Growth) | Remote | Full Time

Plasmic (https://www.plasmic.app) is a visual page/frontend builder that plugs into production codebases.

We are an early-stage startup with a tiny but wonderful distributed team of 8 from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox, MIT, Berkeley, including 3 ex-founders with exits and 4 ICPC world finalists. We are well-funded by NEA and investors in Figma/Framer.

We already have paying customers including a Fortune 500. But it’s still early and we have many challenges ahead!

We are looking primarily for a Founding Developer Advocate to help us build a community of developers, especially in the React, headless commerce, and Jamstack spheres. Responsibilities include:

- Launching open-source projects and educational resources that are truly valuable to these communities.

- Participating in existing open-source communities and building relationships there.

- Creating example projects to showcase what you can build with our tools and API.

- Amplifying documentation, looking for the right examples, messaging and languages for audiences served.

- Writing articles, engaging on social media, recording screencast demos, and speaking at conferences.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch at hiring+hn@plasmic.app. We would love to meet you!

Maven | Software Engineering / Design | Remote, US/Canada | Full-time | https://maven.com/careers

Maven is building the university of the future - empowering the world’s creators to offer cohort-based courses directly to their audiences. Courses on Maven have community at their core, focus on active learning, and are available anywhere in the world.

Our team has raised $25 million from incredible investors including Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, Naval, and Arlan Hamilton, and we've launched sold-out courses with instructors like Li Jin, Anthony Pompliano, Lenny Rachitsky, and Sahil Lavingia.

We're the leading player in a massive and growing market, but are still early enough for you to make a big impact. Join us!

#education #course #creators #platform

- Senior Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/maven/jobs/4023548004 - Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/maven/jobs/4138335004 - Lead Product Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/maven/jobs/4036844004

Reforge | Remote US | https://www.reforge.com

Reforge is reinventing professional development. We see a huge opportunity to modernize the higher education system so that it's accessible to all. We help people do the best work of their careers by providing deeply researched, niche content, an expert community, and a way to meet and network with peers.

We're a team of about 50 and we raised a Series A from a16z earlier this year: https://www.reforge.com/blog/weve-raised-21m-to-grow-reforge - https://a16z.com/2021/02/23/investing-in-reforge/ ...before that we were fully bootstrapped and profitable..!

Company is about 70 people currently, we'll likely be closer to 100 by end of year.

Urgent roles I'm hiring for: - Senior Software Engineers (rails, react) - Engineering Managers - Product Lead - Senior Data Analyst - Marketing Analyst

email recruiting@reforge.com with HN in the subject line and I will get back to you!

See all positions here: https://www.reforge.com/careers/all

Grouparoo | Senior Backend / Lead Engineer | Full-Time | Remote - USA

Grouparoo (http://www.grouparoo.com) is a venture-backed software company building the open-source reverse-ETL framework that makes it easy to have meaningful, data-driven conversations with customers. Do you want to keep product data in-sync with tools like Hubspot, Marketo or Zendesk? Do you want to be able to build, test, and deploy data sync code just like the rest of your stack? That’s the kind of thing Grouparoo does.

We started Grouparoo because we are done saying “no” to marketing teams asking for data and want make is easy (and safe!) for everyone to us the data available at work. We are looking for a seasoned backend engineer to join our US-based, fully remote team. The main components of our stack are Typescript/Javascript, Actionhero, Next.js, and React and we deploy on Vercel, React, and K8s. Learn more about the positions @ https://www.grouparoo.com/jobs and https://www.keyvalues.com/grouparoo . Check out our open-source framework (and see what you will be working on) @ https://github.com/grouparoo/grouparoo

TITLES | iOS Engineer | Onsite NYC or Remote | Full-Time

Titles is a ~stealth~ storytelling company. We're working on new ways to express, experience, and connect around the topics and interests we love right from our phones. Our team is obsessed with the alchemy of media and technology, designing fresh new mediums for communication, and throwing them out into the world.

We are looking to hire an engineer to help drive development of our iOS application and contribute across product strategy. We are particularly interested in iOS engineers with a love for consumer mobile products and experience in video and audio processing, but all types of expertise are welcome. This role is for you if you are excited about working with cutting edge technologies in the consumer space including video composition, live streaming, and new iOS frameworks.

As the fourth employee of our company you will have an outsized impact on the direction of our product, technology, and team. We’re fresh off of a round of funding and in the process of launching a private beta.

Investors include Betaworks Ventures, Alpaca Ventures, Yes Ventures, Dennis Crowley, Alex Chung, David Rosenberg, Austin Rief, and more.

Reach out to me at parker at titlesnyc.com, or find more details at https://titlesnyc.notion.site/Careers-at-TITLES-fab66472b094....

Way to Health (Penn Medicine) | Full-time | Philadelphia, PA | Partially On-Site | Software Developer Way to Health

(https://www.waytohealth.org/) is a patient engagement and research platform, which has been used to power hundreds of research studies and clinical programs improving the health of our patients. We've launched over 200 different research and clinical programs, and there are around 100 running at any given time. The platform is built and managed at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Penn Medicine) by our team of developers, implementation specialists, innovation managers, and more.

Way to Health had a huge impact on Penn Medicine's COVID response, caring for over 12,000 patients with COVID Watch, and communicated over 14,000 COVID Test Results to patients by SMS. We recently hit a milestone of 1 million patients who have been in Way to Health programs.

We currently have 6 developers on the team, and are looking to hire one more. Requires 3+ years experience with application development (especially but not only PHP) and a Bachelors degree.

More details at https://www.waytohealth.org/careers/. I'd also love to chat informally with any interested (or potentially interested) developers directly. Email me at my HN username at waytohealth.org.

Viget | Full-time | REMOTE (US Only) or ONSITE (DC; Durham, NC; Chattanooga, TN)

Viget is a full-service digital agency on a mission to build a better digital world. Our team of creative, hard-working people are committed to collaborating on challenging and meaningful work for clients like ESPN, AdCouncil, and the World Wildlife Fund. We’re known for prioritizing clean code as much as good design.

* Front-End Developer (focused on building interfaces for CMS driven sites): https://www.viget.com/careers/front-end-developer/

* PHP Developer (Focused on extending PHP-based CMS i.e. WordPress or Craft, CMS experience required): https://www.viget.com/careers/php-cms-developer/

* Javascript Developer (Focused on building applications in React): https://www.viget.com/careers/javascript-developer/

* Application Developer (Focused on back-end dev, primarily Ruby on Rails): https://www.viget.com/careers/application-developer/

JobGet | Senior iOS/Android Engineer | Vancouver, Remote(Global) | Full-time | Visa sponsorship available

JobGet is a well-funded venture-backed startup, and our platform is consistently top-rated and top-ranked in the app stores. The team is mission-driven to help millions of hourly workers find their dream jobs with leading employers across the US instantly and efficiently.

We are looking for a talented Senior iOS/Android Developers to join our small but rapidly growing engineering team.

You are someone who has experience making awesome iOS or android applications and love writing clean code/unit-tests. A little more info:

- Competitive compensation plus equity package.

- You'll get to work on new and exciting products that help change many lives!!

- Unlimited PTO

- Great coworkers (strictly no jerk policy!!)

You can check apply for the positions here: Senior Android Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2731855207/?refId=n%2By5i... Senior iOS Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2698161378/?refId=n%2By5i...

in case of questions please feel free to reach out to me avneesh[at]jobget[dot]com

Jupiter | YC S19 | Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)| Remote or SF | https://jupiter.co/careers

Jupiter is a grocery and meal planning software. The product helps reduce mental effort involved in managing weekly grocery orders, for busy households who cook.

Jupiter's value comes from making your weekly grocery order a breeze by:

- allowing easy discoverability of recipes, and translating them to products you need

- tracking product consumption and automatically adding products to your cart so you never have to look, or worry about running out

- enabling you to build communities around food where you can share recipes, recommendations or receive suggestions

Jupiter was part of YC's Summer 2019 batch and secured $6M+ from an outstanding set of investors including NFX, Khosla Ventures, Switch Ventures. Our angels include Michael Siebel, Anand Chandrasekharan, and Paul Buchheit. We sell $1.5M+ in GMV annually and deliver to 750+ homes in the Bay Area. We plan to expand nationally this quarter.

We plan to close our next recruitment cycle by end of October. If you're interested or know anyone who'd be a great fit, shoot us a note at anuraag@jupiter.co!

(Also, feel free to check out our tech stack at https://starship.jupiter.co/jupiter-stack/)

Earnest Research | REMOTE | Sr. Frontend & Backend Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Engineer | https://www.earnestresearch.com/

Backend Software Engineer, Product Delivery: https://www.earnestresearch.com/about/job/?gh_jid=3253935

Sr. Frontend Engineer, Client Platform: https://www.earnestresearch.com/about/job/?gh_jid=3493640

Software Engineer, Core Infrastructure: https://www.earnestresearch.com/about/job/?gh_jid=3382327

Data Engineer, Datasets: https://www.earnestresearch.com/about/job/?gh_jid=3474475

Earnest works with world-class data partners to transform raw data into actionable insights for business and investment professionals. With a 100+ person team headquartered in New York City and a growing team in Dublin, we help our clients ask better questions and make better decisions.

BERKELEY, VISA https://www.atomicmachines.com/join

Software Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Atomic Machines is redefining humanity’s relationship with matter. We see a future where our tools will allow us to reorganize matter at the atomic level at will, where we will go from bits to atoms for any object or machine that can be designed in alignment with physical laws. We have begun our journey with the development of a robotic manufacturing platform capable of making an entirely new class of micro-electromechanical (MEMS) devices. We are well funded, have exceptionally strong product/market fit and a clear go-to-market path for the device we will make first with our platform. Our platform breaks traditional manufacturing paradigms and constraints, enabling inexpensive rapid prototyping as well as large scale manufacturing with highly compelling economics.

Joining forces with us means becoming part of an incredibly talented, inventive and passionate multi-disciplinary team working on a massive world-changing mission. You will have the opportunity to help define the company from its early days. You’ll be challenged to learn and grow as a builder and a leader as the company itself grows rapidly. And you will receive significant equity compensation - you’ll truly be a company owner and benefit financially from our overall success.

Ocient | Senior/Staff/Principal Software Engineer | Full-time | $130-205k + stock options | USA, Chicago or Remote (USA) | https://ocient.com

We're building an exabyte-scale distributed database for analytics (OLAP) workloads, with an emphasis on low-level performance optimizations. Our approach is to build nearly everything from scratch in C++, including custom distributed filesystems, task schedulers, consensus protocols, and an advanced SQL stats engine and query planner/optimizer. As an engineer here, you'll tackle really challenging problems and work with huge systems but also get the pride of ownership and autonomy that comes with a startup. We currently have about 55 engineers on the team, and our technical standards are very high.

Our Stack: Modern C++, Linux, Bazel, Python, Rust, Java, etc.

Software engineering roles include:

-- Backend database engine development in C++.

-- C++ build system for 2M-line codebase, working in C++, Python, and with Bazel.

-- CI/CD infrastructure at large scale, in Python, Rust, etc.

-- Technical engineering manager.

Apply at https://ocient.com/careers. Send your questions to starzia at ocient.com.

Teachers Pay Teachers "TpT" | Engineering, Product & Design Roles | NYC & Remote

TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We currently have over 7 million educators using our product and over 80% of teachers in the US alone are active on our site. Over the next 2-3 years, we'll literally be reinventing parts of education as teachers across the world increasingly embrace distance learning.

Right now we are focused on our recent launch of Easel by TpT; interactive, device-ready, digital tools to engage students. With Easel we are able to pair easy-to-use digital tools with the world's largest catalog of educator-created content. In addition, we're aiming to grow our Schools Subscription product to several thousand schools while taking our search, recommendation and personalization efforts to the next level.

If you’re passionate about supporting teachers and you believe technology is a great enabler of change and growth, come see if there’s a position that’s right for you. Click below for a full list of our open roles.

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Careers https://www.easelbytpt.com/

Xkit | Senior UX Engineer | REMOTE | Full-Time | https://xkit.co

Xkit lets developers add direct, native, embedded integrations to their SaaS app as easily as building a Zapier app. With one straightforward integration to Xkit, developers can add integrations to Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, and others without writing any additional code. Most of the time, those integrations can even be added by non-engineers, like product managers and customer success managers.

We're hiring a Senior UX Engineer to help us define and deliver the user experience for Xkit.

We're a small team without a dedicated designer, so this role is responsible for determining the best UI/UX patterns to employ (using our existing patterns and frameworks where possible) as well as delivering them in the form of working, performant code.

This is a highly product- and user-focused role. We're looking for the rare combination of a highly capable React/Typescript engineer paired with a good UX and design sense.

For a full job description, check out https://github.com/xkit-co/jobs/blob/main/senior-ux-engineer... or feel free to email me directly, I'm trey at our main domain.

Circle | Remote | Java, Go | Full-time | Senior Software Engineer

Circle (https://www.circle.com/) is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital currency and public blockchains for payments, commerce and financial applications worldwide. Circle platforms and products provide a suite of internet-native financial services for payments, treasury infrastructure and capital formation. Circle is also a principal developer of USD Coin (USDC), which has become the fastest growing dollar digital currency in the world. USDC has grown to over 30 billion in circulation and supported over $640B in transactions in the past year. Circle’s payments and treasury infrastructure services available through the Circle Account and APIs helps bridge the legacy financial system and digital currency and blockchain based finance. Circle’s SeedInvest service brings internet-native fundraising and capital formation to startups and growth companies. Combined, Circle’s suite of services helps companies to participate in a more open, global and inclusive financial system.

Join our mission to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

Apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/circle/jobs/5581113002?t=199719...

Found | Frontend / Backend / Fullstack / Product | Remote (US Only) | Full-Time | https://found.com/

We're building Found so self-employed people have the support, structure, and confidence to work for themselves. Our founding team has hands-on experience with taxes and accounting, financial services and FinTech, self-employment, and scaling startups. Our team is dedicated to taking care of business banking, expense tracking, and tax saving so self-employed people have more time to do what they do best. We recently raised our Series A from Sequoia Capital, and today we are expanding and scaling a product experience that thousands of Found customers use to run their businesses.

Tech Stack Includes: Rails, Kubernetes, React, MySQL, Typescript Benefits Include: Paid medical/dental/vision, parental leave, unlimited PTO.

Hiring for senior engineers across the stack, product managers, designers, marketing. Apply here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/found

(I'm the Head of Engineering and you can find me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aabhassharma/ or https://twitter.com/shars17)

RMRK | Full-stack Typescript React developer | Blockchain | REMOTE | Full-time | rmrk.app

RMRK is a next-generation NFT protocol of composable, evolvable, forward-compatible, multi-chain NFTs. Founded in August of 2020, the team was formally created in February 2021 and has released several platforms and products since. Notably, Singular, an NFT marketplace and Kanaria an RMRK 2.0 product demo of RMRK 2.0 technology, together facilitate over 3 million USD in volume per month.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Typescript developer, with strong front-end skills. Namely React/Typescript/Next.js

### About you Ideally you will have...

  - 4+ years experience working with Typescript and React.
  - Experience working with Next.js and Node.js.
  - Experience in building high-performance web applications.
  - CSS best practices and CSS in JS approach (Chakra-UI, Fela, Glamor, etc).
  - Excellent communication skills, solid work ethic, and a strong desire to write efficient, scalable, and clean code.
  - Experience working in a high-paced environment.
Nice to have

  - Graphql/Apollo
  - PostgreSQL
  - Familiarity with Polkadot stack (Substrate, Polkadot blockchain)
  - Polkadot JS API
  - Solidity / Rust / Ink!

Pitch | Multiple Roles | REMOTE | Full-time| http://www.pitch.com

Hi everyone! Pitch is the modern presentation software we always wished we had. Built for teams that care about where their time and energy goes. Finally, a product that helps people get ideas out of their heads, onto a slide, and out into the world.

We grew from 75 to 135 in the past year, fuelled by growth in user numbers (and a cheeky $85 million in Series B funding). We are (and always have been) committed to remote work, and have employees based everywhere from Sao Paulo to Auckland to Kiev.

Our biggest hiring need is in our Engineering org. We're looking for the following:

* Team Lead, Devops - https://grnh.se/85cc0d642us * Senior Frontend Engineers - https://grnh.se/e77482d92us * Engineering Managers - https://grnh.se/c913db4e2us

Plenty of other exciting roles outside Engineering (including in Design, Finance, and more). Just check out the full listings at: http://pitch.com/jobs

If you'd talk informally first hit me up on andreas (at) pitch (dot) io.

Glean | Founding Team Engineers | On-site* (NYC) | Full-time | https://glean.io/jobs

Apply: jobs@glean.io | https://glean.io/jobs

Glean is building the most intuitive way for teams to collaborate with data. Our goal is to democratize the large amounts of data that modern teams are collecting and make advanced self-service tooling more attainable for diverse types of organizations.

We are a well-funded, highly ambitious New York City startup with an experienced team! We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to hire people who are excited about joining an early-stage startup and helping build a world-class engineering culture. Our compensation package includes a significant share of equity.

We’re looking for engineers (any part of the stack) to join our founding team and help us invent the future of data analytics. We’re an early team so we’re still establishing large parts of our software stack - you will have major ownership over the product and you’ll help us pick the right technologies. We have a culture of autonomy and ownership and want engineers who are excited to drive the company forward. As an early employee you’ll help us craft our culture and will be aware of (or participate in) customer development and go-to market.

*For senior software engineering roles, open to remote candidates with US work authorization in some cases

Sky UK | Senior Developers, Infrastructure Engineers | REMOTE (UK) | Full-time | https://sky.com

We're a startup team that was recently acquired by Sky to deliver our home monitoring devices as part of a new business venture, and we're looking to grow the team to help us get towards launching with Sky.

Right now we're looking for Systems Developers to extend our Ruby/AWS based IoT services, working as part of a larger product team to get new features to customers. We're also looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to join our currently small but growing infrastructure team to support that.

You'll need to be able to get to Sky's head office in Isleworth, London every 4-6 weeks when it makes sense to get people together and point at a whiteboard, but otherwise we can accommodate remote candidates - in our previous life as a startup we've been a distributed team since the outset, so we're well set up to deal with that.

https://careers.sky.com/job/13787606/systems-developer-londo... https://careers.sky.com/job/13109816/infrastructure-engineer...

Fern Creek Software | Software Developers | US Remote

Fern Creek Software is hiring experienced software engineers to join our fully remote team. Experience with specific tech stacks isn't a requirement, we're looking for individuals with a track record of solving difficult technical problems.

Our interviewing process is straight forward. Get to know some of our current senior engineers, then a small take home project you'll be compensated for. No LeetCode. No whiteboarding.

If you're interested email me at anthony.minor@ferncreeksoftware.com

VIVA Finance | Atlanta, GA | Full-Time | Full-Stack Engineer | https://viva-finance.com

VIVA Finance is a FinTech Startup focused on building a more inclusive financial system. We offer fair and affordable personal loans to working Americans using an alternative underwriting model that is based on employment--instead of credit history. Our rates are as much as 35 times lower than traditional lenders, which has fueled extremely high customer satisfaction and explosive growth (800% year over year for Q2). We just closed on a $6.2 million Series A funding round to invest in our team, technology, and marketing to expand our footprint across the country. If you are interested in working for a high-growth startup with a strong commitment to positive social impact, we would love to talk to you!

VIVA’s Engineering team is looking to hire Full-Stack Software Engineers to help us as we continue to scale. Our website is written with Vue and Tailwind, hosted on AWS with S3. Our backend is written in NodeJs running on AWS Lambda and orchestrated by the Serverless Framework. We are looking for someone who is interested in working at all layers of the tech stack, be that configuring CSS on the website, adding DevOps functionality to our CICD pipeline, or updating the decision logic for our underwriting model.

If interested in applying or hearing more about the job, reach out to our CEO Jack Markwalter with a resume via email: jack@viva-finance.com

Wunder Capital | renewable energy | full-time | remote (US only) or onsite (Boulder, CO or Denver, CO) | https://www.wundercapital.com

Wunder was founded with one simple vision: to address the greatest crisis of our generation by accelerating the proliferation of solar energy. We’re building a team of high-performing, effective, and sophisticated engineers. If you’re tired of making apps for teenagers’ phones and you get excited about writing code to power the renewable energy infrastructure of the future, then this is the role for you.

We're hiring:

* Senior Front-end Engineer - https://www.wundercapital.com/careers/apply/5582653002

* Software Engineer - https://www.wundercapital.com/careers/apply/5582532002

* Junior Software Engineer - https://www.wundercapital.com/careers/apply/5580872002

Learn more about Wunder here: https://www.wundercapital.com/about

Hey Alex, are you able to hire remotely from Canada for the Jr Engg? I'm authorized and also have a corporation setup for invoicing if need be

Table.ai | Full-time | ONSITE | San Francisco, US

Table.ai is developing a unique platform leveraging the latest advances in causality inference technology to help corporations extract value from their underleveraged data.

Software Engineer - https://angel.co/company/table-ai-1/jobs/1221433-software-en...

Website: https://www.table.ai/

Roblox Corp. | San Mateo, CA | Full Time | REMOTE through 2021 -> ONSITE Jan 2022 (pending safety protocols) Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment, allowing people to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated worlds. We are recruiting across multiple teams and positions. We are actively hiring and all interviews are currently done via phone & Zoom. Our top priority roles are:

- Technical Artist: 5+ years exp.; Proficient in C++, Lua, Python and/or JavaScript

- Senior Frontend Engineer: 5+ years exp. JavaScript, React and Redux

- Senior Backend Web Engineer: 5+ years exp.; C#, Java; experience dealing with complex large scale systems

- C++ / Lua Engineer: 3-5 years exp.; Proficient in C++; Experience with Lua preferred

- C++ / UI Engineer: 3-5+ years exp.; Proficient in C++; Experience with building very complex end user applications

- C++ 3D Modeling Engineer: 3-5+ years exp.; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on 3D APIs

- Sr. Software Engineer - Cache Infrastructure: Building large distributed systems, on-demand deployment of large-scale Redis and Memcached clusters; C#, Go, Rust, Docker, Hashistack’s Consul, Vault & Nomad

- Data Engineer: 3+ years exp.; Expert with Java and Go; Custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance

- Tech Lead/Engineering Manager: 3-5+ years exp. leading projects and/or teams; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on growing and mentoring teams

- Principal Software Engineer, Growth: 7+ yrs exp.; FE/BE, Java, GO, Python, architect-level, Tech lead/leadership experience

- Principal ML Engineer, Bots & Spam: 8+ yrs exp.; ML, Python, SQL, leadership skills, etc.; Bots, Spam, fraud, security experience a plus.

- Senior SREs - Orchestration Systems: 5+ years exp.; SysAdmin or SWE heavy OK; Building, scaling, and improving Consul, Vault, and Nomad in a hybrid cloud with focus on bare metal. Chef, Terraform, Containers, Python, Ruby, Go, etc.

See our full list of open positions and apply at: https://corp.roblox.com/careers/

C12 Quantum Electronics | Onsite (Paris) | Full-time

C12 Quantum Electronics develops reliable & application-specific quantum computers, to solve highly complex computing tasks, currently out of reach of even most powerful supercomputers.

Building a quantum computer still needs innovators ready to tackle exciting challenges. C12 founders are convinced that only a new material for the qubit will bring a technological breakthrough.

C12 Quantum Electronics uniquely uses carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building blocks of its quantum processor. This high-purity material minimizes errors, radically improves performance and reduces hardware overhead for fault-tolerant computing. Combined with well-established semiconductor techniques, carbon nanotubes will help scale quantum computing, just as silicon revolutionized classical computing.

Founded in 2020, C12 Quantum Electronics is a fast-growing start-up, having raised a seed round of USD 10 million in June 2021 and building its own lab space in the center of Paris.

We have many open positions. For more details on the jobs, check-out the job ads: - Quantum computing software stack developer: https://www.c12qe.com/quantum-computing-software-stack-devel... - API engineer: https://www.c12qe.com/api-engineer

Dreams | Senior Rails Engineer | REMOTE (EU-timezones) or Stockholm, Sweden | https://www.getdreams.com/en/

Are you dreaming of a more meaningful role?

In a world of overspending and easy credit, it’s no surprise that money is the biggest cause of stress for millions of people.

We created Dreams to level the playing field, to give people the tools to achieve their goals and ambitions in life, by helping them gain greater control of their finances.

Using insights from behavioural science, we design simple, engaging financial products that fit neatly into people’s lives, making it easier to save, invest and pay off debt.

In 2020 we started providing an embedded solution to banks and we can now reach millions feel better about money. The days when financial institutions could benefit from ignoring customers' needs are over. Period.

Welcome to apply to join our purpose-driven team.

Open positions:

    → Senior Rails Product Engineer

    → Engineering Manager

Vital | Full-time | REMOTE | Senior + Junior Full-Stack Engineer, Swift Engineer | http://tryvital.io

Vital is looking for passionate engineers to join us on our mission to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered today. Vital is an API for at-home health data, and we are making it easy for developers to build virtual-first healthcare app's on top of our platform. We have built a wearables API and at-home test kit API and our current docs can be found at http://docs.tryvital.io/.

We are a seed-funded startup and backed by some of the best investors like Y Combinator.

Tech Stack: Python (Fast API), Typescript, React, React Native, Swift, GCP

Senior Full-stack Engineer: https://adept.notion.site/Full-Stack-Engineer-2046a30cafb54a...

Swift Engineer: https://adept.notion.site/Swift-Engineer-b8f75295e39d44adada...

This is a fully remote position. However, you must be able to provide at least 4 hours of business overlap with GMT+1. We are not offering any visa sponsorships at this time.

Fotoquirk | Durham, UK | Mobile developer with C++ skills | Remote | https://www.fotoquirk.com

Fotoquirk Ltd, based in Durham UK, creates innovative visualisation and augmented reality software for mobile devices and the web. We are a small, dynamic and international team aiming to strike the right balance between graphically advanced products and practical solutions which solve actual business problems. We provide visualisation tools for various leading window decorating businesses in the UK and the USA, and are expanding globally.

We are looking for an enthusiastic software developer to work on our mobile development team, initially on project basis but preferably extending to a long-term contract.

Our visualisation apps are custom-built layers in Kotlin/Swift/Javascript on top of our proprietary multi-platform C++ visualisation core. They tie into ARCore or ARKit for augmented reality applications, connect to an extensive set of C++ and Python server backends for additional functionality, and are controlled with React portal apps.

Suitable candidates do not necessarily need any formal qualification, and self-taught candidates are explicitly invited to apply, but you should at least have experience developing on iOS or Android, and be able to demonstrate experience with modern C++. Interest in, and possibly experience with 3D graphics is a plus.

Send your application to jobs@fotoquirk.com.

Cornerstone On Demand | Senior Backend Engineer - Python| France Remote | Full-time

We are looking for a new backend engineer to join our Paris-based Machine Learning team. We build data products for 75 million users on Enterprise HR use cases (Job matching, Learning recommendation, Career path exploration, Skills detection, Company-wide skills visualization, etc.). The team consists of 9 people with a strong level of seniority (around 10 years in average) both in backend and data science. All model trainings are reproducible with versioned code and the data scientists develop and deploy themselves their models in production. The backend can then focus on the interesting parts: scalability, performance, developer efficiency...

Our stack: Python 3 with mypy, AWS, Docker, TensorFlow Serving, Kinesis, Spark, FastAPI, SQL/NoSQL datastores, etc. Buzzwords: DevOps, infrastructure as code, microservices, code reviews, 90% test coverage, automated deployments in 23 AWS regions. We offer: 60,000-70,000 EUR + annual bonus of up to 10% Job Description: https://cornerstone.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/2/home/requis...

Lancom Systems | Senior Frontend/Backend Engineer, Scrum Master | Karlsruhe,Würselen,Remote(EU) | Full-time, €70k-90k | https://www.lancom-systems.com

Lancom Systems is the leading European manufacturer of network solutions for companies, authorities and institutions. You will be working on the Lancom Management Cloud (Hosted/On-Prem) through which Lancom devices are configured and monitored. We aim for European autonomy, e.g. use a purely European hoster. We’re split between two locations and have an increasing number of remote engineers. We offer a nice package of benefits and training (conferences/..).

We are looking for Senior Frontend and Backend Engineers willing to take on responsibility in our growing team. Ideally you’re knowledgable in another area, e.g. Devops.

Our tech stack consists of Angular, Typescript, a custom UI-Kit, d3.js in the Frontend and Kotlin/Java, Spring (and others), Postgres, Kubernetes in the Backend.

We’re also looking for Scrum Masters willing to work with our teams to find “our” agile way. We currently got a Scrum umbrella, but our teams are free to experiment (Kanban/Basecamp/..).

Interested? Email me at jonas.vonandrian … lancom.de or go through https://www.lancom-systems.com/career/

HumanFirst | Software Engineering / Product Management / Research | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | US-Based Remote | https://gohumanfirst.com/careers

HumanFirst is advancing remote patient monitoring by enabling the safe and effective use of connected sensors at home. We’ve closed our Series A [0] this year and are rapidly growing the team to build out the next iterations of our products!

We’re currently looking for more awesome Humans to join us across software engineering, product management, research, and more. We have a deep commitment as a team to always improve communication. Every team member has a user guide (check out mine [1]) and a personal tour of duty.

Our tech stack is Typescript, React, NodeJS, and PostgreSQL running in AWS.

You can reach out to me directly about the roles - james[@]gohumanfirst[.]com - I’m happy to chat more about the various roles, our engineering culture, team culture, or whatever! You could also look at our careers page over at https://gohumanfirst.com/careers

[0]: https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/humanfirst-raises-12-millio...

[1]: https://bit.ly/hn-james-userguide

Exceleron is North America's leading utility prepay and payment service company, with over 60 utility customers and 300,000 active prepay consumers. Electric, water, and gas utilities are using Exceleron's MyUsage suite of applications to recover $10s of millions in debt, process more than $500 million in payments while helping consumers practice energy conservation and eliminate nearly $1 billion in service connection and late fees. Consumers have more access to detailed information about their energy consumption and greater control over the amount, frequency and methods of payment. This increases customer choice, improves customer satisfaction and significantly lowers financial risk for utilities.

We are hiring both in India and USA.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/exceleron-software-inc-/ www.exceleron.com We are looking for awesome people to join us Fullstack - Perl,Python (Architect), PostgreSQL etc., DevOps, Security Program Managers, Technical Analysts, Developers, Quality Analysts (Application testing Functional, Security, Automation) You can reach out to https://www.linkedin.com/in/varshachambyal/ for more details.

Phosphorus | Lead Front-End Engineer | [Remote USA]

Phosphorus is looking for a Lead Front-End Engineer to join our Core Engineering team. At Phosphorus, we live and breathe IoT. We love building products to help our customers manage and secure their embedded devices. Phosphorus delivers Enterprise solutions to match our customer's deployment needs. Phosphorus is staffed with Security industry veterans with a proven track record of successful startups. We strive for our product to seamlessly interact with a customer's current security operations. Come join us to have a big role on a high impact product.

Responsibilities may include:

  * Owning the front-end product of our Enterprise platform
  * Hands-on engineering leader with proven tract record of building large scale web applications
  * Designing and expanding our cloud services
  * Mentoring junior and mid-level engineers
  * Collaborate with multi-functional team serving customers worldwide

About You:

  * 8+ years of professional front-end software development experience
  * Fluency in React / Javascript
  * Has strong communication skills and a natural inclination to collaborate
  * Comfortable owning large parts of our technical infrastructure
  * Works best on small high impact teams and enjoys mentoring other devs
  * Deep experience with automated testing frameworks and continuous integration
  * Passion for excellence in UX design and ease-of-use
Contact us at careers@phosphorus.io

Curai |US REMOTE-FIRST| FULL TIME | https://curaihealth.com/, https://medium.com/curai

We are a fast-growing virtual primary care B-round startup. Our mission is to scale the world’s best healthcare to every human being. We believe that great healthcare is a human right and this is the future we’ve set out to build. We need your help and we are hiring for a number of senior roles. We offer a highly competitive salary, generous equity, 401k match, and other benefits.

Engineering Tech Lead: https://jobs.lever.co/curai/3dcb48c3-14e9-4748-8470-0605c05a...

Front End Engineer (Senior): https://jobs.lever.co/curai/d94c14ec-ac77-49e8-b13f-22bae460...

Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://jobs.lever.co/curai/5178cb02-d11d-472d-8a28-73810827...

Okay | Android / iOS / fullstack developers | Skien, Norway | Preferably onsite | Full Time | https://okaythis.com/careers

Okay does Strong Customer Authentication and transaction security for mobile devices. We're looking for people with a strong interest in computer security, who would like to work on securing payments on Android and iOS. Experience programming in Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift and Objective C is welcome. We're looking for both back-end (Java) and front-end (Android/iOS) developers. On-site in beautiful Norway is preferred, but we can discuss working from abroad if that is a problem.

You would be working with a team from all over the world, mostly located in a really nice small town a couple of hours by train south of Oslo, Norway. If you're looking for a change in lifestyle, with decent benefits and salary this might be the job for you. Norway is a place where vacations and reasonable work weeks are not just encouraged, but legally required.

Please note that we're not looking to outsource development. You can see a list of our open positions at https://okaythis.com/careers. I'm the CTO of Okay if you have questions.

NextGate | DevOps Engineer | Remote in USA | Full Time | https://nextgate.com

NextGate is a small, well-established company in the Healthcare IT space.

Our identity management solutions connect the healthcare ecosystem to provide a comprehensive record of care across the enterprise. With our market-leading Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), we help organizations overcome the clinical, operational and financial challenges that result from duplicate records and siloed systems for seamless data exchange, enhanced clinical decision-making and better care.

We're expanding our cloud team to help with day-to-day operations in AWS and new engineering work to build better CI/CD pipelines and more automation.

Job Requirements:

• 2+ years of hands-on operational experience with AWS in a DevOps manner. • Extensive hands-on experience with Linux systems (Ubuntu) required. • Demonstrated experience migrating on-premises solutions/applications to cloud-based offerings. • Ability to code and script in administrative type language (e.g. Python, PowerShell, Bash). • Experience with Configuration management tools, such as Ansible. • Experience with orchestration technologies (e.g. AWS CloudFormation, Terraform). • AWS Certifications a plus

I'm the Head of Cloud at NextGate and I'm the hiring manager. If you have questions or want to apply just email me at mike.sisk@nextgate.com

Groundspeed Analytics | InsurTech | Engineering, Product | Remote (US), Ann-Arbor MI | Full-Time | https://groundspeed.com/ Groundspeed Analytics enables commercial insurance brokers and carriers to unlock insights from unstructured information through the company's data-as-a-service platform. The Rapid Fusion pipeline transforms and delivers structured and enriched data from unstructured documents to our customers' workflows.

We are hiring for multiple engineer, product manager roles with strong salary and benefits (401K, health, unlimited PTO, fully remote and many other perks). We are a distributed team of 100 across the US. We've raised our Series C, have a strong customer pipeline, and are well-poised for scaling the company. You'll have significant ownership and opportunity to grow your skills and career.

Technologies we use: Python/Flask, Node/Express/Meteor, React/Redux, AWS

--> Fullstack Engineer

--> Senior Backend Engineer

--> Senior Frontend Engineer

--> Senior Data Engineer

--> Product Manager

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/groundspeed/

About: https://groundspeed.com/

No recruiters and we do not sponsor. You can live anywhere in the US.

Cambridge Consultants | Multiple Roles | Boston/remote(US) | Full-time | https://cambridgeconsultants.com

We are a multi-disciplinary product development company. With origins in Cambridge, UK, and offices in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Singapore, we are a global team of engineers, scientists, designers, and technology consultants helping a wide range of clients solve their most difficult technical challenges.

If you are seeking to break the monotony of a typical job, or want to continually learn new skills, join and help us develop a tiny hearable, a stratospheric 5G antenna, or something else equally exciting.

Embedded Software, all levels - https://careers.cambridgeconsultants.com/find-a-job/wp002/ex...

Software/Comms/Aerospace, architect level - https://careers.cambridgeconsultants.com/find-a-job/wp001/di...

And many other positions - https://careers.cambridgeconsultants.com/

Anedot | Software Engineer, Senior and Lead Levels | Remote USA | CA, FL, LA, OH, OK, TN, TX, or WA preferred | Full Time | https://www.anedot.com

Anedot is fundraising platform for not-for-profits. Our goal is to help not-for-profits grow better. We are a team of fast-learning, self-starting, achievers on a mission to make powerful fundraising tools affordable for everyone. We are a forever remote company that has more than a decade of fully-remote team members.

We’re looking for a few individuals who can come in and be authoritative helping us develop our distributed system and architect a number of projects from the ground up, and make a big impact increasing velocity either with React/Javascript or Ruby on Rails or fullstack. SPA and mobile clients for the Anedot application will consume a REST API that needs an authentication solution for third parties as well.

[1] Software Engineer (React/Javascript): https://bit.ly/3zTLyhU

[2] Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails): https://bit.ly/3F3XkKk

To apply for other positions, visit https://www.anedot.com/careers

Spectral (http://spectral.energy) | Multiple Positions | Full-Time | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | VISA Sponsorship Available | Primarily On-Site after the pandemic, with flexibility for some remote working days.

Spectral develops technical solutions that help propel the evolution of smart energy networks. We are involved across the whole grid, whether it's a community, building, energy farm, neighborhood, or all at the same time! Some areas we focus on include: improving asset efficiency, unlocking the value of energy storage, facilitating demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy.

We believe that one of the most urgent issues of our time is the challenge of providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. We are looking for engineers that share our mission.

ABOUT THE TEAM: An awesome, multicultural and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better by creating innovative software! No unnecessary hierarchy, but a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to making a lasting change in the energy landscape.

TECH: Python (with some golang and C#), Google Cloud, Postgres & TimescaleDB, gRPC, Kubernetes & Docker, RabbitMQ, Vue.js

WHERE DO I APPLY? https://spectral.energy/workwithus/

ForUsAll | Ruby on Rails Engineer | Remote | Anywhere in the US | Full-Time | https://forusall.com

ForUsAll is helping everyone reach financial safety in retirement using tools, advice, and assets normally reserved for the 1%.

We’re hiring experienced Ruby on Rails engineers to help us push the envelope of what’s possible inside a 401(k), including by providing crypto investments as part of a retirement savings plan. We're a remote-first team with a collaborative culture and a focus on doing great work for people who have been traditionally underserved.

More information here: https://werd.io/2021/hiring-senior-ruby-on-rails-engineers-a...

Job description: https://jobs.lever.co/forusall/e42cb189-f015-40a7-80c6-45e64...

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/forusall/e42cb189-f015-40a7-80c6-45e64...

Other roles at ForUsAll: https://jobs.lever.co/forusall/

Instruqt.com | Full-time | ONSITE | Amsterdam | Back End, Front End, Full Stack https://instruqt.com

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT lab platform that software companies use to educate and sell to modern buyers. We make it easy for people to get familiar with the software in a pre-configured, live, fully functional environment with a browser-based private sandbox environment.

Instruqt was engineered for reliability and scale, making sure our customers can train (virtual) classrooms of all sizes without headaches. Our customer base is growing fast in the face of the new reality of working from home, in combination with the ever-growing pace of technological innovation. Therefore we are looking to expand our product team with great engineers.

Apply if you like working on challenging problems, running Instruqt is a complex operation to scale and secure. Supporting all major cloud providers and containerization platforms, is a hard problem. Our core technology is Golang and React+TypeScript, knowledge on cloud automation technology (e.g. Terraform) is a plus.

It's a great time to join Instruqt, we're a growing product team consisting of 6 full-time people, and we reach students all over the world through our customers like Hashicorp and Google Cloud.

Apply via https://instruqt.com/careers/full-stack-product-developer/ or contact me directly matthisk at instruqt.com

Tenzir | C++, ReasonML, Rust, Python | Remote | Open-source | Full-time | https://tenzir.com

Tenzir is a funded seed-stage startup that builds a next generation data-plane for plug-and-play security operations. Our mission is to empower defenders with an open platform to perform automated data-driven investigations through combination best-of-breed solutions. Our stack consists of the high-performance C++ database VAST (https://github.com/tenzir/vast), a Rust API, and a ReasonML-based frontend.

Our open engineering positions include:

- Database: https://tenzir.com/career/backend-engineer/

- DevOps: https://tenzir.com/career/devops-platform-engineer/

- Frontend: https://tenzir.com/career/frontend-engineer/

We are based out of Hamburg, Germany, but cultivate an agile remote-first mindset. If you live in the region and look for a System Administrator, we’d love to hear from you!

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at careers@tenzir.com.

WELL Health Inc. | Software Engineers | Full Time + Equity/Benefits | Santa Barbara, CA/Los Angeles, CA/Boston, MA/Budapest/Remote in the US

Our Mission is to make healthcare the gold standard in customer service.

WELL Health (https://wellapp.com/) enables conversations between patients and their providers through secure, multilingual messaging in the patient’s preferred communications channel: texting, email, telephone, and live chat. WELL Health’s intelligent communications hub is the only two-way digital health solution engaging patients throughout their entire care experience.

WELL Health is a Series C startup ($45M in funding) with 200+ employees and growing! WELL has been named No. 10 on the 2021 Forbes America's Best Startup Employers list. In 2020, WELL Health was named among the Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare and ranked #170 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies.

We currently have a number of engineering positions open and are looking to grow our engineering team exponentially!

Senior DevOps Engineers, Backend Engineers(senior and mid-level), Frontend Engineers(senior and mid-level), Full Stack Engineers (senior and mid-level), Integration Engineers(senior and mid-level), Bi-Analysts/Developers, Product Managers (director, senior, and associate level), and an Engineering Manager II.

If interested, apply directly (https://grnh.se/3892eecb2us). You can email jodahara@wellapp.com with questions.

Reserve | Remote | Full-time | https://reserve.org | BitTorrent meets CashApp, backed by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel

We help our customers cope with hyperinflation, capital controls, and discrimination from the global banking system. Our current customers are in Venezuela and Argentina, and we have plans for eventual global expansion.

We’re silicon-valley-born, and these days we’re spread across the globe. We’re open to team members from anywhere. We only recruit engineers with this HN post, and we hire about one engineer per month right now.

These are the categories of engineers we are hiring, and we are especially looking for front-end engineers right now to accelerate new feature development within our React Native app:

- front end: https://apply.workable.com/reserve/j/EE5296426A/

- back end: https://apply.workable.com/reserve/j/64A6752723/

- full stack: https://apply.workable.com/reserve/j/BDAD521C3F/

- web3: https://apply.workable.com/reserve/j/D409ED8CD2/

SKULabs | Senior React Engineer | Full-time | Remote | $140k-$200k | Bonus Pool % | https://skulabs.com

SKULabs helps rapidly growing ecommerce brands maintain delivery expectations, ensure accurate delivery, and spend less time on warehouse / inventory operations.

We're well-reviewed, profitable, and rapidly growing. Our stack is React, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis.

We're looking for additional frontend engineers to join our core team and drive new objectives react-first applications to help our existing customer base and expand into new markets. Our existing team has react and vue experience but we're looking for those who take pride in designing easy-to-use enterprise react applications.

Please withhold applying at this time if you do not have prior experience building and maintaining enterprise-type-complexity applications.

Senior Front-end Engineer | https://jobs.lever.co/skulabs/9b09ebdc-bf4f-48d6-b772-5d3fb2...

Senior Front-end Engineer II | https://jobs.lever.co/skulabs/4987d176-716a-443b-9763-78e296...


HitchPin | Frontend, Backend Engineers and Full Stack Developers | Full-Time | 100% Remote (U.S.) | https://www.linkedin.com/company/hitchpin/ HitchPin is a digital marketplace startup. We are using advanced technology to help address one of the greatest challenges humans face in the next few decades - how we will feed 9 billion people. Marketplaces have fundamentally changed other industries like transportation and lodging. HitchPin is doing the same by improving the logistics of food production. This is one of the largest industries in the world and impacts everyone on the planet.

We are looking for bright minds who are attracted to big challenges, revel in being the underdog, and want to work as part of a cohesive team to accomplish our lofty goals to build something meaningful.

- Frontend (including mobile), backend, and full stack developers

- Tech stack includes: React, Swift, Django/DRF/Celery, Docker, Terraform, AWS ECS/S3/RDS, Postgres

- Important mission, competitive pay, work/life flexibility, fully remote/distributed team, and a great culture

- Agriculture enthusiasm is a plus

If this sounds like a potential fit to you, I'd love to speak with you. I'm the hiring manager of the team, and can be reached at bryce [at] hitchpin.com. No recruiting agencies, please.

Bolt | Staff Front end Engineer/Senior Front End Engineer | REMOTE (US & Canada) | https://www.bolt.com/

Bolt is the checkout company working to democratize e-commerce. We recently raised a large series D, placing our valuation at $4 billion. https://www.theinformation.com/articles/online-checkout-star...

We are scaling up our Front End engineering org, hiring Senior and Staff level engineers across a wide variety of roles.

Bolt is a conscious company: https://conscious.org/

We are wellness focused, offer a wide-array of benefits, including a 4 day work week.

If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to our head of frontend engineering at max@bolt.com or apply directly at one of these links:

Staff Front end Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/bolt/a6715911-c30a-4903-9f60-7ccf5db8d...

Senior Front End Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/bolt/ebc0e285-8cba-4afe-9c7c-3228b223e...

Stack: React, GraphQL, Redux, XState, TypeScript

Strateos(YC W15) | Backend Software Engineers, Software Engineer (Scientific Technology) | Menlo Park, CA | https://strateos.com | FULL TIME; ONSITE

Strateos is turning life science into an information technology by creating a fully automated cloud wet lab. Scientists anywhere can define and (reproducibly!) run experiments over the internet on-demand and without investing up-front in a lab facility.

The Strateos Common Lab Environment (SCLE) takes Autoprotocol (http://autoprotocol.org/), a high-level JSON description of a biological protocol, and executes it on our custom-built robotic workcells. The protocols we handle routinely involve solving constraint programming models with thousands of variables and constraints in order to find the best plan that fulfills the scientist's biological intent.

Scientists manage their experiments through our web application or via our API. We provide a single platform that controls scientific devices from many vendors in a unified way, and an interface to control our automated labs.

Tech stack includes: Linux, Scala, RabbitMQ, Rails, Typescript, React, Ansible, Postgres

Benefits include: full medical/dental/vision insurance; catered lunch and dinner and a fully stocked kitchen when in office; flexible vacation policy; 401(k) with matching; gym and commuter reimbursement; and education reimbursement up to $3,000/year.

Netlify | Full-time | Remote in North America, Europe, Africa | http://netlify.com

Netlify is a web developer platform that multiplies productivity. By unifying the elements of the modern decoupled web, from local development to advanced edge logic, Netlify enables a 10x faster path to much more performant, secure, and scalable websites and apps. Our bet on the Jamstack is quickly coming true. The web is rapidly changing away from monolithic to decoupled apps, and web developers are storming ahead with more power than ever. Netlify is built to cater to that movement, and in just a few years we’ve on-boarded more than a million and a half businesses and developers, and are building and serving millions of web projects daily around the globe.

We’re hiring for:

- Backend Engineers (Various levels, Ruby) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/netlify/jobs/5497858002

- Frontend Engineers (Various levels, React) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/netlify/jobs/5452586002

- Senior Security Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/netlify/jobs/5320416002

- And more!

Materialize | Engineering, Developer Experience, Product, Marketing | NYC HQ + North America Remote + Europe Remote | https://materialize.com/careers

We're hiring at all levels of engineering positions (eng. manager, engineers from new grad to principal), technical writers, developer advocates, and more across product and marketing - for the full list, see https://materialize.com/careers

WHAT: Materialize is a streaming database for real-time applications. We are focused on bottom-up developer adoption, our core software is written in Rust, free to use and source available, our business model is a cloud product built with Python and Typescript that handles management of Materialize and lets businesses focus on building value.

WHO: We are a team of 40 experienced individuals in databases and distributed systems, and looking to add more folks with that interest and/or experience to our team. Our cofounder and chief scientist is Frank McSherry, the primary author of Timely Dataflow (http://timelydataflow.com) and Differential Dataflow (http://differentialdataflow.com), the two open source projects that power Materialize.

WHERE: Primarily based in New York City but also open to remote positions in the EU and NA.

Hi, the roles look really interesting, I'm going to send over my resume.

Quick question, I was wondering if you all are still hiring new grads? Asking for a friend. Thanks!

Airtable | San Francisco/Mountain View CA; New York, NY; Austin TX | Onsite | Software Engineer (many roles), Data Engineer, Data Scientist, SRE, Engineering Manager

Airtable's mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build tools that meet their unique needs. So far, we've built a real-time collaborative database and a rich set of components that enable applications and workflows to be assembled around that database. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people repurpose to create their own applications.

To give a flavor of our approach to product design, here's a blog post describing how we made Airtable's lightweight scripting layer: https://airtable.news/creating-a-scripting-environment-for-a...

We believe strongly in continuously improving our codebase and practices, even when it takes ambitious effort. Here's a blog post about how we ported a million lines of our code from Flow to Typescript: https://medium.com/airtable-eng/the-continual-evolution-of-a...

We're hiring software engineers for web (JavaScript + TypeScript, Node, React), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), and Android, as well as data engineering, data science, SRE, and many other roles.

We're a team with diverse backgrounds. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration.

Read about open positions and apply here: https://airtable.com/careers

[COVID-19: All employees are remote until at least January 2022. Our offices are open, with safety protocols in place, as a completely optional workspace available to employees who prefer not to work at home for whatever reason. We are evaluating when ramping up in-office work makes sense, with employee safety as the top priority.]

Awning | Sr. / Staff Backend Engineer | Remote | Full-Time | https://www.awning.com

Awning helps individuals invest in Single Family Real Estate. Over 20% of Single Family Homes purchased this year were purchased as rentals. There is no dominant real estate technology nor is there a brokerage that supports individuals through the real estate investing process. Awning is a service that makes it much easier for individuals to invest in rental properties and gives individuals a level playing field with institutional investors like BlackRock and Goldman who are entering the space and making it harder for individuals to compete with the speed at which these players move in the market. We've raised $9.3M from top investors and are growing quickly.

We're hiring a Sr. / Staff Backend engineer to help us solve real estate data problems and to help us build features for our customers and agents to use. Some of the fun problems you can work on at Awning include search, dynamic calculations of returns on real estate investments, and mangling complex real estate data. We are built in AWS and we use Python, Django, Redshift, and Airflow. We're completely remote & distributed.

Feel free to e-mail me at shri(at)awning(dot)com if you're interested in learning more. Thanks!

Addepar | Full-time | Front-end/Web architecture/Full-stack | Remote available (offices in NYC, SLC, MV or Edinburgh) | https://addepar.com/careers

Addepar brings data, technology and people together to help investors make more informed and timely investment decisions. Advisors across the globe manage $3 trillion in assets on our platform. Addepar is backed by 8VC, D1 Capital Partners, WestCap and Valor Equity Partners, and earlier this year we raised a series F at a $2B valuation.

We're investing in engineering and growing rapidly. There are a lot of open roles, but I'll call out these two on my own teams:

* Design Systems Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/addepar1/jobs/5449804002

* Web Architecture Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/addepar1/jobs/5449817002

In the 2.5 years I've been at Addepar we've steadily extended our product from a monolith SPA into a constellation of deployed codebases. Next up is a unique project to help existing apps deploy faster and new apps compose into a cohesive product.

Come build it with me! If this doesn't sound like your area but you want to hear about other roles, feel free to reach out.

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